Don’t label it don’t labour it if it’s yours then the fluent of it is yours. No coming to terms no striking a bargain. Retreat to it and retrieve it.

The decoding unravels untwisting. Deciphering is tired sits down to unwind. Can tangles left tangled cook clarity? If I don’t puzzle it out will the puzzle out me?

In spite of the mess does it all tidy up? Will the keep sustain the maintain does the nourish harbour the keep?

I think you need to just close the fucking chapter on him even if it was long enough to be a fucking novel itself. You’ve cried over this boy so many times before, when are you going to put yourself first? When are you going to realize this is not what you deserve? When you were little would you have ever wished this for yourself? Why are you putting yourself through this? You are so goddamn important and he is a fucking idiot who didn’t deserve to know you the way he did. Let him go, let him go, let him go. There is nothing more you can do.
—  @onlineprincess opened my eyes finally
When there are more tears than smiles, leave. When there are more fights than jokes, leave. When it hurts more than it feels good, leave. They don’t have the right to destroy you just because you love them. And loving them doesn’t mean you have to stay.
—  A lesson I learned the hard way -Jess Amelia