I can’t find your ask box so I’m goin to make another post about you. I told my friends about our plans and my friend Jenna thinks you’re a man and Kelly thinks you’re a serial killer. I woul lie to prove them wrong. You should post a picture so they can shut up and leave me alone. They just don’t understand. Love ,Sarah

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TAG. YOU’RE IT. The rules are to state 10 random facts about yourself. Then, go to your ten favorite blogs and tell them that they are it :D


1. I like horses

2. I developed my own typing system. It’s a mix between hunt and peck and some alien language. Legit.

3. I wore a dress and tights and a fedora and everything and even LIP GLOSS today for absolutely no reason and I decided that the couple of cat-calls were probably directed at me because I was such hot stuff and I enjoyed it more than I should have whenever I caught someone staring at me >_>

4. I like pie.

5. I have, like, seven puggles, and only two of them are puggleformers. 

6. I fucking love hats but I never wear them because they don’t usually look good on my face. 

7. If Marvel kills off Gwen Stacy I will flip a desk factory. 

8. I fucking love snakes.

9. I’m having to sell a lot of my Transformers so I can move my horses closer and pay board.

10. I fucking love chimichangas. 

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I totally agree about the word vomit part. Personally, I’m a DC filly and Batman will always be my number one, but that doesn’t mean that Tony or any other Marvel characters aren’t just as good. Can’t we all just get along?


I honestly can’t tell anymore if Ponify is actually changing just what I see, or what’s actually being posted so if your comment has been edited I AM SORRY and please let me know because I might have to kill that extension if it’s changing things I post.

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OKAY. Let’s see if I can help. Come on over. ;D But seriously, teeth aren’t a problem. They actually help. And you don’t really know whether you’re supposed to lip-lock or french until the moment presents itself.

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Wow. That’s a lot of responses.

I’m actually super amused now

I don’t even know 

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Love, we’d be friends either way. Trust me. If it hadn’t been Halo, it’d’ve been horses. Or Transformers. Or cars. Or SOMETHING.

But what if we hadn’t? D:

I mean, we DID so it’s not like I’m WORRIED about it,

but I’m just marveling about how huge Halo is in my life.

My life could have been so different if I hadn’t gotten into Halo.