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If there's 4 signs at the front of my shop that say "no food or drinks", i don't know how speaking to the manager(me) is going to change anything. And when i tell you i'm the manager, do you really think you're going to accomplish anything by calling the owner? What's he supposed to say? "Oh i'm SO SORRY ma'am, those signs were just for show. PLEASE let me make it up to you by firing that mean ol nasty manager who read the signs I put up out loud to you".

Undisclosed Desires (part 5)

Words: 2.1k

Summary: TFW discuss learning about your past as you catch up with Lucifer.

A/N: More canon divergence. Let me know if you’d like to be added to my mater tag list.


“Cas, you’ve been pretty quiet back there. You ok?” Dean asked from the drivers seat of the Impala.

Castiel remained silent and stared out the window. Part of him understood why you didn’t tell him and he wished he didn’t care; but how could he not care. Not only were you nephilim, but you were the spawn of the devil himself.

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Power Rangers {Sentence Starters}
  • "Watch where you're going! Who taught you how to drive?"
  • "I'm free! It's time to conquer Earth!"
  • "Isn't the smallest chance of victory enough of a reason for us to keep on fighting?"
  • "I suppose you're wondering why I called you here?"
  • "I can't believe it! I was beginning to think I'd never see you again."
  • "No, not that! Not-- TEENAGERS!"
  • "Y'know, picking out a present for you has never been easy."
  • "The world is very lucky to have you, and so am I."
  • "If you're like me, you can't be evil."
  • "You always were an ungrateful, rotten, little brat!"
  • "Let's face it - we all have our dark sides."
  • "The evil pizzas were no match for a simple stop-light."
  • "What a rude little ____ you are."
  • "Ah, look, sheer terror and desperation. I love it!"
  • "Has it ever occurred to you that I might have other things on my mind?"
  • "No, not this time. This time it's different."
  • "Your spineless, sniveling attitude leads me to believe you'd serve me well."
  • "Hey, I thought you knew what you were doing!"
  • "News flash, _____: You are not the center of everyone's universe."
  • "I am the greatest warrior of all time!"
  • "You are only human, and no mere human is a match for ____!"
  • "Your true nature is evil, ____. Deep inside you know it."
  • "Sometimes I really hate being a bad guy."
  • "What do you want? Make it quick. You've got five seconds."
  • "That's long enough. Time for a break."
  • "Why am I hanging out with the intellectually challenged?"
  • "I don't like being outsmarted by insignificant humans."
  • "Ah, teenage love is in the air. How sickening."
The Most Popular Girls in School Sentence Starters
  • An assortment of quotes from Season 1-4 (Terribly out of order)
  • Who the fuck are you?
  • I asked you first
  • I asked you second
  • Who the fuck let you in here?!
  • You were supposed to watch the door!
  • I'm sorry, was I not just in the middle of a story?
  • Hey gay
  • That's not my name!
  • Who else here is wet?
  • We're going to the highschool, not fucking build-a-bear!
  • Are you sure you're not a gremlin?
  • Do you think people will notice I'm bald?
  • I'm going to watch it in the family room you stupid fucking abortion
  • I want to poop here
  • You're the handjob girl/guy, right?
  • We talked, you pooped, I thought we had a connection
  • Wait did someone say crêpe?
  • That's going to be one huge shit
  • It smells like someone put a diabetic foot in a sandwich and left it in the sun!
  • Are you suggesting a, how do you say, menage a trois?
  • Why do you say how do you say before words you clearly know how to say?
  • Have fun smelling my poop bitches!
  • So I guess we're at...eat a dick!
  • I can't differentiate between jealousy and horniness
  • Hit the bricks, bitch
  • Son of a bitch bastard
  • Oh my god, why me?!
  • Tu es un bitcho
  • Hand it over before I bitch slap the black out of you
  • You are the calm breeze in this fuck storm of a life I'm living
  • She/He can hold my fucking douche!
  • God job! Everybody will forget you next year
  • Yeah, walk away! ...Like a bitch
  • No! No! I’m too fucking young. I’m too fucking beautiful. I just got my hair done yesterday
  • Yippie-ki-yay, you stupid fucking cunt
  • Jesus Titty Fucking Christ
  • Sweet, I just got a new Charizard card
  • Who got me? The three tostadas that I had for lunch? Yes they got me, they got me bad. It did not help that they were made with coleslaw instead of lettuce
  • Everything is just fine. I was just trying to put myself into a coma so I would have to listen to the two of you dipshits try to talk and breathe at the same time!
  • Oh I know but my family and I went to Pearl Harbor for two weeks so…It’s kind of a thing we do every year. Didn’t you get the vacation request form I submitted before I left?
  • Uhm, that's my boyfriend
  • Okay, good. Fuck you and your entire family
  • Okay, enjoy your bald spot bitch
  • Oh my god, what's your secret?

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People always say "you're not alone" trying to make you feel better and even if it might sound selfish...how is that supposed to make me feel better? I mean, I know I'm not alone but knowing other people feel as bad as I do doesn't make me feel any better...

I think letting someone saying you’re not alone more so is a comfort because sometimes when you’re dealing with something hard for you, you feel like you’re the only person in the world who could possibly understand what you’re going through. So it’s more to let you know that there are other people out there who relate to you and that you can connect with, now and later on in life when you’ve both gotten passed it.