I recently saw a blog about matte polish sold locally so I headed to the shop to get some. I only knew about the matte top coat from China Glaze or Orly, etc.. to make the polish look matte or matte polish made in the US. I never knew we had them here (Given that I was out of the country for 9 months, I was hella clueless!)

I went to Etude House to get the matte polish for 98php but most of the colors were sold out so I managed to get a purple/muddy color (but I liked) it from the deck and went to get falsies (for an upcoming wedding event) and paid on the spot!

I applied it on before going out with my friend to finish up the program for her sister’s wedding, since I was waiting for them to pick me up, I decided to put this polish since I heard it dries fast. It did work! It was dry in more or less 10 minutes!

And now for the comments:

Formula: it is pretty good! Didn’t give me any problems applying the polish. I thought it was going to be clumpy but not at all! I had two coats on both hands.

Brush: I am not really particular with brushes so it works for me. Wide brushes are awesome but I can work with what it has :)

First impression: hated it. It looked bumpy and muddy and dull. Hated it.

After a while: I LOVED IT. Bumpyness subsided and looked flat on my nails. It looks so low profile and you had to look to notice it. Awesome.

I also kindda figured out why my cracked polish dried out grayish. I had top coat on my bluegreen polish when I applied it on top of it and It may be the cause. I applied the cracked polish to my ring finger without top coat after the base color and it dried as black and as I expected it to be.

Cheap awesome nail polishes! WIN!

Pet's name
  • *Me and my nephew Larry talking on FaceTime*
  • Larry:I got a fish!
  • Me:Wow!
  • Larry:I'll go get it..
  • *Shows me the fish*
  • Me:Do you have a name for it?
  • Larry:YES! GOLD!
  • Gold the Fish. Gold Fish. LOL!

And because I don’t feel right when my nail polish is chipped, I had to apply a new polish. This polish is - believe it or not - a one coater!! :) some korean nail polish named Nail Up which claims to be an “Enviromental Polish”. Good consistency and brush is decent. Awesome. Im going back to get more!! :) 150php only for a bottle! Now I feel bad ordering some 16 shades of China Glaze. I wish I knew of this sooner!!

Ring finger on last week’s color! :)

I am trying out this black cracking polish I bought yesterday from Nail Up in Trinoma and put it on top of my current polish just coz I will change my polish in a few days anyway! They sell korean nail polishes at affordable rates (This cracking bottle was just 120Php. Ha!)

I got a hot pink glittery polish which I will be trying on this week and this black cracking polish.

And now for the comments:

I love the brush and the formula BUT! when it was drying up, it was grayish on some of the parts and looked like it dried too fast and had that blurry finish which I think made it look gray. If you look at the photo, its not entirely black on the whole nail which made me a little uneasy about it but I can manage. Im still going to use it and its still a steal for 120Php Im either going to say its black or gray LOL.

My week old polish and its second look! Bwaha!


Okay. So yesterday upon checking my FB, I noticed that I was added to a group I never really wanted to join.

First reaction, OMG! What? Why? Who added me? (I found out it was.. a cousin! LOL)

Second reaction, Who are these people?!

Third and the greatest reaction, IS THAT ’S MISUSED? (LOL)

I hated it, I don’t want to be a part of their group at least for now. First reason, Sure we have the same surname but I don’t even know more than half of you (Which I believe really beats the purpose of social network particularly connecting to people you have lost contact with! Why add if you don’t know the person unless what you wanted is just to add random people to advertise or to sell something? So what if you have 8 million friends?) and we don’t even know if we are still blood relatives. I am sure all other common surnames don’t just add people just because they have the same surname right?

You could not believe how fast I removed myself from the group. Sure my surname is rare but make a group out of it and add random people with the same surname is really weird. They give me the creeps for real. Gaaaah!

I don't get the point!

I don’t know why people keep their blogs if almost 99.0% of what’s in your blog is a RE-BLOG? I mean, I just don’t understand! How about just go ahead and read those blogs, like them if you do and be done with it? lol. I just don’t get it seriously. Can somebody explain this to me? Geeez.


I have a tendency of messing the order of the number sequence of my Project 365. Alright, now that everything is fixed for the nth time. Lets go back to business!

Update: Nope. Not yet in order. I am over a day. Boo. I suck. :(

Update: FIXED! ;)

I have missing posts!

I queued the Lomo a day posts properly but somehow i am missing 4 days. the one in queue right now is day 5 for tomorrow.. hmm.. What is going on? Might have to postpone this and start a new one. :(


Believe me, this year was the roughest and toughest for me despite the fact that it is the year of the Tiger which is my Birth year! LOL

I got assigned in a project that I need to learn in a week of formal training and be able to train people to keep them up the phase, I had a lot of unmentionable issues with my personal relations, horrible events that you would have never thought that you would have a bad day and pretty much the decision to move out the country next year. But hey, I survived and lived through it. On the lighter note, I learned how to put a little bit of make up to put color and life on my face. LOL. Late bloomer. I knew people that made my life easier at work (Not that they did all the work, but they were very helpful.) I can say that it is ending pretty well. Very much looking forward to the year to come. What challenges is ahead of me and where will I travel :D Next year, I will turn a quarter of a century. Everybody around me is getting either engaged or married. This is it. Yes, I am a grown woman. Never felt like it. I always felt I am younger than my age. A neighbor told me yesterday that I actually look younger everytime she sees me. Thanks to no make up, teen jeans and sneaks for that comment. I dress up pretty well at work. With my 4" heels and Strong personality, I can pretty much handle business. Next year, I am going to join a new company. Im scared but still looking forward to it. Besides, Stepping out of your comfort zone is the way to go!

2011, Watch out coz this lady is ready to rock!