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Don’t Get Your Undocumented Friends in Trouble: A How-To
Posted March 2, 2017, written in collaboration with local leaders from the Washington Dream Coalition, an organization led by undocumented youth.
By The Daily Demand

Many US Citizens take our citizenship for granted. It’s something most of us never worry about or think about, and the majority of us have never experienced life without it. As a consequence, we are incredibly out of touch with what privileges come with citizenship and what our impact as citizens can have on our undocumented friends and neighbors.

If we are serious about defending DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) , organizing against ICE raids and detention centers, and exploring other ways to exercise allyship with undocumented folks, there are precautions we must take.

Organizing against deportations and the forces that carry them out is not like campaigning for a candidate, an initiative, or other causes we may all have experiences with- the risk is much higher. While organizing efforts may very well include politicians and initiatives, the nature of the work means that if we are not careful, we can literally get our colleagues, friends, and their families locked up or deported.

*You should not consider the following list legal advice nor an exhaustive list of precautions to take. If there are undocumented people in your lives or on your campaigns, someone should be reaching out to get familiar with their personal boundaries, risk levels, and safety plans.

[Bullet points from the list]:

1. Don’t “out” people who are undocumented. 

2. Don’t “out” areas where undocumented people live. 

3. Don’t prioritize appearing as though you are “centering those most affected” above not getting those “most affected” deported. 

4. Don’t list build if you don’t have to. 

5. Protect your lists as if your own deportation depended on it. 

6. Don’t put YOUR OWN name on lists. 

7. Some things you can do on your own, in secret- and you should. 

8. Understand that Homeland Security, ICE, and other federal agencies are not like your local police department. 

9. Stop fucking inviting your undocumented friends to the detention center. 

10. Do not communicate about sensitive issues around documentation, immigration, etc on phones or digital devices, let alone the internet. 

11. This includes your encrypted apps like Signal.

12. This includes your email servers like RiseUp.Net.

13. This includes Slack.


15. Do not spread information that you are not COMPLETELY SURE is accurate and verified.

16. Do not post media of undocumented people on social media. Only videotape what is necessary and destroy what isn’t needed. 

17. Take the time to understand all the risk undocumented people face and how they are treated differently in the legal system. 

18. Don’t ask undocumented people to take coordinated arrests.

skelo-saurus  asked:

Yo someone's trying to tell me Hussie is a racist and hates disabled people but has absolutely no evidence. What do I do?

You gotta decide for yourselves whether people in the year of our lord 2017 should be judged entirely by the words and thoughts and ideas they put out into the world years ago in different life stages. Like. This isn’t a problem that’s going to go away. Increasingly now the history of people’s entire life journey is accessible via some social media snap shot in the wayback machine or some ancient chat log sitting on someone’s hard drive out there. We don’t all start from the same place. A lot of us start from positions of privilege, from systems learned from parents or other family or institutions with power over us that influence our way of thinking when our brains are first developing the capacity for empathy and understanding. 

And we grow. And we create. And we experience things. And we talk with people. We make friends. We read feedback. We listen to some and we disregard others, and years later, some (but by no means all) of what we disregarded we might think about again and realize was good feedback and helpful advice. 

Our opinions change. Our understanding of our own privilege changes. Our understanding of media and propaganda and narrative and power structures and justice change. Our biases shift. Our politics change. Our worldviews are shaped by our conversations and our experiences and the things we take to heart and the things we lock outside. 

Hussie used to interact heavily with the fandom. There is so much text from him out there saved in archives that has been pored over again and again and again by people with axes to grind, people with their own agendas, people who feel wronged and hurt and ignored by someone they maybe once respected and looked up to. 

Anyone with that much text over that long a period of time has something fucking problematic out there waiting to hang them, I guarantee it. Back in 2012 the r-slur and the a-slur were common slang used by elementary school kids, let alone ppl frequenting the various rancid asscracks of the internet. Then awareness campaigns took root and opinions and language shifted for the better and suddenly a lot of text written without that mindfulness started looking really nasty, didn’t it?

We as a society are going to have to make some hard decisions in the very near future about how much rope we need when we’re eyeing those gallows for people we feel wronged by. How much someone’s opinion now means when their opinion five years ago might have been the exact opposite. How much good faith to extend to people who grow and change and understand their younger selves had some Bad Opinions about the world, but can’t erase the words they said, and have to live with them for the rest of their lives because people looking for ammunition can find it in ample supply. How much someone’s actions now count for weighed against their words in another fucking life. 

There are quotes out there where Hussie said some stupid shit. There are a million words of Hussie quotes out there. I don’t know how old you are, but if you’re an adult, I can almost guarantee you that you can go back some number of years and remember a version of you that you’d be terrified of the internet finding today.

The dude gave us one of the most queer-positive, transformative and engaging pieces of media of all time. It wasn’t perfect and he wasn’t perfect because nothing and no one is. The queer community is always so goddamn hypercritical of its prolific creators, in part because we’re desperate for the things we want and never get and it’s so frustrating to find people who *almost* give you what you want – and god knows the mainstream media isn’t listening, so where else do we have to turn but inward? We’re a stymied, frustrated group desperate for representation on all sorts of underrepresented axes of oppression and no one story is ever going to satisfy everyone. But Homestuck was so big, so expansive and meant so much to so many - of course there’s a lot of bitter disappointment out there. 

