let her under your skin

Anonymous said: The recent fic is so cute btw! can you do one w/ cheerleader y/n +jeff everyone knows about them. A cheerleader is still making subtle moves despite y/n politely confronting her and jeff politely brushing her off. Jessica + Sheri are y/n’s support when it gets toxic in practice/games. Justin & Zach is also friends with y/n bc of jess and knows the situation. Once the jocks are together and some cheerleaders approach and the girl is at it again. Justin helps by passively trying to make her stop.

Author’s Note: Can you tell I was in a foul mood when writing this? I skipped passed polite and went straight for the jugular. Sort of o.O I’m so sorry, anon. I really shouldn’t let my moods get the best of me.

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“Alright, girls, that’s it for today. Great job!” Sheri applauds you and the other cheerleaders on a job well done. 

Everyone’s tired and sore, but the workout over learning a new routine feels good in a way that really shouldn’t and leaves everyone smiling. You and Jessica bump shoulders as you sidle up to one another, linking arms and skipping over to Sheri.

“Hey, Sheri-berri, we still on for tonight?” You ask.

“I don’t know, Y/N, are we?” She smirks. “You’re the one who always cancels when Jeff shows up.”

“Which is like.. all the time,” Jessica grins.

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Scars of the Broken (Remus Lupin x Ballerina Reader)

Harry Potter Marauder’s Era

Remus Lupin x Reader

Warnings; angst, bullying

A/n; so so so sorry this took so long! I’ve had a crazy past few weeks. This is the Remus x dancer reader requested by Anon. I hope you like it, i took a much angstier route than the last one. Again, I don’t take dance, sorry if some concepts don’t make sense in reality. Also! I’ve got a question at the end for ya’ll in the author’s note if you don’t mind putting in some feedback. thanks! now on with the story! 

(Y/n) (L/n) never thought she’d ever meet someone who understood the pain of being broken. She entered Hogwarts orphaned and muggleborn, and expected the bullying. The Pure-bloods didn’t seem fazed at her dull reactions to their words, they didn’t really care as long as their point got across. But over the years, she did care. She really did. And she put her pain into her dancing.

         It was one of those first weeks at Hogwarts, the purebloods had found her shoes, and teased her. ‘Filthy mudbloods and their silly ways, you must be a terrible dancer.’

         Back then, shoes were a light, pale pink satin. But after years of excessive dancing, they’d worn old and dull. She danced in them so roughly, her skin broke, and blood stained the once beautiful shoes. So she colored them with a red sharpie over Christmas holiday, and never picked them up again, until the words finally turned into bruises.

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Bonjour Mon Amour

Barry X Reader

Word Count: 1,826

Warnings: none

You loved your job. It had always been your dream to become a fashion designer and you knew you would be able to work up to it. But being the assistant to an ungrateful boss left you more than a little stressed. Well, lucky for you Barry was always willing to cheer you up.

“You can’t let her get under your skin.” Barry sighed, taking another sip of his drink.

“I know.” You nodded “She’s just such a bitch to me all the time.”

“Maybe its cause you’re prettier than her.” He joked, happy to see the smile on your face.

“You’re sweet.” You stated,  resting your hand atop his own.

“Well I’ve got to go,” He said with a glance at his watch “but I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“If I make it through yet another day of the torture.” You exclaimed, putting a hand to your head for dramatics.

“Night.” He chuckled, pressing a kiss to your forehead.

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Hey Jude

Mary gets hurt, injured severely. She tried to bite off more than she could chew with what she thought would be a quick hunt, and now she’s bleeding out.

 Dean and Sam are trying to help, to calm her down.

She’s struggling for breath, looking up at her sons who are crouched over her, doing everything they can to stop the bleeding.

All three know it’s futile, that she’s not coming back from this. Castiel isn’t there, he wouldn’t have the power to heal this anyway.

Unshed tears fill everyone’s eyes as Dean pulls Mary to his chest, stroking her short hair away from her face.

She can’t talk, her breathing ragged and painful, and Sam’s clutching to her hand, willing for a miracle to happen.

Dean takes a shallow breath and begins to sing.

Hey Jude, don’t make it bad
Take a sad song and make it better
Remember to let her into your heart
Then you can start to make it better

Mary blinks up at him, tears rolling down her cheeks as Sam joins in, voice scratchy and low.

Hey Jude, don’t be afraid
You were made to go out and get her
The minute you let her under your skin
Then you begin to make it better

Mary’s eyes slip closed as her boys continue to sing, slightly off key but their voices are full of pain and love.

And anytime you feel the pain, hey Jude, refrain
Don’t carry the world upon your shoulders
For well you know that it’s a fool who plays it cool
By making his world a little colder

Mary’s body goes limp, a dead weight in Dean’s arms as her hand slips from Sam’s grip.

Sam breaks down, hard sobs coming all the way from his stomach as tears stream down his face.

Dean sniffs, tears shed across freckled cheeks as he softly continues the song.

Hey Jude, don’t let me down
You have found her, now go and get her
Remember to let her into your heart
Then you can start to make it better…

Percabeth One-Shot: Bad Day at the Aquarium

((Hope you enjoy! A little fluffy one shot where Percy’s had a stressful day and Annabeth comforts him))

She heard his body flop down on the couch before the front door even managed to close. 

It was the second Friday of two pay weeks, so Annabeth spent her day off reading and cleaning their small apartment on the seventh floor of the apartment building on 29th Street. Waking up early, Annabeth managed to vacuum every room and dust all the furniture before 10 am. The couple took turns cleaning the apartment. The demi-gods would switch back and forth between who’s turn it was to clean. Despite the fact Percy couldn’t dust to save his life, he did an incredible job cleaning the bathroom and making their bed.

Annabeth hadn’t been expecting to see him home for lunch, so the sudden opening of the door and thump on the couch was a pleasant surprise.

The blonde woman peaked her head around the corner of the kitchen door frame. A head of black hair pushed down into the patterned throw pillow, and a heavy sigh leaks out from the man’s body. She practically saw the tension swirling around his solid shoulders.

“I didn’t think you’d be home so early,” Annabeth questioned, her feet slowly shifting across the living room carpet.

A muffled grunt came from the pillow. The breath shifting from his lungs was rigid and frustrated, and Annabeth already knew what was wrong before he even said his name.

Philip. Philip Jenkins.

A 5’6 man with a snippy voice and the temperament of a bratty child. He had been the bane of Percy’s existence ever since he took the job at the aquarium. Philip was maybe two rungs above Percy on the employment scale. Maybe being the key word. The idea that he’s the boss of Percy was much more inflated in the little man’s head than was actually true. It was no longer a surprise to Annabeth to find her boyfriend frustrated and tired over the ruling of his coworker.

