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iris west week 📰 day seven
iris + au ⚡ a barista by day, iris west teams up with superheroes cynthia reynolds and linda park to fight crime by night. she loves what she does, but she hates keeping it a secret from her best friend stacy conwell.


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“I used to think of myself one way. But after this, I am something else. And still me, I think. But that’s not what everyone else sees.” 

Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch in Captain America: Civil War (2016)


dctv ladies appreciation week: day six
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2.12, fast lane - what? no good luck?

The human weapon | Part one

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Pairing: JungkookxReader

AU: Robot!Cyborg, Sci-fi

Genre: Angst - Romance

Word count: 3k

>>Part two 

A/N: If this is going to a flop, i’m not sure if i will continue it. Or do it for my own entertainment. Let me know~ Also HUGE SPECIAL THANKS to @lets-go-north ♡♡♡♡♡ with her Jungkook au video edit. It gave me inspiration and a story line to work with! Video link here -> Tumblr | IG 

In the year of 2045, everything has changed for the worse. Not far from Seoul, a war had broken out. A man named Min Yoongi, which were nothing but a leader of a cult, destroying and get what ‘belongs’ to him. His greed grew bigger, as more people understood and wanted the same. The past 4 years, had been hell around Asia, getting countries in ruins and suffering. The government, had been asking five scientists, to create a weapon, that will be used for when Min Yoongi had planned to attack South Korea.

Kim Namjoon was one of the few scientists, that were elected. He was rarely outside, or in the newspapers. But his high IQ and college degree had the government, to set him as their specialist in technology. He liked to be unknown, creating weapons for the military. He found a purpose in life, helping the ones in need for his brain. As months passed his weapons were soon outdated, as Min Yoongi copied his work. Namjoon needed to find another solution, with a hidden creation, that only he knew about. After years of studying the human body and technology, he has finally created what people would call a “cyborg”. It wasn’t just made of metal, but was partly human. His research on DNA and microorganisms to create human like skin and organs in his lab.

A cyborg, with the given name “JJ97”. Metal, with human skin and microorganisms to give him senses. It was limited, but it was the effects that Namjoon could create. Namjoon dedicated his own blood, to let the human heart in JJ97’s chest, run forever. Chords and the strongest metal, kept a shield around the soft place. JJ97, had no pain tolerance and bled blood which was stored for his skin to be moisturised. It was a side effect, that could cause problems if it wasn’t solved, but even for the robotic skeleton, JJ97 looked like any human on earth. His skin and face, were to perfection but his brain was nothing more, than a computer. Even though, Namjoon was a clever scientist, he didn’t know anything about human emotions, fighting or communications in the society. That’s why, he sent his creation to you.

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