How much rope do we need to hang someone? How much history do we need to build a gallows out of plank by fucking plank to feel morally justified? 

It’s up to you.

I’ve seen a few people say on occasion that the fact aces feel “relieved” when they realize they’re ace is “telling” and imply it means being ace isn’t so bad.

let me tell you a thing.

I went years without one of my worst chronic illnesses being properly diagnossed. the day I got a formal diagnosis I felt relieved.

I felt relieved even tho I knew it still meant even with good insurance to help pay for the best treatment of it I’d still be dealing with debilitating levels of pain and fatigue. knowing that with my shitty insurance I would not be able to get the proper treatment to minimize it as much as possible. knowing that doctors don’t even know enough about what causes it let alone know how to fix it. knowing they know so little about it compared to something better studied that they’re still finding stuff out about the symptoms of it. knowing that some doctors and nurses still claim it’s a psychological condition. knowing I am going to live my whole life in moderate to severe pain and exhausted and never be able to live a normal life.

I felt relieved because I had a name for it, because that gave me a source of support. I could use the internet to communicate with other people who had it and get support and knowledge of their experiences with it from them. because it made me feel less alone.

that relief didn’t make what I deal with any better, it was because it gave me a frame of reference, made me feel less alone, and helped me find support from other people who experience the same thing.

I implore you people who think the fact asexuals feel relieved when they realize they’re asexual to think on this.

Already seeing people shitting on the Batman movie getting a rewrite.

They got a new director and it just shows that Matt Reeves is getting hands on with this film and is getting super involved. This will make for a better film.

I hate how when one little thing comes out from DC, people say dumb shit like “How hard can this be? Why is it taking them so long? This project is doomed.”

Like shut the fuck up.

Filmmaking is hard. Okay? Especially big budget filmmaking. There is so much stuff that goes into filmmaking that you wouldn’t be able to learn everything about it in 4 years of film school.

I’m serious. There is so much stuff that goes into it that the only way to really learn it is to actually be on set.

Majority of the Internet has never been on a film set let alone seen one.

WB has been making films for a damn century nearly. Chill. Let them take their time and don’t act like the world will end with every bit of news that comes out.

Do you ever think about how crazy it is that Taylor does this? The Secret Sessions? The online stalking? Like no other celebrity ever, let alone huge celebrity 11 years into their career, has done anything remotely close to this. She doesn’t have to do this. At all. No other celebrity just hangs out with their fans on the internet day to day. No other celebrity has the inside jokes with their fans let alone know so much about them! Like she knows SO MUCH. She knows our names, URLS, she knows about people’s lives and their struggles and successes. Like of course we share these things, but she doesn’t HAVE to read them, let alone remember it all! Nobody told her it was her civic duty to invite tons of fans over to her HOUSES and make food for them and play them her album early. She chose to do this. She chooses everyday to come online, she chooses to join livestreams and talk to people. She chooses to have free meet and greets, surprise people at their houses, and invite people over to hers. I just can’t process it sometimes and I’m so incredibly grateful that I have chosen an artist to obsess over that obsesses over us the exact same.

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Requested by @widowbitessting

Request: Hi :) never done one of these before but could you possibly do another Joker x Harley x Reader again? Where they’re their child? Erm, the child got taken away so they haven’t seen her in years and how they find her randomly is totally up to you :)

Warning: Just a long Imagine.

A/N: I kind of turned it so the Reader finds her parents because I couldn’t get this outta my head. 

Nervously you looked out of the car window of the taxi. The club seemed pretty crowed, people were still waiting in line to get in. 

“You sure, kid, you wanna be here?” The middle aged taxi driver, a dark skinned woman with a worried expression asked you. “That’s not a good place.”  

“Uhm, yeah.” You murmured more to yourself and gave her a small smile. “How much?” 


You gave the taxi driver the money and stepped out of the car, slamming the door shut. With a wave you turned around and walked up to the end of the line. You were too much of a chicken to ask the security to let you in.

“Your I.D.” The security man asked you when it was your turn. 

“Here.” You bit your lip when the bulky man scanned your I.D and then you, to confirm your identity. You were scared, the I.D was fake - your birth date changed to make you older. With a nod he gave you your I.D back and you made your way into the club, releasing a relieved breath.

The music was loud and boomed, flashy and drunk people were dancing and drinking while laughing over the music. Not a place you wanted to be, so you choose to question the bartender.

“Excuse me, I’m looking for a Harley Quinn and… the Joker?” You could have bitten your ass, you did sound so unsure and angsty. Like a little kid. But what could you have expected from yourself? Your parents had weird names and the pictures on the internet were pretty peculiar, let alone the frightening reputation they had. 

The bartender raised his pierced eyebrow perfectly. “What’cha want?” 

For a moment you faltered, thinking over what you should tell the bartender. “It’s uhm… important. Like really important.” Great.

“You’re not a negotiation partner?”

“Not really, no. But it’s really important.” You opened your bag and pulled out your purse, taking out all the money you have in it with a shaky hand. “Here. Around $50.” 

“Keep it, honey.” He shook his head in disbelieve. “Come.” 

“J., there’s a lady. She wants to talk to ya and Harley. Says it’s important.” 