“Philip,” Percy barely muttered, his face still pressed into the pillow.

Annabeth’s hand softly slid under Percy’s chin. The soft fabric of the pillow pressed against her knuckles as she gently pushed up on his jawline. The man’s head lifted easily. His eyes were squeezed closed and the frustrated expression on his face was almost childish. It was cute to her.

Annabeth sat on the comfy couch, her heels resting on the recently polished, wooden coffee table. Percy’s head nuzzled into her stomach as another sigh left his lips. Annabeth’s fingers traced over his scalp. His hair sifted between her fingers. The tension began to leak out of his body simply by the movement of her fingers.

“Oh Philip,” Annabeth repeated, shaking her head. “What an awful man.”

Percy nodded in agreement as his face hid against her shirt’s fabric.

“We can always sick Thalia on him,” Annabeth suggested, her eyes on the wall across from them as she pondered the idea and let her fingers mindlessly move, “Or Piper even. Remember last time I showed up to bring you lunch?”

The chuckle slipped from Percy’s mouth as he turned onto his back. His sea-green eyes opened slowly and the early afternoon light flickered across his expression from the open patio glass door. Percy rolled to rest against her lap, and his face aimed towards the ceiling so his eyes could look over her face.

“He nearly peed himself,” Percy remembers.

When Philip tried to interrupt the pair simply saying hello, Annabeth practically ripped him a new one about manners and minding his own business. The little man turned a shade of pale and shuffled away with a half apology, avoiding Percy for a solid week after the encounter.

The light glinted over Percy’s pupils as the soft late summer breeze moved across the living room. Annabeth’s grey eyes connected with his sea-green ones, and the couple just looked at each other for a moment. Annabeth could feel Percy’s breathing finally back to normal as the peace gently leaked over his expression. There he was. Kind, calm, and goofy. Not frustrated and overworked. Percy loved his job, Annabeth knew that, he just didn’t like the people he was forced to work with.

Annabeth shifted and kissed the tip of Percy’s nose gently. A genuine smile moved across Percy’s lips, and he sat up from her lap. Percy kissed her as their noses brushed against one another. Their breath mingled before he pulled back and rested his forehead against hers.

“Thank you,” Percy breathed, his hand finding hers and squeezing it softly.

Annabeth’s knowing, comforting smile joined her nod she gave him, and the pair moved off from the couch.

“Be home on time?” She wondered, heading back for her tea and book.

Percy nodded. He leaned against the open front door as he watched her move towards the kitchen. Annabeth returned a moment later, half a sub wrapped up and in a bag.

“Don’t forget to eat, and don’t let him get under your skin.”

“Yes, dear.” Percy teased, kissing her cheek.

He took the sandwich from her and lingered enough to see her make it through the door frame.

“Say hi to the sea horses for me,” Annabeth quipped, Percy unable to see the soft smirk on her face.

His smile lingered across his lips the whole way back to the aquarium. He loved coming home for lunch.

teaching him

so this is a really shitty imagine for my best friend!! ever!!! happy belated birthday girl!! you are the coolest cat out there!!! sorry for this really horrible birthday present, happy late ass birthday

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    the gods only knew how badly you wanted to drown yourself in the         creek infront of you, these girls would not shut up, their loud
  loud laughing only made your skin crawl worse. you didn’t mind having to work, hell, you could work for hours on end, the only thing
     that erked you was the women you had to work with. they wouldn’t   stop talking when you worked, currently they were talking about the men

              they’d all had in bed, and how big they were.

              “he was so big!, i didn’t think he’d fit!” svenia exclaimed making the other two giggle shyly at her dirty talk, you rolled your eyes
              biting back the scoff that was so desperate to escape. you scrubbed your fingers agaisnt the fabric of the shirt you were washing,
              but froze when your best friends name left martias lips

              “did you hear about ivar?, what happened with him and margarethe?” she asked quietly making the other two lean in, you sat still
               hands still drenched with water

                “no, what happened?”

                “well, i think everyone knows that all of the sons of ragnar favor her, ivar heard wind of this and wanted her in his bed as well”

                 you stared over at them, feeling hurt enter your heart. out of all the slaves you were closest to ivar, you understood him and comforted
                 him in his darkest times, and over time you two had grown closer then anyone in kattegat and it hurt you that he wouldn’t have told you

                 "so, she had sex with him?“

                 "yes, but he couldn’t even feel her, and he wasn’t even hard!, he knew nothing about how to touch her or have sex, she basically had to
                 teach him everything-”

                 "who told you of this?“ you asked suddenly cutting in making them look at you shocked, usually you were quiet as they talked, this was the first
                 time you had spoken all day. martia cleared her throat and spoke in a shaky low voice

                 "earlier at breakfast margarethe told a few of us girls……and sigurd” she knew how close you and ivar were, and she knew how easy it was
                 to tick you off. especially when it came to ivar. you couldn’t believe that she told anyone about this, and sigurd!?, why sigurd!?.

                 you hummed with a small nod, immeadiately going back to work, surprising the girls. on the outside you were composed and fine, on the inside you
                 were fuming, ready to rip margarethes head from her shoulders, how dare she?, didn’t she know the consiquences?, you knew ivar would be pissed
                 and humiliated, which made you want to throw your work away and go comfort him tightly in your arms.

                 "chelle are you-“

                 "fine, i’m fine” you said vice tight and deep with anger, that shut the girls up finally allowing you to work in silent anger.

                  later on that day you ignored lunch and dinner, not ready to talk to anyone or run into margarethe, you wanted so badly to
                  beat her, hang her by her toes letting the crows pick at her eyes and skin, watching as she died slowly, but for the sake
                  of your queen and ivar, you wouldn’t…….yet anyway.

                  as you looked to the fading sun you realized something, today was the usual day you’d clean ivars chambers. would he be there?
                  you hoped not, it’s not that you didn’t want to see him, you didn’t want him to see you. you were a horrible liar, he always knew
                  when you were hiding something, and if he found out she told the other slaves…his BROTHER, he’d be furious.

                   you didn’t want him to hurt anymore then he already was. you’d do anything to make it go away. as you were walking along the sandy
                   shore of kattegat you spotted a bright headed blonde rubbing dirt from her leg with the water beside her.


                  you could feel red enter your eyes the longer you stared at her, anger seeping back into your veins,
                  you went to walk away but her soft voice rang out through the quiet air

                  “chelle?”.  you cursed under your breath and turned slowly facing her with crossed arms “margarethe” you acknowledged with a curt nod.
                   she stood up drying her hands on her dress and brushed the hair from her face. then it was silent, the both of you looking at each other
                   hers in awkwardness, your in anger and sadness.

