let along a hi res one

[The nuckalvee grimm walks forward, it’s tongue slithering along it’s face menacingly]

Ren - [takes a deep breath] You killed my mother…….

Nora- [chiming in] And your dad !

Ren - [closes eyes, tightening his grip on his weapons] Prepare to…..

Yang - Woah woah woah woah WOAH  [walks up from out of nowhere, pushing Ren back gently into Nora’s arm’s]  You’re too close to this one Ren [ rotates arm around to stretch] Let me handle this one

Ren - Yang, it killed my parents and I’m not a doctor 

Blake- [appears next to Yang, brandishing Gambol Shroud] Not with that attitude you’re not

Ruby - I think they just want to fight it 

Yang - [double finger guns at Ruby]

[The nuckalvee’s tentacles shoots from out of nowhere and wraps itself around Yang’s legs, picking her up in the air and slamming her into the ground repeatedly. Her aura glowing brighter with each hit]

Yang- You’re[slam] only [slam] making [slam] me [slam] STRONGER [slam]

Nuckalvee - [pummels Yang faster in a state of panic, squealing with worry]

{Blake springs into action] 

Ruby - [sighs as she watches Blake free Yang]

Nora- [nuzzling Ren contentedly] What’s wrong Ruby ?

Ruby - You have Ren, Yang has Blake, Jaune has his victim complex. Where’s Ruby’s love interest ?

Weiss- [behind Ruby] Right behind you

[Ruby instinctively spins around and hugs Weiss with all her tiny might]

Ruby - I’m never letting your dad take you by falling unconscious AGAIN [kisses Weiss on the forehead]

Weiss- Well I should hope NOT [sighs with annoyance] I hate my family [mutters quickly under her breath] except Winter….

Ruby - Don’t worry ! I’ll make you a new one 

Weiss- [sputters incoherently, face as red as Ruby’s cloak]

Ruby - [glances back at Nora, grinning] That’s her happy face

Writing Requests are OPEN

(I think I might have deviated a little bit)

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What about the RFA + Unknown seeing MC's big scar, and she got it because she protected them during a dangerous accident or something??

Oh goodness 
These are gonna be after everyone’s good/after endings so spoilers ^^
Also this is going into how MC got the scars, and it’s in the second person POV, so I trigger warning for getting hurt I suppose? Not sure how to tag that. If there’s anything you want me to tag it as, let me know! 
OKAY so Seven isn’t in this because I’m having a major writers block on his. I intended to go back and add him, but everyone else is done and I hate this ask just sitting in the drafts, as I finished a while ago. So I’ll post this now, and when my brain works right again I’ll add him in. Quick thanks to the other monds for helping me with ideas~!
~Mod L

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Happy holiday season! May your days be smutty and bright!

“What did I tell you.”

“Shut up.”

Remus toed his shoes off, “No, what did I tell you?”

Sirius closed his eyes, the rain sounding more like hail on the windows, the cars with not-crappy tires whizzing past them from their place on the shoulder of the road, “Shut. Up.”

Remus put his feet up on the dashboard and popped a potato chip into his mouth, shrugging, “I said it was gonna rain, that’s all. I said it was going to rain, and what did you say again?”

Sirius pinched the bridge of his nose.

Remus cocked his head to the side, “What was that?”

“I said it wasn’t going to rain, okay? Shut up.”

Remus put his hands up, smirking, “Alright, alright.”

They listened to a clap of thunder roll across the sky.

“You know, any old person would be saying ‘I told you so’ right now.”

Sirius looked at Remus with a sarcastic smile, “Well, aren’t you valiant then.”

Remus grinned back, “A bit, yes.”

Sirius groaned, slumping in his seat until his knees were crunched up against the steering wheel, “We’re going to be here for hours. Fuck.”

“We have potato chips.”

Sirius rested his cheek against his knees, his voice coming out slightly muffled, “You’re eating all the potato chips.”

Remus rolled his eyes but smiled, crinkling the bag closed and throwing it at his feet, “Oh, come here.”

Sirius pressed his face fully into his knees, “No.”

Remus laughed, reaching cross the center console to try and tug Sirius towards him, “Come here.

Sirius groaned.

“Why?” Remus laughed.

Sirius took his face out from the fabric of his sweatpants just long enough to glower at Remus, “Because you’re just too valiant.”

“Jesus Christ Pads, come here.”

Sirius allowed himself to be pulled, rather uncomfortably, into Remus’ lap, glowering the entire time.

His stare only melted a little at the feeling of Remus’ warm fingers running under his layers of jacket, sweatshirt, and t-shirt, fingers sliding over his rib cage. Remus dug his fingers in slightly, pulling Sirius closer, “I know a way to pass the time.”

Sirius tried his best to keep his front up, “Do you?”

Remus leaned forward, taking Sirius’ bottom lip gently between his teeth. He grinned, “Uhuh…” Sirius’ breathing hitched as Remus’ teeth dug into his skin a little harder for a moment, before he released it, “You might want to loose the glower though… I think you might like it.”