The Joker groaned loudly but waved his hand to bring you into the area. Wary of your surroundings, you entered the lounge and stared at the man before you, how he sat confidentely on the couch, leaning on his cane, legs spread. 

The Joker looked exactly like on the pictures you had found on the internet. 

“I don’t know you.” His voice was calm, kind of deep and serious. “How old are you?” 

“Old enough.” 

He narrowed his eyes. “I don’t like liars.”

Your breath hitched and your hands felt sweaty. “I’m seventeen.” 

“What does a kid like you want in a place like this?” 

“It’s complicated.”

The Joker started to cackle and leaned his head back “Miles, tell Harley we have a visitor.”  

Then, you were alone with him.

“Now, what do you really want?” His bright eyes unnerved you.

You opened your bag and pulled out a worn out file. “Some of the papers I found in my foster parents safe and some of them I got throught a friend from a hospital and so on.” You pushed the file over the table to him. 

He titled his hand and took the file, opening it and skimming through the papers. You were nervous, your legs were shaking.

“Puddin’!” You almost gasped when Harley busted in, smiling brightly at the Joker. 

“Come sit down.” The Joker ordered Harley without looking up, and she did how she was told. 

“Who’s that?” She smiled at you and you could see why they were a thing. They looked even weirder and more dangerous in real life. And crazier, so much crazier. 

“Why don’t you look for yourself.”  The Joker said, giving Harley the file. Finally he looked up, an strange expression gracing his face while your birth mother skimmed the file.  

“[Y/N]…”  Harley muttered. She looked up in disbelieve. “You’re our [Y/N]?”

You nodded, your voice gone. 

“It’s been years.” She suddenly teared up. “Where have you been? Who took you in? Where they good? Did they hurt you?”

“It’s a long story.”

“We have time.” The Joker said, leaning back, looking even more threatening with the mood shift. “Don’t we?”

Dear Yuri!!! on Ice Fandom,

Many of you are amazing people who have made this community an amazing place and I am ever so grateful for that.

However, can we please please PLEASE be respectful to the creators who have made these all possible for us?

I understand that everyone’s hyped up about the spoilers of YOI BD/DVD Vol. 6, especially the “Welcome to the Madness” manga and EX Program. I, too, have been reposting and screaming over the leaks since yesterday because my own copy will only arrive next month.

But isn’t it common sense to not tweet those contents to the creators? Especially, and I mean ESPECIALLY, if those spoilers do not belong to you a.k.a. you don’t buy the BD/DVD.

First of all, these are supposed to be exclusive contents bundled with the purchase.

Secondly, it’s like you come up to an actor and tell them “Hey, hello, I like your movie that I watched from YouTube!”

Or coming up to a singer and saying “I love your new song that I downloaded from this website!”

Of course, it’s perfectly normal wanting to thank her for these amazing contents. Heck, I’ll worship her if I can. But there is no need to include screenshots/photos of the leaks, is it?

Kubo Mitsurou has been very nice to us. When we, international fandom, kept pestering her about the plot (kiss or not kiss???), character relationship, and many other things, she didn’t get angry. When Latin fans kept tweeting in Spanish to her, she did her best to respond even if she can barely speak English, let alone Spanish.

Honestly, right now she has all the rights to file a report on copyright infringement over these leaked Vol. 6 contents, but she didn’t do it, did she? All she asked is not to tweet her the spoilers.

I’m sure she knows that there is no preventing spoilers to be leaked on the Internet. I’m sure she knows it’s almost impossible to completely stop people from uploading contents online even if it’s illegal.

Therefore, the least we can do is be respectful to her and the rest of the creators if we really want to show them our appreciation. And of course, this doesn’t only apply to YOI, but all fandoms in general.

I am not writing this post to slam anyone, so I apologize if there are my words that sound offensive. Nevertheless, it would be great if us as fans can learn how to behave so we can really thank the creators in the most appropriate ways.

Thanks for reading.

Friendly reminder that abusers abuse people because they want to have power over them and control them and every last thing they do, not because they saw a ~bad ship~ online somewhere.

People are very good at inventing ways to be cruel to other people, and I promise you that there were abusive people long before writing was invented, let alone TV or the internet. There always will be. Shipping “pure” ships or only having vanilla sex doesn’t mean jack shit, it’s how you treat other people in real life.