                   "what are you doing out here?“ she asked shifting where she stood, but you just stood still glaring at her with all the hatred in the world
                   not saying a thing. she nodded again not knowing what to say. the words in that back of your throat were getting bigger, the urge to
                   yell at her becoming larger, finally, you let loose

                   "why in the gods name would you tell anyone about what happened between you and ivar?. especially sigurd?, of all people!” you
                   exclaimed with a dry humorless laugh. she went to speak but quickly slammed her mouth shut, not actually knowing what to say.
                   but you had plenty to say to her.

                   "he already has enough pain in his life, magarethe. how could you do something so stupid?. do you not know how angry ivar can get?-“

                    "yes!, but-”

                    “but nothing!, hell margarethe you think telling sigurd will help you?, it won’t. as much as i care for ivar his anger is unpredictable”
                     you said feeling bad about saying it aloud but you knew it was the truth. she sighed loudly and spoke, her voice shaky as if she were
                     on the verge of tears

                     "chelle, i didn’t know what to do, i didn’t know who to go to. he hurt me". you scoffed, ivar you knew didn’t have a filter at all,
                     but you knew he’d never hurt a women, and if he did hurt margarethe, you didn’t blame him.

                     "tell me what all happend, margarethe. quickly, i have places to be" you sighed out crossing your arms tighter over your chest,
                     feeling the cold air fly through your body.

                     "he strangled me!, he-“

                     "not what he did to you. i wanna know how you had sex with him” you said cutting her off swiftly, your face emotionless, heart
                     thuming wildly in your chest. some part of you didn’t want to hear about her and ivars sexual encounter, but you knew you had
                     to know.

                     "i-i-i don’t know what you-“

                     "were you on top?” you asked bluntly becoming more and more irritated with her. you honestly were a bit jealous that she was his
                     first. she was silent for a few mintues and turned away from you.

                     "no, i didn’t want to be. i wanted him to be on top, take charge". you stared at her, mouth open in shock, anger, and sadness.

                      “for his first time……you made him top?, you threw him into it without teaching him anything?” with every word that left
                      your mouth you walked over ot her slowly, hands shaking by your sides. she honestly didn’t know what to do, she couldn’t
                      look you in the eye knowing how badly she messed up.

                       when you finally made it to her, inches apart, you spoke in a low growl. voice raw and deep.

                       "never, ever come near me or ivar again. if you so much as try to talk to him, i will kill you. do you understand?“
                       she stuttered for a moment and when she didn’t answer, you harshly gripped her fore-arm digging your nails into her
                       bare flesh making her whimper and cry out softly

                      "do. you. understand?” your voice could make any man and woman fall to their knees in that moment, you were speaking like a
                      true viking. margarethe nodded hastily, trying to jerk her arm out of your grasp but you wouldn’t let up. you could
                      feel her skin breaking under your sharp nails making you feel superior over her.

                      “use your words!”

                      “yes!, i understand!” she cried and you finally let go, pushing her to the ground roughly, ignoring her sharp intakes of breath,
                      you glared down at her shaking form feeling no pity for her, she hurt ivar. your ivar. you turned around and walked away, your
                      feet sinking softly into the sand, you had work to do, you had to see ivar.

                      you barged loudly into the hall glancing all around for ivar, sadly, he wasn’t there. which meant he was in his room…..
                      lovely. you made your way past the thrones and to the back, to the room you had been in at least a hundred times.
                      when you made it to his door hesitating to knock holding your knuckles a few inches away from the wood. you wondered

                      if he’d ask you if you knew, or if he’d tell you, all in all you had to mentally prepare yourself for whatever was to come.

                      you knocked.

                      “come in”. you smiled softly at the sound of his voice, but by the tone he was using you knew something was wrong.
                      you opened the door slowly, and when your eyes caught sight of ivar, your breath caught in your throat.
                      he was laying on his bed, furs pulled up barely to his waist, his broad and naked chest glowing in the soft

                      candle light. when he saw it was you he smiled gently not moving from his position.

                       "hello, chelle" he greeted, voice as soft as his chest looked. oh how you wanted to touch him, kiss him, but you had to refrain.
                        you were just a slave of course. you smiled at him brightly nodding to him curtly “hello, ivar. are you well?”

                        you asked walking over to the only window that resided in his room and grabbed a rag, wiping at the dust on the window sill.
                        he sighed and you seen him shrug in the corner of your eye “fine” he simply said placing his arms under his head staring
                        at the ceiling, confirming your thoughts that something was indeed wrong. and you already knew.\

                        you decided not to push him, you continued to do your work around his small room.

                        you wiped the small bead of sweat that was making its way down your neck, and leaned the small broom against his wall
                        next was shaking out his fur carpet, as you bent down to grab the fur, ivars voice rang out stopping you in your tracks

                        “chelle?, have you ever had sex?”. you closed your eyes for a few minutes then swallowed the large rock that had formed in
                        your throat. you looked up at him nodding, a tight lipped smile gracing your features.

                        “yes, i have” you said barely above a whisper, he nodded slowly drinking in your words, a small flicker of sadness in his eyes.

                         "and did you…..love him?“ he asked, voice thick with what you thought was nervousness. you dropped the fur from your hands
                         and moved up sitting on his bed beside him.

                       "no, i did not love him” you said running your hands over the soft fur, ivar raised
                       a brow at you, shifting where he lay. “then, why did you have sex with him?” he asked sounding like a small child, which made you
                       smile and raise a hand to brush hair away from your face, a nervous condition you had picked up after years of being a slave.

                       "i guess i just wanted to experience it, all of the other slaves were talking about how good it felt. i wanted to know"
                       you explained wondering what was actually going on in his head at this moment. ivar leaned back mulling over your words,
                       you didn’t want him to think of you differently.

                       "is it……does it…..feel good?“ he whispered still not meeting your eyes. you swiped your tongue out wetting your lips
                       a deep sadness overcoming your heart, you were going to kill magarethe.

                       "i-yes. yes it does. but i know it feels better when it’s with someone you love” you said making ivar look at you, pain etched into
                       his face, you didn’t know if that was the right thing to say or not, too late to take it back now.

                        “i know you know, chelle” he said making your heart stop for a millisecond, how did he know?.
                         you stared at him, knowing you couldn’t lie to him.

                        “ivar, i’m so sorry” you whispered making ivar turn away from you, his toned back facing you. he hummed lowly

                        “there is nothing to be sorry about” he said, anger and embarrassment clear in his voice. making you feel even worse about the
                        situation. you crawled up to him setting your bum beside his back and gently laid a hand on his shoulder, frowning deeply
                        when he flinched, but you didn’t move. you just started rubbing your palm against his heated flesh.

