let go of material things

♕Your ascendant is a tool for your challenges♘

(Also look at your Black moon Lilith and where your karmic challenges will show.)

Aries AS

+Deal with your challenges directly. Be to the point, and not passive. Be honest, and be fearless. Don’t focus or dwell on the past or things that cannot be changed.

-Don’t be rash, think before you act, don’t be childish with your problems, don’t destroy yourself. 

Taurus AS

+Deal with your problems steadily and artistically.  Be loyal to those who are in the right. The inner self needs to be sturdy and balanced before facing issues. Listen to other’s necessary criticism. Open your mind to opinions.

-Do not be possessive. Let go of things that need let go of. Do not rely on material things to fill your needs. Do not become self-righteous.

Gemini AS
+Deal with your issues intellectually. Remain calm. Utilize information you’ve gained in struggle. Study behind the situation. Keep a schedule. 

-Do not be impatient. Don’t become unnerved. Do not use your wit and trick to escape deserved situations. Don’t bicker or whine. Don’t indulge in drama.

Cancer AS

+Deal with your issues kindly. Nurture those who need it including yourself. Be proud of where you come from. Be an empath. Put yourself in other’s shoes. Ignore unnecessary criticism. Approach your issues with an open heart. 

 -Do not become moody. Don’t overreact. Do not criticize, don’t bully

Leo AS

+Shine light to your issues. Take blatant action to change your issues. Stand up for yourself. Be sure of yourself. Be proud of who you are. Take breaks and give energy only where needed.

-Don’t jump to conclusions. Don’t over-dramatisize. Don’t be power hungry. Don’t over exert yourself.

Virgo AS

+Be reserved, be analytical. Become at ease with things you cannot perfect. Be mature. Use your intellectual abilities to figure out problems with little emotion. Choose your brain over heart.

-Don’t judge off the bat. Be more empathic. Don’t complain or seek absolute perfection. Don’t be picky or bicker.

Libra AS

+Be graceful with your problems and always be polite. Approach your problems with an open mind for both sides. Understand that you deserve challenge as much as anyone. Be sure of your decisions. Keep your friend circle open. Give everyone a chance. Give to gain.

-Don’t choose your self-image over granting or receiving justice. Don’t be vain, Don’t be indecisive and don’t follow the leader in social standards. Be your own person.

Scorpio AS

+Deal with your problems behind the scenes. Tell only who you trust deeply your issues. Keep your privacy. Read between the lines. Look for answers deeper then the answers on the surface. Show your venerability. Embrace breaking to succeed, embrace wisdom from beneath and from darkness. Rebirth yourself.

-Do not become paranoid. Do not act immortal. Do not become jealous. Do not seethe on hatred.

Sagittarius AS

+Laugh in the face of those who scorn you with no reason. Show your emotion. Be blunt. Escape the world you’ve escaped into. Be a philosopher. Teach others and yourself about the good in life. Use your problems and struggles to teach. Be carefree. Don’t dwell on issues that don’t need dwelled on. Let things go. 

-Don’t run from your issues or from your past. Do not chain yourself to ideas that cannot become, or things that you cannot change. Nobody will follow you, if all you do is run.

Capricorn AS

+Accept responsibility. Keep a schedule and be mature. Take matters into your own hands. Don’t hide your emotion. 

-Don’t seek power or control out of anger. Don’t leave things unfinished. Don’t work hard for people who don’t deserve it. Don’t rely on others. Don’t force yourself to fit in.

Aquarius AS

+Be tolerant of things that can be tolerated. Approach things differently. Rebel against basic standards. Rebel against what has harmed you. Embrace yourself in healthy debates and stand up for what you believe in. Accept boundaries to your freedom. Invent new ways to deal with what you’ve gone through. 

-Never forget wrongdoings, but forgive. Don’t let ego control you. Don’t become vain or act immortal. Don’t worry about things that haven’t happened, Focus on the present, not the future.

