Talk at TEDxKC: Of Course It Matters: Lesterland as the white primary. 


Brilliant TED talk on the money in polotics. 

Awesome Links: Will Arnett In TMNT, Pop Culture Maps, Emma Watson in GQ, and Hayden Panettiere in a Bikini

Ladies Love My Cool Guns

Kevin Smith says Clerks III is going to be his magnum opus, I’m happy with anything that’s not Red State.

An introduction to Lesterland and why it’s important for the future of the United States of America.

BABE ALERT: Emma Watson on the cover of GQ.

This headline: “Mike Piazza to make his ballet debut. What?

Pop culture maps are fun things that prove that some people have way too much time on their hands.

Jimmy Kimmel asks, “Gay couple or straight friends?

The worst part about booze being legal, is that we don’t have to use cool speakeasy cards anymore.

The first photo in the Hayden Panettiere bikni is, um, uh, camel-toe-y? Is that a word?

The internet needs more lists like this: “25 reasons Kristen Bell is the most adorable human

Finally, Will Arnett has been cast in Michael Bay’s upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie, our friend Dan Colonna has a good guess as to who he might play.

Ten bucks says he’s Krang: avclub.com/articles/will-…

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Lesterland: the talk, the eBook & the aBook (as in audio book)

Today, the wonderful people at TED release my TED talk. At the same time, we’re releasing an eBook based on the talk. And as an innovation still, if you get the book through the TED platform, you can hear me read the text of the book too. (We’re going to release the audio book (an aBook) through Audible as well, but that process is slower). 

The point of the talk and the book is to offer a clear way to understand the nature of the corruption that is our government. It builds up my earlier work, Republic, Lost, and One Way Forward, but the framing is different, and the remedies evolved. One Way Forward announced itself as the first version of a plan to respond to the corruption described in Republic, Lost. Lesterland is version 2.0: a rev on the description, and a rev on the plan. 

Consistent with TED policies, the talk is CC licensed. I am very happy that TED has also agreed to allow the book to be CC licensed (CC-BY-NC) from its launch. (If your copyright notice doesn’t quite say that, it will update to correct that error soon. The first release hadn’t corrected the default template.)

Finally, a note about eBooks: This will be obvious to most, but trust me (and I have the emails to prove it), it is not obvious to everyone: An eBook is a platform. It is distinct from a device. So if you buy the eBook from Amazon, it is a “Kindle” book, but it can be read on a Mac, a PC, an Android phone, an iPhone, etc., if you install the Kindle software. If they got the settings right, the book is not DRM’d, and you’re free to share them. The only restriction the CC license imposes is that you can’t exploit the work commercially without talking to me first. 

Enjoy, and thanks to the friends at TED for working so hard to enable this experiment.