Sirius gaze melted at the mischievous smile on Remus’ face, “Well, what did you have in mind?”

Remus grinned, and Sirius let out a yelp as they were jolted backwards. Remus had flattened the seat out.

“God-“ Sirius laughed, hands falling on either side of Remus’ head, supporting himself, “Little warning next timph-“

Remus’ kiss was hot and hard, lips working slowly over Sirius’ as his palms slid, warm and dry on his skin, and for a moment everything but the constant patter of rain on the windows was whited out. Sirius let himself fall into it, back arching against his hands and chests pressing together. Remus spread his legs suddenly, knocking Sirius’ knees out from under him so that they fell together.

“Jesus..” Sirius panted, eyes slipping closed as Remus’ mouth dragged from his pulse point, the place they had slipped to when Sirius had fallen, along his jawline. It left a cool trail when warm lips were replaced with chilly air. Remus laughed breathlessly, hand moving between them, fingers hooking over the elastic waist of Sirius’ sweatpants for a moment before slipping his hand inside.

Sirius opened his eyes. His chest tingled with each rapid beat of his heart, all sparked by RemusRemusRemus; the look on his face as he watched each of Sirius’ reactions to the movements of his hands, his touch.

Sirius sucked in a sharp breath, letting a small sound escape, and tucked his face into Remus’ neck at a particularly perfectly aimed stroke of Remus’ thumb, “Re..”


Sirius opened his mouth to speak but just ended up sucking gently on Remus’ pulse point instead. He pressed his hand to Remus’ lower stomach in place of words, just above the button of his jeans. His fingers felt too clumsy to ever get it undone— definitely not with Remus’ hand in his pants and breath on his neck— and he ended up just letting out a frustrated noise.

Remus laughed softly, “Having trouble?”

Sirius just shot him a look and roughly pushed up his thick, gray sweatshirt, still rain-speckled from their earlier run to the car. Remus’ white t-shirt came with it, and he threw the two clothing items into the drivers seat. His hands moved back to Remus’ pants but Remus captured both of Sirius’ palms in one of his.

He smirked, “First you.”

Sirius opened his mouth to protest, but was cut short with a gasp as Remus sat up suddenly, pushing Sirius’ jumper up, mouth instantly latching onto his chest. Sirius let his head loll back, his eyes slip shut, as Remus wound his arms around Sirius’ newly bared waist tightly. His lips were soft and slow against the dip in the middle space where Sirius’ ribcage met. Sirius allowed himself to revel in the touch for a moment before he started fidgeting, squirming to get out of the the sweatshirt that suddenly felt all too warm.

They laughed stupidly when Sirius got stuck for a moment, and Remus instantly tilted his chin up to capture Sirius’ lips, only they were almost smiling too much.

“Here,” Remus mumbled against his mouth. He held Sirius tightly with one arm, the other reaching forward to fiddle with the heat, “you warm enough?”

Sirius nodded, nose bumping Remus’, and guided his hand back around him, fingers tilting his chin back towards him.

“‘m warm.” He mumbled quietly, before kissing Remus like Remus had kissed him: hotly and fierce.

Remus’ response was almost instant, his body reacting like electricity to Sirius’. His hands were instantly in his hair, and then on his chest, then tugging at his pants. Sirius’ fingers finally accomplished undoing Remus’ jeans. They broke the kiss for only a moment, Sirius pushing Remus roughly backwards onto the flattened seat, Remus arching his hips off the seat so Sirius could slide the denim from his legs. Remus had an easier time removing the cotton sweatpants, groping Sirius’ bare arse while he was at it.

Sirius muffled a laugh against Remus’ neck and fell against his chest again, mouths colliding messily. He gasped as their bare skin touched, heat against heat, hips knocking together.


Sirius shuttered when Remus’ breath hit his neck as he muttered the curse. Remus’ hands dug into Sirius’ arse, pulling their bodies tighter together. Sirius spread his legs a little, knees against Remus’ hips, feet pressing against the center console and passenger door for leverage.

The moment he started rocking, the moment he saw Remus’ face, he thought he was a goner. The slide of their cocks was slightly awkward, bumping a little, but heaven. Sirius reached up to grab the shoulder of the passenger seat, needing something to hold onto, as he watched Remus’ eyes slip closed and draw his lip between his teeth.

“Jesus Pads…” The nickname sent sparks up Sirius’ spine. Remus’ hands tight on his hips sent jolts of static electricity through him. His hips jolted more sporadically now, slightly more desperate for the building friction. He mere image, the weight of their bodies moving together, was almost too much.

Sirius gripped the seat tighter when he felt Remus’ nails dig into the fragile skin of his hips. He let a small sound escape as Remus too started moving his hips, bucking up as Sirius pushed down, and nearly increasing the friction tenfold. Remus let out a soft noise at the same time he did at this revelation and was suddenly pushing himself onto his elbows, then all the way so their chests were pressed together, cocks held tight between them. Sirius let his head drop onto Remus’ shoulder, cheek to skin, breath fanning across Remus’ neck as he continued to hump his hips forward in time with their panting breaths. He felt Remus press kisses to his neck, his shoulder, anywhere he could reach without putting a single inch of distance between them.

