April journal challenge: what I wish I could say

So many people have come in and out of my life and there are so many things that were left unsaid. I think it’s really important to let people know you love and care about them before it’s too late. If I had told them how I felt, they may still be in my life. If they had told me how they felt, I may still be in their life. It’s an important lesson learned.

The piano is such a great communal thing, such a great bringer together of people, even if you can only play the simplest thing. It makes me sad that more people don’t get back to it as adults for the simple fear of not being good enough. They’d never think that about sport: people pick up a tennis racket or kick a football about even though they know they’re no Andy Murray or David Beckham. I’d like to start a campaign: just do it!
Trafalgar Law Week - day 3

Title: Day 3 - Hat

Prompt: quoted / Moment

For: Trafalgar Law Week of 20/4 - 26/4

Summary: That moment when Chopper was on top of Law. 

Day 3

It was only one second that Law had let his guard down, turned his back to the Strawhats, ready to make haste after Ceasar, before it was too late to defend himself. 

Never ever turn your back to a Mugiwara.

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When you are sitting there on the cushion, the entire experience of life offers itself to you. Fears roar, painful memories bubble, smiles arise, tears often pour, and then there are moments of nothing. I have learned one very important lesson lately, and it’s that you don’t have to be at war with yourself. You can breathe into these things. You don’t have to fight to let things go, because it will only persist. Smile when moments awaken in you, love when your heart burns in ecstasy, and let yourself tremble when you know you’ve been strong for too long. When you open yourself up to being vulnerable, you become incredibly powerful. When you have nothing left to burn, sometimes you have to set your soul on fire.

Sometimes someone comes along who has the ability to turn your world upside down.

Sometimes that person comes along and takes everything that you planned out and re-routes you completely. Then suddenly, it’s not until you have dragged along that path that you realize how you may have royally fucked up. 

I can’t say that I am not at fault. If there were any lessons that I was taught growing up with my mother and my father is that:

A. You NEVER cross the road without looking both ways (and when someone screams “stop,” you stop.) 

B. You always trust your instinct even if relying on someone seems like the easy and/or admirable route.

C. You must learn to apologize when you have wronged someone.

This last month has been quite a blur for me but now it’s as if I am seeing more clear than ever. Perhaps it’s too late. Perhaps I’ve made my bed and now I must toss and turn restlessly in it. I’ve been wronged by friends, lovers and professional relationships but somehow, it doesn’t ever seem to get easier, it just gets more familiar. 

No matter what, I still have that fight left in me. A passion that could spark a thousand flames and it will take a hell of a lot more to put me out. I will do right by those who I love, the values that I hold and the dreams that I harbor.

First step: owning up to the troubles that I’ve caused.

It may not be easy but it will be worth it.  

I hate saying this because it sounds so pretentious and annoying but tumblr honestly opened my mind on so many social issues. My friends are so problematic (im problematic too but I try to learn and change every day) and they don’t even realise how many offensive things they say on a daily basis. I’m just glad I got a chance to know so many amazing, smart and inspiring people from all around the world that helped me shape my point of view

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          ❝ People say that being prim is
              proper but every showgirl knows 
              that prim will stop her — If you got 
              it, give it. ❞

Really, she was not sure she understood the
analogy, but this was a lesson her daughter
ought to learn, even if it was already too late
for the girl. Really, though, talking passed 
time. Harry would not be back for
another hour.

Thanking God for His strength, mercy and grace. There were obstacles, bumps and bruises along the way. I’ve cried, I’ve screamed and I have been close to giving up but, it has ALL been worth it! Finally it is finished! Chowan its been real! I’m thankful for all the lessons I’ve learned and all the people along the way. I was hoping for a 4.0 GPA but this 3.9 will do! Lol. This is for you Mom!!!! TO EVERYONE READING, IT’S NEVER TOO LATE TO FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS! !!!!♥ #criminaljustice
#CHOWAN #straightastudent #grad #summacumlaude

My thoughts go out to the people of Baltimore and Freddie Gray. It is time for a change in America. I hope the pigs learn their lesson before it is too late.

