lester bb

what she says: i’m fine

what she really means: why would people subscribe to dan but not phil? why would people not appreciate the beautiful ball of sunshine that is phil? he literally is the most creative youtuber out there and people constantly steal his ideas but he still continues to be happy and cute? and he supported his best friend who has more subscribers than him while he hasn’t reached 3 million yet but he is ok with it? why don’t people think that he’s amazing? like he has such a beautiful soul and i love him so much and if any random mushroom thinks that he isn’t worth subscribing to i will shove their foot up their ass

“I want milkshake!”

1. smexy emo Phil / 2. awkward puberty Dan / 3. Dan lips lickin’ checkin’ Phil out / 4. headbutt lol / 5. heart eyes Howell /  6. “no dripping”- legit reason to touch ur boyfriend / 7. clink~ / 8. smug Phil leaving waifu cleaning the mess *inserts Dan’s gurly screaming in the bg*