lessons l


  • first god to bring someone back from the underworld (rescued his mother, semele) by bypassing thanatos and then turning his mother into a constellation. a man named prosymnus lead him in exchange for dionysos to be his lover, but he died before they could make love, and dionysos honored his memory by literally making the first dildo and placing it on his grave
  • when the ruler of thebes, penthenus, doubted dionysos’ godship, dionysos lured him to one of his groups of devotees, where he then used his control to turn everyone crazy, causing said devotees to rip penthenus apart with their bare hands
  • when king lycurgus of thrace found out that dionysos was in town, he locked up all of his nymph followers as punishment. what did dion do? he made lycurgus go mad, and chop his own son to bits and pieces with an axe. then, he even cursed the whole kingdom of thrace with drought, until lycurgus died, which made his people capture and murder him

SO BASICALLY: yeah dionysos is a chill guy who marks graves with dildos, but if u anger him he’ll rly fuck u up

Tbh, it was far better that Roan came up with the conclave idea rather than Clarke. If a new culture is to be reborn out of this apocalypse, the Grounders need to be the ones moved to change, not forced by someone who doesn’t really know their culture. 

Roan was the one to come up with the third way this time: not full out war (like the grounders wanted) and not full out peace w/ a side of sacrilege (like Clarke wanted), instead a balance: one death versus thousands, heck, it’s good politics (right, Roan?). And, in the end, that was best. 

In retrospect, I liked this development… but Clarke still has a lesson to learn this season, otherwise I’ll be giving up on my heroine here (I’m sure she’ll learn it… I think. Sometimes I don’t know with these writers, tbh). 

ablogthatishenceforthmine  asked:

Is it just me or has Clarke lost a lot of the relationships she had with the delinquents? Her and Jasper's relationship completely dissolved even after he stopped being angry. Her and monty have barely interacted in the past 2 season. Her and Octavia have been done for a while. Like I feel Bellamy is the only delinquent that she has a relationship with anymore. Hopefully, next ep we will see some more of her and raven's relationship. But it just makes me sad bc Clarke has almost all her friends.

No, it’s not just you and I think there’s a reason for this that plays into Clarke’s overall Character/Story arc. Again, y’all come and ask questions not expecting meta and then it just….springs out of my head because you guys just say the absolute right things.

What you said made me realize that…Clarke has been alone since Season 2. Like, we talk constantly about Clarke and Bellamy being co-leaders and discuss why that’s so frustrating, but we’re thinking as the audience, which means we haven’t taken the time to put ourselves in Clarke’s shoes. 

Although we know that Clarke can always depend on Bellamy to make the big decisions with her, and that he in fact has always been there for the “lever pulling moment” (even in S3, the script tells us Clarke finds strength in the memory of Bellamy helping her pull the lever in S2), but for most of every Season, Clarke has been isolated from her strongest support system: her people (and specifically-Abby and Bellamy).

Most people, when they discuss Clarke, say things like “I really miss Season 1 Clarke!” and “When will Clarke get back to her Season 1 self?” And I’ve seen people say “She’s not that girl anymore because of all of the things she’s had to do!” but the key difference between Season 1 Clarke and Season 2-4 Clarke is that she didn’t have her co-leader by her side. 

See evidence:

Clarke and Bellamy interact in a leadership based capacity in every single episode of Season 1, with no exceptions (they also have their friendship building moments). Clarke also has the benefit of being surrounded by the Core Four in this season (Raven and Octavia also play key integral roles in this Season). Clarke is noticeably not bearing the majority of the burden, and so even as she makes heavy decisions, someone else made the decision with her (even closing the Dropship on Bellamy wasn’t a decision she made by herself, Miller was the one who told her they didn’t have time and that they had to close the door now.).

Let me be clear and say that this in no way means that Clarke is more likable when she is with a man. I’m saying that Clarke is less burdened in Season 1, more open and she shares that burden more equally with those in her Core support system. 

