let alone used it

The now mantis-like creature shakily began to stand on their new legs. They were not used to being able to feel their legs let alone 4 of them. They walked a few paces only to trip and fall.
 “ Oof…At least now I can get myself upright without too much trouble.” They groaned as they picked themself back up off the ground. N.Trance didn’t even want to attempt to fly.


‘You can trust us to stick to you through thick and thin – to the bitter end. And you can trust us to keep any secret of yours – closer than you yourself keep it. But you cannot trust us to let you face trouble alone, and go off without a word. We are your friends, Frodo. Anyway: there it is. We know most of what Gandalf has told you. We know a good deal about the ring. We are horribly afraid–but we are coming with you; or following you like hounds.’

if josh and halsey were ever to date

•it’s not our business
•it means they’ve grown comfortable enough with another person to give their time, energy, and love to each other
•they’re good friends as it is, so it’s like a level up
•they’ll be happy
•possible collab ?? who knows!
•it’s their lives to do whatever they please with
•it’s not our business
•leave them alone
•if they choose to let us into their lives as a couple, respect it. do not bombard them with old photos/tweets/etc. of debby & lido
•also respect debby and lido!! do not tag them in things related to josh/halsey
•again, not our business!!

I’m starting College tomorrow and I’m honestly terrified, hold my hand pls

Oh dear lord I have like 10x more respect than I did for comic strip artists originally. And this didn’t even have a lot of work put into it… 

This is sort of a present for searching-for-bananaflies I guess? I kind of wanted to draw her squiddy Angelo (That’s his name right?) because he looks cool.

And this is also what happens when I draw a more cartoony style. I can barely draw manga children let alone in a different style then I’m used to. I kept giving them chubby faces.

(I used my squid because I just randomly made her and she looked like the shy type? Idk.)

I also like to think squids can walk upside down if they choose to. 

This month we will spend praying for each other. All these posts are personal prayer requests that I have received in my inbox. These prayers may not apply to you. You may not struggle with depression or need motivation for college or need help finding a job. But I would encourage you to share these posts anyways, to share these prayer requests. To let these people know that they are not alone and that you are praying for them. Let us build a community, let us love each other. Praying for our own needs is extremely important, but so is focusing on others. 

Feel free to continue sending in prayer requests!


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you know, people are allowed to be let down by announcements when they aren't in their area. It's human reaction. We can't all be extremely grateful and chipper every time we hear stuff that disappoints us. Some of us can barely afford internet, let alone a trip to Texas. We're allowed to be disappointed. You calling us rude for being let down? Is disgusting.

Well guess what Im missing this stuff too. Doesnt mean Im excited and chipper, but Im not going after the RT staff on twitter and social media angry as hell. I would love for them to show RVB in Portland or have a con here, doesnt mean Im angry australia or the east coast gets it first!

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About Venice: the naughty girl inside me would like a little bit of roughness while GG is calling her his *princess*, fancy bed of a five stars hotel would be nice :P Thanks!

I hope you enjoy this! ;)


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One Piece #798. 「ハート」 (”Heart”)

If you really want to do something for him, remember him. Let us both never forget him. That alone is enough. Go live your life and be free. That’s something he would have told you himself, don’t you think?

“I can’t just keep saying, ‘Oh, I’ll face them another day.’ So what if he’s an Admiral!? Why does that mean I have to run away!? I promised to never do that again two years ago!! Marine Admiral, Yonkou, I don’t give a damn who it is! I’ll beat you all up if I have to!! Or else, I’ll never become the true King of the Pirates!!


On the Den Den Mushi, frantically trying to send reinforcements to Admiral Fujitora at the eastern port, Vice Admiral Bastille discovers that a mysterious force has stolen all of the Marines’ weapons, sewn together all the Marine ships docked at the ports, and demobilized a number of Marine troops by making them collapse. When one of Bastille’s men mentions the rumor about Dressrosa being inhabited by mischievous fairies, he responds with repudiation and outrage. Meanwhile, Maujii convinces Princess Mansherry to continue extracting energy from the Marine donors despite it being the cause of the latter of the aforementioned phenomenons. 

