As a countdown to the @beyonce concert in Philly on Sept. 29th (I’ma be there, soooooo excited eeee), I decided to illustrate the 11 Chapters of Lemonade. I love that this story goes through not only the end of a relationship but also the healing process. I haven’t done an illustration series in such a long time so this was a definite breath of fresh air :) 

Lesson 6: Witchery 101 Part 2

Banishing, Warding and Protection spells

By: Headmistress Trick

Live class date and time: 1/8/2017 @ 6:00PM

As with all things in the pagan community, I advise you research twice then come to your own conclusions. Your craft is YOUR CRAFT, this may not be a perfect fit for you, that it okay. We are all  the tailors of our own spiritual clothes.

 Today I’ll be talking about banishing negative energy, shielding/warding, and basic protection spells. Protection spells are a very ancient idea. A vast variety of early cultures believed that ailments and misfortune were caused by evil spirits and believed the way to relieve themselves of their influence were charms or spells that warded them off. They had superstitious practices about things they had to do to make themselves safe. These practices, much like many early forms of medication, were usually more religious than actually effective, but they were also primitive forms of magic. In today’s world we do not feel so much that we need to ward our house from wolves or plague, but we have our own worries with which to contend.  At the end of the lesson I’ll be teaching two simple warding spells, one you only need a single object to enchant for protection. Don’t use a living item, other than that whatever you like.  I will also teach how to make an easily hideable little protection sachet for your household or luggage.

Banishing is simply casting something out, generally negative energy, but not always. You might wish to banish the memories of an ex-girlfriend, the lingering soul of a dead goldfish, or the guilt you’ve been feeling over cheating on a test. These are all perfectly acceptable uses for banishing spells. A MUCH more common use, is for those that do spiritual or energy work to get rid of the “icky things” that might negatively effect your workings. I’ll go over some simple ways of banishing later.

If banishing is throwing something out the door or window, you’re going to want a way to lock it so they don’t just turn back around and come back inside. That is where warding or shielding comes into play. If you’re not having a problem with something but you think you might in the future, such as you think you’re going to get cursed, you can ward without banishing. That’s perfectly fine as well. In general warding is like putting up an electric fence to keep out things you do not want. I will say, be sensible about the things you try to ward. Don’t try to force things you know can’t happen, such as warding the classroom door so your teacher/professor can’t come inside. That’s not going to work. You can, however, try to cast several other spells to help that situation.  

Never try to banish or cast a ward against an actual physically dangerous situation until after you have taken mundane steps to remove yourself from the situation. Magic CANNOT take the place of you taking every step you can to ensure your own safety. Remember that in cases where harm is possible, get help from mundane sources first, put up magical wards as a “just in case/extra boost” to those precautions later. Warding your apartment is not a substitute for actually locking your front door, shielding against traffic accidents is not going to protect you if you don’t wear your seat belt. Put forth your OWN 100% effort, then try magic.


Anyway! Some common methods of banishing:

  • Using a broom, leaf, or feather to sweep the energy out
  • Burning various herbs to help fumigate it out. Sage is a commonly used one for this, but I personally prefer basil or bay laurel (NOT MOUNTAIN LAUREL. IT IS TOXIC.)
  • Using crystals or stones to absorb said energy, then cleansing them to remove it later
  • Calling upon spirits, deities or entities you WANT in your space, and asking them to kick the bad guys out. (Like asking your friends to help you get rid of a bully)
  • Imagine wrapping the energy up in a dish towel and then “whip” it out the window. (This is a method I kind of made up…but I do it a lot when my kitchen feels icky. I just added it in to show it doesn’t always have to be super serious and stuff)
  • Yelling loudly/ringing bells/playing music to drive things off
  • Using your mental strength and focus to push whatever you’re drying to get rid of away
  • There are a ton of ways of doing this. These are just the ones I’ve used before. Of course with everything else I teach, I encourage you finding your own favored method. Something that feels right for me probably won’t be exactly perfect for you.  Go into it with confidence and intent, faltering will only make it harder for you to cast something out.

 Shielding and Warding can get a little more complicated than simply banishing, because you’re trying to weave a barrier between yourself and the problem. Some have the mental and spiritual magic to cloak themselves with intent and that’s enough armor for them, others need something a little more tangible like a charm or physical ward.

Sigils are very commonly used for this. A covert sigil taped to the underside of a desk or written on the inside of a batter case of a phone can be easily concealed. I personally don’t work with a lot of sigils outside of runes anymore. Since sigils use tends to be a somewhat personal thing, I will leave the search for what one you actually want to use up to you. There are plenty of people in the Sigils tag on the server that would be wonderful for helping with this.