Season 1 ends with Clarke isolate from others and Season 2 picks up the same way, Clarke alone, in a white sterile room. And this should have been the first sign of what was waiting for us in regards to Clarke’s journey. Even as she is surrounded by the 47 in Mt. Weather, Clarke obviously holds herself (and her plans to escape) away from them. When she escapes, she doesn’t escape with one of her people, she escapes with Anya, a Grounder leader (clever bit of foreshadowing there). She is reunited with her mother and Bellamy for only 4 episodes before she agrees with Bellamy’s plan to go into the Mountain. As soon as she takes L/xa’s advice “Love is weakness.”, Clarke’s separation from her support system becomes even more obvious: 

She and L/xa literally spend 2x10 away from their people being chased by a giant gorilla. 

In 2x11 Clarke actually takes control away from her mother (”You may be the Chancellor, but I’m in charge.”) and in doing so she pushes away one of her strongest supports (Abby) while her other (Bellamy) is in the mountain. Raven (the third part of the Core Four) is still furious with her over Finn’s death, and Octavia (4/4 of the Core Four) is too concerned with Bellamy and Lincoln’s absence to be much help. 

In 2x12, Clarke and L/xa abandon their people to a bomb, an act which leaves Abby horrified by her daughter and Clarke even more alone on this leadership journey than she’s been before (save L/xa), because Raven is at Camp Jaha and Octavia is in TonD.C. 

In 2x13, Clarke is still only partnered with L/xa, a solitary leader. 

In 2x14, Clarke is still partnered with L/xa, a solitary leader. 

In 2x15, Clarke and L/xa attempt to open the doors, but ultimately fail (which is a large bit of foreshadowing). 

In 2x16, Clarke is back with a team (Bellamy and Monty) and they succeed at taking down the Mountain but Clarke leaves on a solitary journey. 

Everything about Season 2 tells us that Clarke does better, is successful, when she is operating as part of a team, not a solitary leader. 

In Season 3, we open with Clarke again, separated from her people, and she remains that way until the very last seconds of episode 3x10 (almost the entire Season), even when she is back with her people for brief moments, she’s still rejecting the idea that she can, and indeed needs, to lead with others. Again, it’s not until the finale of Season 3 where Clarke stops trying to make decisions and lead by herself, that she finally succeeds and is able to defeat A.L.I.E. 

We’re seeing it again in Season 4, Clarke is isolated, even as she is surrounded by her support system, because she has not released the lessons she learned from L/xa (primarily) and Dante (only a bit). 

L/xa, as a divinely appointed leader, was raised to understand that the final say is and always should be hers. She was raised to believe that she did not need to depend on others, and that, as a function of her position, all others were subject to her wishes. 

Dante, as president, is also someone who doesn’t seem to have a group of people that he reports to, or who hold him accountable. 

Ironically, both faced similar fates (their people turned on them, both killed by a gunshot). 

We actually see a bit of this happen for Clarke in Season 4 (when Monty reads the list and I suspect we’ll see it again in 4x11), because Clarke is not allowing others to lead with her, her people are turning against her. 

Clarke has not yet accepted that she is not a person who is capable of being a solitary leader (Bellamy actually played on this in 4x11, when he pointed out all the times “they” saved everyone). Clarke wants to save everyone (her mother calls her on this in the pilot episode) and in her mind, part of saving everyone is also protecting them (at least she thinks she is) from making the life or death decisions. 

But Clarke hasn’t come to terms with the fact that she’s never truly made a life or death decision by herself, she’s never done any of her biggest saves by herself, and every time she tries to lead alone, she fails. Clarke is a leader who NEEDS others. 

And I am so hopeful that we will finally see the culmination of what has been a 3 Season long, achingly painful arc. 

Good Character Growth is not linear, and sometimes it takes Seasons before it reaches the end. 