“So fucking good, Pads…” He was breathless, arms tight around Sirius, “So good, c’mon, keep going… please..” He added the please like an after thought, like he didn’t know he was saying it out loud.

Remus’ pleas made Sirius’ breath catch in his throat, the soft murmurs of please and his name in his ear spurring him on to the point where his nails dug into Remus’ back and the tension was almost too much and not enough at the same time. He huffed into Remus’ neck and moved to pull back— only Remus got the message too quickly. Remus’ hand was between them in an instant, wrapping around both of them together and moving a little desperately.

“Re-“ Sirius’ hands went to his hair, threading his fingers through the tousled strands. He couldn’t seem to still his hips against Remus’ skin, “Remus, fuck- yes- God, yes-“

And Remus let out a choked moan and Sirius was finished, gone. He felt Remus’ forehead fall into his shoulder so that their bodies were almost completely intertwined, white heat painting their chests between them. He gasped for air and was only further surrounded by Remus, warm and musky and homehomehome.

Sirius’ breathing was shuddery as it slowed, his lungs and heart trying to match each other’s pace. He could feel Remus’ heart doing the exact same thing, fighting to matching his breaths. Sirius let all of his muscles relax into Remus’ chest, and Remus took the hint, laying them back down against the seat. Sirius let his eyes slip closed, re-opening one briefly when he felt Remus shift slightly, but it was only so he could pull both their sweatshirts of them as a sort of makeshift blanket.

“Good?” He asked quietly as he tried to cover Sirius’ quickly cooling body as best he could.

Sirius hummed contently, tracing his finger tips along Remus’ collar bone. Remus let his head rest back, pushing his fingers under the sweatshirts to rest on the warm skin of Sirius’ back.

“Pretty good idea I had then?”

Sirius hummed again.

“I mean, I know I said I wouldn’t say this but-”

Sirius didn’t open his eyes, “Don’t.”

“I told you-“

“You’re ruining a perfectly good moment.”

Remus pulled Sirius closer, pressing a kiss to his forehead, “This is still a perfectly good moment…”

Sirius didn’t have the energy to fight back and sunk back into to Remus’ chest with nothing but a light hit to his arm.

“…I just had to get it off my chest.”


Always Mine - Chapter 15


A/N: Here is the new chapter guys! I have decided to split episode 11 of season 7 up into two parts. One reason is because I thought where I ended would be a good lead up to the next chapter. So the next part will be posted probably Sunday since I am still having troubles with TSOSC. As always, I hope you guys enjoy this chapter and let me know what you think!

“What the fuck do you mean she’s gone?”

Katherine’s head whipped towards the bathroom door when she heard Negan yell. She had been in the bathroom trying to make the dress she was wearing show less of her cleavage. Negan had woken her up, telling her to get ready for the day. Katherine wished Negan would just let her be alone for once but knew that wouldn’t happen anytime soon. So she reluctantly rolled out of bed and walked over to get a fresh set of clothes.

Negan however had other plans and threw her a spaghetti strap black dress that stopped mid thigh. She was pretty sure it was the same one she wore when her and Negan slept together for the first time since she agreed to be his wife.

She tried arguing, saying she was much more comfortable in her jeans but when she went over to her bags and opened them, she realized all her jeans and tee shirts were gone and replaced by black dresses and heels.

“Well fucking say something! When the fuck did she go missing?”

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And Back Again - beckerbell - Star Wars - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
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By Organization for Transformative Works

Obi-Wan Kenobi/Anakin Skywalker, Anakin Gets Cursed, Touch-Starved, Crack Treated Seriously, 6.6k

Darth Vader is on Tatooine with a mission and cannot be stopped.  Not until the Witch of the Junland Wastes stands in his path and changes the course of his destiny.

If not nearly enough of you are going to give me my favorite tropes, apparently I gotta write them myself.  ^_~  I had fun with this one, it’s ridiculous and I love the idea dearly and also maybe gave myself some feelings along the way.  I didn’t mean to properly write it, it just sort of happened one night and here we are!

Thanks to @skywalker-anakin for the original conversation, @thescentofwhiteroses for letting me write at her, and @writegowrite for the encouragement!  You’re all terrible and I love you.

(This one is more about silliness and feelings, so those of you on the tamer side of Obikin should be safe reading this one!)

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Wingfic! I'm not really picky about the specifics. One Piece, but everyone has wings? Only some people (Ds) have them? Riskua talking Luffy into letting her pet/groom his wings and secretly really wanting to touch Ace's because they're just so pretty/impressive.

Huge and nearly four times as wide as Ace is tall, black wings stretch magnificently out from his back. There’s little freckles too, light patches along the joints of the limbs and Riskua just can’t stop looking at them. She’s helped Luffy clean his own wings often enough, to the point she’s gotten good enough to spot the problems. In comparison to the little Monkey, Ace is pretty self sufficient, but there’s just one patch-

“That’s it, I can’t ignore it any longer. Sit down, Ace.”