Pisces AS

+Build confidence inside of yourself. Embrace your gifts. Be fluid and never let anyone define you, even if it means being a new person each day. Love with an open heart. What you imagine can become reality.

-Do not self pity. Don’t let people walk over you. Don’t over medicate.

Energetic (Dick Grayson smut)

Requested: Yes
Request: Can I request smut with Dick Grayson in his Nightwing suit? Maybe like he comes home and just wants to burn off some of his energy but wants to do it while still in his suit bc hot damn he’s so hot in his Nightwing suit?
Summary: Dick needs to rid himself of excess energy.
Word count: 523 
Warning(s): Smut.

Richard had always been very energetic, especially when he had a good night on patrol. So what do you do with extra energy late at night? You of course give your s/o the time of their life.

He slipped through the living room window, the TV was on and I was sitting on the couch watching some random movie. He walks behind me and slides his hands down my shoulders and my front, I stiffen just a little before realizing that it’s my boyfriend.

Looking up he presses a loving kiss to my lips and starts kissing my neck, pulling gently on my earlobe, causing a gentle moan from me. 

“Baby I need you.” He lowly yet seductively whispers in my ear, causing me to shiver. I could feel the cocky grin on his face. 

Before I could even say anything, I’m scooped up in his arms, going towards our shared bedroom. I loudly giggle over his neediness, causing his grin to widen.

 “You won’t be laughing when I’m done with you” he smirks, throwing me on the bed with a thump, causing me to laugh even harder.

 He takes off his gloves and gets on top of me, running his calloused hands down my ribcage, under my over sized T-shirt, causing a shiver to run down my spine and my hips to buck in need of friction.

 His lips feverishly attack my neck, sure to leave lodes of purple markings. Soon he presses his soft yet a little chapped lips against mine while pulling down my panties, earning a soft groan from me.

His bulge is pressing against the inside of my thigh, the material of his suit making goosebumps appear.

He slowly removes my shirt, kissing down the valley of my breasts, lower and lower. My hands gravitate to unzip his suit but he pins my hands above my head, whispering in a low seductive voice, “not tonight, baby girl.” 

My eyes screw shut and a moan escaped me, his teasing driving me insane. The contrast between my hot skin and his cold suit material doing things to me. Soon he lets go of my wrists, just enough to unzip his pants and pull out his hard member, liking his lips.

 “You ready, princess?” He whispered, hovering over me. I eagerly nod, causing a smirk to lay upon his face. 

With one fluid thrust he pushes in to me, a loud moan leaving both of us. After a second to adjust, he begins roughly thrusting in to me, nearly pulling out and then pushing back in, the pace unrelenting.

The inability to feel his skin or even touch him becoming difficult to handle, as I start coming undone.

 As his pace gets less steady he lets go of my wrist to better balance himself, my hands go flying in to his hair, tugging ever so slightly, my name repeatedly leaving his lips. 

We finally both come undone in complete ecstasy. Dick riding out our highs.

Dick pulls out and lays next to me, moving so he could hold me close, “i knew you love the suit,” he teases, kissing my forehead.


With love,

Utaite Quotes Round 5.5

Amatsuki: Today, I’m staying in a hotel room with Hashiyan san and Kony chan. I need to prepare to end Kony chan’s life the moment he starts to snore
Amatsuki: This is what Kony chan gave me and Hashiyan san, check it out (picture of earplug)

Amatsuki: the wiiU has no memory space for Mario Kart DLC, Amatsuki found dead (^0^) Why is it so full…
Fan: Buy an external HDD
Amatsuki: It’s so expensive I laughed, I think I’ll cry now
Amatsuki: I found a 4G USB I wasn’t using and plugged it in, it’s working somehow. The wiiU itself has so little memory space it made me laugh

Amatsuki: I tightened my belt as far as it can go and my pants are still slipping down this is dangerous

Amatsuki: I was thinking that I have a pretty flexible mindset, and I’m very attentive, so I’m always getting dragged around by other people and I reached
Amatsuki: The character limit