Amulets and and charms are really commonly used in protection and warding. Crystals and gems are really common in witchy jewelry and many of them have properties that are for keeping negative influences away from yourself. Any item you wear daily can be a powerful protection charm. Just remember to boost it on occasion to keep it as effective as possible.

Some common protective stones are Tigers Eye, Jet, Hematite, Petrified Wood, Amber, Jasper, Coral and of course Quartz Crystal. There are of course tons of others, those are just the ones I have written down specifically for protection in my own grimoire. They may not resonate for you. If your mother always wore a pearl necklace and you always felt safe in your mother’s arms, pearls might be a strong protective thing for you. Personal magic and intuition always takes precedence over the correspondences other people agree upon. Just remember not to research everything you use before you use it. Many stones are toxic and some are only toxic under certain circumstances. You don’t want to wear something that is perfectly safe until it touches water since you never know if it is going to rain or you might splash it washing your hands in the bathroom. Safety first!

Protective herbs are vast and varied, but Basil, bay laurel leaf, black pepper, cinnamon, lavender, nutmeg and sea salt (not technically an herb I know) are not only commonly used, but they’re usually easily found. Research what you wish to use, some have more power for specific types of protection such as against psychic attacks or against illness. As usual, ALWAYS make sure you know the physical properties of an herb, such as if it is edible and under what conditions it is unsafe to use, before you take the metaphysical into account. Some herbs are safe to touch but not safe to eat. Some are safe to eat but not to burn. Please cross check it with several reputable sources before using anything with which you’re not VERY familiar.

Now, on to the simple little protection enchantment.

What do you want to be protected from? Is it just negativity in general? Is it jealousy/gossip? Is it bad luck? Is it the vengeful spirit of your dead goldfish? Whatever you wish to be protected against, focus your intentions and energy onto it.

Take your item you wish to enchant and either cup it in your hands or place it on your workspace and put your hands on it (depending on size.) If visualization is something you use in your practice, imagine your energy rising up into your hands and encircling the object. If you do not use visualization, simply put all your intent into the item. Focus very hard on it.  

Decide on how you want to word one of these, or a similar idea you wish to use:

“I am protected from (insert whatever you wish to be protected against)”

“I am safe from _.”

“I am not bothered by _.”

“I am stronger than _.”

Take a deep breath in and focus your intent/energy. If you are able and comfortable saying it aloud, say your incantation as you breath out and push the spell into the object. If you don’t want to say it out loud, just breathe out and say it in your mind. No matter how you say it, the key is to really believe it in the present moment. If you do energy visualization, imagine the energy from your hands actually entering the item you are enchanting.

If after a single time you feel good about the object, that’s perfectly fine and you can be finished. I usually do it three times with slightly different wording because I feel it makes for a stronger charm, but it’s your spell, do what you like.  You be the judge of what feels right for you. I have known some people that do this as many as ten times before they really feel that they have “filled” the object.

This is just a basic spell that can be dressed up as little or much as you like. If you want to fill the room with color corresponding candles, burn incense and cast a circle before you do this, that’s wonderful. If you want to do it with a keychain you just bought at Wal-mart while you’re still sitting in your car in the parking lot, that is also perfectly fine. It’s a BASE spell, you make it yours however you are comfortable.

To make a simple protection sachet using items you can either find or easily purchase (and are easily written off as common household objects if you’re a closet witch) uses a few common baking spices.


For this sachet you will need a small sachet bag or scrap of fabric. You can use any fairly thin fabric that you like, such as an old t-shirt or pillow case you no longer use, or pretty fabric bought specifically for this purpose. I used a little square of anchor fabric because I happened to have it lying around after another project.

For this you will want one of the following:

A bit of copper wire or a penny. You can find copper wire in the power cords to an old trash appliance, just be careful retrieving it or you can buy it if you would prefer to use that instead of a penny. Just be careful and DON’T destroy something you’re still using for the sake of a spell.  OR an acorn, piece of bamboo, ceder or mistletoe. You can also use a small piece of crystal or stone you feel is protective. I personally used a little tiger’s eye bead in mine. You CAN leave this out if you want to just use the herbs too. It is ENTIRELY up to you. Just keep in mind if you only use herbs that most of the ones we will be using are fairly light, if you plan on putting it anywhere where there is breeze or it might get knocked around a little, you might want to put something to weight it down a bit.

