lessons learned

Sometimes you lose people, and there’s just nothing that you can do about it. Sometimes you lose something that you love. Sometimes you’re replaced by someone else and shifted to a not-so-important place in that one confidant’s heart. Sometimes relationships change and you end up feeling a little bit lonely. Sometimes you just aren’t the right fit, you just aren’t the soul that that other person needs.
—  🖤

sometimes the best medicine is just taking a break from the world. finding a little corner of the universe and allowing yourself to sit down and just breathe. to recuperate. because the truth is, life isn’t a straight path. it’s curvy and bumpy and filled with mountains and oceans for you to cross and you can’t keep running on empty and expect yourself to thrive. eventually you will break down and need some road-side assistance and that’s okay! take a break. get some rest. make the call. hold someone’s hand. allow yourself room to heal and to better yourself. the world is yours, you have all the time you need to heal, so take some today.


Rafael Barba being unfairly seductive in every episode

  Lessons Learned (S14E08)

1. Growing up doesn’t happen all at once. Being persistent in trying is half the battle won.

2. Loneliness can feel a lot like love in the middle of the night. Any text intended to be sent past 2AM can wait until the next day. If your feelings were true, they would still be valid in the morning.

3. Treat people kindly no matter what you’re going through. You will want to be remembered for being that person.

4. You don’t have to change who you are in order to fit in, but it is important to accommodate other’s differences and comfort in your presence. What you think is a small gesture may mean the world to another person.

5. Love on your family, near and far. You never know which hug may be the last.

6. Friends and family may be your support system, but only you can pick up your broken pieces. Accept that you are all that you have.

7. People change. Most times without prior notice, often with no explanation. Wish them well on their way, and move on with your life.

8. Holding onto the things not meant for you will only kill you. Letting them go will set you free.

9. Starting from the bottom does not mean that you’re losing out. It means that your journey forward can only be an uphill one.

10. Thy will be done. Some days you are going to question God’s ways, but you know that His will is ultimately what’s best.

11. It is more important to live your life looking forward than it ever is looking back.

12. You will never forget the people who were kind to you, especially when they didn’t have a reason to be. You will carry a piece of them with you wherever you go.

13. Appreciate everything that you have, even the little things. You don’t get to keep it all forever.

14. When God closes a door, He opens a window. Keep your eyes open to see the silver linings.

15. Not everybody will understand you. But those that do, never forsake them. Never leave them.

16. Sometimes you’ll need to lose yourself in order to be found, then reformed, to be much better than you ever were.

17. Block out the noise that surround you, and focus on yourself. You will move mountains, you will fight. It is you that will bring you places.

18. Peace and contentment comes from living your life from the inside out rather than the outside in. Human recognition may come as one part of the journey, but it should never be the goal.

19. Go out for that 8AM breakfast with your parents. It might be the time you got the most laughs out of the week.

20. Trust your instincts. There’s a reason why it screams louder than the voice in your head.

21. With heartbreaks, come new beginnings.

—  Lessons Learnt In 2016, @rosycheeks-crimsonsmiles
We’re all fools… all the time. It’s just we’re a different kind each day. We think, I’m not a fool today. I’ve learned my lesson. I was a fool yesterday but not this morning. Then tomorrow we find out that, yes, we were a fool today too. I think the only way we can grow and get on in this world is to accept the fact we’re not perfect and live accordingly.
—  Ray Bradbury, The Illustrated Man

an excerpt from my journal - things i’ve learned from 2017 so far:

1. Rejection hurts but how you deal with it is more revealing than the fact that you got rejected in the first place.

2. Practicing gratitude for the small things helps.

3. I’m always improving, even if i can’t see it myself.

4. Self-care is important and self hatred is futile. However the act of not hating myself can be difficult. So baby steps are necessary.

5. Getting nice and thoughtful little surprises for people out of the blue is so fun and makes me feel fantastic.

6. Sometimes it can feel like there is so much hatred in the world that it’s utterly hopeless. However, it’s times like these where the goodness, compassion, and altruism of complete strangers coming together for support shines a small beacon of hope that says ‘hatred does not have all the power.’

7. If a friend offers you their shoulder to cry on, take it. It’s okay, maybe even good, to be your authentic self around people you trust. I’m referring to in times of depression here. Opening up to the right friends can feel safe. Moreover, the decision to cut ties with friends who made you feel bad about yourself, alone, and a burden? That was a good decision. And it’s funny how people will suddenly appreciate your value when you walk away and don’t look back. 

8. Scary films are kind of fun. And in a weird, backwards, sort of way they are a good way of getting a quick fix of perspective. If demons aren’t hiding in my basement in the form of a possessed psychotic baby, i’m probably going to be okay. 

9. It doesn’t count as ‘giving myself a break’ if i spend the whole time beating myself up for having a break.

10. I should stick to my guns about what i believe is right. I’m young and have a lot to learn and understand, but i’m not naive or ignorant and my opinions are valid and persuasive because they come from a place of fundamental compassion and empathy, and a belief that we should always try to help those who are less fortunate if we are in a position of privilege. 

11. I’m not a fraud even though i often feel like i am. 

12. I’m not as alone as my brain tells me i am. 

13. It’s not going to help me to reject how vividly i feel everything. Instead i should learn to use it to fuel creativity and compassion.

14. One person’s success does not diminish another person’s progress. Stop comparing your journey to other people’s.

15. Don’t underestimate the value of a deep intake of cold, fresh, air.

16. Plants die if you care too much and over water them. Apply this to your work.

17. Time slows down by at least 50% at night when you are the only one awake.

18. Being so goal orientated that you don’t let yourself be happy until you have achieved said goal is not a healthy mindset. You need to give yourself permission to live in the meantime and enjoy what you can. Learn to stop and smell the roses.