Attending The Yule Ball With Draco Would Include...
  • Him asking you in the most impressive way 
  • He’d buy nearly half the stock of Honeydukes and signed copies of all of your favourite books 
  • He’d give it all to you at dinner in the Great Hall where everyone can see so that he can show off he’s yours 
  • “Y/N, I love you so much, will you do me the great honour of attending the Ball with me?" 
  • Him being extremely confident on the outside but knowing he’s probably on the verge of a mental breakdown 
  • "Of course, love." 
  • The smile on his face when you say yes 
  • Draco taking you to the astronomy tower later that night and telling you all about how scared he was but also telling you how much he loves you 
  • "The stars remind me of your eyes." 
  • "You can stop being soppy now Draco." 
  • Narcissa insisting she goes dress shopping with your mum so they can both pick out ‘killer’ outfits 
  • Snape giving you your dress box at the end of a potions lesson 
  • "Miss Y/L/N this is your Yule Ball dress. Your mother gave it to me to give to you." 
  • "Look Seamus, Professor Snape bought Y/N her Yule Ball dress! Recon he hand stitched it himself?" 
  • "Detention, Mr Thomas." 
  • Opening the box when you get back to your common room and staring in awe at the red and black sequins 
  • Wondering how much it cost 
  • Draco complaining that his suit isn’t green or completely black 
  • "You should be happy that we’ll be looking glamorous at all, Draco!" 
  • "Love, I look glamorous all the time anyway." 
  • Draco waiting for you at the entrance to the Great Hall on the night 
  • Watching his mouth drop open and then a proud smirk form on his face when he sees you 
  • Draco wearing a black suit with red collars and a black button down shirt with a red tie 
  • Draco’s hair not being slicked back (for once) and falling slightly in light curls at the sides of his face 
  • Draco kissing your hand and then presenting you with a green bracelet when you finally reach him 
  • Kissing him after putting the bracelet on with everyone staring at the two of you because of how great you both look 
  • Narcissa having hired a professional photographer to take pictures of the two of you all night 
  • Draco muttering profanities as Harry enters with his date 
  • "Potter, pretending he’s all that. Ugh, look at him! He doesn’t even know how to dance…" 
  • "Draco you look a million times hotter than Harry, I don’t get why you’re worrying!" 
  • "Love, I know - I always do." 
  • Dancing with Draco, the two of you showing off your prestigious status and noting how well the two of you can dance 
  • Draco creeping his hand down lower than it needs to be 
  • Feeling him smile into your hair as you tell him everyone can see 
  • Draco doing it again 
  • Both sneaking off to the Black Lake after the ball 
  • Dancing in the moonlight 
  • Tracing your hand over the curves of Draco’s face
  • Draco slowly taking off your dress and you slowly undoing his shirt 
  • Losing your virginity to Draco 
  • Sneaking off back to your dorms and kissing each other night 
  • "Tonight was… amazing." 
  • "I know, I love you Draco." 
  • "I love you too, beautiful." 
  • Receiving a letter a few days later from Narcissa expressing how amazing the two of you looked
dearest self;

Please do not be so anxious about everything. Relax. You will get there.

You will graduate.

You will be able to do anything.

You can.

You will.

Things might have been so difficult before, 

but, always remember that you have learned your lesson a l r e a d y.


anonymous asked:

I still think we're getting Bellarke, mostly because it's clear the writers have ZERO intent in giving him any other real love interest and I refuse to believe they consider MURPHY more worthy of a love story than Bell. But I really feel we're heading for a Bellamy who has to stand faithfully by while his true love explicitly carries out her dead "soulmate's" (who would've had him dead) destiny, and that is the most depressing ending for him I can imagine.

Disagree. L/xa has already fulfilled her in-universe destiny (as it served the plot), as much as I know that I’m going to get hate for this, it seems very clear that L/xa’s in-universe “destiny” was also to begin to form a tentative alliance between the Arkadians and the Grounders (largely prompted by Clarke) and then die, so we could have the big AI reveal, which is exactly what she’s done. She had no other destiny outside of that. 

Clarke on the other hand, has always been our hero. She’s the focus of the story. We are watching her develop as a person and a leader every Season (even in Season 3A where it seemed she’d stagnated-she was still growing-just not the active kind we’d been used to seeing from her). This Season her story is obviously about becoming her own type of leader, we’ve heard people mention L/xa, absolutely true, both Niylah and Roan have mentioned her more than once, but the key is when they mention her. Both mention her at times when Clarke seems like she needs motivation, they continue to tie L/xa to Clarke not just in a romantic fashion, but in a leadership sense as well. 