50 Asks
  1. What was your favorite 90s show?
  2. What is the last song you played?
  3. What is one character you feel particularly tied to?
  4. Last time you got a portrait taken by a photographer?
  5. How do you keep yourself organized, if you do?
  6. You’re in a bad mood. How do you choose to deal with it?
  7. You can marry one fictional character. Who?
  8. If you weren’t born in this era, which do you think you should have been born in?
  9. Coffee, tea, or water?
  10. Name one weird gift you’d like to be given.
  11. One thing that always creeps you out?
  12. What is your Starbucks order?
  13. Are you more like your mom or your dad?
  14. Does the toilet paper roll belong with paper coming from the top or the bottom?
  15. You get to meet one author of your choosing (dead or alive) and ask them all your unanswered questions about their book. Who do you talk to?
  16. Do all disasters have an up side? Or is that foolish thinking?
  17. What is your favorite rainy day album?
  18. Do you tan easily?
  19. Do/did you ever pass notes to your friends in school?
  20. You are going to be isolated with one person for a week straight. Who is with you?
  21. What is your feel good movie?
  22. If you had to dye your hair, what color would you choose?
  23. What is something you are proud of?
  24. Tell me a story about you.
  25. Name a lesson you have learned from a fictional character.
  26. Any recurring dreams?
  27. If you could take a long roadtrip anywhere, where would you go?
  28. What was the first concert/show you attended?
  29. Best sing-along-dance-alone-in-your-room songs?
  30. Weirdest phase you went through as a kid
  31. Pro- or anti-sleeping with socks?
  32. Are you still in touch with your first best friend?
  33. The moment when you realized you loved _____ (music, sports, etc)
  34. Jelly or jam?
  35. Have you ever learned to knit or crochet?
  36. Tell the story of your first love
  37. A book you would recommend to anyone who would listen
  38. A movie you would recommend to anyone who would listen
  39. Are you good at keeping plants alive?
  40. Are you holding onto something you need to let go of?
  41. Something you’ll admit to the internet but not people irl
  42. You’re in a tattoo parlor about to get inked. What are you getting done?
  43. What are you like when you are really really tired?
  44. Do you prefer taking notes on paper or online
  45. Are you a leg jiggler?
  46. What makes a song /good/ in your opinion?
  47. How many drafts do you have on your blog(s)?
  48. Are you an old soul or young soul?
  49. Frosted cupcakes or unfrosted cupcakes?
  50. What do you think your mid-life crisis will be about?
goodbye (kind of)

Don’t get me wrong I’ve been fed up with the phandom since I joined this god awful place. I’m sure people have wanted me to leave anyway, so here you go.

I wonder what dan and phil really think of you all. Surely they must know all the dumb and disrespectful shit that goes on if they lurk as much as they say they do. Then again, i wonder… if they know how bad it is here, why haven’t they said anything? Why can’t they put their audience in check? I know everything is mostly light hearted and fun but it’s not fun for me anymore. The only people who think the phandom is a peaceful utopia are the ones causing the problems. Some people are too blind to see it and some people might even try to argue with me on this post. Go ahead, I’ll leave the phandom with a fight. One last round for all the wonderful times.

You don’t ship phan? You’re homophobic and you don’t belong here. Also you just want dan to yourself and youre labeling him as straight and (if you’re lgbt+) you’re faking your own sexuality to prove a point.

You write dan/phil x reader? You’re a cringey laughing stock. You’re also homophobic. You’re also a straight white girl.

It doesn’t help that dan and phil subtly use Phan™ to make their income. There’s nothing wrong with that, but i feel like it’s driven some people in the phandom to be entitled and rude and put them on a high horse. It just normalises their invasive behavior. It feeds their fantasies to the point where they become tinhats instead of shippers. To be honest, im fucking tired of it. Not of dan and phil per se, of their audience for being so dimwitted they can’t see the obvious fan service. Look on the bright side: two already successful, rich men are being more successful and rich.

Never have I met an audience more entitled and more bratty than this one. I can’t help but feel like dan and phil did have something to do with this, seeing as they never addressed the problems within their community. (I mean, dan tried to in 2012, but that year doesn’t exist!1!!1 meanwhile 2009 is hard hitting proof. seriously get over yourself.) It’s hard work, and I’m sure in Dan’s cynical eyes theres nothing that can be done about it, but it is possible. Look at jacksepticeye’s community. When do you ever hear about drama going on there? Do you see any type of hierarchy going on there? Now look at that phandom. I mean, throwing a fit because they slept on separate floors on tour?? Get over yourself. Accusing them of queerbaiting because they act like actual friends and roommates on camera?? Come ON. Sending hate to their friends? Are you really going to stoop that low, all in the name of a fictional ship? Even worse, when popular blogs send their followers on rampages when someone goes against the norm (the norm being shipping phan and constantly overanalyzing their every move.) It’s ridiculous.

Anyway, I could go on forever about the bad stuff in this place. I’d like to mention some of the good as well. I’ve come across plenty of wonderful people who have complimented me on my writing, people who have backed me up in the ‘not-shipping-phan’ thing. I technically got in my first relationship through this fandom. I have internet friends that I never want to let go of. I’ll always remember the people who sent me kind words when I went on hiatus.

Dan and Phil are a significant part of my life. They’ve gotten me through some tough shit, they’ve made me smile. I looked at their first book on the day it was released and was glad i didn’t kill myself. Dan made me feel less alone and more comfortable with my cynicism. Phil has calmed me and made me smile when i felt like the crying would never end.

But at the same time, they’re so aggravating! Why can’t they tell their audience to cool it? Sure, people will send sarcastically rude things to Dan and everyone will laugh and have a good time. But what about when people stalk their personal lives? What if either of them has a significant other and the phandom goes into a frenzy?

That’s honestly what’s kept me here for this long. There has always been a part of me that just hopes that they’ll acknowledge phan, or come forward with a significant other. I wanted to stick around to see that. But I’ve taken the phandom’s shit for a bit too long, and I’ve seen the phandom tear my friends to pieces. I cant take it anymore.

Sidenote: this blog isn’t going to deactivate. I’ll leave it up solely for the people who read my writing (if y'all are still out there lmao.) And I’ll probably talk about me and my girlfriend here, should i find the need. I probably won’t reblog Dan and Phil anymore. Not that it matters, I’ve been losing followers anyway. If anyone cares here are my main, jse, and aesthetic blogs. You can find me there.