At the eastern port, the gladiators stand before Issho with the intent to hold him off until Trafalgar Law and Luffy can return; and nearby, Law arrives before a perched Sengoku and confronts him about his relationship with Corazon. Sengoku reveals that he considered Rosinante his own son and that he has long since known Rosinante forfeited his own life and betrayed his mission in order to save the boy inflicted with Amber Lead. Law reveals his identity as that very same boy as well as his even more hidden name of D., which incites Sengoku to sympathize with him and advise him that Rosinante simply would have wanted Law to, beyond any expectations forced upon him by the D. name, just continue living on. 

Their conversation is interrupted when the debris all around them begins to ascend to the sky, caused by Issho, who is readying his offense against the pirates assisting Law and Luffy. When Vice Admiral Tsuru offers Bastille her service, he orders all his men to evacuate the eastern port as to not interfere with Fujitora’s assault. Meanwhile, people all across Dressrosa are in awe at the enlarging mass nearly the size of the entire country itself. As Luffy and Law arrive on the scene, an overwrought Law calls to the others for an immediate departure; however, an undaunted Luffy, resolved to take on any opponent in his way, charges straight towards Issho and delivers a Gear Third and Haki-imbued attack.


With one out of two tragic back-stories disclosed in this arc resolved last week, the attention this week shifts from Rebecca to Law, and it’s definitely a lot more engaging on account of Law’s character interrelations corresponding more to the main action of the series and because—well, Law’s character itself is ultimately much more consequential than our princess of Dressrosa (which is stop number -insert three digit number here- of -insert infinity here- on our journey to the end of the world Grand Line). As was expected, Law’s sudden disappearance last week has been accredited to his burning curiosity to find out more about Corazon from Sengoku himself. However, not quite as expected, when probed by Law for any information whatsoever pertaining to the D. lineage, the former Fleet Admiral has nothing to offer, unlike many end-of-the-arc-present-figures of the past (of course, it should be noted that it’s more of a withholding of information as opposed to a lack thereof). What he does offer Law by way of this, however, is a reason to continue living, and more specifically and importantly, a reason to continue being a pirate (essentially, a big, fat “go find out for yourself”), in turn giving us a reason to consider Law’s continued presence for arc(s) to come. 

With the Marines literally being forced out of being up in arms by the Tontatta, the task of capturing Law and Luffy rests upon the shoulders of the only opposing man who ever had a fighting chance to begin with, Issho. And as if summoning a meteor or two earlier on in the arc wasn’t impressive enough a feat, for his next magic trick he has apparently opted for a much more eco-friendly performance of compacting all of the debris left from the previous fight into a much less shapely mass to crush his opponents with. (Overkill, much?) Of course, the moment when everyone’s frozen still before this monstrosity of a threat is the perfect time for our hero in a straw hat to make his entrance and come stampeding in with a protagonist-defining can-do attitude. Without a doubt the final two-page spread of the chapter definitely boasts a signature One Piece impact and Luffy’s words ring with a resolve like no other; and while the odds aren’t quite as up in the air as the literal assemblage of wreckage floating above our heroes’ heads, I am still having a hard time believing this showdown will actually ensue in an extensive manner. While the tidbits with Tsuru do seem to suggest that Issho is not entirely alone in his assault, the board is set-up right now as powerhouses Luffy, Law, and Zoro and essentially a whole army of fodder warriors vs. Issho and his lack thereof. Ultimately what this spells out to me is much more than a whole lot of ways for Issho’s advance to be side-lined somehow and saved for another encounter (not to mention, I can’t imagine Luffy being put into a state of recuperation once more just before being en-route to Yonkou waters), despite Luffy’s explicit dismissal of this. But, as far as this chapter covers, there you have it, folks, will future Pirate King Monkey D. Luffy be the first ever to achieve the grand slam of defeating a Shichibukai, a Marine Admiral, and a Yonkou all in the same week!? (Boy, how many bounty points do you reckon that would be?) Find out next time on another episode of One Piece!! 

