HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BABY IRA! Oh my God Ira, another year has passed so quickly! I hope you are having a great day, my darling. And I really hope everything goes as planned and we can meet in… a month or so?! omg *fingers crossed* I’m really looking forward to it :3 you have to tell me everything about your first mcfly concert experience (are you ready for that Ira?!?!). I love you so much, the Tom to my Danny *sigh* have a lot of fun mi amor!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY IRA, I love you so much, I hope you are having the best day ever and school is not being a bitch like usual ¬¬ You are and will always be in my heart cause you are the sweetest girl in the planet and you have a HUGE heart, you are always there for me, I can’t thank you enough for your words when I’m feeling down <3 I LOVE YOU okay? don’t ever doubt that, Happy birthday bb <3

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10 (besides GERMANS), 18, and 12! :D

ok this is harder than I thought

10. Biggest turn on(s): DAMMIT IRA. Idk I’m not a picky person buuut beards, accents (any kind really), a genuine and lovely smile, dimples, freckles, well-dressed men, dry humor (is that weird), beanies, glasses, photographers, great music taste :p and Arsenal fans hahaha

18. Phobia(s): I have too many. Growing up, being stuck in a job I hate, social interaction, hurricanes, driving in thunderstorms, disappointing people, things just not going how I planned.

12. Ideas of a perfect date: Oh man, I’ve never really thought about it to be honest but it’s really similar to yours haha. I guess I’d like to go to a concert or a soccer game with someone who is just as passionate about the band/sport/team/etc. as I am, and go out to eat before or after, preferably before so we can walk around and snap some photos. Late night shenanigans are always fun-no, get your head out of the gutter-I mean like racing buggies around Wal-Mart at 1am, so I’d probably end it with that or something similar. 

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I just saw your text post replies lmao I'm in Sydney Aussie definitely :p and on holiday for a week! Aww were you here for vacay too?

I was there for a work summit but I loved the city. I’m glad you are having fun! 

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12 (with juan duh)

Lol Ira

12. Ideas of a perfect date

Well, if it’s with Juan, I guess I’d like a tour of his favourite spots in London (some of which are also my favourite spots anyway) and then a nice conversation during dinner that ends with cake. And kisses.

If it’s with someone else, I think a movie and dinner date is good. Ending the night with cake or ice-cream is also good.