let be...not on the marker together

Stones of Sorrow

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A large stone for each person
  • Black magic marker
  • Salt

Write the name of the person who had done you wrong with the marker. Write how they did it with one word (physically or emotionally and so on). Take it to your back yard and bury it about two feet in the ground. Use the salt and circle the stones grave. 

Stand erect and place your hands together in a prayer stature. Say:

 Pain that I have to borrow, make (insert name) feel the stone of sorrow.

 Leave it be till morning. Then when morning comes, dig up the stone and take it to a natural water stream or river and so on and throw it in. Results will happen within three days.

Two lives come together

This is a pic for Zippy and Zilch, both cute foxes who today got married. I’m extremely happy for them, and I really want to wish you both the best of the best.

Guys, I know you will continue moving forward, and as a team you’ll achieve great things, never let anything stop you. Love, whether people want it or not, is the most powerful force on this planet.


Traditional work. Touch markers.

Gossip's Bane

A spell jar for revenge on those whose words hurt you the most.

You will need:
- Paper
- Black marker
- Lemon juice
- Green food dye
- Fire (optional)

Add some dye to your lemon juice to make it poisonous green. Stir it as angrily as you can, channeling your pain and rage into the mix. Once thoroughly mixed together, write the name(s) of your targets on the paper. Soak it in the juice and let it dry. Once completely dried, tear the paper into thin strips. Destroy it as much as you can.

Now, time to release your vengeance. Fire brings swift, angry revenge. For this, set fire to the little pieces and watch the revenge waft up into the sky. To bring slow, simmering revenge, bury the pieces somewhere you’ll forget about them.


The Skelebros are giving poor GLitCH a frighten!

Thank you so much @heavenfell-au
for letting me draw our characters together! It’s a lot of fun to do :) unintentionally, this perspective for the boys ended up looking sorta like the one from the ship comic 😅

*whispers* I really wish I could do this digitally but… I can’t afford PTS right now. markers it is then!

Starkiller Base: A Curse to Break Bonds

This curse is designed to harness the power of the sun to dissolve the bonds holding together a group of people and thus, destroy the group as it exists. This is not intended to disband romantic entanglements but instead it is meant as a form of self-defense against a group who may be targeting you (for example: a friend group that bullies you, anti-feminists, Conservatives)


           Sunday at noon (or the summer solstice for some extra pop)


·         Pepper

·         Cinnamon

·         Bay

·         Ginger

·         Red candle

·         Vegetable Oil

·         Paper and pen

·         Red, orange, and yellow markers/crayons/pencils/etc



1.      Set up somewhere near a window that can let in sunlight (or go outside out of the shade). Soak in the sun, all the while allowing your anger to bubble up inside you like lava. Feel the sun and your own power fill you.

2.      Mix the bay, cinnamon, and ginger with the vegetable oil. Let some of that sun energy leech into the concoction as you stir it.

3.      Sprinkle some pepper into your hand and make a fist around it. Imagine your anger and intent as heat filling every grain. Then sprinkle the pepper into the vegetable oil mix.

4.      Anoint the candle with the mix.

5.      Take the paper and pen and write down the names of the people in the group and/or the group’s name in general (for example: you could say “Donald Trump and all his political supporters”. Use the colored writing utensils and draw flames around the name(s).

6.      Light the candle. Imagine the flame as a powerful laser, able to render untold destruction on the galaxy. Feel it powering up as it soaks in the sun. Target the laser at the bonds holding your designated group together.

7.      Hold the paper in your hand. Push your anger, your hate, your frustration into it.

8.      With feeling, recite:

Today is the end of [group name]”. ((imagine the bonds of the group dissolving as the group breaks up)). “The end of a regime that acquiesces to disorder. At this very moment, in places near and far from here, [group name] lies to the galaxy while secretly supporting treachery and loathsome ideals. This fierce machine which I have built will bring an end to [group name], to their cherished fleet.” ((here imagine anything that they could lob back at you, any offensive measures they have, being completely obliterated)). “All people will remember this as the last day of [group name]!”

9.      Yell “fire!”, imagining the laser you have built with the candle shooting off into space with deadly aim. Aggressively rip up the paper.

10.  Burn the pieces with the candle

11.  Snuff the candle, ground and cleanse.

So, in case you can’t tell, my spells are always based around candles, common kitchen herbs, and visualization/energy work. I’m not into all the pomp and ceremony so this might be kind of simple for some of you, but I like the way that it turned out. Obviously, I took some liberties with Hux’s speech so that it would fit the context, but I’m sure it’s still immediately recognizable to still just as powerful.