Riskua doesn’t give him much time to answer, one hand on is shoulder forcing him down before she kneels behind him and begins to gently sort out the short, fluffy feathers that rest close to where wings meet back.

“Wh-what are you doing?”

A quick glance up shows Ace refusing to so much as look over his shoulder, though his neck is turning red. He needs to wear his hat a bit more, if he’s getting sunburnt there. 

“Helping. You’re missing a bit.” 

Smoothing her fingers through the little feathers, Riskua risks another glance at Ace, who’s burn appears to be spreading from his neck over his shoulders slightly, maybe even over his collarbones. He really needs to wear a hat; luckily Luffy had thought to get him one for his birthday.

Its’ unnecessary, but Riskua can’t quite help herself, running her fingers down the larger feathers besides the former problem area. They’re a lot softer than Luffy’s feathers, kinda like how she’s picture the difference between their hair actually. Is there a correlation there?

“A-are you done?” Ace questions, sounding a bit… weird. Like he’s been strangled or something.

“Just watch that area close to the skin, but you’re good now.” A powerful gust of wind almost blows Riskua right off her feet as Ace takes to the sky, and she rolls her eyes. How nice it’d be to go flying. The lucky bastard.

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Headcanon for dating/being married to Pope Cody

  • Being angry when he’s the only one arrested after a job gone wrong
    • Blaming his brothers and specifically Smurf
    • Being estranged from them during Pope’s stint in jail
      • Not really having any contact with them at all until he gets out
      • Not that you wanted to talk to them, because you were still mad.
  • When he gets out you’re over the moon excited
    • Making his favorite meal for dinner that night
    • Loving to rub it into his family face that Pope got out, while also never letting them forget that it’s their fault he was in jail in the first place
  • Not really getting along with Smurf
    • Always butting heads with her about one thing or the other
  • Sharing a small flat with Pope
    • One bedroom, kitchen / living room combo.  You’ve spent time to decorate it and make it homey.
    • Falling asleep on the couch and Pope has to carry you to bed almost every night
  • Being the only person that Pope truly and completely opens up to
    • Talking about his time in prison
    • Working through the plan to a new heist or job
    • Being there to talk about what’s going on with his family
    • Laying in bed and just talking for hours before falling asleep about anything and everything under the sun
  • Pope not being a fan of PDA
    • He likes to show his affection towards you more in private than in public
    • Forehead kisses before he goes out on a job, but that’s really the only time he shows PDA
  • Him being more than a little possessive
    • Always wanting to know where you are or where you’re going
    • Waiting up for you if you’re out late at night
    • Texting or calling you when you’re out and he’s not sure where you went

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I just wanted to thank you and profess my love to you for changing that chip shop scene convo between Mickey and Rose in your School Reunion rewrite for Glimpses. I have never seen anyone bring up that dig he made at her in canon or write a fic involving any aftermath of that comment and tbh I haven't forgiven Mickey for it and I seethe a bit every time I see a gifset that has what I know is Rose's reaction. But you having him be supportive instead just...what a relief THANK YOU.

You’re welcome! 

Honestly, Mickey is not one of my favourite characters, and this is a big part of the reason why. I absolutely do not blame Rose for not wanting Mickey to come along with them, because he was always belittling the Doctor, telling her she was stupid to stay with the Doctor, blaming everything on the Doctor, all to convince Rose to stop travelling and stay home. Look, I get that the Doctor stole his girlfriend, but at some point, grow up and let it go. Accept that Rose has moved on, and be her friend. And if you can’t do that, stop hanging out with her. 

Of course, one of the things we don’t talk about is that Mickey was not a great boyfriend. His comment in “Rose” about not looking at his emails was written on purpose to hint that he hadn’t been faithful. And that colours the way he sees everything the Doctor does. He cheated on Rose, so any time the Doctor talks to another woman, Mickey assumes the Doctor is going to cheat on Rose too, and he doesn’t just point it out, he rubs her nose in it. 

I’d actually never connected Rose’s questions/demands of the Doctor outside the cafe with Mickey’s words, but of course you’re absolutely right. She was already feeling insecure and upset by the events of the evening, and then along comes Mickey with his, “You keep saying he’s not like other blokes, but…” Of course she felt threatened and defensive and asked the Doctor if he was going to leave her behind, too.

And “If I were you, I’d go easy on the chips,” is a horribly sexist, body-shaming way to make his point. :/ 

I’m having lots of fun with Mickey in Glimpses, thought, because he’s coming around a lot faster. Partly because Rose isn’t letting him get away with the constant jabs at the Doctor, but also because by inserting The Stone Rose into the canon timeline, you have a Mickey Smith who saw exactly how devastated the Doctor was when he thought Rose was dead, and how much he was willing to do to get her back. That makes a difference, or at least I think it does. And the Doctor isn’t still making constant derisive comments about Mickey, because since he and Rose are already together, he doesn’t feel like he needs to prove that he’s better than Rose’s ex-boyfriend. (Rolling my eyes at the canon Doctor for being so daft, but oh well…)

And Mickey plays a HUGE role in the eventual Doomsday fix, which excites me. 

