lester barnes

Tumblr writers killed me.
  • Friend: Do you wanna go out?
  • Me: Nah,I have to finish reading this fanfiction.
  • Friend: You'd rather read a fanfiction,something that isn't real,something that will never,ever happen,instead of going out with me and having fun?
  • Me: Yep,pretty much.
Materlist ~ Fics

* is Abi’s fic and - is Jade’s fic

Dan Howell:

*I wish

Flashbacks ~ submitted


Doctor who:

*The Time Travellers Promise


*We’ll Meet Again


Phil Lester:

*I really do love you

Captain America:

-Steve Rogers imagine


Mark Fischbach:

-Markiplier imagine

Erik (Magneto):

*Heartbrakes and Headaches

The flash:

-Barry Allen imagine

The Joker (suicide squad):


Loki Laufeyson:


Charles Xavier:

*Your broken promise



*I’m a goner

Human Torch:

-Johnny storm highschool AU

Harley Quinn (suicide squad):

*Cheering up

Dan: Hello, hi, how are you?
Phil: Hi!
Me: I got you a tweety hat to remind you of your sins
Phil: Ooh
Me: also a dog hat since you can’t get a dog
Phil: *looking at the bird hat* that’s so funny
Dan: oh my god that’s amazing!
**I only had 30 seconds so there’s a lot of overlap in conversation**
Me: *shaking Phil’s hand* it’s really nice to meet you I really love you
Phil: it’s nice to meet you too!
Dan: And do you draw this? *holds up my picture*
Me: yeah I did! * points to my lion ears* I made these in honor of you Phil!
Phil: that’s so cool!
All three: *turns to take picture*
Dan: did we sign your book already? Yes we did! Just to make sure!
Me: thank you so much! *bows a little cause I’m Asian like that lol*
Dan: we really appreciate it
Phil: thank you!
Dan: *starts giving me back the drawing but I tell him it’s for them to keep* REALLY? Thank you!
Me: *being ushered away by security* bye!
Dan: Bye!
Phil: *waves*

btw Phil is as beautiful irl as he is on camera