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This hug video is a great lesson in how the truth changes overtime in this fandom. Initially Ben never described it as a hug but somehow it became a hug. Then Ben (who was there) called it a hug b/c fans were. That's larrie in a nutshell. Fandom takes on a reality of its own!

I don’t remember how Ben initially described it, is this true?

If so, I would be amazed at the demonstration of this phenomenon at work.

Reminder that The Troll’s moral is a great lesson to teach children. Whether it’s a bully, internet troll or anyone else against you, the best thing is to ignore them rather then fight them physically or verbally. Ignoring is the best way to stop them from getting to you. Heck even the episode itself gives a great visual representation of what happens when you enact violence on a situation like being made fun of constantly. The troll in the episode symbolizes as the problem as it grows bigger when the troll isn’t ignored, while when the troll is ignored it shinks. So the next time someone bugs you or is trying to make fun of you, ignore them and don’t let them get to your head. It’s seriously the best way to deal with it, trust me.

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Rocknaldo is a great lesson on allyship

Its not the most exciting episode, but it had a really good point that I think is really relevant to our current times. Ronaldo likes and accepts the crystal gems, and just like shitty allies to irl marginalized communities he thinks this means he should get special treatment, or a reward for being so tolerant, or get to be included in their community. And just like a typical shitty ally, he starts talking over the people in that community, believing he knows more than they do about their group and problems, and knows it better.

And then Steven pointed out that, being open and accepting doesnt mean letting yourself be pushed around, and that it’s important to call out people who make you feel bad, even if they are coming to you with ‘good’ intentions. Honestly especially so, because allies *are* important, but not to the point that it causes harm among your community. You shouldn’t tolerate or settle for something that makes you feel bad just because it comes from good intentions.

And while we didnt see inside the pamphlet, I liked that they pointed out one of the best ways to be an ally, which is educating yourself, taking criticism and then using your position of power to educate others so it doesn’t fall on the backs of the group who is marginalized.

Really great episode crewniverse!

One of my first freelance jobs as a game developer turned out to be a really great lesson in what red flags to look out for.

Client: Oh, no we don’t have any art direction for this game, so just do whatever you think is best!

One week of full-time work later:

Client: …but not that!!

When my great grandfather passed away, my great grandmother used to always say,

“We learn to accept that it’s one of Allah’s laws that death is promised. I just wish that there was a promise that we could see our loved ones again from time to time”.

They were a very close and loving couple. The beautiful thing is that it’s as though Allah accepted her prayer. She used to see her husband in her dreams a lot. As a child I remember hearing her say his name and speaking to him in her sleep. She used to ask him why he’s left her alone and that no one can look after her like he used to. She lived almost 30 years without her husband and right til the very end she would sleep with his scarf at night and hold it while she did dikr. May Allah unite them both in Jannah and reward them for the great lessons they have taught us. Ameen


I found this little gem myself a few weeks ago. It’s great! I’m learning and memorizing my cards much easier now. It’s cute, fun, interactive, and it gives you practice readings after your daily lessons too. Beautifully put together, great lessons, and adorable characters! If you want to learn I highly suggest downloading this app and it’s tarot companion apps.

You know what there needs to be art/fic/whatever of? Obi-Wan getting some much needed rest in his own bed, in his own room, with Anakin, Ahsoka, Rex, and Cody all hiding in different places in the immediate area, making sure that no one interrupts or wakes him up. 

I could just see Anakin having shoved himself in Obi-Wan’s tiny wardrobe, his eyes peering suspiciously out of the dark and his feet sticking out the door because he’s too tall and he wonders how that happened he was always able to fit just fine when he was eleven. 

Ahsoka is hiding under the bed, ready to leap out and tackle - silently - anyone who tries to come in. It’s also a great lesson for her on the merits of stealth.

Rex and Cody are out in the living area, one glaring at the door and the other at the window, just in case anyone gets any funny ideas.

The 212th and the 501st are all hiding out in different places throughout the Temple, spying on the Council and anyone else who thinks that Obi-Wan is absolutely necessary for whatever situation has cropped up. 

Fives may or may not have booby-trapped the corridor outside Obi-Wan’s quarters.

Just sayin’.

