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Definition of screamo ukulele

So my friend was in class and she had house of gold stuck in her head so she asked the teacher to play it. When they were listening to it a kid who hasn’t heard of tøp asked
“ why are we listening to screamo ukulele”

yeah okay but have you ever tried to imagine Dan and Phil as parents?
  • Phil: c'mon children follow me, let's go watching some cartoons! I even bought some colorful biscuits! Cute babies *pats their heads lovingly* And then, we're going to buy stuffed baby lions!
  • •••
  • Dan: it's time to have lunch!
  • Baby: *drops the food*
  • Dan: fffffFFFFFFFFFFFFFF- No, Daniel you can't swear in front of the baby, you ca-
  • Baby: *cries*
  • Dan: nope nOPE don't cry pleaSE
  • Baby: *cries even harder*
  • Dan: shIT *holds the baby* jesus christ let's pretend you didn't listen to that okay? Shush, baby. Keep the secret.

after some rainy day photography (one of which I put in PJ’s) I was inspired to make these.

PJ: luftmensch (Yiddish) a dreamer, “air person”

Chris: duende (Spanish) the power art has to deeply move a person

Dan: komorebi (Japanese) the sunlight that filters through the leaves of trees

Phil: wabi-sabi (Japanese) to find beauty in imperfections

Reasons to Love AmazingPhil

#126: Can we just take a minute to appreciate how amazing this looked?

(gif thanks to @dan-howell)


New year, new Dan and Phil - 2016 is going to be awesome         (x), (x), (x)