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Congratulations girls on your successful comeback and 9 wins! Thank you for your hard work and perseverance throughout Rookie promotions! We will miss you and we will work harder for you guys during your next comeback! Rest up and eat lots! Let’s all watch Joy’s drama together ^_^ #ThankYouRedVelvet

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Connor trying to be a Responsible adult by making his nieces eat their vegetables but they just stare at him with wide eyes like "you're literally eating a bag of chips rn how do you expect us to eat this green shit" so he just sighs and trades their veggies for cookies

If anything he has to bribe them to not eat veggies lmao they’re like “GIVE ME BACK MY BROCCOLI” and he’s like “NO AS LONG AS IM IN CHARGE I WILL NOT LET YOU EAT THAT GARBAGE” and he tries to force feed them cookies

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i want to sign a waver that says jonas can do whatever makes him happy which includes no jackasses trying to police how much he eats


Moving day…….

Chloe: “Don’t let Mom see you eating that while we are supposed to be helping.”

Ethan: “She told us to clean the fridge out. So, I’m helping.”

Chloe: “……you’re right, she did. I’ll help you.”

Ethan: “Once we’re done we can throw everything else out!”

Chloe: “We better hurry, though, just in case she comes to check on us…..”

Ethan: “Good idea.”

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top 5 lines from ffxv?

“off my chair, jester. the king sits there.”

“so what do you think gladio is doing?”
“probably meeting girls.”
“son of a bitch!”

“what can I say? you guys…are the best.”

“woo hoo hoo hoo! we’re alive! let’s celebrate by eating something dead!”

“think what you will, but I think you’re good enough for me.”


the gnats on the roof on a spring day in february are swarming

too much to let me eat my salad in peace, so i move down

to the next level of the building, which is not nearly high

enough to jump from. i don’t think about those things much

more anyway, not with the soft dog on the couch & a girl

who loves me in the bed, the blooming tulips on the table

& the afternoon light. sometimes i think of you still,

when it’s late & i’ve had too much to drink & all i want

to do is be younger, rolling down the hill in the park

before we rode our bikes home at sunrise & fucked

in your warm bed. yesterday i watched a show on MTV

all about girls on a college campus who become vigilantes

because no form of authority will address sexual assault,

& i told you to watch it before i knew it would make me

remember the tremble of your hands after i touched

you, so i’m sorry about that. i’m sorry i still think of you

sometimes, because that’s not fair & everything isn’t so bad.

in 1999 zoe leonard started making an art installation

where she stitched together the rinds & peels of hollowed

fruit, & it’s still on display all these years later, rotting

away in a sterile museum next to a piece called “crying

instructions,” which is all to say i loved you once.

zoe’s friend died, which is why she started suturing

the decaying facsimiles in the first place. the girls

in the show on MTV probably understand, like we do,

about stitching skin over something empty, & going

away, & gone. they probably understand the taste

of blood in your mouth, & the swarm of gnats, & the red

ladder of the rickety fire escape. they probably understand

too-warm winter, & rooftops, & never-arriving spring

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Sorry if this has been asked before, but what does the other mafia members think of Chuuya and his daughter?


-Met Chikako a couple times, and finds her to be a bit… well, rambunctious. Overall, he doesn’t dislike her, but, she can be a bit much for him at times.


-Met Chikako day one, and has more or less established herself as her aunt.

-She usually comes around to make sure Chikako is taken care of and that Chuuya is resting properly.

-Most of Chikako’s clothes were supplied by Kouyou, who was insistent that they buy her clothes that would make her seem more presentable.


-Has only seen Chikako once, and thusly has no real opinion of her.

-Same goes for the rest of Black Lizard and Higuchi.


-Doesn’t mind Chikako, but, isn’t overly fond of her either.

-He watched her for Chuuya once and almost felt tempted to let Rashomon eat her… almost.


-He said, “Elise is still cuter.” when he met Chikako, and Chikako called him, “Greasy”.

-Suffice to say they don’t interact very much, which is a good thing.

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Cinnamon, mauve, and razzmatazz!

  • Cinnamon: You’re a really cool person and admire you from afar.
  • Mauve: You are really talented.
  • Razzmatazz: I would share my favorite food with you.

Aww, thank you!! I wouldn’t be opposed to becoming closer to you, if you want >w<

Now, let’s go eat dinner.

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Hey!! So I've got serious depression and I'm not sure what to do. I was eating right, counting calories, taking care of myself for about two weeks and had lost 8 pounds (to be at a healthy weight I need to lose 108 pounds total) but then my depression kicked back in. All I ever want to do is eat and sleep, I can't seem to force myself to even get out of bed during the day let alone eat right (I am on meds they just aren't working right now). What is your advice?

I don’t have depression so I don’t really have any advice for you, I’m sorry :/ I know a lot of my followers do struggle with depression, so hopefully they’ll reply or reblog with ways that they cope? I think a lot of people use exercise and eating well as a way to manage their depression, but I know it’s hard to get back into it sometimes. I hope things get better for you! 😘