                        “it is not your fault with what happened, ivar. it was hers” you said jerking your hand away when he whipped around facing
                        you, eyes glistning with unshed tears, it pained you to see him this way.

                        “it is my fault. i could not pleasure her, chelle. she wasn’t………she wasn’t even wet”

                        “and that was not your fault. she couldn’t pleasure a man if she were blessed by freyja” you said
                         making ivar chuckle through his red teary eyes “how did it start?” you asked moving closer to him, biting back your smile when
                         he pressed his nose to your hip wrapping an arm over your stomach.

                         "i didn’t know what to do actually, she just started to kiss me, and….it picked up from there" he explained his voice muffled
                         by the soft fabric of your dress. you listened carefully, stroaking your hand through his soft black hair soothingly, making ivar
                         feel more calm and relaxed by your touch.

                         "i couldn’t…..feel. nothing. all because i am a stupid cripple" he muttered pressing his face deeper into your hip

                         "ivar" you scolded truly hating the way he talked about himself “i think it was nerves” you said making him look
                         up at you with a dark glint in his eyes “i was not nervous” he protested, but that just made you chuckle and
                         pat his head lovingly.

                         "everyone is nervous for their first time ivar. half her half nerves were at fault" you whispered, feeling
                         so horrible for your best friend. he sighed looking down at your hip, letting his finger trace the bone.

                         you wondered- no, no that was wrong to think of. he wouldn’t agree……..or would he?, maybe if-if you
                         showed him how to make love, how good it feels?, but what if he said no?. would he reject you?.

                         only one way to find out.

                         you lowerd your hand and placed it under his chin forcing him to look at you, you leaned your face down
                         close to his, eye to eye and whispered slowly, your voice sending a chill down his spine

                         "would you………..like me to teach you?, ivar?“ your soft breath hitting his. he stared at you, eyes
                         wide in shock, oh no, here it comes. rejection. you shouldn’t have said anything.

                         "yes”. you swear you could feel your body grow hot from that simple little word, it made you smile.

                         you placed your hand on the back of his neck and drew him closer to you “are you sure?” you whispered
                         hoping he’d say yes. and he did. you brought him even closer and sighed when you felt his chest on yours
                         rising and falling harshly. you ran your fingers through the soft little hairs on the nape of his neck

                         and leaned in letting your noses brush against each other lovingly, you wanted to take your time and allow
                         him to be comfortable. you glanced into his dark blue eyes asking silently one more time if this was okay,
                         when he nodded is when you finally let your lips touch.

                         of course he was a little hesitant, but that just made it all the more sweeter, you pulled back for a moment
                         then moved on to his bottom lip. gently just barely sucking on it, his hand gripped your hip softly pullling
                         your lower half to him. it felt so good to have his lips on yours, you peeked your eyes open for a second

                        glancing at his beautiful face, which was scrunched together in concentraition, you blindly reached a hand
                        up and tangled it in his hair, making him relax just a tad more. you both then parted, lips sticking together
                        making a small pop as you let go. you both were breathing so heavily, that being the only sound in the room

                        he leaned in more, his nose pressing into the corner of your lips, you could feel his heartbeat beating rapidly
                        in his chest, you tugged on his hair lightly making him moan quietly. the sound alone sending a hot jolt to
                        your core.

                        “do you want me to touch you-”

                       "tonight is all about you, ivar" you said lips brushing against his as you talked, he was about ot protest but you
                        cut him off by kissing him again. even though he was innexepreienced he was an amazing kisser, how was magarethe not
                        wet while being with him?.

                       you then dared to slip your leg over his waist, pausing slightly when you heard him suck in a heavy breath as you kissed.
                       "are you alright?“ you whispered against his lips, kissing them again. he nodded reaching his hands up cupping your waist
                       rubbing the skin through your dress. you sighed into the kiss making ivars eyes roll back into his head.

                       just by kissing you were slowly driving him insane. he’d never felt like this before, his hands and stomach were quivering
                       as if her were cold, but he was anything but. he was hot and sweaty, just by your sweet honey like kisses.
                       he froze when you moaned as he squeezed your waist a little tighter.

                       he didn’t know what to say, it was the sexiest thing he’d ever heard in all his years of life. you pulled back from him
                       and smiled, hair dishevilled, looking like a fallen goddess in ivars eyes. "may i undress you?” you asked making ivars
                       eyes close tightly, your voice sounding like the smoothest of instruments.

                       "yes" he answerd gruffly, hissing when your cold hands reached lower brushing past his toned, tight stomach, hitting his
                       trousers. he was worried, worried that he wouldn’t be able to make you feel good like margarethe, that you’d laugh and
                       leave him there alone, naked and humiliated.

                       you pressed a small kiss to the corner of his mouth and moved lower, flashing him a seductive look, ivar swore he felt his
                       prick jump at the sight of you, maybe he was wrong. you made it lower and finally was eye level at his prick, you leaned forewards
                       and pressed a kiss to his clothed prick, smiling when he jumped softly, maybe he could feel after-all. you then kissed it again

                       a little longer and deeper this time, ivar was feeling his heart beat out of control, he had to calm himself. he focused on how
                       beautiful you looked in this lighting, your gorgeous hair glowing on your head, forming an anglic glow around you. your bright
                       beautiful eyes flashing up to his every now and again, making his heart stop and stutter, he never realized how goddess-like you

                       looked until now. you then slowly undid the string that was keeping his pants together and slid them out of the holes, letting the
                       fabric fall loose against his hips. ivar clenched his eyes closed not wanting to see your reaction to his ugly, kinny legs.
                       when you seen his legs for the first time, your heart fluttered and eyes widened in awe, even though they were never used

                       you could see the muscle and strength they held. you pulled the rest of his pants off and chucked them behind you, kissing the soft
                       skin of his legs. ivar shivered feeling your hot wet mouth on his legs, it felt to surreal, having you loving his body up, but it
                       felt so damn good. you made it to his inner thigh and sofly gasped at his prick. he was bigger then any man you’d been with.

                       damn, how was he going to fit?. how did margarethe not enjoy herself?. you leaned forewards to his softly erect prick and licked the
                       head. ivar gasped and gripped the sheets between his fingers. how did he?…..he feel that?. he could feel the hot breath leaving your
                       mouth hit his girth, he felt the small drops of saliva drip down his length. he felt it.