In 405, L/xa is mentioned because Roan and Clarke are once again discussing a plan:

Clarke: “Before you kidnapped him, did Kane tell you about the Nightblood solution?”

Roan: “He tried. Sounds to me like you’re making the next Commander.”

Here, Clarke shakes her head a bit-she’s clearly frustrated

Clarke: “The Flame is gone and you know it.”

Roan: “If Octavia is to be believed.”

Clarke: “Roan, this isn’t a conspiracy. I am doing everything I can to save all of us.”

Roan: “No you’re not. You grieve for L/xa, yet you’ve learned nothing from her. She was Trikru, but she rose above loyalty to clan. You tell yourself you have, too. The great Wanheda, the Commander of Death, who says she wants to save everyone, but builds a ship for herself, for her people.” 

This is not a romantic L/xa reference, although it could be seen as one. Roan is calling Clarke’s leadership out. While a lot of us think L/xa wasn’t the greatest leader, she did manage to put aside divisions that had stood for almost a century and form a coalition between clans when no one else could. She even put aside the vengeance she must have desired for Costia’s death so that Azgeda could join. Even after Nia plotted against her, L/xa didn’t kick Azgeda out of the coalition, she got rid of the head of the snake (so to speak) and put Roan on the throne instead. Clarke had not done that as of 405, because, as Roan states, if a plan isn’t going to save everyone like you promised, why waste manpower trying to make it happen?

In 406, Clarke is detailing what the plan is: 

Clarke: “I’m going to the island today, to take rocket fuel to Raven and my mom so they can make Nightblood.”

Niylah: “I’m sorry I couldn’t stop that boy from destroying your home.”

Clarke: “It’s not your fault. Now we don’t have to worry about locking 450 people out when the deathwave comes. Or sharing it with Azgeda.” insert self-deprecating smile.

Clarke’s been obviously stressed since she started talking to Niylah, and it’s not a coincidence that Niylah chooses this moment to mention L/xa.

Niylah: “L/xa would be proud of you. We’re all your people now. She believed that, too. She lives on through you.”

All of this could absolutely be seen as romantic, but as Niylah was unaware of Clarke and L/xa’s romantic relationship, it seems more likely that she’s talking about leadership. The entire sentence is about L/xa’s desire to merge all the clans into one coalition and how Clarke is now essentially trying to do the same. 

Also the “She lives on through you.” could be excellent foreshadowing for Clarke not having to take the chip. She doesn’t need a “chip” L/xa when she carries her with her at all times. 

In 408 L/xa, or at least her position, is mentioned twice (once by Roan and again by Murphy):

Again, Roan and Clarke are discussing a plan:

Roan: “You OK?”

Clarke: “Are you?”

Roan: “Nightbloods. You think I’d have learned my lesson after L/xa. We’re doing the right thing.”

Clarke: “You sure about that?”

Roan: “Certainty’s a luxury leaders can’t afford.”

Clarke: “I’m no king.”-This is Clarke rejecting leadership or at least her ability to lead

Roan: “Maybe not, but you were born for this. L/xa knew it and so do I. You don’t back down when things get hard.”

Clarke: “It’s always hard.”

Roan: “Yet here you are. I know you don’t believe it now, but…one day they will thank you for what you’re doing here. ”

Clarke: “Murphy won’t. Emori won’t.”

Roan: “If it works they will.”

Clarke: “What if it doesn’t work?”

Roan: “Then we die, knowing we did everything we could to save our people.”

Clarke: “Did you come up here to make me feel better?”

Roan: “It’s never been my strength.”

This is another conversation about leadership. Roan, despite his quip about comfort not being his strength, absolutely intended to make Clarke feel better. And he used L/xa to do that. Clarke put herself down, she’s doubting her ability to make the tough calls. She doesn’t want to do this anymore. She’s faltering. And so Roan reminds her that she’s already done it before. That a large part (if not all) of the reason L/xa fought so hard for Arkadia to become a part of the coalition was because Clarke insisted on it. He’s probably realized that Clarke is the reason he’s King of Azgeda and not dead. He’s using L/xa’s name to fortify Clarke’s leadership.