Rating: B

Additional Note(s):

*Obligatory “Hancock’s love letter to Luffy is a whole goddamn novel” mention. Though, even more hilarious is the story told in the background, as the mail-carrier-bird (which doesn’t quite look like a News Coo but peculiarly does resemble Kanjuro’s sparrow) dreads the thought of delivering it and Marigold and Sandersonia’s blushes seem to suggest it being abundantly risqué (still a better love story than—). 

*One has to wonder if the Tontatta could have just stolen all the Marines’ Den Den Mushi. 

*Well, I’m a tad bit embarrassed that I couldn’t surmise it being the Tontatta who were the ones helping Luffy’s cause out last week.  

*I’m definitely not seeing things, as that’s a gorilla by Sengoku’s side, right? 

*Oddly enough, I just realized how Law’s signature hat kind of visually tells of the adverse story of Amber Lead poisoning.

*I can’t help but notice that there’s a certain fashion for old men who retire from their positions. Wasn’t Rayleigh sporting a pair of shorts like that back at Sabaody?? Not to mention the wearing-the-coat-on-your-shoulders-without-using-the-sleeves look. 

*This week’s chapter title of "Heart” stitches things up quite well thematically. Law and Luffy bask in the limelight of this chapter as representatives of the ever-elusive D. pedigree, with Luffy displaying his resolved heart to take on any foe who comes his way after his 3D2Y reform and Law finding the heart to live on beyond his now complete life-long goal of putting an end to Doflamingo—not to mention the corresponding imagery with Law’s techniques. Honestly, Law carrying around a heart in a crystal-clear cube encasing has pretty much become embedded into his character design. I feel like Oda actually could have made his back-story even more symbolically tragic by having Law, by some strange turn of events, keep Rosinante’s heart as a thoroughly off-putting, “Surgeon of Death”-name-fitting souvenir of sorts.

*It is rather fascinating to wonder if Law will ever perform the Perennial Youth Operation on another person, despite the low chances of it happening. What realistic question it does open the floor for though is if he can just wait until he’s hours away from dying of natural causes to do it. 

*Complete lack of Zoro this week. Did he already lose his way… all the way to the western port? Also surprising is that in a series of panels of terrified expressions directed at Issho’s tremendous power, our resident coward Usopp is not featured in any one of them. 

*What’s that up in the sky!? It’s a bird! It’s a plane! Wait, what the hell, is that Pica forming out of that debris!?

*Ultimately, I don’t see how a giant mass of debris is different from a flaming meteor when it comes to Law’s near-perfect defense mechanism. 

*My prediction last of Rebecca and Kyros’s one more panel appearance was expended this week already. 

*I really want to see Tsuru’s girls in action. 


Just some damage that mankind can inflict upon the ocean.

This Porbeagle Shark had been caught by this rope that was eating into it’s flesh while at the same time healing over it.

This was obviously over a period of at least a few years but can you imagine living with that?

It would be extremely painful and something that would have us pass way from shock , let alone survive with it.

I am not entirely sure what happended with the shark after this.

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OMG did that anon not read your url? What even! LOL

?????? some people have too much time on their hands lmao


ICYFMI: ESPN (the Erroneous Sports Propaganda Network) apologized, formally, FINALLY, to the Pats for citing that garbage SB36 story on air. Twice, no less. Wow. That anyone would actually still think that hogwash is true, taping the Rams walkthrough before Super Bowl 36, let alone try and use it on air as fact to substantiate an argument about another story that will soon be discredited, is kinda unbelievable. What’s not surprising is the apology coming at a time when most fans wouldn’t be watching. Let’s hope they have the fully inflated footballs to air the apology again today on live SportsCenter (was Hannah Storm the one who used that bullshit story as fact? I think so…oh, Hannah Storen…you know bettah!)