                       you smirked and licked it again, this time a bigger stripe, tongue flat against him. everything felt so euphoric to him, he’d never
                       felt this good in his life. “ch-chelle!” he exclaimed when you softly took him in your mouth. you could feel him growing in your mouth.
                       you lived for the noises leaving his mouth, your name sounding heavenly upon his lips. you were pulled from him when he placed

                       his hands on the sides of your cheeks pulling you back from him “what is wrong?, did i hurt you?” you asked feeling a small
                       drop of his already leaking pre-cum and your spit running down your chin. he shook his head, heavy breaths escaping his
                       beautiful mouth “i-i just wanna try to feel you around me” he whispered, you’d never seen ivar this vulnerable before,

                       it made you even more wet then you already were. you nodded softly and crawled back up, smiling at his large shaky hands that moved
                       from your face to your hips again. you leaned down and pressed an open mouth kiss to his collar bone, nipping and sucking on
                       whatever skin you could find “i can’t wait to feel you in me, ivar” you whimpered breathily, tongue lapping at his pulse point.

                       ivar groaned, feeling your words travel to his groin. “talk to me more, love” he whisepred moaning when you scrapped your nails
                       over his sides, you adjusted yourself over him leg on each side of his hips “you’re so big, i can’t wait to feel you stretch me out”
                       he’d never wanted this to end, ever. he stared at you transfixed on your movements. you reached your arms back and attempted to untie

                       the back of your dress. ivar sat up, moaing when your thigh brushed against his prick. he grit his teeth together and lifted his
                       hands up to the ties, you smiled when he moved your hands out of the way and started to untie them, you layed you head on his shoulder
                       kissing the skin gently, you never realized how badly you wanted him until this moment. when he undid them he soflty pushed the top

                       of your dress down your shoulders, stopping at the tops of your breasts, he surprised you by pressing a few kisses to the top of your chest
                       and your shoulders. your head flew back exposing more skin to him, moaning loudly when he suckled on your neck, right next to your
                       jugular vein. every sound coming from your mouth was whiney and just sinful sounding, it made ivar tingle and shiver with delight.

                       he finally pulled the dress from your body, revealing your naked body. margarethe had nothing on you, ivar thought. your beautifully
                       flawless skin ready to be kissed, sucked and bit. you grabbed his hand fom your waist and placed it on your breast making him cup you
                       in his large hand. you groaned and accidentally ground your hips against his, making the both of you moan out.


                       "chelle!” the both of you cried out, so sensitive to each others touches. you honestly couldn’t wait any longer, neither could ivar.

                       you gently pushed him back palm flat against his chest, he sighed feeling your bare thighs rub against his, he needed you….now.
                       you moved up a little and sighed out when his prick brushed against your sex. you leaned down and pressed one last kiss to his
                       lips, whilst reaching a hand down grabbing his hard manhood in your small fist, bringing him to your entrance.

                       "are you ready?“ you asked breathlessly, he nodded reaching a hand up bushing hair from your eyes "put me in you” he whispered
                       hotly, you bit your lip, slipping his cock inside you. he was so thick, all of him brushing against your walls the whole time he slid
                       in. you both groaned and gritted your teeth. you layed your head in the crook of his damp neck, giving yourself a moment to adjust

                       "are you alright?“ ivar seethed, gasping for breath, you nodded biting down on his shoulder, then finally snapped your hips forewards.
                       ivar swore deeply under his breath and reached his hands lower gripping your ass tightly in his hands, you swiveled your hips back and
                       forth, front and back, making ivar dizzy with a lust clouded head. you were so tight and warm around him, better then he ever imagined.

                       "ahh, fuck” he whined wildly making you clench at the sound, you felt so deeply connected to him. his cock was reaching places no man
                       had ever reached before, hitting your g spot repeatedly. you moaned crazily into his neck, you couldn’t find the strength to sit
                       up and fuck him furiosly like you wanted, but the way you moved and made love to him right now was somehow even better.

                       "chelle!, i-i can feel y-you, all of -you" he gasped against your hair, he moved his left hand up scratching his nails down your
                       back, not enough to make you bleed, but just enough to sting. you loved it. you lifted your head up continuing to rut against him and
                       looked into his deep dark irises, lips softly touching him “how tight am i?, tell me ivar” you moaned out leaning down to bite on

                       his bottom lip. he sighed out lifting his hand higher into your hair, wrapping it around his fist “so fucking tight, warm, wet”
                       he growled, tugging on your hair like you had done to his. the only sounds coming from the room were his grunts and your cries.
                       you two were glowing, sweat making you slide agaisnt each other swiftly. everything felt so right.

                       you could feel yourself slip closer to the edge, but you wanted ivar to cum first “ivar!, are you c-close?” you moaned squeezing
                       your eyes shut, ivar grunted loudly when you clenched around him, he leaned up biting at the corner of your jaw, making you clench
                       again “y-yess” he brought you closer to him, then made you cry out when he softly started to lift anf pivot his hips against yours.

                       then, you both came, together. with shouts of each others names. it felt better then any orgasem you’d ever had, somehow he still
                       kept thrusting realising every ounce of cum he had left. you collapsed against his chest, shivering and shaking in his arms, along
                       with him.

                       you’d both quieted down, breathing still heavy and loud. he still hadn’t let go of you arms enclosed around your lightly convulsing
                       frame, you finally gathered enough strength to raise your head and kiss him fully on the lips, lips lazily working against each other,
                       tongues brushing against teeth and lips.

                       "so good" he whispered resting his head against yours softly looking in your eyes with such love, awe and adoration. your eyes mirroring
                       his. you loved the fact that he was still inside of you, making you feel that full feeling you’d come to love.
                       "please don’t leave" he whispered again making you frown and lay your head down to his neck, pressing gentle kisses to his skin.

                       "never" you promised feeling his wild heartbeat stutter about. you knew you loved him months ago, but never come to terms with it
                       until now. ivar felt even more connected to you, knowing that you were the first and last person he’d have sex with, he needed you
                       more then anyone, you were his outlet, his home, his love, his chelle, you were no one elses but his.

                       you both spent the night together, talking, laughing, crying about the simplest things, even making love for a second time, and a third.

                       the next day you were back to work, washing clothed like you usually do every morning, and of course the girls were back to talking
                       about the men they’d been with

                       "his prick was so long, it felt so good!“ amae moaned making the girls around her laugh and slap at her playfully, you actually laughed
                       along with them this time, knowing that the prick you’d had last night could over take any mans cock in kattegat.
                       the other girls looked over at you when they noticed you laughing

                       "what are you laughing at chelle?” svenia asked turning her head to the side like a small child would. you piced up your basket of
                        clean clothes, shaking your head at them, a smirk on your lips. you were about to walk back to town when you decided to tease them
                        a bit.