Now on to Murphy (who fighting for his life and Emori’s):

Murphy: “Who the hell do you think you are, huh?”

Clarke: “I’m trying to save us.” 

Murphy: “Save us? Ah right, Wanheda, savior of us all! But maybe you’re forgetting that last time you saved us, I was saving you!”

Clarke: “I’m not forgetting.”

Murphy: “You haven’t forgotten? Then please, you don’t need to do this. Don’t do it. Please, please, you don’t need to do this. You know it’s too bad that you weren’t a real Nightblood, because then you could have been Commander. Imagine how many people you could have killed then.”

Now, Murphy’s line about the Commander, especially given so soon after Roan’s statement (That Clarke was born to be a leader. That L/xa knew it.) Probably struck a chord with Clarke. Murphy, like so many of the Arkadians, have no good experiences with the Commander and Clarke herself has seen what L/xa did under that title. Does she really want to strive to be a leader like L/xa? Is that what she wants to emulate? Does she want her legacy to be death and destruction?

And Clarke, after her conversation with Murphy can finally answer that question: “No.”

After all of these conversations about leadership that specifically mention L/xa? What does Clarke do? She rejects one of L/xa’s tenants: “That’s what it means to be a leader, Clarke. The truth is, we must look into the eyes of our warriors and say, “go die for me.”-L/xa in 214 “Bodyguard of Lies”

Instead of looking at Emori, at Murphy, at anyone else to take the Nightblood serum and see if it will work, Clarke chooses to inject herself. So yes, there were lots of L/xa mentions this Season from seemingly random individuals (and we might get even more), but every single one has served a purpose. To remind Clarke that she’s a leader, to give her strength, to show her she’s already made these decisions before and to encourage her to be her own kind of leader. The one she was before she began taking L/xa’s leadership advice (which might have worked for L/xa and all the Commanders before her, but was slowly killing Clarke on the inside.)

You haven’t been witnessing the story of Clarke carrying out L/xa’s destiny. You’ve been witnessing the story of Clarke finally stepping into her own. And if that’s not someone you want to see Bellamy with (who, by the way, has actually been doing his own growing-although his is more emotional-learning who he is outside of just being Octavia’s big brother), then maybe you should….ship him with someone else?

Gunther Dialogue
Fire Emblem: Fates
Gunther Dialogue

For four anons!

Huh, surprisingly, his speech wasn’t that hard. I would compare it with Joker’s in that they use a lot of humble and polite speech. But anyway, we went from cradle robbing to being cradle robbed… o_o.

Disclaimers as usual!

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Martin Monnickendam - Anatomy lesson of Prof. L. Bolk - 1925

Group portrait around a table with a monkey, sitting Jan Boeke, Louis Bolk and Arnold van den Broek. On the left is Jan (Ton?) Barge. In the background, a bust of Peter Camper is visible.

Peter, Pieter, or usually Petrus Camper (11 May 1722 – 7 April 1789), was a Dutch physician, anatomist, physiologist, midwife, zoologist, anthropologist, palaeontologist and a naturalist. He studied the orangutan, the rhinoceros, and the skull of a mosasaur, which he believed was a whale. One of the first to interest himself in comparative anatomy and palaeontology, he invented the measure of the facial angle. Camper was a celebrity in Europe and a member of the Royal Society. He was interested in architecture, mathematics, and illustrated his own lectures. He designed and constructed tools for his patients, and for surgeries. He was a sculptor, a patron of art and a conservative politician.

Martin Monnickendam (1874 – 1943) was a Dutch painter and draftsman.

Detention with the Toad (Fred Weasley)

Request:  Can you please do a Fred imagine based in ootf where umbridge gives you a really bad detention where you come out with paragraphs of writing all over your arms from the blood pens? I know it sounds kind of weird but it’s been in my head all day


“Come on, Y/n. It’s not like you haven’t had detention before.” Fred squeezed my hand, as he walked me to detention. Fred Weasley was my boyfriend and has been for three years. We were both in our seventh and final year at Hogwarts.

