let him be happy please!!!!

when jace was talking to maia and said smth along the lines of “i understand why you want me dead & you can kill me but please let me get to my brother first”…………it’s the worst combination of his love for alec, his deep compassion for the pack’s loss & his constant death drive

jace is so gentle and soft at heart please let him be happy and safe soon

Klein is the seven dwarfs

1. His name

2. His eyes change into 4 different colors (so far)

Brown = Doc

Red = Grumpy 

Blue = Sneezy 

Yellow = Happy 

3. He cares about Weiss. LOOK AT THAT SMILE 

4. and Weiss is base off of Snow White 

golden boy kent “parse” parson got kit as a gift for himself one christmas when he decided that he was done wallowing all alone in self pity to hey monday’s christmas songs (this one in particular). now he sings along to “all i want for christmas is you” at the top of his lungs and dedicates it to kit. she doesn’t care much for it, for the most part, but he means it, for the most part. 

  • Consider a young Simon Lewis getting so excited for his sister’s quinceañera- he just celebrated his Bar Mitzva so he’s party high. 
    • Besides! All their family is visiting from Bogotá and he hasn’t seen his family in a long time. 
  • Imagine Simon’s favorite writer being Gabriel García Márquez because he’s Colombian too, and his stories are “dope”. 
    • Then consider him asking his English teacher in seventh grade why all the writers they’re reading are white. 
      • Imagine her saying “because these works are canon. And I need to make sure you all know the western canon.” 
  • Picture a young, chubby Simon standing next to his abuela while she teaches him all how to make Bandeja paisa. 
    • But also imagine him going through his awkward teen years when he wishes his family was “normal” and “white” and “god, mom! Why can’t we have cheeseburgers for dinner like a normal family!”  
    • Then imagine him, sitting in the Hotel DuMort, suddenly realizing that he’ll never be able to eat that again. He’ll never be able to sit in the kitchen with his grandmother, with the sunlight streaming through the windows, as she weaves him tales about their food and culture. 
  • Imagine Simon constantly making fun of Clary for being such a “white girl.” 
    • Dios, Fray, it’s like you invented being basic.” 
  • Anyway! What a great day to remember that Simon Lewis isn’t white, and what a fucking blessing that is! 


Also! Not Colombian. My internet research tells me that they celebrate a girl’s Quinceañera there, also that is where I got the name of the Columbian dish. Let me know if I am wrong :) 

Jack is in Hufflepuff

Fight me on this 

Okay so imagine pureblood legacy magical prodigy Jack Laurent Zimmermann tiny little eleven year old anxious child, wanting to be in Gryffindor because his Dad was and not wanting to let him down, but secretly he doesn’t because he doesn’t want the pressure of living up to his Dads legacy. 

Jack’s mother was in Ravenclaw but he doesn’t want to be in Ravenclaw because he doesn’t feel confident that he’s smart or clever enough. 

Jack believes he belongs in Slytherin because he believes (fathers prejudice) that Slytherins are all bad people and he doesn’t think very much of himself, and thinks beyond all reason that he’s going to be in Slytherin and he’s made his peace with this. 

But then the sorting hat is like…hello adorable sad smol child. smol hardworking child who’s worked so hard his whole entire smol life…so dedicated and honest and loyal you are so bright and full of potential but you are too afraid too ask for things you want and too humble to believe you could be in ravenclaw and just oh my gosh what in heavens am I going to do with you my adorable anxious wizard child…you don’t want to show off, you don’t want to be reckless, you just try so hard…you need a house that makes you happy and fosters you in the best way possible, I know… Hufflepuff, you smol perfect anxious child. 

And then everyone is like, oh okay well thats okay, Hufflepuff is okay, that’s not a bad house, I mean, nothing wrong with Hufflepuff…and Jack is just like ?? Why are you trying to make me feel better?? this is amazing??? this is the best?? Everyone is the best?? Nobody cares who my dad is?? I’m so proud of myself I feel so good about myself?? No pressure at all?? Like…so happy?? what is this feeling I’ve never felt before?? 

and then like, Jack flourishes in Hufflepuff and becomes Quidditch Captain and loves Herbology and knows about all these magical herbs that help with anxiety and and brews like teas in his spare time and hands them out to stressed out Hufflepuffs during exams and things, Professor Sprout has him over for tea every Saturday. And he has this close group of friends and loves them all and is so loyal to them and they are so loyal to him and never doubts whether they really like him and he is so comfortable there. 

And then like, he meets Bitty in the kitchens, and he’s like a few years younger, and so happy and wonderful and of course he’s in Hufflepuff and just like feeds Jack pie and chats with him all night and then Jack is like…how did I??Get so lucky?? Best House??Best House Ever??