                        “oh nothing, just remembering the most amazing sex i’d ever had last night” you said making them gape at you mouths open wide, you weren’t
                        the type to have sex willy nilly, so this intregued them deeply.

                        “who!?”  "how big?“  "was it ubbe?!”   “how long!?” so many questions that just made you laugh all the harder. you turned your back to them
                         and started walking, you paused, and turned your head to the side, allowing them to see the bruises ivar had left upon your skin.

                         "he was very, very big" you teased even deeper making them   groan and glare at you

                         "who?, who was it?“

                          you chuckled and licked at your slightly swollen lips

                          "ivar lothbrok”.

sorry for the way it was written down my computer literally won’t let me do anything, hope y’all enjoyed this shittyness, to my epic best friend!!! love ya girl!!!!!!! hope ya like it and i hope it lived up to how you imagined it lots of love and thanks from me <3  @zombiexbody

Rebound Girl, Pt. 4

Pairing: Jensen Ackles x Reader

Word Count: 2.3k

Warnings: language, Anti Danneel

A/N: part 4 to my entry for @casbabydontgoineedyou‘s 1k follower challenge.

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Originally posted by darlingcap

Reader’s POV

You sighed and wanted to slam the door in her face but she stopped it last minute with one of her feet.

“What do you want, Danneel?” You asked, opening the door again.

“I need to talk to Jensen not his… bed bunny.”

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Uncle Sam

Word Count: 1,284

Pairing: Past!Dean x Reader, Sam x Reader (friend, brother)

Warnings: Slight angst? When this thought came to me I started crying just thinking about it. 

A/N: So this was supposed to be a blurb. Yeah… that didn’t happen. I was doing my dishes a few weeks ago and humming to myself when the idea came to me. My first Sam x Reader of ANY sort and I’m sure it sucks. lol my trusty friend @dustycelt was awesome enough to read over it for me because I was too excited to wait for my friend to edit it. I hope it’s not crap, I hope you enjoy! Feedback is always welcome :) 

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Alpha/Alpha (Keith’s Trophy)

MillionHarry asks: Keith leaves very obvious love bites (or just overly overly strong scent markings) before he knows shiro has a meeting with someone who keith doesn’t like

Note: Shorter drabble this time.

“Owch! Keith, babe, not so hard.” Keith lifts his head from where he’d been using Shiro’s lower neck as a chew toy, “I’ve got a meeting in the morning,” He could already imagine all the polite coughs and averted eyes he’d get if he walked in with obvious bites.  More rumors to swirl towards his parents about what an obviously bad influence his mate was on him.  Like he needed another concerned calls about his future.

“I know,” Keith growls. Shiro narrows his eyes at him.  Keith barely holds his gaze for three seconds before breaking contact with a sigh. He places a soft kiss on the flesh he’s been abusing. “I know, you don’t have to say it.  She just gets under my skin.”

“She can only get under your skin if you let her,” Shiro reminds him, “Besides, I’m the one going into a meeting with her not you.”

“And?” Keith raises an eyebrow at him, “She’s a dick, and I hate her. She should remember the golden boy she’s so fond of is in my bed.”

“What am I some sort of trophy?” Shiro says with a mock gasp.

“Yes, you’re my trophy.  My big hunky trophy, with great pecs.” Keith squeezes said pecks for emphasis.

Shiro grins, “Oh, I see how it is.  You just want me for my body.”

Keith snorts, “Well it certainly wasn’t for your sense of humor.”

“You love my jokes!” Keith laughed at them and everything.

“There is only so much dark humor anyone can take Takashi.” Keith says poking him in the cheek.

“Dark humor is like food, not everybody gets it.”  Shiro has to throw his arm up to block the incoming pillow Keith tries to smother him with.

“I’m so going to break up with you.”

“No you won’t. You’d miss my pecs.”

Imagine Dean singing you to sleep after he sees you having a nightmare

wordcount: 673

Request by: anon

pairing: dean x reader

A/N: I’m so sorry this took so long to get done, I blame it on school work (even though its cause I procrastinate so much oops!). Also at the time of uploading this I’m like 20 followers away from 1000 followers (thanks guys so much), if anyone has any suggestions for what I should do when I hit the big 1000 send me a message <3

You burst through the doors of the dimly lit, abandoned cabin. The only source of light peaked through cracks in between the boarded up windows.

You clutched your knife closer to your chest as you carefully stepped through hallways being cautious not to make a sound.

You neared the eerie door at the end of the corridor. Slowly, you leaned your hand against the wood applying slight pressure to push it open. A creaking noise came from the door loudly filling the once deadly silent house. You cursed knowing that whatever was in the house with you definitely heard you.

Not a second later you felt a sharp pain in your head as something from behind you grabbed your hair and began dragging you away.

You screamed thrashing around, trying to grab onto anything but it all seemed to be moving slightly out of your reach. You knew you were going to die, that there was no way out. You were never afraid of death, but it’s completely different when it’s actually happening to you. Tears rolled down your face, staining your cheeks.

Eventually, you got flung forward into a chair and came face to face with your killer.

Shock overtook your body as you looked up to see your boyfriend, Dean Winchester.

“Dean?” you asked with a hoarse whisper.

You looked up into your boyfriend’s eyes and he looked directly in yours. Fear flowed through your body as his eyes turned completely black and he started walking towards you.

You tried to jump out of the chair but it was no use. It was like an invisible field kept you pinned to the chair.

When you looked back up, Dean had an axe in his hand, dragging along the floor behind him as he took steps to get closer to you.

You began to cry harder than you had ever cried before as you screamed for your boyfriend to come back to you.


Dean had just returned to the bunker from a hunt when he heard your screams. He shot his head up to his brother, fear covered his face. Almost instantly, he dropped the bags he was carrying and ran towards where the sound was coming from. His and Y/N’s bedroom.

Once Dean bust through your door, his fear calmed when he saw you was fine but it instead was replaced with concern as he saw you tossing and turning within the covers of your bed.

“Dean, no please,” he heard you murmur in your sleep. He walked over to the bed before getting in the covers with you and shaking your shoulders slightly to wake you up.

Gradually, you opened your eyes, still shaken from the vivid nightmare you had to see your boyfriend Dean next to you. On instinct you scooted away from him and you saw a look of hurt run through his face before it was once again masked with concern.

“Y/N. It’s me, you had a nightmare, it’s okay now,” Dean held his arms out and you climbed into them being comforted by his words. His hand stroked through your hair.

Silent sobs escaped your mouth as you cried into Dean’s chest.

“Hey, shhh Y/N, everythings okay. You need to get some sleep.” He whispered giving you a slight kiss to your forehead

You closed your eyes and not a second later Dean’s soft voice filled the room.