  • Cinnamon – you can use the ground kind, or the stick type. It doesn’t matter.
  • Cloves- Once again, whole or ground is entirely up to you.
  • Nutmeg
  • Black Pepper (or peppercorns)
  • Marjoram
  • Mace
  • Sea Salt
  • A cotton ball (also completely optional)
  • String, yarn, wire or ribbon to tie shut


I generally lay my square of fabric in the middle of my work space (for me this is the kitchen, but for you it could be your altar or bathroom cabinet if you want to do it in secret. If you’re in the broom closet and someone sees you doing this, tell them it’s for a scent sachet to keep your closet smelling nice and you saw it on Pintrest.)

I put my cotton ball down first and sort of spread it out a little bit, then place my protective item (rock, gem, crystal, copper, or wood thingy)  then put generous pinches of cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, mace and marjoram on them. Now pepper is powerfully protective, but also powerfully scented and not everyone like the smell. I would use sparingly unless you like the scent.

When you have finished adding your ingredients, simply gather the top and tie it shut. I use three knots when I am making them because three is an important number to me. A number that is sacred to your path or meaningful to you is good. Each time I tighten a knot I force it full of my intent with saying things like “My home is protected.” or “This is a barrier against negative energy.”  I also like to drip a few drops of wax onto the knots just to keep them from coming undone. You can use a candle, sealing wax or even a melted crayon for this.

Anyway, that’s all I have for you today. Please feel free to message me with any questions you have about this lesson. Much love to you all and thank you for attending. <3

One thing that has come back up in my life recently is the idea that
“No one is coming to save you”

I tend to be passive. Passive aggressive. Passive in romantic relationships. Passive about my career. And I bet people who know me would never guess that because my moves look ambitious. But if I’m being honest, anxiety and my fear of rejection has me giving 75%, 50% sometimes, of the necessary effort to land the desired outcome.

I’ve taken a backseat to a few active goals recently and that position has me feeling frustrated af.

Asking for and getting help is good and necessary sometimes. We aren’t an island.

But no one can put in the remaining 25% of the effort needed for you to accomplish the goal.

No one is coming to save you. And waiting for that will keep you stuck and frustrated and in a “woe is me” position.

Get up. Wipe your tears. Smooth the wrinkles out of your skirt. Adjust your crown. And make the moves you know you need to make. Be your own hero.

Yesterday, I posted a video on my blog at TinierTim.com about depression and experienced an incredible outpouring of love via email and FaceBook and I was so grateful. Today I want to talk to you about HAPPINESS.

I have learned a hard lesson over the last 6 years of weight loss, maintenance and strength gains in the gym: There is no such thing as conditional happiness.

When I was almost 450 pounds, I used to believe that if I lost weight, I would be happier and easier to love. While losing weight is one of the most life changing things I ever did for myself, it didn’t change my levels of happiness or my capacity to love. I was using my obesity as a crutch to avoid the real problems and experience honest growth in my life.

Happiness is not a mystical feeling you experience at the end of a weight loss journey. Happiness, acceptance and self-love are not only available but recommended at the start of your weight loss journey. In other words, don’t lose weight to find love. Find and start with self-love right now and let it empower you to lose weight.

What would happen in your life if you stopped beating yourself up for every mistake?
What would happen in your life if you stopped abusing yourself verbally?
What would happen if you stopped calling yourself names in your head?
What would happen if you could see yourself with the eyes of a person who truly loved you?

Most of us are far better at loving others than we are at loving ourselves. That trend has to change. You cannot be disgusted with yourself without that disgust trickling into your other relationships and friendships. Lead with love and you’ll find greater power, increased resolve, stronger motivation and the ability to transform your New Year’s Resolution into a Lifelong Shift.

It all starts with a shot of love and one pound. Are you ready?

Lesson 6~
  • マヨネーズ- mayonaise
  • ケチャップ- ketchup
  • さとう (砂糖)- sugar
  • しお ()- salt
  • ミルク- milk
  • おす (お酢)- vinegar
  • かける- to put on (glasses)
  • コート- coat
  • あげる (上げる)- to raise
  • さげる (下げる)- to lower
  • スキップ- skip
  • くちぶえ (口笛)- whistle
  • しょうゆ- soy sauce
  • ごみ- rubbish
  • しまった- Oh, dear!
  • おく (置く)- to put
  • えんりょする (遠慮する)- to be humble
  • つける- to add (sauce)
  • きれる (切れる)- to be cut
  • おどろく (驚く)- to be surprised

 anyway now that i am an author and i have achieved my life goal like 40 years early i gotta make new goals. So i’ve been working on this list for the past couple days and here it is.

