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but can we just pause a second and take stock of this moment!!!! what the fuck! dan is just with the lesters!!!!! for vacation!

i’m having trouble taking stock because it’s just so much. it’s incredible how unsurprising this feels (‘this’ being dan on vacay with the lesters) even though it’s not something that has ever actually happened to our knowledge (other than last year when he joined them in orlando right before tatinof started, but that was clearly under the guise of that work-related excuse). it was already making me all sorts of emotional to think of dnp and martyn/cornelia (and maybe the lester parents) going to miami for a few days, admiring a new city together, looking at cool architecture, drinking cocktails, enjoying the sunshine, watching sunsets, all as a family. and now to know that dan stayed on, that he’s there with them still, that they’re gathering round the television with a table full of their store-bought snacks, half a world away from home, and having this warm evening laughing together and probably just having so much fun!!! to hear phil call dan his family, knowing we’d all know that dan was included in that!!! i’m honestly reeling, this year has been difficult to fathom at the best of times but this vacay is really hitting me in a particular way. there’s so much settled, comfortable togetherness in everything they’ve been doing lately and in the way they’ve sort of grown tired of hiding so much. it’s lovely. i’m so happy for them.

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i'm so confused right now some people are saying dan lied and has been back home for 2 days because of the date in his passport and that the pic must be from before that. but why would he lie? i'm sure you can extent your stay if you want to? or it says 18 after all. also speaking of he pic, it doesn't say he's going home either, just leaving Miami. cruise? maybe? or he's really going home now but he already stayed longer than we thought he would

omg. ok so. in cases where they themselves have not shared where they are, they almost always post from that place after they’ve already left it. i think it’s safe to conclude that photo was taken at least two days ago. the lesters weren’t in miami as early as may 11–that fan photo of phil in a grocery store wasn’t in miami. i think it’s very possible dan went back to the uk but it’s equally possible (as you said) to extend a visa (if his visa even said may 10) and stay longer. we don’t really have evidence to support either option. however, i really don’t agree with characterizing what he’s doing as “lying.” it’s clear they didn’t want it to be widely known that they went to miami with at least martyn/cornelia (maybe the lester parents too). that’s not lying. that’s obscuring their location information for the sake of privacy, and for the sake of having a vacation with family where fans aren’t out there looking for them. it’s completely within their right to do that, especially after their last trip where they saw fans the entire time that they were there. as for when exactly dan left miami and where he is now, he’s not ‘lying’ about that either–he simply didn’t offer up any specific information about those questions. again, for privacy’s sake and to not get stopped at airports and whatnot. if he were to post exactly when he’s leaving somewhere and exactly where he is going that’s basically inviting people to go find him or wait for him at airports on both ends of the journey–it doesn’t make sense to call steps that are taken to avoid that scenario ‘lying.’ 

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