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Last days of something, 01.Aug.2015

I am with you, and I am far away. I am with you thinking this is what I wanted and you show me this is exactly what I am running away from. I don´t know if I want this, I don’t think I want this. I do not want this, and I do not want anything related to this. Let us erase all the possibilities, let us experiment what it is like to be really alone. 

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Tell me an AU!

Alrighty, another AU

“The entirety of the Gerudo population live in the Hylian kingdom as slaves. At a young age, they are immediately assigned, based on preliminary characteristics, to one of three categories: labour slave, pleasure slave, or gladiator. Ganondorf, being a rather small but beautiful child is immediately categorized as a pleasure slave, and comes into the ownership of one of the most brutal slave drivers in all of Hyrule.

Link has just earned himself the title of High General of Hyrule. Rusl, his mentor and good friend, takes him out to buy him a “special” gift, which Link finds out is a pleasure slave of his choice. He is displeased as he cannot envision owning another human being like some kind of object, let alone using one for something they may not want to do. As he takes his leave, his eyes come upon a scared little boy in chains, sobbing while his master kicks him and yells at him to be quiet. Link naturally becomes enraged at the scene, though he proceeds very carefully. The slave driver, realizing who Link was, tells him that he should procure another slave when Link desires to buy him. Upon insistence, the slave driver sells him the boy at a paltry price. He does not expect the harsh backhand he receives from the General immediately after handing over the slave to Link, shocking both himself and the little boy.

At first, Ganondorf does not trust Link, expecting him to lure him into a false sense of security like his old master. Link decides to earn his trust by locating and purchasing the mother which he was torn away from, a labour slave. This act brings the boy to trust Link, and Link goes along to raise Ganondorf like his own son. He does not allow anyone to lay a finger on the boy. As he watches Ganondorf grow, he becomes more interested in the Gerudo and discovers that, had they been a free tribe, that Ganondorf would have been their king. He therefore secretly begins to work with Ganondorf to help earn the freedom of his people.

Link ends up dying in war during a crucial moment in time, leaving Ganondorf devastated. He is surprised to find that Link, having not left any family behind, had left his entire estate and wealth to Ganondorf along with freeing all the Gerudo under his ownership. He takes the freed Gerudo and wealth back to their homeland to rebuild, promised protection by the Queen herself in honor of Link’s death, and slowly the Gerudo earn their freedom and return to their desert home.“ 

8/3/15 “Dopamine” Pt.3 WIP

Every stressful situation is another valid reason to breathe dopamine,
When I started to write raps and poetry I realized I’m a psychological addict;
Verses written on pages express emotions that I desired for the sublime,
I speak about adversities to victories and at time what still afflicts;
Roaming in the search of knowledge and a place to belong not concubines,
When I tell another story from my past the truth is shown about conflicts;
Poems flow from depression, aggression and I’m not describing Columbine,
I have had vivid visions of demons and dimensions and these words I depict;
Time to hit play on an instrumental get into my zone, verbally create a design,
As long as I explain these thoughts on my brain I will be able to predict;
Continue showing spilled pages to intrigue and in hope to remain in my prime,
Snakes in the grass wishing to catch me slip to dig in fangs and constrict;
I used to gasp for breathe let alone the oxygen capacity to continuously rhyme,
Not expressing fallacies in order to deceive others and act as if I’m a convict;
Admittance of poetry is only a hobby and I’m advancing and still only part time,
Surpass every obstacle and shine through any event or disorder that inflicts;
In an attempt to achieve and put aside those petty enemies and focus on mine,
Sometimes I feel in the end is defeat, I ignore the whispers in my ear to evict;
I will strive past the liars and ignorant to acquire the wisdom to incline,
The fire during progression will continue to stay burning with an endless wick;
Mentally wanted to throw in the towel and lose my passion with vowels on time,
But the realization is that I cannot quit the spoken words following lighter clicks;

~Roman Empyre


Project Broadway, Week One (Tony Awards Week)

Though the dress is constraining and O’Hara has had to teach herself how to move, let alone polka in it, and she uses the physical constrictions as a metaphor for the struggles her character would have faced in that time. 

