Argo is a story about getting out escapees from the US Embassy out of Tehran. The best way is for the CIA to send an operative posing as a film producer and say that they are all a Canadian film crew doing location scouting for a sci fi film.

The first half of the movie sets up the premise, and gives a backstory to the film, including the days leading up to the coup and why it happened. It them goes to the CIA coming up with ideas, and finally with them setting up a film company for the sole purpose of getting the escapees out of Tehran, even buying office space, optioning a script, and doing a media table read for the film.

The final part is getting them out. This is where the film gets good. You find yourself involved in the script by this time, there is a real sense of danger, and you find even the most minor of scenes tense.

The film is about heroism and being a hero. The main guy goes against orders, and gets them out his way, because he promised them, and the escapee who is the most reluctant to do the plan is the one who steps up to the challenge when they are met with resistance.

But once again,Americais the hero, even if it is the unsung hero.