April 27

Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can. -Arthur Ashe

Nobody is asking you to be perfect. It’s enough to just do the best you can do today with what you have inside you right now. Oftentimes, we put too much pressure on ourselves to please other people.

Goal: Whatever you feel when you wake up is good enough; just start with that and make the most of today.

It’s never too late to start something, whether it’s a new project, a new goal, or even a new life. You can find a job in another city or state and move all your things there and start something. You can travel to another country and volunteer. You can change your entire life around at any time. Or you can simply work to improve it. Where you are right now is where you’re meant to be. Use all of your acquired knowledge and wisdom, as well as lessons you’ve learned, to continue on a wonderful path in life and accomplish all your goals. Get out there and pursue every single one of your dreams; I believe that if you can dream it, you can do it. Stay determined and never give up. Use the resources and knowledge you have. Take risks. Take opportunities as they come to you. Don’t be fearful. Step out of your comfort zone. Get out there and get things done, stop waiting and stop being afraid or hesitant. Just do it. Set goals for yourself, all types of goals, and do everything you can to accomplish them. It doesn’t matter how long it takes; if you stay determined, you will accomplish it and nothing will beat that feeling. And set goals for yourself, not for anyone else. You’re not here to impress anybody or live for anybody. It’s your life. Do what makes you happy, don’t pay attention to what other people want you to be. Be what you want to be; be yourself. Love yourself. Have your own back. And enjoy this life you’ve been blessed with.

Brevity Can Be the Soul of Nitwits Too (if you're lucky) (PAD day 25)

Note: obviously the nitwit is hypothetical because I’m not insulting myself (my self deprecation has limits) and my soul is hella wordy. I just figure some Wits are concise, but some Nitwits should be as well, right? I’m playing the odds here.

Since it’s too late to make a long story short, I’ll just say I wrote a half-decent shortish poem today. Thank Dog. Finally. I think it was a mix of an image left over from last night and time pressure because I didn’t even look at the prompt til after 10pm. So… Luck? Probably. I’ll take it. Lesson learned: second winds sometimes happen even if by the time they come they’re a day late and five dollars short. Better than never at all.

Still, if I’m honest, I’m feeling the burn by now. I have my organic moments, but I’m chafing at this bit. I know the repeated work has been/is good but I’m feeling ready for May first. Where I can write if I feel it or just to play, not because I need to complete something for the challenge. That said, I'mma finish this thing out. Come hell, high water, or nitwits, I’ve come this far, and I’m not going to quit.


&& here comes our SILVER boy, a HEART plunged in searing TAR & molten
VEINS seeping of maddened INFERNO. well well, remember what he told you ?
TOUCH him & you’ll BURN                you had, you STILL are ( the one who 
ENDURED the FLAMES ). you have been WARNED, dearest, haven’t you ?
MONSTERS for LOVERS isn’t as EASY as PLAYING wicked little games with
CANDLELIT flames, like DRINKING a CUP of sapid WINE only to REALIZE 
that it’s POISON far too LATE. a LESSON you ought to LEARN someday
but it is he you FORGOT to CAUTION most : girls your kind with WINTER
in thine eyes can be LETHAL even to the deadliest of DRAGONS. ( oh do 
disdain FIRE & ICE, wretched KINGDOMS shall not CEASE to both. how
then, hm ? simple    leave a BEAST to succumb neath the mercy of a WOLF ).

              ❛               they will FIND us  

APRIL 2ND - MAY 5  ~Leagues Ahead

Going My oh My while my thoughts Earthquake,
This dried up heart thirsting for what it shouldn’t take.

Then you stake me, it is penetrating, but I consented so not raping. I must be demented; you must be faking.

Every time it happens, restarting from a previous save.
I enter the same time line without learning from my past ways.
Dig and dug simultaneously crafting my own grave.
Chiseling unlearned lessons on the slate.