Amatsuki: Yesterday I managed to lose both my bad luck and my wallet v(’ q ` )v It’s dangerouus what do I do I can’t find it
AmatsukI: I’ve lost my wallet so much, I don’t feel it anymore I’m feeling really anxious, and I’m seriously thinking that just letting all material things go might be better nooo ʅ( ՞ਊ՞)ʃ≡  ≡ʅ( ՞ਊ՞)ʃuhhhuuuuuhuhuuhu
-> Uratanuki: Losing wallets is what utaites are supposed to do
–> Amatsuki: Is that for real then considering how much I lose my wallets I must be a really successful utaite
Amatsuki: Anyway, I need to live on my 1000 yen that was in my pocket until I find my wallet I’ll try hard
Maybe if I tap it it’ll double itself
Tap my pockets and two Noguchis~
Tap my pockets and four Noguchis~
(Noguchi Hideo is on japanese 1000 yen bills, about 10USD)
Amatsuki: I missed my station while I was tweeting goodbye
Amatsuki: I found my wallet I found my wallet I found my wallet walleeeeeeeeeeet it was at the police station (´;ω;`)(´;ω;`)(´;ω;`)(´;ω;`)(´;ω;`)(´;ω;`)(´;ω;`)(´;ω;`)
Amatsuki: I’ve been using this wallet for four years and I’ve gotten it back after I lost it ten times!!! Thank you stranger that returned my wallet!!! You probably can’t read this but anyway!!!
Amatsuki: Got my wallet back…! A car ran it over and the credit cards are in pieces but my money is still in here, (´;ω;`) Thanku thanku

Fan: Mafukun are you getting married?!
Mafumafu: I don’t even have a girlfriend, let alone getting married, what the heck wwwwwwwwwwww

Mafumafu: I know this isn’t really something to laugh over, but sometimes I sleep and get encased in this sense of anxiety and I end up waking up crying wonder what this is at that moment it feels like I can’t hear very well and I’m in a dark place
Mafumafu: last time Urata san came over to sleep taht happened and I popped up yelling “Uwaaaaaaaaaa!!!” and Urata san told me “It’s okay. It’s okay.” and I remember being very reassured by that
Mafumafu: is what I told him and he told me he can’t remember that

Mafumafu: “Sleeping is closing your eyes. Removing yourself from the world full of things you don’t want to see. For just this moment, let’s return to nothingness” Can I send this artistic sentence and postpone my deadline (three days left)

Mafumafu: Um hey I just starting updating the computer without giving it a lot of thought and it’s not ending tomorrow’s the deadline is it okay brother Uhuh it’s fine we can work through the night you know the usual but what if the update doesn’t end well then we’re screwed but it’s okay
Mafumafu: You don’t have to be afraid you don’t I’m afraid

Mafumafu: Long ago when I didn’t know much about spam mail I used to answer seriously with “I don’t know why I won. Maybe you sent to the wrong address” to mails like “Congradulations! You won ooo!!!”
Mafumafu: and I even bragged that to my friends like “I’m getting a lot of mail these days”

Mafumafu: @Soraru: If I can change the song I’m going to write for you now, I’m going to change it to a weird song about tentacle fetishes.
Mafumafu: I brought up the tentacles to annoy Soraru san, but now they’re saying I like tentacles and I bought my computer to play ero games, I’m crying so this is how rumors are made I want to become a clam

theafeles  asked:

Hi again:) could I get a general reading please?

Hi Lovely, you have received the Ego. Here archangel Jophie wants to remind you that life is about enjoying the moments we share with others and the time we spent doing things we love. To let go of the ego we must let go of our attachment to material things and the numbers on the price tag. Time to let go of our fears and listen to that gentle voice inside us.