Virgo Relationships with other signs

The critical, perfectionist and cool Virgo has very different characteristic from Aries. This difference is likely to make you irritated and even annoyed with each other. Virgo likes everything to be detailed and very precise, while Aries is not known for carrying out activities with precision. Virgo is more prone to repeating instructions just to make sure that Aries can understand. Virgo will not be satisfied with loose answers, they need to know every detail to be fully satisfied. Virgo is service oriented and can be counted on to take care of the home and ensure everything from bills, receipts and other important papers are kept well in order. The combination between Virgo and Aries is highly suited for work and financial matters. Both of you can learn great lessons from each other. If Aries is willing and open to apply the advice Virgo gives on financial matters, both of you are likely to benefit from it. On the other hand, if Virgo is attentive and willing to experiment, both of you can learn to be more energetic, adventurous and take risks. This combination will be very productive and successful if you decide to work together, because Virgo will offer complete support in areas that are not usually your strong side. This is attributed by the fact that Virgo is more focused on perfection and service. For the union to succeed, we suggest you to spend time exploring and learning each other’s subtleties prior to committing to a serious relationship.

When these two meet, this is love at first sight. You have a lot in common: both of you are down-to-earth and materialistic, and you share high intellect pursuits. Both of you are stay-at-home people who love comfort. Virgo and Taurus are both practical and share responsibilities when combined. In a relationship, Virgo will take care of expenditures, while Taurus cautiously caters to other miscellaneous activities. Devotion is vital in this combination, where Taurus is strong emotionally and very nurturing as well. Virgo really appreciates this gesture, is patient and this places both of you in charge of the relationship. The major priority to both these signs is managing finances and if done properly, you will have a successful marriage. Financial misunderstandings rarely affect this combination, since both give material security a high priority. Both feel relaxed if only there is enough money to sustain their personal needs. Being practical is essential to these earthy signs. Forming a solid and firm combination that cannot easily dismantle is also the key to a strong relationship. Taurus may be fussy at times, and this may come as a surprise to Virgo, who can get frustrated. Nevertheless, both of you share many common interests that will compensate the differences. You are perfectionists and love traveling. Despite the small differences, this relationship has every chance of surviving and turning into successful and a long lasting one.

These zodiac signs are rational and intellectual. Both of you like to communicate and appreciate each other’s humor. This partnership is lively as Gemini adds sparks to the interaction; they are constantly set to venture into different ideas without any serious aim. Virgo, you keep a low profile in this combination, you are careful and cannot take baseless risks for the sake of gaining experience. Mercury (the planet of communication) rules both Virgo and Gemini. Gemini represents its masculine side, while dependable Virgo takes on Mercury’s feminine aspect. Gemini is a risk taker, while Virgo takes everything too seriously and thinks twice before getting into something. What truly connects these signs is humor and intellectual discussion. Gemini always makes Virgo laugh, while Virgo provides a much needed emotional anchor. Virgo tends to be earnest and practical most of the time, and Gemini is capable of breaking this routine. Gemini may feel that Virgo is at times too boring. Virgo may get feed up with Gemini’s split personalities and constant change of mind. Gemini often looks for a reason to start an argument, because they are restless in a relationship. Gemini does not mind working in a disorganized place, while Virgo is a perfectionist, who must have everything in order, before beginning any work. Compromise will be vital in this union.

Susceptibility is a common characteristic for these two signs. The combination is perfect and has high possibilities of being successful, even in tough situations. Both signs are not too outgoing, they are rather stay-at-home kind of individuals. You would have a better chance to meet, if you are introduced by mutual friends. This relationship will have a long start, but it has a great potential to blossom over time. With Virgo being so reluctant to commit, it will be up to Cancer to send a positive impulse that will make Virgo interested. It will not take long however before Cancer receives a reply. Cancer makes great friends, has a good heart and is very compassionate. However, Cancer also tends to have regular mood swings and insists that their feelings would always come first. Virgo is usually patient, but can get irritated with Cancer who wants to be pampered all the time. Virgo has an intellectual way of dealing with problems, while Cancer takes minor disagreements personally. Emotionally, Cancer partners are not so strong; they lean on Virgo for comfort. This relationship is suitable, with Virgo knowing how to handle all emotions exhibited by Cancer, and not criticizing or making any overly judgmental comments.

The combination of Virgo and Leo can be almost frightening. Being too egocentric, Leo needs to be the leader and driver in this relationship. At times, Leo partner can be very aggressive as they feel a constant need to protect their territories. This nature makes it difficult for Virgo to resist Leo, who, although may be too over-confident, has a special tender spot. The relationship also becomes sweltering after Leo adjusts to the soft and sensitive Virgo. You go for excellence in every endeavor you undertake, while Leo yearns for power and public approval, rather than excellence. Virgo mostly will not want to be the center of attention, while Leo wants domination. They crave to be the focal point of each and every person. Leo does not take negative criticism well, to them it feels like Virgo is stepping on their ego, and if you are not careful, it will cause serious commotion in the partnership. In the financial aspect, Virgo handles financial matters well while Leo with their not so caring attitude will cause Virgo to incur heavy losses. Intimately, Leo supplies the fire in a love relationship, while Virgo can be too conservative. Leo partners are in for a physical relationship, and this will not work great with you, Virgo, because of the formal approach that Virgo displays in an intimate union.