Anyway congratu-fucking-lations, phannies. You win.

I’ve always dreamt that once I joined tumblr that I would find people around my age with the same interests and in the same fandoms and that we would become internet friends. That we would chat all the time not matter what Timezone and that one day we would meet up and discover how awesome our friendship is and just fuck shit up but instead I feel more isolated and alone then ever and I haven’t made any internet friends :/

Byun Baekhyun as: Your Best Friend

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  • I haven’t even started yet but I already know he’s friendship goals okay.
  • You two probably met at a convenience store in your city.
  • He was walking along every aisle, struggling to find something that he needed.
  • You’ve been seeing him walking around for a few minutes when you decided to help him.
  • He was searching for his favorite candy and you happen to have the last pack.
  • Yes, he tried taking it from you.
  • No, you didn’t give it to him.
  • He thought you were funny so you started hanging out.
  • Everything started blooming there.
  • He loves giving you cute and annoying pet names.
  • Well mostly just annoying.
  • When you suddenly fart and it smells.
  • Expect him to call you “Fartmel” the whole week.
  • You have different nicknames every week but you secretly love it.
  • But you love it better when he calls you by your name.
  • The friend who playfully picks a fight over stupid things.
  • “YAH! Do you want to FIGHT?!”
  • “Baekhyun what are you talking about I’m only on my phone.”
  • “The wifi is being SLOW and YOU’RE hoGgiNG ALL ThE InTerNeT!!”
  • Will never let you go home alone, especially at night.
  • He’s filled with “I’ll drive you home.” and “I’ll call someone to pick you up.”
  • People tend to mistake him as your boyfriend.
  • But he’s just really sweet.
  • He’s also the cool Go-To-Guy.
  • Won’t hesitate to help you when you need one.
  • But first he’ll get all whiny.
  • “Ugh you always run out of napkins! How much blood do you lose?!”
  • Then after an hour he’ll visit with 3 packs of napkins, a box of tampons, and Mcdonald’s take-out.
  • Invites you at the most random times just to play video games.
  • But you always say yes because no one can resist gamer Baekhyun.
  • Then your eardrums will bleed because LOTS OF SCREAMING.
  • Will tag you in memes.
  • Will give you the last slice of pizza.
  • Will point at the ugliest animal in the zoo and say
  • “That you”
  • There’s never a dull moment with this puppy I want like 10 Baekhyuns please.
A Letter To My Fellow Abuse Surviviors

(thank you to the entire community of vent blogs here. you have all extended a kindness I never could have imagined)

I write screams to strangers.

In the dead of the night I take out my phone and I type the words that threaten to burst out of my chest like dreamcatcher and cover the body of the lover sleeping next to me in guts and acid.

When the gnawing gets too much I scream with my fingers in silent agony on a phone thats lit too bright and a screen that lies cracked like my own.

I write these screams to strangers.

And I love these strangers. These people that extend a kindness that they do not have to give.
That say words in comfort that you do not have to say to a stranger. Kindness normal people would not give to a homeless man on the street let alone some no name queer screaming about their trauma over the void of the internet.

And I do love them.

But at the same time it makes me sick. It turns my guts inside out. And when I post about the way his hands felt on my thighs. Thighs so small his hands could fit all the way around. When I post about the bed that was not my own in a house I should have felt safe in. When I talk about how a six year old should not know what a man tastes like or how angry I am that all of me was torn from the inside of my body before I even had a chance to realize just what it was I was losing.

They say.
‘Me too’.
'i understand.’

They share it on their personal screaming wall where they plaster their traumas because they understand.

And it makes me heave.

I do not want them to understand. I do not wish this on a soul. When so many kind hearted people relate to what I have gone through I vomit.

There is bile in my throat and it is b ur ning.

It hurts and I want to scream and I do and they listen and I cry. My throat is burni ng and they open their equally singed throats to squak out attempts at comfort that not a single one of us are really sure how to express because

nobody ever taught us how.

~Kai (bileinmythroat)

my two cents on random writing stuff

I don’t think writers should go at each other and humiliate each other for the stories they write. Tearing someone else down to elevate yourself isn’t really something to be proud of, in my opinion.

I write smut. I write angst. I feel like those are the genres that suit me and my writing style. I am aware of the fact that I’m not that good at other genres and if I wrote fluff, it would probably suck. That’s why I stick to what I think works best for me and my writing style. I don’t write smut because it gets more attention or whatever else is being said. I write angst and smut because I feel like that’s what I’m somewhat good at. There are people who write other genres whose stories are addicting to me and I can’t get enough of them. I’m just aware that my writing isn’t like that.

I know a lot of people feel pressured into writing smut and I’m sorry about that. People should be able to write what they want to write when they want to write it without others pressuring them about it. I don’t think a story needs to contain smut to be good or interesting, not at all. I’ve read a lot of smut that was written just for the sake of writing smut because that’s “what the audience wants”, and I feel like readers can always tell when smut is forced or when it’s a logical part of the story.

What I’m trying to say is, smut writers get a lot of shit for writing smut. Non-smut writers get a lot of shit for not writing smut. There’s no point in tearing each other down and diminishing other people’s hard work.