Love and Light-Muriel

Feedback is welcome

2014 Taurus Forecast

2014 is the year of expansion, fulfilling work and stellar wellbeing, Taurus! If you’ve fallen prey to the typical Taurus legacy of neglecting your own needs and taking care of everyone else’s problems, this is the year to take your power and your life force back so that you can invest in a brand-new life. No, this does not make you selfish or uncaring, this makes you true yourself and with a greater capacity to give to your loved ones because you will no longer be running on empty – which is probably how you’ve felt over the past few years. You’ve certainly learned the art of releasing control in 2013. The good news is that the fog is finally about to lift as the South Node finally moves out of your stars this March. You’ve been letting go of so many things – from material possessions to antiquated concepts around values and security. In fact, you’ve relinquished so much that you may barely recognize your life at this point, Taurus. You’ve certainly learned to simplify your world in 2013, and now you’re getting ready to go rebuild towards greater beauty and harmony. The focus of 2014 is all about communication, work and daily ritual. If you’ve been promising yourself for eons that you’ll get your daily routine into better balance as in: more exercise, better sleep and less work, this is the year to make that happen.

2014 will bring plenty of opportunities for networking and learning new things. Your curiosity is piqued especially through July. Use this positive influence to turn any negative though patterns into more optimistic, big-picture thinking. This is your year to find your inspiration, hope and purpose. If you’ve been struggling to figure out what you came to this Earth to do, you can count on 2014 to deliver the vision. Now that you’ve relinquished all that no longer serves you, there is room for the new to take hold and improve your world in a thousand ways.

There is a big emphasis this year on your work and health zone, so plan to direct the majority of your energy towards your daily affairs, projects and your well-being in 2014. You’re learning the art of balance and beauty, and finding new ways to make your work more creative and less dreary. This is because your entire mindset is changing for the better and you’re realizing that just because you’re loyal, hardworking and full of more perseverance than most doesn’t mean that you have to stick it out in what feels more like drudgery and duty than work that you love.

Career & Finance

2014 starts off with Mars – the planet of drive and ambition – amping up your work zone. In fact, this aggressive planet will be running an unusually long stint in this part of your horoscope (six months to be exact). This gives you the entire first half of the year to apply your energies wholeheartedly to your work. The new goal is to bring more beauty and creativity into every aspect of your creative process and daily rituals. You’ll be amazed at how much you get done and how much drive you have to excel and accomplish more than you ever thought possible, Taurus. There may be a pause and revise phase with your projects that takes place between March and May, but after that prepare for full speed ahead until July. Expect to grow a ton in the career department. Whereas 2013 may have felt cloudy and confusing around your life’s purpose, 2014 brings you one opportunity after the next to truly live out your dream and actually make money doing it.

Be sure to work the lucky influence of Jupiter in your networking and correspondence zone during the first half of 2104. You’ve got great fortune on your side, plus a way with words this year, Taurus. Put yourself and your message out there in a big way with Jupiter’s generous backing of your words. It’s best to appeal to people’s feelings more than their minds under this year’s watery and emotional influence. Trust your gut exclusively when making any major business decisions because your intuition is spot on this year – especially up through July.

Saturn continues to teach you valuable lessons around the integrity of contracts in both business and love. When it comes to career, you have learned to become highly discerning with your choice of associates and allies. After more disappointing situations with colleagues and/or business partners than you care to count, you’re seeing how crucial it is to align yourself with those who share your values, patience and most importantly – your loyalty. Flaky and reckless types need not apply. What you need are partners willing to go the long haul even when the going gets tough – just like you!

Love & Relationships

The lessons around commitment and intimacy get deeper as Saturn continues his two-and-a-half-year sojourn through your partnership house, Taurus. This is an important time to face all fears and insecurities when it comes to relationships. You’ve been forced to face every personal demon you never knew you had over the past year and now you’re getting to see just how strong and loyal you really are. Despite your placid outer nature, there is a very passionate and sensitive side to you that you’re finally getting to experience in your relationships.

Your ruling planet (lovely Venus) starts off the year in one of her more rare retrograde phases in sister Earth sign, Capricorn. You’ll feel like you’re covering old ground, if not encountering lovers from the past under this influence. Either way, you’ll be revisiting some of your more entrenched relationship patterns. All of this is to test what you want – and don’t want – in a partnership. There’s a chance to finally get clear on where your boundaries are with others. This is also an excellent influence for building on all of the relationship lessons you’ve had over the past few years. Your integrity is getting more solid every day, and this will do wonders for either attracting or keeping an amazing partner.