Then you make me, clay on the plate, taking fate into your hands. Too little too late to find a mate within this ideal circumstance.

Backtracking through these tales,
the Symphony’s abysmal
How many moments, fractured?
How many nights were dismal?
How many times have I unlocked doors
for dudes who are heartless?
The very keys I used
becoming blades in the darkness

Then you break me. Pieces of Shaunie shine brilliantly on the floor and its amazing, the evolution achieved from a multitude of aching.

I didn’t understand, when you looked at me
and whispered Chrysalis
I thought I’m Shaunie
I’m Shaunessi
so much more than an insect,
but you spoke of transformations
and my interpretation was incorrect.
You spoke of casts and being molded;
I rebelled, not understanding
the uniqueness of every shell,
the accuracy of your observation.

Then you placate me. Donning your mask and cape, finding a way to ingratiate me and its irritating.

Witnessing the facts of who I am
playing out before me without pause.
Grappling and hooked to this Just cause,
being told get over here.
Knowing I’ve lost.
No magic, No mana
Fighting blind against a final boss.

Then you infuriate me with how you satiate needs I didn’t know were awake. Do you expect me to say this is great and thanks? Fuck your happy birthday. Not Anna Mae won’t eat your cake.

I push you away, not wanting
my discovery to come from your catalyst.
I dive into the sea
finding Nemo aboard the Nautilus
and for the 20,000 time
I behave foolishly and rush to the surface
to give you the clearest part of me.
I conceived a pearl
To your surface world I flew
to tell you
I understand what you mean,
and whispered Chrysalis
through my protective screen…
Knowing I could finally let you in.

Then you cremate me and recreate me, pulling a baby phoenix from my ashes and your mouth is gaping because you never imagined something this powerful was contained in me, that this beauty emerged from a multitude of aching and you’re shaking. Held me up like Simba exclaiming “Chrysalis let the whole world see that you’re amazing.”

Idk how a person can be this reckless like how many times does it take of this nonsense to get it in your head that you need to change something!?!? How many times do you need to fuck up, how many times do you need to be a willing participant in getting hurt, how many times does it take for you to realize that you deserve better and that this is not the life you want to live? Because I’m here watching as your life blows up around you and you let people take everything left you have of yourself and you are over here still pulling the same shit different day, different year. You better learn because you only get one life and you are about to fuck up what’s left of it by not learning your lessons. Make something better for yourself dammit before it’s too late!

anonymous asked:

There is been a lot of ppl impersonating the staff lately...just I can tell becaus they do a terrible job at it XD someone tried to copy white and Allegra!

Ughh Ikr! But they get their punishment for impersonating Staff, and hopefully they learn their lessons. If they don’t.. Oh well! Their choice to face more consequences. ^^

Ally is too bootyful to be copied to perfection and to each last detail.


As they create ever more videos to attract those dollars, the media companies are learning the same lesson that newspapers and magazines learned about text in the late 1990s: You can’t just port analog content to the Web. The Internet is its own weird beast, and the predominantly youthful audience that is devouring online videos is suspicious of clinically professional content. Web audiences can smell someone trying too hard from a mile away; they recoil from the clownish makeup and stiff hair helmets of TV talk-show hosts. There’s nothing wrong with classic television content per se. It just doesn’t feel quite right in the context of the Internet, where animated images of cats ricochet around Twitter, six-second Vine videos have a narrative arc, and your Aunt Sue douses herself with a bucket of ice water on Facebook.
The Good, the Bad, and the Stats: The #GeekPastiche #AtoZChallenge Reflection

The Good, the Bad, and the Stats: The #AtoZChallenge Reflection #SundayBlogShare

Last year my reflection focused on basic lessons I learned as a first-timer. It was too long and posted too late, because I barely survived the 2014 Challenge and it took me a month to get back into my normal routine. This year’s reflection is about things we did right here at Sourcerer, things I’ll do differently if I blog A to Z next year, and what A to Z did for our numbers in April.


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