Exo reaction to you being shy at first but once you’re comfortable you’re a walking meme

Request: Yoooo can I get a bts and Exo reaction to u being really shy and awkward at first but then once they get to know u ur actually a walking meme

A/N: Here is the Exo version! (ot12 as usual)


He’d be slightly thrown off by the sudden change but would still find it to be absolutely adorable

“Ahh, really, how can you be so cute?”

Originally posted by mminseok


He would find your jokes to be quite cringy, but he would laugh at the way you laugh at yourself after telling them.

“That wasn’t even funny, what are yo-” -laughs- “what are you laughing at!?”

Originally posted by dawnlus


Kris would be confused as to why you were laughing so hard at absolutely nothing, but it’d be so cute to him anyway.

“W-what are we laughing at again?”

Originally posted by jinful


He would be more focused on the fact that you decided to show your real self to him more so than the fact that you’re an actual meme. He’d be flattered and happy that you were that comfortable around him.

“I’m so happy you’re comfortable around me”

He’d still find some of the stuff you do so stupid that he can’t help but laugh

Originally posted by wugalaxy


He’d be kinda confused about what happened and why you were suddenly talking to a fake tree, but it’d be pretty hilarious in his eyes. He might even play along just because you’re so cute.

“Ahh, and what is Mr. Tree’s name? Jerold? Nice to meet you, sir!” -shakes hands with one of the branches-

Originally posted by wealthyteethchanyeol


Baekhyun is pretty much a meme himself, so he would love that your real personality is similar to his.

“Hey, hey lets go wake up Kyungsoo, he totally won’t kill us.”

Originally posted by mybeasvocalbangseveryone

good luck on not dying


This boy would find your jokes to be hilarious! Get ready to hear the chenasaur’s laugh at 4am when he’s re-reading one of the texts you sent him one time.

“HAHAHA Omg, Y/n, how do you come up with this stuff?”

Originally posted by everybodyloveschen


With Chanyeol being one of the beagle line members himself, he’d be pretty similar to Baekhun and Chen. He’d love that you can be your own type of happy virus and cheer him up on his bad day as well.

“I thought I was gonna be the happy virus between us, guess not”

Originally posted by dibidibi-disrespectful


He’d love you the way you are, but sometimes he would have to stop himself from becoming “Satansoo”

“Shh Kyungsoo, she’s just being an idiot right now, it’s okay”

Originally posted by luhtella


He would pretend to be pissy about it, but on the inside it’s the cutest thing ever to him.

“Ugh, why do you have to be so loud?” -dying inside-

Originally posted by lil-duckling


Jongin would be confused at first, but as soon as he was used to seeing your crazy side, it would become the norm for him.

“Wait, Y/n, I don’t think that’s safe, what are yo- OH MY GOD”

Originally posted by blondejongin


He’d find it adorable, but he would never admit that…

-rolls eyes- “that’s not funny…” -attempting to hold in laughter-

Originally posted by exoturnback

A/N: I hope you enjoyed~ Request are open!

-Admin Yeonie

dartharaiz  asked:

This sounds weird indeed, but do you think it's the case of editorial influences over at young ace regarding Akutagawa's character growth? (I can imagine the editors like,"Okay, he has character growth, good, but let's halt it, this series should go for N more episodes he can't grow that quickly LOL")

It’s nothing I haven’t thought of as well, actually! One of the biggest differences between Akutagawa and Atsushi is how they see human lives and assign them values. I wouldn’t be surprised if editorial input were something along the lines of letting Akutagawa continue his mindless murder spree, if only to still clearly label him as an antagonist or as the foil to Atsushi. If that is so, then that’s disappointing. But usually, you’ll see such a massive changes in a weekly running manga, because they’re running on a tight schedule and have to produce a name (storyboard) right away to get started on actually working on a chapter (see: Togashi Yoshiro with his Hiatus X Hiatus memes, or Kubo Tite who shared after Bleach ended that he doesn’t think too highly of SJ or its editors). With Bungou Stray Dogs, there’s the writer and the artist, so they get to share responsibilities and split the task. It’s a monthly serialization too and therefore they have a bit more freedom compared to another mangaka (not saying what they’re doing is easy, of course).

So if you ask me, I think if it were the editors’ decision I could understand it, because shelving Akutagawa’s character growth for another time also means prolonging the story, therefore ensuring the serizalization’s longetivity. But personally, I think Asagiri had written him as that kind of character anyway, since 55 minutes happened supposedly a bit after the 3 Way War Arc, and he hasn’t mellowed down much. Just my honest thought.