Hey Jude, don’t make it bad
Take a sad song and make it better
Remember to let her into your heart
Then you can start to make it better

You hummed happily into his chest as you fell into a deep sleep without any nightmares knowing you was protected by Dean.

Hey Jude, don’t be afraid
You were made to go out and get her
The minute you let her under your skin
Then you begin to make it better…

Dean trailed off, falling asleep next to you knowing that for one of the first times in his miserable hunter life, he was happy.

Don’t be scared

Characters: Dean Winchester x Reader, Sam Winchester, Garth (mentioned), Demon

Summary: Sam, Dean and you went to work on a demon case. Dean noticed you were uncomfortable and you didn’t know how to explain why. Things go a little bit south then.

Word count: 1427

Warnings: Angst, SPN typical violence, death.

A/N: I don’t know how to feel about this. Hope you like it. Feedback is very appreciated!

Don’t Be Scared

Originally posted by violet-phantomhive

Slowly you started to wake up. You saw Dean next to you lying on his stomach with his face turned to you and one arm over your waist. Trying not to wake him up you started to wiggle carefully out of his grip and got up. You put a pair of pants to go and prepare breakfast.

“Good morning” you said to Sam when you got into the kitchen.

“Hey” he said looking up from his computer. You went straight to the coffee maker to get some.

“It’s empty” he said.

“You drinked all of it again?”

“Sorry” he flashed you an apologetic smile.

“Jesus, Sam. Glad that after three times of this happening I learned the lesson” you walked to a cupboard, grabbed a stool a step on it to grab a bag a coffee that you hid for this kinds of moment where Sam drinks all the coffee.

“You hid a coffee bag over there?”

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I tie my robe tighter as I cross the hallway to Alaina’s room, letting my eyes wander down to Jackson for only a second as I set my hand on the knob. His shoulders are tense and hunched by his ears as he throws his jacket on, and he doesn’t look back up at me standing on the open second story balcony before walking out through the front door.

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The Littlest Winchester - Up All Night

Character(s): Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester

Warnings: None

Request:  I LOVE THE LITTLEST WINCHESTER SERIES THING YOU HAVE. THEY ARE LITERALLY THE CUTEST THINGS OF ALL TIME. Also could you do one about her having a nightmare, and then refusing to sleep the next day or two. THANKS BABE

Word Count: 1,343


           In the dead of night Dean is woken the frightened cries of his four-year-old daughter. With the door to his room closed the sound is muffled, but it’s enough to make him kick off the blankets and leap out of bed. He yanks the door open and bursts out into the hallway in search of his daughter.

           “Daddy!” She cries. “Daddy, where are you?!”

           “I’m right here, sweetheart.” Rounding a corner, he finds the girl standing in front of her bedroom door, her small figure a silhouette in the dark.

           Too scared to move, the toddler waits for Dean to come to her, whereupon he scoops her up in a tight embrace, and she balls her fists in his shirt and cries.

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(gifs belong to http://dcomgifs.tumblr.com)

Mal x Evie drabble for Anon, hope you like!

Evie barged into the room and slammed the door behind her. “Urgh,” she growled. Mal didn’t look up from her book, she kept working on her sketch. Evie walked up to Mal’s bed and placed her hands on her hips. Mal dabbed at the edges of her sketch with her thumb while Evie impatiently tapped her foot against the wooden floor. Once Mal was satisfied with the drawing she looked up at Evie. Evie was scowling at her and Mal couldn’t help but giggle. Evie gently hit Mal on the shoulder.

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Two Men and a Baby

Title: Two Men and a Baby

Characters: Sam, Dean, Charlie, Gabriel, Castiel, Crowley, and little Ava

Word Count: 1,897

Warnings: lots of feels, but the super cute adorable fluffy kind

Summary: After a hunt and an addition to the family the boys are preparing for little Ava’s third birthday.

A/N: You can never have too much fluff right?! Please send feedback and let me know if you want to be added to my tags list! Pictures are not mine. Stay awesome everyone <3

“Dean! Behind you!” Sam bellowed as he turned to slice another vampires head off. He heard a thud and whirled around to see Dean, chest heaving, standing over the now headless vamp. The brothers looked at each other, half smiles playing at the corners of their mouths as they looked around them at the carnage. They both froze and looked to each other when they heard a faint screaming. It almost sound like a woman’s, but that wasn’t right. No, it was a baby.

“I’ll check up, you check down Sammy.” Dean said as he headed to the stairs. The floorboards creaked under his weight as he slowly climbed. He could hear Sam opening doors, clearing the first floor. The crying went away for a moment, and then it was back with a vengeance. Dean carefully moved down the upstairs hallway to the second bedroom on the right, machete at the ready in case.

Sam finished clearing the basement when he heard a loud, “Sammy, I got it!” He sprinted up the stairs and to the base of the upstairs stair case finding Dean standing at the top of them. A soft green wriggling blanket in his arms.

“It’s a baby Sammy. How do I make it stop? It seem’s angrier than the vamps were.”

“Dean how the hell should I know? You’ve been the one that’s good with the kids, not me.”

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Goodnight, Daddy - Daddy’s Little Lovebug

Word Count: 938

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: None

A/N: Anon requested: JoJo helping you patch an injured Dean up wanting to play doctor and make him all better and cuddle like he did her. I know I did one like this with an injured reader but I like this too. So here you go. 

Daddy’s Little Lovebug Masterlist

“I need some help in here please! Sam!” You called out as you barreled through the bunker door. You had a very heavy Dean draped around you, dragging him inside. His weight was finally too much, the adrenaline from the fight with a pissed off ghost you’d just been in wearing off. You collapsed to the ground, Dean’s blood pooling around you. He was still awake but not really processing anything, looking at you blankly as his eyes fluttered.

“What the hell?” Sam ran up the stairs and lifted Dean off you, guiding him down the stairs and getting him into your bedroom. You picked yourself up and followed, taking a quick glance into JoJo’s room to make sure she was asleep.

“Stupid ghost tried to bash Dean’s head in.” You snapped. “Got me pretty good too but I’ll live. Thanks Sam. I can take care of it from here.” Sam nodded and kissed your forehead, leaving the room while you tended to Dean. He was so out of it he actually didn’t put up a fight when you cleaned the wound on the side of his head, hissing a little as you started to tenderly stitch it up. “Sorry, babe.” You grimaced.

