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Like who he tryna kid though?


dctv ladies appreciation week: day six
favorite scene 

2.12, fast lane - what? no good luck?


“I used to think of myself one way. But after this, I am something else. And still me, I think. But that’s not what everyone else sees.” 

Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch in Captain America: Civil War (2016)


– The Force is strong in my family. My father has it. I have it. And… my sister has it. Yes. It’s you, Leia.
I know. Somehow… I’ve always known.


Windenburg Countryside, Present Day


Claire Temple in Marvel’s Luke Cage | S01E05

“The world isn’t the world anymore, mija. Aliens coming out of the sky. People with silver hammers. Green monsters. […] All I know is everything happens for a reason. And now, somehow, you’re a part of it. What do you call that?”

“The worst luck in the world.”

“It’s called fate.”


I love you.

I know.

Modern day Han/Leia au, where Han has this shitty run around that he claims is the best car ever. Leia rolls her eyes a lot at him and is trying her best to rebel against her dad. Han is taxi driver to the twins wherever they want to go, and yes, he swears if Luke claims it’s about to fall apart one more time, he’s walking. Oh and don’t forget his little shih tzu, Chewie. 

It’s maybe all worth it though for the time Han gets to spend with Leia.

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