Also not cool to make Steve Levy read the story. Dood’s a Sox fan, a silent part owner of The Bleacher Bar, I think. Isn’t there some other prompter hump in a suit you could have made read that mini mea culpa?

Sorry, world, but SpyGate isn’t a good enough reason to think every single thing the Pats do is wrong, nefarious, underhanded or illegal. Don’t know why people go off the rails on them the way they do. All I do know is this won’t be the only apology ESPN, or some and many of their pundits and puppets, will be sending the Pats way soon enough.

Free Brady.

I didn’t want to do this last week because I wanted WoSW Appreciation Week to stay mostly positive (although I am aware I had negative shit to say; criticism is important to appreciation to) but this was kind of too overwhelmingly negative to do last week. 

The day 6 prompt was “If you only fight for your own life, then your life is worth nothing.” And honestly, I have absolutely nothing positive I could ever say about this quote. It quite frankly fucks me up in a lot of ways, and I am not happy that Hera ever said it, let alone that it was used as an appreciation week prompt as a positive thing to admire. I hate it. 

For the last couple of years, I’ve been dealing with depression and anxiety. There have been long stretches of time when I haven’t been able to really get out of bed, let alone do anything that vaguely resembles productive, even if it’s just working on some cross stitch or knitting. The only reason this blog has always had regular posts is because I’m able to go through the tags in my up swings and fill the queue. I have been crippled with fears and anxieties about my future that has left me frozen, which the apathy and lethargy from my depression has not helped. Half the time I don’t have the mental strength to make my bed, let alone to work towards helping other people. 

Fighting for yourself, in big ways and in small, is just as important as fighting for the world. You cannot fight for the world if you don’t fight for yourself. If you don’t take care of yourself, there is just no way to help anyone else. And sometimes taking care of yourself is a fight. Eating regularly and bathing regularly and remembering to take your meds and getting out of bed and doing something that makes you happy can all be huge fights depending on your situation and you life is not worth nothing if that’s all you can fight for right now. Your life is never worth nothing. There will never be a single moment when your life is worth nothing, even if you’re not even fighting for yourself and you can’t manage basic stuff on your own. You are still completely worth it.

But thinking about that quote from Hera adds to my already substantial doubts about whether I am in fact worth it. I don’t need someone else telling me I don’t matter when I do it to myself enough. I especially don’t need a character that I liked from a franchise I am incredibly invested in telling me that I’m not worth it because all I can do is fight for my own life in very small ways. I know intellectually, that’s not what Hera was trying to say, but when you’re struggling with something like depression, convincing yourself can be really fucking hard. 

So I didn’t write this last week because none of this is happy or appreciative. But I felt like, if this quote was really hard for me to take, there’s a chance it was hard for someone else too and I just want to remind everyone now you are always and will always be important. Your life, whatever you do with it, is important. You are never ever nothing.

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When people use the phrase "That is not for you", frequently this is taken to mean that an object or something does not belong to them. In other words, MLP is treated as if it is owned by children, and adults enjoying the show is somehow taking that away from them. This is not the case. It is fair to say that more safe spaces for children should be made, and we need to be mindfullness about inclusiveness in the fandom, but we are not removing the show from anyone.

Absolutely. People talk a lot about bronies stealing the show, as if it’s a ticketed event and we bought out the box office.

There’s going to be a massive number of target demographic fans and their families out there watching the show, completely oblivious that the brony fandom even exists. The average joe doesn’t even know what a fandom is, let alone a brony.

And when they do hear about us, that doesn’t suddenly prevent them from continuing their lives and enjoyment just as they did before.

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how are we gonna survive this season, let alone even the damn trailer, if a pic messes with us so bad?

we wont! that is the beauty of it. We are gonna die and be reborn every episode. 

this was Marc this morning when he dropped that picture

this is the fandom right now