Disabled Witch Tip #18

Dexterity limitations sometimes mean a person can’t hold a thin pen or pencil. If you’re working on your Grimoire or your Book of Shadows, look for fat pens or markers that will be easier to grip. If they’re not waterproof or permanent, you can protect the pages after they’re complete by spritzing hairspray on them. You don’t need to soak the pages or anything. Just coat the pages (after they’re complete) and let them dry. Don’t touch the page or close the book until the page is completely dry or your pages will stick together. This applies to pencil work too. The hairspray acts as a barrier to lock in the ink or pencil so it’s harder to smudge your work. I use this trick a lot with my art. There are better sprays for this kind of thing but hairspray is an easy hack if you don’t have access to the art stores.


Day 1 of Inktober! Threw a little something together for the first day of Inktober (and almost didn’t make it). Inspired by 10yrsy’s and thewritgirl’s dark YGO AU. Yami Yugi’s learning to mimic more human behavior from his host. :3 (and then added copic markers just because)

“...The Way It Should Be”

Let’s add this setting back drop along with the “it’s a thing” poster:

Accidental set dressing?  Maybe, but I doubt it.  I doubt that a lot.

Subliminal messaging F.T.W.

“Clear” is a huge marker in both Richonne and Grimes Family 2.0 history–working together as a unit, Michonne giving Carl back his family (both literally and symbolically), the crib for Judith, Michonne handing Rick a bullet, Michonne mentioning she’s not only straight but single, and Rick cracking a joke the first time in a year.

This ep has literally everything, and foreshadowing up the ass.  Omg, I love it.

<–is doing another rewatch [with friends] in prep for season 7

me, drunk with new acquaintance: ok no but do you know how many cases Finnish has, let me show you, it’s like seventeen, look here’s the Wikipedia page, let’s look at all the cases together

Inktober number 8! Ok so like, I feel like it’d be so cute if when the monsters finally reach the surface, Toriel decides to let Frisk, Papyrus, Sans, Undyne and Alphys living together in a big ol’ house and that thought makes me happy! So I drew Toriel being the sweetest mom that she is to Frisk.

And yes Papyrus totally did buy that lamp with the skull on it 

Pacing and "The Blacksmith's Favor"

So…some of you have been a little frustrated at the snail’s pace we’re taking the character development in The Blacksmith’s Favor. 

Let me put into perspective the kind of pacing Sy and I are working with in it: the story is going to be paced like a traditional novel, looking at about 80,000 words at the most. We’re a bit over 20% into that goal at the moment, meaning we aren’t even at the half-way marker for the story. not by a long-shot.

With this in mind, I’d advise folks not to be expecting things to resolve quite this soon in the story. Rather, things need to unravel a bit more before we start tying those loose threads together. We weren’t kidding when we said this was going to be a long, involved project.

We’re also trying to hold onto some of the pacing in the actual show, which took a frustratingly long time for Korra and Asami to get together. We appreciate the feedback, I swear! But, I noticed a lot of people are expecting the characters to wrap up their individual conflicts a little quickly. It’s going to be a bit longer and more involved of a story, and we look forward to sharing it with everyone!

in another universe,
we could have been each others’.

in this universe,
i look in the mirror at night in
the late days of january,
wondering why i ever thought
i would be lonelier
if i still talked to you.

in this universe,
i write your name on my arm
in thin sharpie marker
and i draw about you
in my old notebook.

i pull at a loose thread
coming out from my legs,
wishing for them to fall apart
so that i can destroy every single
nerve ending and cell
so that i can’t feel this anymore.

in another universe,
i pull at your dog tags
and laugh into your chest,
wondering why i ever thought
letting you go
was a good idea.

we hold hands and walk city streets,
wishing they were the stones we once
walked together.

in this universe,
i walk through the same stone streets
with someone else,
wondering how my laugh feels so different
when i don’t hear yours with it.

in this universe,
i kiss him to feel less lonely,
but it only made my heart fall apart
and my head spin
that i wasn’t holding you.

i remember the times you would
hold me like we had a tomorrow,
and my toes curl into my boots,
remembering the time i fell off your shoulders in the swimming pool
but trying to forget that fact that i refused to dive in
in the first place.

in another universe,
i would have told you that i loved you
on the roof of the shed,
when we watched the city lights glimmer
deep into the night.

i would have told you
that i couldn’t help leaving,
but it was a mistake anyways.

in this universe,
i look in the mirror
and smile for no reason.
i hold my friend’s hand
and don’t think of you.
i look through my summer pictures
and my heart begins to fill
instead of hollowing.

in this universe,
healing is often inevitable.
regrets cannot be dwelt upon
when there’s nothing left to change.
and i write my own name on my arm instead.

in this universe,
i take what i am given
and learn to run.
i know that maybe it was meant to be,
but you’re not the only one.

in this universe,
i learn to forgive myself
for not taking risks
i was not ready for.
and i learn to move on.

—  sequels, s.e