 “With how strong Anna is, I use it as a reminder of how belted down she is and how she can’t get around easily and how she has to work through constraints to get anywhere,” O’Hara explains. “It’s almost like she has shackles on, but she’s trying to spread her arms and fly. I actually really like the fact that I’m dressed that way because it helps me in 2015 understand the limitations and what a women went through in that time in 1862.”  Favourite Costuming, The King and I.

Well this just happened… #operationsize8skinnyjeans they’re on and done up! Our bodies are strange things… 😮 this is so huge for me.. I remember being 12 and my mum offering me a big shopping trip if I could lose a bit of weight and fit a size 12. I was in a women’s size 16 and it just never happened. I NEVER imagined I would ever fit into a size 12 let alone a size 8 (US size 4)!! #weightloss #operationsize8skinnyjeans #ihaveneverbeenasize8ever

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What's puddle and fish... its such a cute phrase and I come across it in your tags quite often..

Aw, geeee willackers. Aw, heck.

This is an embarrassing tale. But, if I’m gonna tell it, then I’m gonna tell it. So here we go. No short explanation for you:

A long time ago, the four nations lived together in harmony-

No! Wait. Wrong story.

A long time ago, back, baaack in the days of yore (aka October 2014), there was a wee lil tumblr use by the name of Petals. She had a tumblr, only to reblog stuff and occasionally tell people that she had updated D&P. She was only telling about 30 people but she was clueless and happy. 

Or she thought she was.

Little did little Petals know that there was actually a gaping hole in her life. That although she loved her 30 followers with all her heart, there was another yet to come. Another that would change everything. 

The Chosen One.

Leda “Leds” Andavs

(No, andavs is not her last name, but I’m telling an epic tale. Go with me here.)

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actual flaws harry does have

  • trying to do everything by himself
  • judging people based off first impressions
  • not knowing how to deal with his emotions, let alone the emotions of others
  • uses sarcasm and anger as a shield to hide when he is hurt
  • tends to be blunt and doesn’t know how to phrase things gently
  • dislikes confiding in anyone
  • self-deprecating
  • obsesses on one issue, to the point of ignoring other important things
  • reckless
  • worries so much about others’ safety, he doesn’t always take time to assess a situation
  • is so self-sacrificial he doesn’t take care of himself
  • blames himself for death of others

flaws harry does not have

  • forcing others to give their lives for him
  • getting angry when people abuse or mistreat him
  • relying too much on others
  • not letting someone peep on him while he was taking a bath (?!?!?!)
  • always needing to be the center of attention
  • having trouble in a subject he was taught by a teacher who routinely bullied him and told him he would never get better at, especially when the subject involved revealing very intimate parts of yourself to your partner, and said teach would use this as an excuse to taunt harry about what he saw
  • stupidity
  • not knowing what is inside things before he opens them
  • self-centeredness
  • trying to prevent others from putting their lives on the line for him (doesn’t this directly contradict the fist point? make up ur mind smh)
  • letting other people give him help
  • other people praising him for things he didn’t do
  • being smug about being the chosen one
  • not doing things (ummmmm)
  • standing up for himself when he was being bullied 
  • “playing the victim”
  • feeling sorry for himself
  • being an asshole

in summary, it sounds more like the writer of this article is going off of a book series written by snape. or even potter puppet pals. 

the only point i could kind of see is the one about his ignoring parvati at the yule ball. but he was literally being forced to attend with a date due to being a champion, and it’s not like parvati sat around and suffered. she found herself a good-looking french boy and went off and partied. there was definitely some teen boy pettiness at play, but y’know… he is a teen boy. 

he does also break the rules, as the writer pointed out, but i mean dumbledore (the dang school principal) is pretty much constantly encouraging him too. he also developed a pattern of breaking the rules as a survival skill back when he was stuck in an abusive household and locked in a cupboard without food for days. several of his ACTUAL flaws can also be traced to the environment he grew up in, and that fact that almost every authority figure in his life has ended up trying to physically harm him. but considering the writer of that article listed not letting a girl spy on him in the bathroom as a flaw, i doubt they are of a mind to be sensitive to abuse survivors. 

We can’t stop the world but there’s so much more that we could do. You can’t stop this girl from falling more in love with you. You said nobody has to know give us time to grow and take it slow, but I’d stop the world if it’d finally let us be alone. Let us be alone.