It’s a pity that we didn’t reach Clara Oswald goal last month to make a commentary for the process video. But that doesn’t mean that we are going to conceal it in some secret vault. Exactly opposite, we made what we had time for - speed painting process, for you.

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Anatomy Master Classes: Free Online Videos.

Sponsoring Supersonic this week is Drawing Academy and as a super special offer they’re giving Supersonic readers access to FREE online video tutorials that every artist will find helpful, Anatomy Master Classes.

This class is an incredible treat as it covers all the complexities of human anatomy for artists to create realistic figure drawings with step by step video instructions.

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Speaking another language is like gaining a new you, you have a new mindset, a new personality, a new way to express yourself. You’re able to reach into a new culture and see a whole new side to how life can be. Speaking another language gives you a gift that being monolingual cannot ever offer. It’s worth it. No matter what language you are learning, no matter what people say, no matter your reason it’s worth it.