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I will always love One Direction. But, I wish media would let it rest for now. I remember everywhere Niall went after “This Town” came out, it seemed like the song, and embarking on a solo career, took a back burner to questions about the band returning. 

Today, asking if they’ve spoken to each other is one thing, but playing a lengthy 1D montage while one is on a program to promote a solo album is just…unnecessary.

They’re not going on shows and giving interviews to talk about 1D. Leave the past in the past for a bit. Give them all time and the opportunity they deserve, to establish themselves as solo artists, without harping on about what was. Start the 1D talk again when the ten year reunion is imminent.

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What are your thoughts on the Supercorp Korrasami Parallels?

I love drawing parallels between those two. I mean, genius CEOs of multi-million dollar corporations who prefer weapons of an electric nature and their superpowered girlfriends who have very toned arms?? What more could you want.

Plus both Lena and Asami look good in their coats:

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You know I actually think that this apocalypse can’t come soon enough. This show is drowning itself in these Grounder politics and complications and issues with culture and whatnot and its getting very messy very fast and I honestly don’t know how else they can begin to fix it without hitting a reset button and wiping the board.

Its time to switch up the playing field. The Grounder vs Sky People storyline is way overdone and I’m ready for a change. I really think that using the melting nuclear power plants to do that would be the best thing for the show at this stage in the game. 

In retrospect, that might be why I loved Season 2 so much. It was just so distinctly different from the other seasons, in that it focussed on the conflict between the Sky People (plus the Grounders) and a completely new enemy instead of just Grounders vs Skaikru all over again.

bendy and the ink machine bad end: some weak plot twist about how it was actually all henry’s hallucination while inside a mental institute/he was already in purgatory/hell

bendy and the ink machine good end: the game sticks to a creepy yet whimsical plot and continues showing its brilliance by delivering a creative well though out ending

bendy and the ink machine true end: alice, bendy and boris (and other cartoon characters that may be introduced or not later on) walk out of the studio and into the streets and they fucking, they do this

On a cheerful note can we please talk about how hard Winn was crushing on Barry in the first Superflash crossover?

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Winn to Kara at some point: “So, is Barry … single?”

lmao who tagged me :’( xkit’s been acting up

so yeah, since i stared my ‘legacy’ with eva when she was a teen, i had to choose someone else for this tag. emma was the first sim i’ve made in ts4, so it’s gonna be really, really hard to let her go soon. :( please take a minute to appreciate the beauty of our little homewrecker 💕 she was the coolest kid in oasis springs, i’m telling ya

I tried to write
an apology.
After all,
every tornado
takes two
masses of air.
So it wouldn’t be fair
to lay the blame
on you.
At least,
that’s what I used
to believe.
After all,
I’ve seen my own share
of stormy weather.
But as it turns out
I didn’t contribute
to this particular storm.
I just got swept up
in your destruction.
I cannot write you
an apology
because the words
do not feel genuine.
There is only one thing
I am not proud of.
So this
is my apology:
I am sorry
for not loving myself enough 
to leave sooner.
—  Sorry, V.P.