At the end of the day, whenever you write, whatever you write, you’re giving a bit of yourself in your story. Not to mention that you’re investing a lot of time into planning, let alone the whole writing process. You’re posting a story of yours online for everyone to see and judge. There’s always going to be negative comments. People think they have the right to say whatever they want to others because this is the internet. That’s why I see no point in shaming people for what they write or trying to say that a certain genre is better than another. We’re all working hard on our stories and dealing with hate and negative comments, I don’t think we should start this smut vs. non-smut bashing thing. If it’s already a thing, I’m not a part of it and I don’t even want to be mentioned in it. I support every writer here, even if I still haven’t read their stories because I know how hard it is to write and post your work online for everyone to judge. If I like your writing, I like it, regardless of the genre, popularity, or even personal disagreements. It’s as simple as that.

Writing is writing. Write what you want to write. Read what you want to read.

I don’t know in how many languages or in how many formats the post has to be made: You are responsible for your own content consumption.

It’s like the fucking tootsie roll commercials. How many licks does it take to get to the center of the tootsie pop? How many times do we have to say you’re responsible for your own reading? The world may never know.

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One Mistake

Summary: One mistake can change everything.

Pairing: Bucky x Female!Reader

Word Count: ~5,112

Warnings: Language, ANGST, depressing thoughts, so much crying

A/N: ****Wrote this in a dark head space. Wanted to get it out of there. This starts out happy. It does not end happy. I urge you not to read this if you are depressed.***

Did I need to promote Guinness? No. Was I paid to? Of course not. I just fucking love Guinness.

Disclaimer: No, they don’t murder anyone. Or any other horrible people-related crime.



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In your time with the the Avengers, you’d become close to a particular set of people; mostly Wanda, Bucky, Tony, and Natasha.

“You going out tonight?” Wanda asked as she peeked her head in the door, beaming at you.

“Yeah, I think so. Sam, Bucky, Steve and Scott are all going out, and Scott invited me along,” you said, giddy at the thought of spending the entire evening with Bucky.

Wanda smiled knowingly at you. “Alright, have fun. Keep me and Nat updated,” she said, winking as she disappeared around the corner.

You laughed at that, knowing they’d be too busy on mission to pay attention to your messages. You had today and tomorrow off and the boys had until 0800 tomorrow, so they were going out to enjoy a night on the town. Scott had invited you, though you secretly wished it had been Bucky. He was so quiet, though, that you weren’t surprised the louder and more outgoing Scott had spoken up first.

If you had known how it would have ended you would have chosen to stay in that night. You would have browsed the internet lazily, watched Netflix, baked a cake, gone and seen a movie alone. Anything. You would do almost anything to take that one decision back.

“(Y/N)! You ready to go?” Steve asked courteously as you entered the garage. He was standing next to one of Tony’s nicer cars and you wondered briefly how he’d convinced him to let him borrow it; You considered yourself one of the few people Tony trusted enough with his more expensive toys. Steve, Scott, and Sam loitering nearby, looking up at you at the sound of your name.

“Yup! Let’s roll, boys!” you said, cheering along with Sam and Scott who looked absolutely excited for the night to come.

“We need to be back by-”

“Yeah, yeah, Steve. We know. Get in the car,” Sam said dismissively as he hopped into his own car. Scott hopped in the passenger side and you looked between the two cars. You knew which one you wanted to go in, but-

“You can ride with us,” Bucky said, holding the passenger side door open.

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anonymous asked:

i really liked your meta about sansa/littlefinger but i found out you ship sansan :/ don't you think that what he's doing to her is at least a little bit abusive? sexually and emotionally? their relationship is SO disturbing and creepy, he's a grown ass man clearly sexually & romantically attracted to an 11/12 year old girl, WHY would you ship it???? i don't understand.

First, thank you for liking my meta.  Here’s the thing… I wrote that meta based on textual analysis and in response to how the book community discusses Sansa’s complicated and conflicting feelings toward LF.  Many people mistakenly believe this is Sansa becoming his protege.  I did not write it with the intention of telling some shippers why they are “wrong.”     

As far as shipping goes, I’m a very ship and let ship person.  This is even when, and especially when, it’s a ship I find weird or distasteful.  I stay in my little sandbox and I don’t pay attention to (let alone try to police) what other people want to ship.  I’m too old to be barking up that tree.  I’d rather spend time writing metas or my own fanfic.  Now if I actually am going to argue with anyone on the internet, it’s going to be about the actual ASOIAF text with evidence to back up my position.  Even then I’m highly unlikely to seek out such a debate but on a rare occasion some land on my doorstep.  So…

As to your questions, let me start with the age issue first.  Let me be clear in real life such a relationship would be criminal and immoral, as it should be.  But this is a fictional world where there are vastly different ideas of what is age appropriate.  Remember, the proper way to raise your seven-year-old boy is to take him to a beheading and make him watch everything without flinching (and that’s from our beloved Ned).  I have yet to meet anyone who cried child abuse over this or stopped reading at that point.  So I don’t put too much emphasis on chronological age in questions of morality in the series.  