Skill Sets
  • Characters: Agent Washington, Doc, O’Malley
  • Team: Medic
  • Square: Running track
  • Word count: 281
  • AO3 Link

Wash stood by the entrance to the main training room, checking off his list as the group he’d taken on today’s run staggered through it. Once again, everyone had made it back safely. And once again, Doc was the last one through the door.

“This would be far more entertaining if you’d let me bring my rocket launcher,” O’Malley groused. “Then we’d really see these fools pick up their heels.”

“I’m not letting you shoot anyone on our side when we’re five miles from a hospital,” Wash said mildly, falling in beside them, “and shooting them when we’re close by defeats the purpose.”

“I don’t see why you keep making me come along.” Doc threw himself down once they were clear of the doorway. He eased his shoes off and started rubbing his feet.

“Well, I had thought you could provide an example of proper running form, but that’s difficult to do when you’re the last one in the pack.” Wash sat down as well and leaned forward to stretch his legs before they cramped.

Doc looked up, startled. “Wash, running track is nothing like these cross-country tortures!” He waved his hands at Wash’s confused look. “Track is level ground, and even, and you can see where you’re going! Not dodging branches or tripping over rocks or scrambling up and down sheer cliffs! Totally different skills!”

Wash ducked his head, sheepish. “I hadn’t thought of that. You don’t have to come next time, then.”

“And give up watching them flee in terror before me? You just want to ruin all my fun.”

Wash just rolled his eyes and flipped to his feet, not even dignifying O’Malley’s sulking tone with an answer.

Cadet Holmes: A Detective Undercover

Oh. My. God. What have I done? This was meant to be a quick little ficlet about Sherlock swooning over Captain Watson. It’s turned into a monster, over 6,000 words long. I blame @inevitably-johnlocked and the watchalong crew. An innocent screening of Mulan has turned into this smut fest.

I hope you all enjoy it, I tried to make it funny as well as sexy.

Warnings: military kink, public sex, swearing, a tiny bit of homophobia, Sherlock has a dirty mind, there is a scene that doesn’t have explicitly obvious consent but they both want it, there is a crime scene in this but I tried not to describe the body much, explicit sex happens and as it’s a smut fic they don’t use protection.

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Why does everyone think we're just obsessed with Andy? Why does no one notice he looks dead inside when she's around? A picture came out of Taylor Lautner (? I don't know how to spell it) kissing his girlfriend and everyone was quick to point out he looks disinterested and loveless, but let this fan base see a half dead picture of Andy and "You're a hater! He loves her! He's just having a bad day!" No. He looks like he hates his life and is going along with peer pressure and it's been a year now

^^^^Exactly. -N

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27, 28, 29, 39, 40 !!

Oh fuck off (27)” Shawn muttered as he waved his hands in the air and headed for the door. “You’re still mad? (28)” I asked in an element of surprise, mocking the fact that he had not let it go already. “Of course I’m still mad (Y/N),” he said, shaking his head out how clueless I was apparently being. “You’re being ridiculous,” I smirked, shaking my head. “I’m being ridiculous?” Shawn repeated, pointing at his chest. “Is it so bad that I expect you, my wife, to come along to just one of my shows; the one in my hometown?” he shouted, brushing his hands through his hair in frustration. “Ok, I’ll remember that next. I’ll make sure I drop everything;” I said quickly. Shawn stood still and leaned his head back, letting out a groan. “I’ll walk straight out the door, hop into a cab and get the most expensive dress I see and make sure I’m there, right in the first sodding row at your precious show” I said, Shawn looking at me with dark eyes as he shook his head slowly. “Oh but wait,” I said raising one finger. “I forgot I’m a single parent (39) with a little girl who depends of me 24/7.” As soon as the words left my mouth, and I witness Shawn’s face drop, I closed my eyes as guilt washed over. 
“What did you just say?” he muttered, blinking a couple of times. 
“Shawn I - I’m -” I stuttered. 
Shawn put his hand up between his face, ordering me to stop. “Don’t,” his hand dropped as he sighed. “Don’t apologise if you don’t mean it (40)”


“Shawn, will you help me prepare this dinner?” (Y/N) called from the kitchen. I rolled my eyes, “I’m a bit busy babe.” 
I smiled at her response, “Don’t lie, you’re watching that John Mayer Concert DVD again. You can come and help me.”
I hadn’t seen her for an hour or so, due to her being occupied in the kitchen - I just wanted to snuggle with her for a bit. “Come here and make me (29),” I said, poking my tongue out as I said it - knowing it would tick her right off. 
It was silent for a few seconds before I could hear her footsteps heading towards the living room. 
“What the-” I said abruptly as a huge pan of potatoes was placed on my lap. “Peel these please,” she said sweetly with the biggest smile on her face as she held out the peeler. I snatched it from her grip as I scowled at her. 

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Can you have the companions react to the sole survivor going to a library? What would the companions read/do, etc.

Around the Commonwealth, there’s a handful of Pre-War libraries that haven’t been destroyed by water or violence. Sole goes into one, leaving the companions to marvel at their surroundings.