Lucky Jupiter will be adding romance and more heartfelt connection in your love life over the second half of the year (starting in July). You’ll be ready for more pleasure and less family duty for a refreshing change. You’ll feel a strong calling to embrace your childlike spirit and surrender to love in a way you haven’t felt in 12 years. This is your year to throw all caution to the wind when it comes to embracing the needs of your heart.

Dean + manliness and embarrassment

“They carried the soldier’s greatest fear, which was the fear of blushing. Men killed, and died, because they were embarrassed not to. It was what had brought them to the war in the first place, nothing positive, no dreams of glory or honor, just to avoid the blush of dishonor. They died so as to not die of embarrassment […] It was not courage, exactly; the object was not valor. Rather they were too frightened to be cowards.” ~ “The Things They Carried,” The Things They Carried, by Tim O’Brien.

So the above is a quote from the first short story in Tim O’Brien’s The Things They Carried, which shares the name of the book and is, of course, the title of spn 10.15.

The story uses some frankly awesome wordplay of ‘carry’ to explore the mental and emotional state of soldiers during the Vietnam war (starting out describing the literal physical things they carry, like guns and backpacks, and moving on to personal items like photographs or letters, then memories of family and lovers, then ideas/stories of lovers and so on - there’s even a line about how they ‘carry on’ at one point, which I enjoyed for the Kansas connection :p).

Though it’s about Vietnam, it seems to me like its descriptions are apt for most soldiers in general, and since Dean is a soldier of sorts I couldn’t help reading with an eye to how the descriptions might fit him.

There were PLENTY of things in the story, and the whole book, that are relevant to Dean imo. But I’ve picked out this ONE thing, because I found it the most interesting. Which is this idea of soldiers being afraid of ‘blushing,’ of being embarrassed about being viewed as dishonourable or cowardly or weak. 

It comes up again in a later story, where Tim, the narrator (and author - I assume the book is at least somewhat autobiographical), describes his reaction to being drafted and how he almost travelled to Canada to escape being sent to war. But ultimately Tim accepted the draft because the thought of others thinking badly or him or thinking him weak was too much to bear. He imagines them, his father included, calling him Traitor! Turncoat! and Pussy! and as he describes it - 

“I felt myself blush. I couldn’t tolerate it. I couldn’t endure the mockery, or the disgrace, or the patriotic ridicule. Even in my imagination, the shore [of Canada] just twenty yards away, I couldn’t make myself be brave. It had nothing to do with morality. Embarrassment, that’s all it was […] I was a coward. I went to war.” ~ “On The Rainy River,” The Things They Carried

I feel like this fear is Dean’s as well.

Like this relates to his hyper-masculine image that has been discussed a great deal throughout the show and esp. since Carver’s run. ‘Discussed a great deal’ being an understatement :p 

But to give a quick summary - Dean too is a soldier concerned with keeping up an appearance. Not necessarily of being honourable, like the soldier’s O’Brien describes, but of appearing strong, manly, macho (all of which seem to have become synonymous to Dean). And to be/appear otherwise is often shown as embarrassing for Dean, he’s continually shown as embarrassed when ‘caught out’ liking anything in the vicinity of being feminine/unmanly eg. liking Dr Sexy or shown to be hiding his like of such things eg. wearing pink panties.

IMO he also considers his time spent as a demon with Crowley to have been in large part feminine/unmanly/weak, hence his terming of that as ‘embarrassing’ (which is what first made me take notice of the comments about soldiers and embarrassment in the book).

Do I have a point - beyond hey this is a cool similarity between Dean and the soldiers in the book?  

Good question :p

I guess… what I like about the connection between Dean and the book’s analysis of soldiers’ psyches is that since the episode title points us to the book and its themes it implies, or perhaps confirms, that this idea of soldiers putting on a macho facade, and thus of Dean doing the same, is a theme the show is very much exploring this season.  