“I’ve never had detention with the toad, Fred. I’m the first one to get a detention from her and I’m extremely nervous about it.” I confessed, stopping in front of the classroom.

“You’ll be fine, love.” He reassured me. He leaned down and gave me a quick peck on the lips. “I’ll come back to pick you up, alright?”

“No, you don’t have to. I’ll be fine. I’ll meet you and everyone else in the common room, yeah?”

“Alright. So I’ll be here in an hour.” He insisted, giving me a goofy grin. I shoved him out of the way, playfully.

“Idiot,” I muttered, opening the door to the classroom and shutting it after me, but not before seeing Fred giving me the thumbs up and a reassuring smile to which I answered by sticking my tongue out at him. 

“Ms. Y/l/n.” Umbridge’s sickly fake sweet voice rang through my ears.

I looked around the room and noticed that I was the only student there. “Just me? You shouldn’t have.” I gave her a fake smile as I took a seat in the very front of the class, just to show her that she had no effect on me.

She gave me an annoyed smile. “You’re the only one who doesn’t seem to understand how to behave.”

“Oh I understand how to behave and I would if you didn’t give me reasons to act up.”

“And what reason did I give you?” She gritted her teeth.

I smiled at the fact that I was getting under her skin. “You’re teaching methods. We need to use magic in order to learn about magic.”

“There is no need to use ma-” She started.

“How are we going to protect ourselves from Volde-”

“ENOUGH!” She yelled, causing me to jump in my seat. “You will be writing 100 lines from me. Another word that comes from your mouth will earn you another set of ten lines.” The corner of her lips tugged into a small smile. She set a black quill on the table, along with a piece of parchment paper. I looked around and gave her a confused look.

“I haven’t got any ink.” I said, calmly.

“That’s ten more lines, Mrs. Y/l/n.” She said, smiling.

I gaped at her. “What?! That’s hardly fair! I need ink!”

“Another set of ten lines.” She added, walking to her desk. “Its a special quill. It doesn’t need ink.” She said as she sat down, taking a sip of her tea.

“You could have started with that.” I mumbled.

“Another set of ten.” She smiled. “I must not contradict authority.” She said, smugly.

I bit my tongue to stay quiet as I started the first line.

I must not contradict authority.  

‘One down, one hundred twenty-nine to go’ I thought.

I scratched the back of my hand.

I must not contradict authority.

I scratched it some more. I let out a small hiss as it started to sting. I rubbed it, gently and looked at it. I let out a small gasp as The phrase ‘I must not contradict authority’ scratched itself onto the back of my hand.

I looked up as the second line started to scratch itself under the first. Umbridge had the smallest smile on her lips as she watched the horror and fear form in my eyes.

“Keep going, Ms. Y/l/c. The faster you get them done, the faster you leave.” She said, taking another sip from her tea.


Two hours. I’ve been in detention for two hours and I haven’t finished. Umbridge didn’t seem to mind. Every time I accidentally let out a hiss or gasp of pain, I saw the corners of her lips tug into a small smile. I was on the last line. I was feeling extremely lightheaded and looking down at my arms didn’t help. My arms, from the back of my hand to almost up to my shoulders, were red and smudged with blood.

‘Just one more.’ I thought. My hand was shaking. It hurt so bad.

I must not contradict authority.

As soon as I finished the last line, I slammed the quill down and shot up from my seat, almost falling over.

“I see you’ve finished.” Umbridge said. A wicked smile playing on her lips. I only glared at her as I walked to the door.

“I hope you’ve learned your lesson, Ms. Y/l/n.” Umbridge called out.

“Bite me.” I said, as strongly as I could before opening and slamming the door behind me.

I stopped outside of the door and looked at my arms. I let out a small whimper as I saw blood dripping down slightly. I ran a hand through my hair, before covering my face with my hands. I began sobbing into them and I was about to fall to the floor, but two strong arms pulled me up.

“Y/n. Love, what’s happened? You were in there forever. I got here an hour ago and fell asleep.” Fred said, holding me upright. His arm brushed over the fresh cuts and I let out a pained whimper.