Cait: “Whoa… what’s this?” She pulls out a book, thumbing through the pages. “It’s a buncha squiggly lines is what it is,” she mumbles, and place it back on the shelf. At Sole’s prodding, she reveals that she has trouble reading. It’s why she prefers comic books; the reading is light and there’s lots of pictures. She gets flustered and stubborn if the Sole offers to help her, but may eventually give in and try to learn if her pride is soothed.

Codsworth: “Oh, look! A library!” His voice chirps from its speaker, and he strolls through the building with steady swells from his jets. “Ah, you can never tire of a good story, Mx Sole. And, isn’t it funny? Even so many years later, after everything that’s happened, a good book will always be there for you. It will always be the same.” He lets out a happy sigh. He’s content to follow along behind Sole, commenting brightly on their surroundings as Sole looks for whatever they’re after.

Curie: She lets out a squeal of excitement, darting into the room and running her fingers along the rows of books. “Regardez tous ces livres! I have never seen such things!” As she pulls volume after volume from the shelves, she explains that her knowledge of literature was limited to the Vault 81 archives and what she could access through them. She ends up sitting on the floor, buried in books, reading until Sole says they have to go. She gives Sole a pleading pout, begging to stay just a little longer.

Danse: “I would not be surprised if the Brotherhood had already taken everything of use from here,” he says, eyeing the high, full shelves. If Sole questions his reading ability, his chest puffs up and he responds sharply. “The Brotherhood of Steel has a mandatory education curriculum. I know how to read, I have just never done so for recreation.” He refuses to speak on the matter for the rest of their time there. But when Sole’s back is turned, he hastily grabs a book of fairy tales from the shelves, hiding it from Sole and reading it by the light of the fire when they’re asleep. His favorite story is the Beauty and the Beast.

Deacon: “Oh, sweet.” A smile spreads across his face. Pulling over a wheeled stepladder, he climbs up to go through the higher shelves, removing various volumes and examining them. “Let’s see… We got all the classics right here. You need to do a book report? I got you covered.” He names each book as he pulls it out, rattling off their authors and summaries like it’s nothing. He takes one book, holding it up in his hands. “Hm. Through the Looking Glass. Here - you be Alice, and I’ll be the Cheshire Cat.” He grins. “Because if the Commonwealth’s not Wonderland, I don’t know what is.”

Dogmeat: The dog is confused as to why Sole is in here. There’s nothing to smell or eat or poop on! Silly human. He waits patiently until Sole is finished.

Hancock: “Mm. Look at all these books… I’ve always been partial to the Kama Sutra myself.” He grins. “You think they got a restricted section in here?” Regardless of Sole’s reaction, he ducks off when their back is turned, somehow getting into the ‘adult’ section of library and perusing the selection of literature. “Nah, see? This ain’t even realistic.” He’s holding an open book, gesturing to its pages with a scoff. “Here, let me show you.”

Nick Valentine: “You know, you’d think I’d like all those film noir novels, but I guess after you’ve lived a couple they lose their allure.” The synth admits his fondness for bittersweet classics, like Catcher in the Rye and Lord of the Flies. Stories that make you think, stories to make you cry. Stories to make you question your humanity. He takes a smaller volume of Ender’s Game, just the right size to fit in his coat, and tucks it out of sight. He says something about making himself sad reminds him that he’s not just a bucket of bolts.

MacCready: “Ohh, man,” he chuckles, thumbing through a couple of books. “Back in Little Lamplight, we didn’t have much, but we had some old books like these. Half the pages torn out so for toilet paper, and the other half near-illegible. We ended up using their stories as play scripts. You ever seen a bunch of twelve-year-olds re-enact A Midsummer Night’s Dream with fist fights instead of kisses? Good times.” He ends up pocketing a couple of comic books he finds under a desk, along with a joke book to expand his arsenal of puns. 

Piper: She absolutely adores romance novels. When caught with one in her hands, she protests quickly. “No I don’t! Don’t like them, nope. Real cheesy. Yeah. Not realistic at all. Whew! Sure glad you kept me from reading that, Blue. A waste of my time. Really.” She lets out a nervous laugh. When Sole leaves, she snatches the book back up off the floor, returning to her last page and continuing where she left off. The cheesier, the better, and if Sole happened to look under her bed or pillow, they’d find several more where that came from.

Preston: He steps aside to head to the fantasy section. He’s a sucker for epic fantasy and science fiction. Anything with a lot of action, where the bad guys always end up beat and the good guy gets the girl. “I guess I just like reading about happy endings,” he admits. “Something about it just gives you hope for the real world, you know?” He’s quite disappointed when all the volumes of Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, and The Silmarillion won’t fit in his pack. He can be persuaded to take a few less books, but he’ll look back fondly at the library as they leave.

Strong: “WHY HUMAN LOOK AT BUTT PAPER?” he questions, scowling. He prefers to have stories read to him rather than read them himself. If convinced to sit still and listen, he’ll often doze off to nursery rhymes and children’s stories. 

