lesya toumaniantz

So, by now, you’ve probably heard about Lesya Toumaniantz; the girl who met a dude and got his name tattooed on his face immediately.

If not, well, long story short, Lesya is a girl of, 19, I think, who met a tattoo artist, Rouslan Toumaniantz, who is significantly older and covered in tattoos, online. After realising that they both had similar interests, they met, fell in love, got married and Lesya got his name inked right on her face. All within the two weeks they’d first met.

Remember that girl that “fell asleep” and woke up to fifty or so stars on her face? Well, Rouslan was the man behind that, too. The girl (who later admitted she’d lied) had no other tattoos, and Rouslan still deemed it a good idea to let the freshly legal girl get them done. I’ve heard of a lot of tattoo artists having policies of not letting people get facial, or otherwise visible, tattoos done if they don’t already have a lot of them elsewhere. And certainly not at 18.
Shit, many artists won’t even do names because they know it’ll be a bad idea.

Not Mr Toumaniantz, however. No, he deemed it perfectly acceptable to give these girls what they supposedly want.
I find it really odd that he would agree to Lesya having this tattoo, especially so early on. It might seem like a ridiculously over the top gesture to immortalise love at first sight, but I honestly can’t comprehend how anyone would let their partner do this. Surely you’d want exactly what was best for them in any circumstance, right?

Having his name displayed so bluntly on her face makes me think he’s trying to display ownership. He has a few years on Lesya, to boot, so it really does seem like a power thing to me. I worry for what is going to happen to this girl, as this is most likely going to be something to fuck her up for a looooong time. Not just from whatever may happen between the two of them, but the public’s reaction to it. Already, from what I’ve read, the response has been pretty negative, so if and when things go south between them, I can only imagine the overwhelming amount of “told you so"ing that she’ll have to deal with.

For the record, I believe it when I read that she is a mentally balanced individual, but I really cannot say the same for her husband.

GRRR I’m so mad at my Dad.
We were talking about that girl who tattooed her boyfriends name on her face. He was going on about how she made a stupid choice yadda yadda yadda. Whatever. 
I don’t think that girl looks bad now she has face tattoos, she looked good before and she looks good after. It was her own choice, and she’s not hurting anyone with it.

Then he said if I ever tattooed my face he would freak out on me. To which I said, again it would be my choice and none of his business. Then he said he would freak out because my Grandpa would freak out on him.

To which I said Well Grandpa doesn’t know I have tattoos now.
Then my Dad says ‘Yes he does.’
'I told him you do.’

Not cool.

I have tattoos on my SHINS. I wear pants 99% of the time, especially when I’m at family gatherings/dinners ect.

It is my body, and my choice to tell my very old and conservative family if I have tattoos or not.
I don’t think it is fair of him to tell my grandpa that. To which he said 'I disagree, it’s public art.’

No. Fuck you. No