It is not an easy task to deal with the same zodiac sign as you are. Both of you know of each other’s potential weaknesses and strong traits way too well. Another Virgo is almost like your mirror reflection. It can take some time to get used to watching yourself as if it was “from an outsider’s view point”. On the other hand, these similarities can work to your advantage, as you can become real partners in crime. Both of you may stipulate perfection from one another. Thereafter realizing perfection from both parties is not possible, you can settle for less and establish a long time acquaintance. Virgo normally bases their relationships on love, and believes this is the only way a relationship can succeed. Both of you are responsible, intelligent and prefer long-term partnership, rather than mere physical attraction. It is rare to irk each other in this combination, with each Virgo partner having too much passion to share. You will also encourage and support one another in career goals, educational advancements and mostly when one partner is going thorough emotional issues. The success of your mate will bring much pleasure to the relationship. Perseverance and bearing with each other’s weaknesses, is what will make this relationship work.

When Virgo and Libra come together it is a tough match. They are two opposites. Virgo is interested in material things way more than in romance or sex, which drives Libra crazy. Virgo prefers to stay at home, while Libra is very outgoing and social. Libra finds Virgo critical and inflexible. Frugal Virgo, in turn, refuses to understand Libra’s expensive taste. On the other hand, these signs have some things in common. When in relationship, you both seek security. You both love arts, beauty and culture. If you learn to respect and appreciate each other’s differences, you can have a successful and stable partnership. Libra may be the cushion you can lean on when feeling restless. Libra companion can absorb criticism and outbursts from you and will not react ruthlessly. Libra can also be an excellent listener, while Virgo is a good analyst and thinker. Together you can join your forces and come up with an optimal solution to any problem. These qualities are somewhat favorable for mutual business venture, but it will work best in a short term project since your mixture is simply too volatile.

Nature offers possibilities that make this relationship wonderful. Virgo represents earth and Scorpio represents water, both of which are very crucial elements for survival. This is one of the perfect compatible couples. Both Virgo and Scorpio complement each other, with both being dependent on each other to fulfill their desires. The connection is good between the two of you, but you can face difficulties at some point in life. The two planets ruling your signs are what can cause friction in your union. Pluto rules Scorpio determining their character, which is stubborn, leading, and provocative. On the other hand, Mercury influences the nature of Virgo which is silent, self-cautious, and logical in every aspect. If both are involved in a long term relationship, you will feel as if Scorpio does not show respect and cares less about your emotions and feelings. At times, Scorpio will dislike the fact that Virgo is often calm and likes paying too much attention on minor things. Scorpio easily gets irritated and angry with you when you start acting temperamental. Solutions to a good relationship include jointly solving personal differences. In addition, Scorpio should try to understand some of Virgo’s traits. When the two of you get past these basic differences, you are likely to form a life long and stable union.

When it comes to love, Sagittarius focuses more on a bigger picture, while intellectual Virgo tends to concentrate on details. Virgo looks for order and simplicity, whereas Sagittarius needs excitement and new experiences. At the same time, both of you can change and adapt to new demands from your partner. In addition, Sagittarius easily adapts to the needs that Virgo has, because Sagittarius is more flexible and is not afraid of change. Nevertheless, it is hard for Virgo to change, because they need too much pampering. Due to Sagittarius natural adaptability, you will most likely have a flourishing relationship. This is even more likely to happen if Virgo learns to accept Sagittarius views, and the same applies to Sagittarius, though Virgo does not like change. You will drain your partner with constant demands and obligations. Although you need Sagittarius to support all your ideas for self-satisfaction, you have to realize that in a relationship mutual understanding is vital. You have to let go of desiring perfectionism in love and life. You should learn that in a relationship it is better to see the overall picture, rather than trying to mould it to how you feel it should be. Although you are quite different, you can become a very well-rounded couple. If you combine your pragmatic mind with Sagittarius’s energy and curiosity, you will have a powerful, long-lasting relationship.