X6-88: He prefers non-fiction. Heading to that section of the library, he busies himself with auto-biographies and science textbooks and engineering books. He makes a point of removing any annotations written in them, writing down any notes he might have on a separate sheet of paper. “This Helen Keller woman was born without sight or hearing,” he muses, turning a page of his current book. “And she still learned how to communicate and take care of herself. Fascinating.” For some reason, reading about other peoples’ lives intrigues him.

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Like Father, Like Son

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Genre: Oneshot, First meeting AU where Phil is a primary school teacher and Dan is a single parent.

Summary: Fiction. Phil is a good teacher, he is. He just can’t control Samuel Howell. And turns out he can’t control Samuel Howell’s single dad, either.

Warnings: Nothing if you’re cool with single dads and cute teachers

Word Count: 4381

A/N: This was written for the lovely @theinsanityplays for her birthday! I hope you like this and have the lovely day that you deserve. Love you <3

Reminder that I don’t know Dan or Phil at all and I’m not suggesting this in any way reflects reality. This is a work of fiction

Phil’s head had never hurt quite this much before.

The ceaseless screaming of children outside his classroom window probably shouldn’t bother him quite as much as it did, but just then, Phil could honestly say that he’d never heard a noise quite like it before. Three weeks into the new term, and he thought he’d be better prepared.

He wasn’t, though.

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GG year1 (pre-any fun simulator privileges) Shiro climbs buildings. Like a monkey-halls, dorms etc. Why? Mostly because he’s not supposed to ;) Eventually asks Matt along because “You need a reason??” (And he’s deaf to Matt’s ‘Say we’re caught?’ and ‘but my twiggy arms!’) After ‘God, don’t let me fall’(Matt) and ‘God please, no one look up’(Shiro)they hit the top, and amidst countless stars, desert wind in his hair, and an ache in his jellied arms, Matt Gets It. Adventure!BFFs ever since

Oooooh fun!! I like this version of how they met. :3 you should flesh this one out!

Lorenzo's contact renewal with Napoli

SSC Napoli is organising a press conference (probably on Saturday 22, along with Sarri’s conference about the match against Sassuolo, or on Monday 24) in which Lorenzo Insigne will sign his new contract, bonding him for 5 years with Aurelio De Laurentiis’ football association. They’re planning a conference - and not only to publish a tweet with a picture as usual - because Napoli wants to celebrate the lifetime renewed contract of the only one napoletano in the team.

  • Some Random Person: So, is Walter your brother, or cousin, or--?
  • Seras, unflinchingly: No, Walter was just the sixty-nine-year-old butler who had taken care of the Hellsing family for decades before betraying us and regressing in age to his mid-twenties with the surgery that turned him into an artificial vampire.
  • Some Random person: Oh! Cool.
  • Another random person: HEY! Walter's playing guitar!
  • Walter, strumming along with a gentle tune on his guitar: Alright everybody, this next one's coming straight from the heart. Making the lyrics up right off the top of my head.
  • Walter, singing: 🎶 Let me out, what you see is not the same person as me! My life's a lie, I'm not who you're looking at! Let me out, set me free, I'm really old! This isn't me! I'm really a sixty-nine-year-old man! Is anybody listening, can anyone understand? Stop looking at me like that and actually help me! Help me, help me, I'm gonna die! 🎶

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Heeey bestie~! I'd love it if you could write an impersonation of zen an Gladio yaaaasss~! x3 make it cuuute gurl~!!! -3-

Originally posted by stephicness

((Oooo, Gladio~ I’m sorry it’s late, here you go dear~! <3 ))

“Hey, Zen.. Your dad left me in charge of you until he gets back. You’re probably used to all these fancy hotels when he takes you along, but tonight, I think we should mix it up a little. What do you say, hmm?” Gladio had asked with a little grin, reaching down to mess up her hair a little before scooping her up into his arms, holding her in one arm easily, as if she were as light as a feather. He poked her nose, and chuckled softly, grinning. “Let’s go camping for the night. Just the night. Don’t worry ‘bout nothin’ though.. I’ll keep you safe from any nasties, I promise.” He said softly, bouncing her a little in his arm. 

Taking them to a nice spot, he set her down carefully on one of the more comfortable looking rocks –ah, if you could call a rock comfortable, that is– and he had set up the tent for tonight, before handling the rest. He showed her how it was done, even let her handle the easier parts to give her some sense of pride. When night came, he had cooked them up a couple cups of noodles, making sure hers wasn’t too hot, before he sat down with her on his lap, sitting on a high spot that was safe, and gazing up at the stars. The night air tossed at their hair gently, the sound of crickets about. 
“Ain’t it beautiful up here? Real peaceful tonight.. Look at all the stars up there. A nice warm cup of noodles, and spending time with you makes me feel like I could be a great father one day, you know. Would probably want a cute little girl like you.” He admitted softly, looking up at the vast sea of stars, making sure she was comfortable.
“Don’t tell the others though, okay? They might think I’m goin’ soft or somethin’.” He whispered, winking and bringing his finger to his lips.