And since the book is all about deconstructing that facade, in fact SUBVERTING it by suggesting that in putting on a facade in order to appear brave and strong the soldiers were in fact being the very things they were embarrassed to be considered as (ie. cowardly and weak), it implies that Dean’s facade too is being deconstructed this season :) 

Something supported by little things like Dean enjoying the fancy coffee in the small cup that he insists ‘real men’ don’t drink, Dean enjoying Taylor Swift and, of course, the ongoing saga of the cake - little shows of Dean’s feminine/unmanly (or at least non-hyper-masculine) side showing through his macho-soldier image.

Is Dean’s desire to stop looking for a cure for the Mark, to hold out against it as long as he can and then ‘go down swinging,’ perhaps comparable to O’Brien’s soldiers going to war? Dean too embarrassed to try the alternative, fearing he will seem too emotional/feminine/weak if he continues to make his own life and well-being and safety his priority by continuing to find a way out of being Marked, just like Tim felt about trying to find a way out of being drafted.

And if so, if the embracing of macho facades and the path that leads to is to be deconstructed/criticised in spn as it is in O’Brien’s novel, then could it be that part of that deconstruction will mean that Dean embracing the parts of himself he’s been embarrassed/ashamed of (Taylor Swift, the cake, the coffee, his emotions, his feelings for Cas…) will end up being key to him ultimately overcoming and/or controlling the Mark?

I like to think so :)

anonymous asked:

Klayley & Delena are endgame stupid bitch :P

These gifs are everything

If you are Bamon shipper that ships Klayley/ Klaroliner who ships Delena back away now lol. Run for it!!!! Haha xD First and final warning. I’m going on a full blown rant on why I don’t care if they aren’t endgame xD

Lord I have found them, the rare breed of the aggressive delena and klayley shippers. Wow you must feel threatened to message me. It’s no surprise either both ships involve weak women being held down by violent men. When you ship something it’s normally template of what you want your relationships to be like. Are you being controlled? Are you alright? I’m really sorry I can’t help you anon. 


Tom Hiddleston and Kingsley gifs make everything better  

Lol in all seriousness though so I guess you are wondering why I ship Bonnie & Caroline with these bad abusive men. Here is some examples of strong women bringing down these men:

Look at that Bonnie setting the almighty Damon on fire and Caroline was calling out the big bad hybrid on his shit in these scenes. 

For Delena to happen they have completely destroyed the sweet and likeable Elena who cared about her friends and family. Nope I really hate Elena now. I like her in season 1 and season 2, I even found Delena intriguing with the forbidden romance and all. But now she disgusts me with how selfish she acts. I like how Delena has made Damon a slightly better person. But thats it. Damon realistically has never been challenged by Elena, the first time he saw Elena he saw Katherine, and in the finale he claimed he saw a future. Yeah a future of morphing Elena into Katherine. Which he succeeded in, but Elena ruined herself. She no longer cares about Jeremy, Bonnie and Stefan, the people she loved and who she cared about. Delena is a toxic relationship, which has ruined Elena’s core character traits.  

With Caroline though Klaus revealed a whole new side of himself to her, which was quite frankly intriguing to watch. But the beauty of it, is that it wasn’t cliche beauty and the beast esque. They were two monsters togethers, two lonely soul mates. Both have family problems and both thought they can’t be fixed or worthy of love. Caroline was never first choice to any guy she liked. Matt loved Elena over her. I do love forwood but Tyler chose revenge over her. I am all about the steroline/klefaroline life, I don’t trust Julie Plec there is a high chance if steroline happened Stefan would go back to Elena later, so they can keep this shitty triangle going. With Klaus though, you have to admit he genuinely cared about Caroline and he did a lot of good things for her not just the pretty dresses and the material things. But like letting Tyler go for her which is a major example… In return though Caroline taught Klaus a valuable lessons such as ” you don’t connect to people because you don’t even try and understand them” and “anyone capable of love, is capable of being saved.” Caroline arguably uncovered the humane side of Klaus. Klaus called Caroline out when she did wrong that she killed twelve witches as she went crying to him. Caroline isn’t a angel. Caroline tries to be a good person and that is strength. She makes mistakes, Caroline is neurotic, Caroline is a massive hypocrite at times. Klaus underneath all that big bad hybrid facade, just wanted someone to connect with. ” I wanna talk about you, your hopes, your dreams, everything you want in life.” Klaus didn’t want the same loyalty from what he had from his Hybrids. He wanted love and a connection from Caroline, Klaroline had opened up so many doors for Klaus and Caroline’s character. You can disagree with me all you want, fair enough you are entitled to your own opinion but I believe they are soulmates.