His eyebrows furrowed together in confusion. He looked down and his eyes widened. I started crying even harder, my body threatening to fall over again. His strong arms wrapped themselves around my waist as he tried to keep me upright.

“Bloody hell! Let’s get you to the common room!” He said, urgently.

He wrapped an arm around my waist, while the other went under my legs and he picked me up and rushed to the common room. We got a few surprised looks from some paintings, but they didn’t say anything. They just watched me cry into Fred’s chest, with sorrowful expressions.

When we got to the portrait, the fat lady let out a loud gasp.

“Oh my goodness! What’s happened?!” She asked.

“Umbridge.” Was all he said to get a gleam of hatred in the fat lady’s eyes. He quickly said the password and brought me in. George, Ginny, Ron, Hermione, and Harry were all in the common room waiting for us. Ginny was falling asleep on Harry’s shoulder. I would be teasing her about it, but I couldn’t think of anything but the pain.

“Move over! Y/n’s hurt!” Fred yelled, causing everyone to jump out of their seats.


“What do you mean ‘she’s hurt’.”

“Wasn’t she in detention?”

“What happened?”

I was still crying, while Fred laid me gently on the couch.

“I don’t know I found her crying and she was falling over. She hasn’t said anything. Please, say something.” He held my face in his hands as he stared into my eyes.

“I-It hurts!” I sobbed, crying even more when I saw how bloody my arms were.

“Bloody hell.” Ron gaped.

Everyone went silent when they saw my arms. Fred looked like he was about to cry as he looked down at them.

“Hermione! Do you know anything that can stop the bleeding?” Fred asked, not taking his eyes off of me.

“I think I’ve got something in my trunk!” She said, running up the stairs to our dormitory. She came back seconds later, holding a red colored vile.

“Here, Y/n. Drink this. It’s going to sting. Fred come stand right here.” She said pointing in between George and Ron.

“What? Why?” He asked.

“Just do it.” She instructed. Fred gave me a reassuring smile and he walked in between his brothers.

“Ginny. Take her hand.” Hermione pulled her wand out and cast a silencing charm around the room.

“Ron, George, Harry. Hold him.” She said, calmly.

“Wait, what?” Fred asked before Harry sat on his legs, holding them tightly against him. George and Ron grabbed Fred’s arms.

“Okay, Y/n. Are you ready?” Hermione asked.

“Just give it to me.” I whispered. I took it and drank the small amount of red liquid.

I gave her the vile and everyone kept their eyes on me. I didn’t feel anything.

“Maybe she needs mo-” Ron was cut off by my violent screams.

“WHAT’S HAPPENING TO HER?!” Fred yelled, thrashing around in the boy’s arms.

“No…. I’M FINE!” I yelled, squeezing Ginny’s hand. The pain started to die down and I started to calm myself.

“I’m fine.” I said, calmer.

Hermione looked at the boy’s and nodded her head.

They let Fred go and he rushed over to me.

“Y/n. Y/n are you alright?” He asked, gingerly. Haha, get it? Gingerly. Cause he’s a… nevermind.

“I’m fine.” I said, quietly.

“What happened?” Ginny asked while Hermione cast a spell to remove the blood stains and the silencing spell.

“Umbridge made me write lines.” I stated, calmly.

“What? What do lines have to do with anything?” Ron asked.

I extended my arms.

“I must not contradict authority.” I said, quietly trying not to start crying again.

Their eyes widened as they looked at the words on my arms.

“H-how?” George asked.

“She has a special quill. It scratches what you write on the paper onto your hand. I had to do extra lines since I can never keep my mouth shut.” I laughed, grimly. No one else found it funny.

Fred’s jaw clenched. “How many times?”

“It doesn’t matter-”

“How many times, Y/n?” He repeated.

I sighed. “One hundred and thirty lines.”

“We can’t just ignore this!” Hermione exclaimed.

‘We won’t.” Fred looked to George and they smiled at each other.

This can’t be good.

“Well whatever you’re going to do, count me in.” Ron said, excitedly.