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The Un-Romantic Language

A/N: It’s been years since I’ve written PP fanfiction, but I just had to for this pairing, I love it too much. Of course, I’m a little off my game since for the past year all I’ve been doing is writing k-pop PWP fics, so cut me some slack. I’m working on it. Also, sorry if I butchered the German language. Google Translate only does so much, but it’s all I really have. Translations will be at the bottom, feel free to correct me on anything wrong.

Who says German isn’t a sexy language?

Most people consider German to be a very un-sexy language, and that sometimes irritated Beca Mitchell. Of course, it was a very hard and rough language, but that’s just how Beca likes it: hard and rough. And, of course, there’s nothing hotter than English spoken with a German accent. She was so passionate about the language that she studied it in depth in high school, going above and beyond to attain mastery of it, for reasons that were only slightly more than perverse. She played it off by asserting that it was her mother’s German heritage that inspired her intensive study. So, after a few years, she was fluent in the language.

Kommissar is Beca’s kryptonite. When she speaks to her for the first time, it throws her off badly. This is her German fantasy come to life, standing right in front of her at what she assumes to be around 6 feet tall. She’s never been so undoubtedly attracted to a human being in her life, not even Jesse.

Beca had always known she was bi; experimenting with Chloe behind the scenes had confirmed that for her years ago. Jesse just took all of her attention. They were in a dedicated relationship, and she had respected that, only making out with her best friend a few times during the course of their relationship (Chloe was very persuasive, especially when Beca was drunk). It was no surprise to her that Das Sound Machine’s captain had immediately stolen her attention, but she was absolutely unprepared for the statuesque blonde woman.

Chloe notices right away (her gaydar is impeccable) and drags Beca away from the situation as quickly as possible so the DJ will stop rambling off compliments.

“Beca, breathe,” the redhead says, holding her by the shoulders. “Breathe in, breathe out.”

The brunette does as told, calming herself down before losing her cool.

“She’s so hot,” Beca mumbles, running her hands through her hair. “God, I’ve never wanted someone to ram me up against a wall so badly in my life.”

“She’s the enemy, Beca, our number one competitor. You can’t let her get under your skin.”

“But I want her too,” the short girl whined.

“Beca Mitchell, so help me god, I will call up Aubrey right now and tell her-”

“No! No. I’m fine. Just let me get my bearings. I can do this.”

But they lose the Riff Off and she can’t do this. She can’t. Not with that woman moving so sensually in that mesh crop top with that body that looks like it was sculpted by Michelangelo himself, and god, those tight leather pants. Beca resigns herself to the bar and watches Kommissar dancing amongst her group.

Jesse picks this moment to slide up beside her, two drinks in hand.

“Hey there chicka,” he says, cracking a grin. “How’s about a little liquor?”

“I didn’t know I was dating a poet,” she says, accepting the glass.

“Germans got you down?” he asks.

More like up, she thinks, eyes flicking back over to catch a glimpse of Kommissar swaying her hips in a way that makes her go up even more.

“Yeah,” she mutters into her drink. “I just don’t know how we’re gonna beat them.”

“Have a little faith in yourself. And the Bellas. You’ll do great. I know you will.”

He smiles, and she smiles back at him. She can’t help but feel like a shitty girlfriend for lusting over her competitor like she is, but it’s not like she can stop herself from having feelings.

Twenty minutes later she’s drunk out of her mind and stumbling onto the dance floor with Chloe and Amy. Jesse is gone, and she should be too, but she won’t leave until DSM does. They join the fray, bumping bodies with the German singers. Somehow, her and Chloe end up face to face with Kommissar and Pieter, the latter of which still gloating over their win.

“Die Wettkämpfer sind nicht auf der Suche so groß,” Pieter says, earning a laugh from his comrades. “Sie sollten eine andere Karriere betrachten. Vielleicht … exotischen Tanz?”

The entire group laughed. Chloe stood confused. Beca glared at him.

“Ich würde gerne, aber ich würde nicht wollen, um Ihre Rampenlicht zu stehlen,” Beca retorted, earning expressions of shock and surprise from the German group.

“Du sprichst Deutsch?” Kommissar asked, eyebrows raised.

“Ja,” Beca answered, crossing her arms over her chest.

“How interesting, Little Maus. You have more tricks up your sleeve than I thought you capable of,” said the German woman, stepping forward from her posse.

“I aim to please.”

Kommissar smirks and turns away, guiding Pieter back to the bar. Beca’s confident composure drops and she turns to Chloe, eyes wide.

“Did I just do that?” she asks.

“I think you did.”

“I’m so drunk.”

“I know.”

When the Bellas take Worlds by storm and secure their place as aca-champions, the after party is massive and everyone goes, including DSM, who are much more amiable now. Competition is competition, and everything was fair and square, so they respect the Bellas and now try to form a bond with them. After all, they have a lot in common.

Jesse is somewhere and Beca could care less because she’s high off winning and drunk on success. She doesn’t even notice it when Kommissar sneaks up behind her.

“Glückwünsche,” she whispers in Beca’s ear, her hot breath causing a multitude of sensations to go shooting through the short girl’s body. “My Little Maus, you have won.”

Beca spins around, staring up at the blonde, who has changed out of her stage outfit into a black t-shirt and skinny jeans, which somehow manages to look extremely attractive on her.

“D-danke,” Beca stutters, distracted by her, well, everything.

“I was very impressed with you. You have talent and the skill to back it up. I admire that.”

“Psh, you admire me? I admire you way more. I mean, wait, what. What.”

Beca has lost the filter between her brain and her mouth and there’s no finding it now. Kommissar chuckles.

“Oh, my Little Maus, you are so adorable.”

“W-well, you’re so hot. I- Fuck- Shit! Fuck me.”

“Gladly,” the blonde murmurs in a low tone that makes Beca shiver.

Kommissar’s hands find her hips and Beca is pulled into an empty room. She hears a lock click behind them and she falls down on a couch. In the dim moonlight, she watches the German woman pull off her t-shirt and throw it to the ground. Beca bites her lip. Her fantasy is finally here.

“Du gehörst mir jetzt, Little Maus.”

“Finally,” Beca breathes.


Pieter: The competitors are not looking so great. They should consider another career. Maybe… exotic dance?

Beca: I’d love to, but I would not want to steal your spotlight.

Kommissar: You speak German?

Kommissar: Congratulations.

Kommissar: You’re mine now, Little Maus.

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lmao @ anon acting like every single person with ED feels the same way. yeah, I wish I could eat like 400 cals a day, but then I faint and can't sleep and feel like shit, I can't do my job, and I binge like three times a month and don't end up losing weight anyway. or am I not ~ana~ because i eat 700-900 cals lol

Aw honey don’t let her get under your skin❤ I understand what you’re saying. You’re valid💋❤ Go drink a glass of water 😝😝