I’m all steroline, klefan and klefaroline for now but even though my stelena heart is damanged beyond repair, Elena still wake up one day next season and realise what she has done/ who she has lost. Stelena was beautiful. They had a relationship that everyone should want for herself. A relationship built on compassion, trust and understanding. They were happy together. Stefan made her happy to be alive. REMEMBER WHEN SHE SAID ” YOU SHOULD LOVE THE PERSON THAT MAKES YOU HAPPY TO BE ALIVE” - DAMON DROVE HER TO HER “DEATH”, DAMON BLEW HER UP. THAT SHIT ISN’T REAL LOVE. THATS A FUCKING TRAGEDY. WHAT SORT OF MESSAGE IS THAT SHIT SENDING PEOPLE? And fuck that bullshit how she saw a future with Damon. Elena discussed a future with Stefan ” do you think about our future together”. Elena is a dumb ass. She sacrificed everything about herself for what sex, the sirebond and for the sake of a man. Stefan would have done anything for her, but this Damon obsessed Elena trampled all over him. I’ll forever be bitter over how much stelena is changed, but it can be salvaged. As this love triangle will never fully go away.


Bon and Damon, would have stolen the whole show. Nobody can convince me that this isn’t the case. We haven’t seen any relationship like this before - a witch/anchor and the vampire that would have been more forbidden Delena. It would bring a new set of obstacles. It would have been a whole new interesting dynamic and expanded their characters. Bonnie is selfless while Damon is selfish, they would have balanced each other out. Bonnie and Damon are both full of love though, Damon loves selfishly while Bon loves selflessly. To be honest Bonnie needs to be more selfish, she is a doormat to all the other characters to use her while Damon is possessive he needs to learn put other people before himself. I think they could have been the best thing for each other. Damon needs someone to call him out on his shit, Elena can’t do it. I think Bonnie can though she’d need her powers. Bonnie has never loved Stefan, so Damon wouldn’t need to feel like second choice. Jeremy loved Anna. He cheated on Bon with Anna. The human Elena chose Stefan in s3. And come on S4/5 Elena wasn’t a challenge to him, so he is going to get bored. They could be each others first choice. Damon has to change his core self to be with Elena as well tbh, he is weak and full of manpain :L. With Bon he’s funny, sarcastic and rude. Bonnie and Damon are kick ass. And best of all “he actually kind of loves her.”


These are real. There see are actual bamon moments from the series before S5 finale happened ^

You might be right anon that klayley and dullena are endgame on the show. However after Julie Plec’s BS klaroline will find a way back to each other and I bet stelena & bamon do to, whether it be 10 years to a 100 years. You can keep them lust-filled couples, with Klaroline/Stelena/Bamon we didn’t need sex, a baby or a sirebond to fall in love or for the shippers to ship them. What we found with these three pairings is potential for these characters to be better versions of themselves but not change their core values, to have a connection and to perhaps think for a mere moment that the concepts of soulmates/true love does exist. Delena’s and Klayley’s relationship may be real lust but it isn’t true love. So I really don’t know what your aim of your message was. Because now all I feel how beautiful my otps are, lol.