“No. What we’re going to do is tell Dumbledore.” I said, sternly.

“I agree with Y/n. You can’t get yourselves expelled when there is someone like Dumbledore who can fix things.” Hermione sighed. “We’ll talk about this in the morning. We’ll leave you two at it then.” She gave my hand a light squeeze and went upstairs followed by Ginny. The boys went to their rooms after giving me sympathetic smiles, leaving me and Fred alone.

Fred stood up and pulled me up so he could sit. He sat me gently on his lap and positioned my head on the couch cushion. He took my hands in his and turned them over to look at the light scars. He traced his fingers over them gently and let out a deep breath.

“Fred… I’m okay. Really.” I whispered.

“I know you are, but you weren’t. She’ll pay for what she did to you, Y/n. She’ll pay for what she’s dong to the school.”


“If she did this to someone as sweet and amazing as you, imagine who else she’d do it too. First years. Little harmless first years Y/n. We’ve got to do something before she gets the chance to hurt someone else.” His eyes were pleading me to let him stop her.

I sighed. “You’re right. What are we going to do then?”

“George and I… are going to think of something, but we are most likely going to get expelled.”

“WHAT?!” I yelled.

“Shhhh! Keep your voice down. I don’t want Hermione hearing about it. She’ll go crazy.”

“You can’t get expelled! You still have so finish school.” I whisper yelled.

“We only have half a school year left, Y/n. I’ll be fine.” He insisted.

I shook my head. “I don’t know Fred.”

“We were already planning to do it. She’s been driving everyone insane since day one. We were just waiting for the right time to do it.”

I sighed. “It’s not the right time then.”

“Y/n. She hurt you. Don’t you feel any anger towards her?”

“Of course, I do… but I don’t want you to get in trouble because of me.”

“I told you that this is for everyone. No one else will get hurt like you did.”

I thought about it for a moment. “You’re right If someone doesn’t stop her…. other kids will get hurt.”

“Exactly.” he smiled. “I’ll write to you every day until you come to visit me at home, yeah?”

I smiled back and nodded. “Yeah.”

“Great. Now that that’s settled. Why don’t we go up to your room and let you rest.” He gently pulled me up and helped me walk up the stairs.

“Will you stay with me?”

“Now why on earth wouldn’t I? You’d have to pry me off your bed ‘cause I wasn’t  planning on leaving you.” he said, kissing my temple as we walked up to my dorm. “I love you so much, Y/n. No one will get away with hurting you. No one.”

“That goes for you too.” I smiled.



Sanctuary [Anakin Skywalker x Reader]

Summary: Anakin and the reader are both Jedi who have secretly disregarded the Code and formed a relationship. However, dangerous missions are always a part of the life of a Jedi, and Anakin is assigned to fight the droid army on Cristophsis. Before he leaves, he and the reader enjoy each other’s presence for what could be the last time.

Word Count: 1850+

Warnings: The reader fears for Anakin’s life

Giving you the rank of Jedi Master had been a huge mistake on the Council’s part. Still, you could not argue. To explain why they shouldn’t have done it would be to bring about your dismissal from the Order. As much as you wanted to be worthy of the title, the unfortunate truth was that you never would be.

You had become attached to Anakin Skywalker. Attached didn’t seem to be the word… With your Jedi training, saying the right things was difficult. The phrase “I love you” came easily to Anakin, but you couldn’t seem to say it as often as you thought it. You relied on actions, not words, to tell him. You were so grateful that Anakin could understand completely. It was as though he was a part of you, for truthfully, he was a part of you.

But, the fact that you were a Jedi was a part of you, as well, which is why your feelings for Anakin remained a secret. It was lucky that you were good at keeping secrets, because Anakin wasn’t. You were surprised that he hadn’t gone to the Council to pass out wedding invitations.

There were already rumors surrounding Anakin, but none of your fellow Jedi had traced them back to you. You were trusted, and it made you feel terrible. The guilt only grew stronger when Master Yoda asked you to teach the younglings for him. “Go to the Council meeting, I must,” he had informed you. “My faith in you is not misplaced.”

Keep reading