What I do look at is Sansa’s level of maturity and understanding of relationships and sex.  I do care about her agency.  I don’t ship Sansan (or ship her with anyone) in the early books because she’s still mentally a child and an abused prisoner of war.  I want her to come to her own decisions about what she wants at her own pace, on her own terms.  The good news is GRRM does too.  He rightly separated them at the night of the Blackwater to evolve independently, but parallel to one another.  Alayne II in AFFC is my favorite chapter of this transition to womanhood and maturity, contemplations on sex and love from a young woman’s perspective. 

 I would highly recommend this non-shipper essay on Sansa’s Sexual Maturation by sweetsunray that deals with the unkiss and Sansa figuring out what she wants. (pssst!  It’s Sandor).  A large part of her struggle is coming to accept the fact that what she does want is not the ideal as she always believed it would be.  The books are full of people just wanting who they want and it has nothing to do with the ideal standards.      

Do I think Sandor is abusive to Sansa? Like Joffrey and Littlefinger are abusive toward her?  No.  Definitely not.  I think he was at times impatient and frustrated with her superficiality, naivete, and immaturity.  He’s too uncompromising and overly harsh at times with the truth as he sees it.  Yet, Sansa is not afraid to challenge him when he’s being awful.  She is totally afraid of saying the wrong thing in front of Joffrey or Littlefinger.  

The only reason Sandor cares at all about her is that she cared first.  She responded to his secret, his vulnerability with compassion.  For once in his life, someone took his side after the system rewarded his brother and failed him.  It’s not at this point anything romantic or sexual for either of them.  He responds to her compassion by being protective and supportive through her abuse.  She reawakens in him a desire to be better.  He’s a jaded idealist, not a nihilist.  He does seek out her attention because he does crave a connection with someone, even if he can’t people around her.   He doesn’t want the intimacy to end because of his loud and clumsy mishandling.  He’s also frustrated with himself that he even wants a connection in the first place because he hates/fears the vulnerability that comes with it.  He’s a ball of conflicting emotions about her that he has no experience in how to sort out.  It’s very important that Sandor is written as someone who is as inexperienced in relationships as Sansa.  It levels the playing field between them.    

It’s not until Sansa has obviously started developing into a woman that he even notices her in that way (because the whole castle has).  He’s very drunk and he blurts out the inappropriate comment about her body.  It’s a very bungled attempt at flirting coming from someone who is also very emotionally stunted.  BUT… after talking with her he realizes that mentally she is still very innocent.  He knows it’s wrong, so he backtracks out of there as fast as he can, falling into an awkward silence.  That is the very worst of anything sexual that actually happens between them and he backs off.  Even the night of the Blackwater he is very drunk and his behavior is scary and wildly inappropriate, but it never crossed the line into permanent damage.  He never actually did anything sexual to her. He also could have forced her to go with him, but he did not.  She made her choice, it hurt, but in the end, he respected her decision to not go with him.  Do I think maybe he wanted to kiss her?  Yeah, probably.  But he didn’t.  He is not Gregor.  He is not a rapist.  He cares about her autonomy.  He cares about her consent even if he kind lost his mind (from trauma) for a minute there which he really, really regretted.  

This all says problematic to me, not creepy.  There are issues to overcome.  Good!  Bring it on!  That makes a story.  Littlefinger is creepy.  He totally does not care about her consent, boundaries, or discomfort to say the very least.  Men of all different ages have groped her, forced kisses on her, stripped her, beat her, and have attempted to rape her.   

If you don’t ship Sansan that’s totally fine by me.  If it doesn’t speak to you, that’s cool.  Ship and let ship.  I will say Sansa x whoever shippers are probably going to be very disappointed come TWOW.  All the mountains of text evidence point to future Sansan.  I got a huuuuuge meta coming out soon that deals with all that complete with tons of evidence to back up my analysis. Bottom line, I ship future Sansan because GRRM ships it and Sansa ships it.  Whatever makes that baby girl happy I want her to have.  The good news is when the author reunites them it will be when they are both really ready and have dealt with the respective issues that made an earlier relationship a terrible idea.                             

Popular reasons people hate fickin and why those reasons have no actual backing.

People who straight up run kinhate blogs are ridiculously stubborn about their opinions of kin people being the worst because of these reasons, despite the reasons being pretty much fabrications of their own and can be easily debunked. And I, a known fictionkin, and here to do that.

“Kin people make the LGBT+ community look bad!”
It’s not part of the LGBT+ community, that would be like saying BLM makes the autism community look bad. There’s no direct correlation.

“It’s annoying!”
Ok, if you find it annoying that’s fine! You don’t have to interact with it and you could ignore it. Don’t tell me it’s hard to ignore, most people don’t even know what it is.

“They think they’re fictional characters!”
No, we are aware we are not those characters. We simply identify with those characters. We can believe they were past lives, this is spiritual and if anything it’s closer to religious belief than it is being “trans-character”.

“It’s an unhealthy coping mechanism!”
Wrong, it often is a coping mechanism, but nothing about it is inherently unhealthy. It can be very healthy and highter yourself worth seeing “yourself” (your kin). Yes, it can be unhealthy if the person who is using it to cope is going to far, but that’s a personal issue and has nothing to do with kin. If you actually cared about our mental health you wouldn’t make whole blogs dedicated to hating us.

“It’s ridiculous!!”
OK, and? It’s none of your business. Yeah, we know it sounds insane, trust me, we know. But if it’s something that makes us happy and feel better about ourselves, why do you care? Why take the time to invest yourself into hating someone and something so much, when it’s doing no harm to you? Are you that bitter? Try arts and crafts, it’s a better hobby.