So if you are trying to stop me shipping Bamon and Klaroline…


:: a prayer for the ones who robbed me ::

may the raw cacao powder open your heart & bring love to your spirit, may the spirulina cleanse your body & mind and may you rise & awaken to the power of plants, may the clothes make you feel warm, comfortable & beautiful, may the tent offer you shelter in the darkest & coldest nights with a ceiling of infinite star beams, may the sleeping bag warm your body & bring you comfort, may the sleeping mat soften your back & give you magical comfortable nights like sleeping on clouds, may the crystals lift you up, open your heart & mind, soothe & guide you when you most need it, may the palo santo cleanse your spirit & help you release all that you need to release, may you eat the most delicious meals & drink the most blissful drinks from the wooden bowl & cup, may the tibetan wool blanket warm your heart & being in the coldest moments, may the backpack be a friend in carrying all your home & belongings with you, may she serve you as beautifully as she did to me. may the beautiful leather hip bag help you carry your most precious things, may the money provide you with what you seek & need. hopefully nourishing food & warm shelter. may the money you receive from the mobile phone provide you with the security & abundance you seek deep within. may the turmeric give you infinite energy & cleanse you from within. may the spices bring joy to your meals. and may all else serve you… in its highest potentials. even knowing that most of it will be sold or dumped in a dumpster somewhere (*heart cringes*), my highest wish is for you to be happy & in abundance. to reach beyond the darkness you see yourself enveloped in now. to see the light. to awaken from your deep pains & traumas & fears. to awaken to your highest potential and beauty as a human being. this is my wish. this is my prayer. and for me to be strong enough to have compassion & still carry love in my heart and let go of all these material things. as hard as it is, i thank you for the lesson on detachment. a hard one. but still, i accept & let go & surrender. i love you, even in your darkness & confusion here in this earth… may no anger enter my heart, may no resentment be held on to, may no fear stay with me. may it all grow wings and fly on… om. ❤️

anonymous asked:

Hi there, I saw you're trying to help a lot of people and I was wondering if you could help me too. I'm 19 and recently I've realised that life has an end and I'm terrified. I can't help but thinking about it and I don't know what to do.

You have stumbled upon something that everyone stumbles upon sooner or later. The fact that there is an expectation date on you. This fact can be terrifying. It can really scare you. This is very scary to the ego and the mind. It is death for these things. Death for you, if you are three things.

Getting over the fear of death is to learn and practice how to let go. Death ultimately is the great letting go, you let go of yourself and you let go of all that is you. All that you have indemnified with.

I would try this and see if it helps. Sit, close your eyes and imagine yourself without a name. Let go of your name. Don’t cling to it. Just let it go. Then imagine yourself without any possessions. Just let go of the clinging to all your material stuff. These thing will still be there when you return to them, but just let them go. Letting go of the things can bring about unease or anxiety, just try to feel these things and breathe. There is something in you that clings and scratches and claws holding onto these things for an identity. This thing is identified with your name, your possessions, your job, your parents just simply all of these things. But systematically let all these things go, mentally. Let your self soften and relax. Let go of your thoughts. Don’t cling to any thought that enters your mind or any feeling that enters your body, just let go of all of this and just be. Let go of your physical body, imagine yourself without a body, with out a physical body. Let your awareness expand to outside your body and just be.

What were you before you were born? We don’t remember where we come from so we are scared when this all ends. We are unaware of anything that was before our identification, our thoughts, feelings and definitions, so we are terrified of the end if thee things. Let go of all these things and feel, experience what is there besides these things.

What happens to you when you go to sleep? Think of when you are sleeping. Do you have a name, possession, or thoughts then? You go to sleep, you surrender, you sleep and you let go of everything and she you awake these things appear. Just surrender to this no thing state while you are conscious. Go in to this state and see what it is like. Death is like going to sleep and never returning, never being awake again.

There are some good Alan Watts audio clips on YouTube, he speaks about this in a very beautiful way.

Eckhart Tolle puts it this way: Death is a stripping away of all that is not you. The secret of life is to “die before you die” — and find that there is no death.

I hope this is of some help.