Capricorn is known to be self-disciplined and has a quest for hard work. It is a good combination for Virgo, who is known to be orderly. Earth rules these two signs, which forms a solid foundation for a successful relationship. You both admire each other’s high intellectual abilities. Both of you are also quite reserved individuals, who prefer to have a couple of close friends rather then many acquaintances. Both of you are sympathetic and polite. Capricorn can teach you to concentrate and focus on achieving your goal, while you can teach your Capricorn partner to appreciate and enjoy the hard work they have done. Capricorn and Virgo make a good couple, whereby you are able to bring out the fun living side of Capricorn. Both of you opt for cost-effective items and are very cautious when making financial decisions. Once in a blue moon, Virgo can oppose the opinions Capricorn offers, but in most cases, you are critical on what you say, avoiding any arguments. Surprisingly, Virgo totally trusts Capricorn, when in a relationship. Financial combination between the two of you is fantastic, because both of you know how to handle finances and budget very well. Any monetary issues you have, will get resolved quickly and efficiently.

Affiliations with Aquarius seem challenging to Virgo. Aquarius perplexes you and makes you yearn for more love and friendship from them. At first, the connection will not be mutual, but after getting to know Aquarius, the relationship will explode for the better. It is not likely for you to meet Aquarius through social events, as Aquarius is normally serious and only loosens up in work environment, with people they already know. This makes it ideal for Virgo to approach Aquarius at the office, and it usually happens when you are sharing responsibilities while working on the same project. Through such professional interactions, Aquarius will notice your intellectual abilities and thereafter slowly become attracted to you. The two of you love to volunteer in humanitarian projects with an aim of giving back to the society. However, there are some differences between you two. For instance, Virgo is mostly nervous and withdraws from expressing emotions, because they are naturally shy. Aquarius is more into Mother Nature and wants to have a positive influence on the world. They will convince you to engage more in social events, which you find to be a good gesture. To some extent, the two of you are somehow perfectionists in whatever you do, therefore Aquarius and Virgo connection glows. Trying to work together is suitable to strengthen and prevent unfavorable attitudes.

Opposites attract and it can be hard to separate them. This means it does not matter how different Pisces and Virgo are. This combination is suitable for a long-term relationship and usually will lead to a successful and satisfying marriage. With different temperaments, it is quite surprising how the two of you can have a long-lasting affair. Pisces is a water sign, which makes them sensitive and spontaneous. While you Virgo, are usually insecure, intelligent and inexpressive, holding back too many emotions. If you decide to try pairing with Pisces, you should express feelings clearly and should be enticing, though you might be hesitant at first. Change in personality is important, if you want this relationship to work. Pisces lives in a fantasy world, always dreaming of having a better life. Whereas Virgo is different and prefers being more practical. Virgo believes in being realistic and actively doing something, rather than dreaming about it. Virgo and Pisces are both unpredictable and often have mood swings. Pisces solves problems by relying on personal intuitions and emotions, while Virgo solves problems logically, basing them on facts. Because Pisces is calm and soft, you will try to impose your rules upon your partner. Although Pisces rarely attacks back, it does not mean you did not hurt them. Limit your controlling nature, if you want to avoid scaring them off.

These are times in which a Genious would wish to live. It is not in the still calm of life, or the repose of a pacific station, that great characters are formed. Would Cicero have shone so distinguished an orater, if he had not been roused, kindled and enflamed by the Tyranny of Catiline, Millo, Verres and Mark Anthony. The Habits of a vigorous mind are formed in contending with difficulties. All History will convince you of this, and that wisdom and penetration are the fruits of experience, not the Lessons of retirement and leisure. Great necessities call out great virtues. When a mind is raised, and animated by scenes that engage the Heart, then those qualities which would otherways lay dormant, wake into Life, and form the Character of the Hero and the Statesman.
—  Abigail Adams writing to her son John Quincy Adams, January 19, 1780
I just want to put this out there...

I love Steven Universe.

I love how it’s teaching children all these great lessons about how to treat others.

I love how it focuses on the importance of communication and on bringing people together instead of just fighting them.

I love how it deals with really adult emotions in simple ways.

I love it’s humor.

I love that it doesn’t talk down to its audience.

I love how representative it is in terms of diversity (gender, race, sexuality, body types, family dynamics, lifestyles…).

I love how it looks.

I love its characters and how they are all explored and made to feel important (even when they’re just side characters).

I love its music.

I love its storytelling.

I love that it never goes the way cartoon shows typically go.

I just love everything about this show.

I love Steven Universe.

I’m reading cp again and Damen’s attitude torward slavery in the first book is just so perverted. He is such a problematic character, his arc is absolutely amazing I love it. What’s so great is, being that the story is narrated by Damen, you almost skip over these horrible customs and you kinda go through his arc with him, like when he gets all mastery with Erasmus while he himself is LITERALY chained up and slaved, not making the connection between his suffering and the possiblity that maybe his Palace slaves were'nt having the time of their lives being all submissive. The first time I read it, it didn’t leave such an impression on me because it came so naturally for Damen. The book is teaching us and Damen a lesson together, it’s simply great writing and an awsome reading expirience.