“It’s just relating to a character!”
It’s deeper than that, we feel a real spiritual connection to the character as if they are us.

“There’s so much kin drama!”
Susan, there’s drama over literally everything, have you been on the internet? I’ve been in an argument because I liked Cinnamon Toast Crunch and not Krave. Does that mark cereal as P for Problematic? There’s going to be drama online no matter what.

“They’re rude!”
Maybe because you won’t leave them alone with your “ugh ur dum” bullshit.

Bottom line is just let fickin people live, they’re harming no one, but you’re going out of your way to harm them.

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who the fuck is leroy jenkins


Essentially it is an early internet meme. In WoW raids would take a lot of planning and strategizing to succeed and a TON of people. In the middle of planning, one player runs into the dungeon alone shouting LEEERROYYYYY JEEEENKIIIIINNSSSS and essentially wrecking the whole thing, being reckless, and getting everybody killed. All because he wanted to eat some chicken.

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for the made up fic thing: 5 times people tried flirting with Victor in front of Yuuri, and Victor was very salty about it.

send me a made up fic title and i’ll write a fic for it

5 times people tried flirting with Victor in front of Yuuri, and Victor was very salty about it.

Everyone knows Victor Nikiforov is a desirable man. It wasn’t for nothing that he held the title of hottest bachelor in the sportive universe for years unending. Yuuri has exemplars of every magazine that points it out (the photos are amazing in these ones, he’d explain himself), and he still has a hard time believing he is the one behind the reason why Victor is not eligible for that title anymore. Victor is, and will always be, a beacon of beauty in the sports universe, but definitely not single anymore.

Sometimes he can’t quite believe he’s wearing matching rings with his fiancé Victor Nikiforov. And Yuuri knows there’s no one in this world Victor loves more than him. Countless times he’s been told by the man himself there’s no one he’d rather love. For Victor, there’s only Yyuuri and no one else.

It’s insane. Victor’s love breathes air into his lungs, soothing and comforting like only love can be.

Coming from where Yuuri did - as Victor’s fan, that is - he knows really well what other people think of him. He may or may not be responsible for some of the sauciest “imagine Victor Nikiforov” posts going around the internet. Naturally, Yuuri gets jealous like every normal person, but he handles it pretty well, only requiring some special attention and reassurance once he and Victor are alone in their privacy.

Victor, though. Oh, Victor. He does not forgive.

There was this one time he and Yuuri had gone shopping for Yuri’s birthday, and it was one of those rare moments where they had let go of their hands and Yuuri was browsing the other aisle, still close but not close enough. It was one of the employees asked Victor for a picture - nothing unusual. A regular selfie, Victor making his trademark peace sign pose and smiling gently at the camera.

What was unusual was that the employee gave him his phone number. At first, it didn’t make sense for Victor - a phone number? With this guy’s name on it? Why would he want it? - but it clicked when the guy gave him a warm smile and a wink. 

It was a knee-jerk reaction,”what am I supposed to do with this?” He asked, deeply upset. He didn’t even wait for an answer before crumpling the paper in his hand, trailing back to where Yuuri was resolute on not letting go of his hand ever again in that store, occasionally flashing angry eyes at the employee.

When Victor told him, huffing and grunting about the employee’s insolence, Yuuri thought it was hilarious.

So it wasn’t unusual for Victor to get hit on, even though most people knew he was spoken for. If he happened to go to the pet store to buy Makkachin food or new toys, one of the cashiers always hit on him, no matter how hard Victor tried to ignore her and only talk to her when necessary. Some other people were even blunter, flirting with him in front of Yuuri - who always laughed later, because Victor’s appalled reaction was so great.

The worst time was when they went to Sicily on vacations. Yuuri was having the time of his life at the pool, gorgeous and all smiles for Victor and it was impossible to look away. He thought of ordering a drink for both of them - something refreshing, sweet and a bit alcoholic - to celebrate their love and life together. He got out of the pool, dripping, and asked the barman for two drinks. 

As he waited at the counter, an older man standing nearby offered a sly smile at him, definitely staring at Victor while he waited for his order. That alone wasn’t much to get Victor bothered - he would get those looks from time to time, and he didn’t mind - but the man hummed something under his breath as he turned around that managed to get Victor red. 

He was livid, because even though he didn’t speak Italian he understood it well enough to pick up on the meaning behind that crude flirtation. For a split second, Victor almost replied him with something equally rude - he even pictured himself dramatically throwing a drink at the man - but he wouldn’t. No, Victor Nikiforov was better than that. Taking in deep breaths, Victor managed to get his anger under control until the barman had their drinks ready. 

As he left, Victor stretched his arm out and displayed his golden ring on purpose. He would have told him to fuck off, but lacking the knowledge to say so in Italian wouldn’t sound so nice, and the look of embarrassment on the man’s face was enough for him to feel avenged. 

When Victor told Yuuri about that Yuuri laughed, as he usually did, but he had to admit he felt the same anger Victor must have felt back then. It was this quiet possessiveness, a pride in knowing that Victor loved him so much he got salty at people who tried to flirt with him. Victor was his and no one else’s, and that made Yuuri’s insides flutter with happiness.