1. become for however temporary a time, a Russian businessman’s mistress

2. Ignore a celebrity on purpose while they are actively trying to get my attention

3. Full Body Lazer Hair Removal for an eternity of having dolphin legs

4. become an archeress and carry a bow in my car so i can whip it out for tricks.

5. violin lessons 

6. All my clothes made by a tailor.

7. Put my whole hand in a chocolate fountain.

8. fly first class at least once so I can see What the Hell is Going On Up There

9. Go to one of those mysterious european raves that occur in barns or fields with little notice. Whose invitations are spread by word of mouth, but have 10,000 attendants and are property damage level of turnt

10. gently touch sufjan steven’s cheek and ask him in the softest of voices if he is a changeling. 

6 Lessons from 2016

There’s a book by Paul Arden that I have always been captivated by, because it emphasized that it’s not about how good you are, but rather how good you want to be. 

One of the lines in it has stuck with me ever since the first time I read it. It says, “you don’t have to be creative to be creative.” It’s a line I have related to specially in my bleakest days in 2016, when I needed to feel like someone else had felt that exact same feeling of vapidness. (I have been in a lot of situations feeling vapid being a Managing Editor of a publication, trust me.) 

Life is a funny thing, you know. In life, regardless of whatever you do, planning and executing your dreams are beyond crucial. So crucial, in fact, that most of us end up feeling satisfactory of the outcome. But lately, what I have begun to fear as much as that is forgetting the lessons in between the planning and execution.  

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The Basics:

❖ Name: Alannah Corvaine
❖ Age: 20
❖ Deity: Rhalgr, the Destroyer

❖ One good trait: Compassion
❖ One bad trait: Impulsiveness


❖ One bad habit: Starting things and forgetting to finish them.
❖ One good habit: Sticking to her daily self-care routine.
❖ One habit they can’t break: Getting absorbed in her reading and forgetting anything else she should be doing.
❖ One they’ve broken: Her inability to make eye contact while speaking to people.
❖ What they’re afraid of: Losing everything because of her own mistakes.


❖ Their parents names: Aedan and Christaine (deceased)
❖  Their siblings names: Faron, Ean, Davon, and Brennan
❖ Other relations:
Aislinn Outway-Corvaine (daughter)
Veronique Corvaine (sister-in-law)
Isabeau Corvaine (niece)
Moira Corvaine (aunt)
Fayre Harlow (maternal grandmother)
❖ Favorite childhood memory: Sneaking out to the Burning Wall with Faron to watch a meteor shower.
❖ Favorite childhood toy: Books and a stuffed plush tuco-tuco.
❖ Embarrassing story: She tried to run away once in the middle of the night, but didn’t get more than 50 fulms from the house before she started sneezing so loudly and profusely that it woke the entire household.
❖ Favorite family member: Brennan
❖  A story about that family member: After Faron left to join the war, it was small, scrawny Brennan who broke Davon’s nose when he made Alannah cry and Brennan who stood up to Ean when he bullied her, even when it cost him later in the form of vicious beatings. As much as Alannah loves and idolizes Faron, Brennan is the one who understands just how much their other brothers’ treatment has hurt and affected her, and it’s created a strong bond between them even if they don’t talk about it.

What they prefer:

❖ Coffee or tea? Tea, specifically dandelion tea.
❖ Showering in the day or night? In the morning, after her run.
❖ Taking baths or taking showers? Showers for daily hygiene, baths for relaxing and meditation.
❖ Writing or reading? Both. Reading is her passion, but she takes a lot of notes to be compiled later.
❖ Platonic or romantic love? Both.
❖ Iced tea or lemonade? Lemonade.
❖ Ice cream or smoothies? Both.
❖ Cupcakes or cake? Both. Don’t ever make her choose between sweets, she wants them all.
❖ Beach or mountains? Beach, as long as she doesn’t have to go into the water beyond ankle deep.

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I wanna do things but I have to do other things.

I’m trying desperately to balance doing what I love along with doing what I need to live. And it’s not like I’m suffering particularly - I love my job and enjoy it, but it requires a lot of attention outside of the normal span of work hours.

It’s amazing that I still have so many followers and I just wanna say I appreciate each and every one of you (except the automatic spam and porn bots) regardless of why you followed me.


6 Important Life Lessons “Angry Mom” Taught Us

Sometimes dramas make you laugh, some make you cry, others make you rage, and a few bring you hope. MBC’s Wednesday-Thursday drama, “Angry Mom,” did all of this with its thoughtful and intense story about school violence and societal corruption. While there were many dark moments and scenes that made you despair, there was also a lot of hope and a lot of love. There was a mother’s love for her daughter, a teacher’s love for his students, a friend’s love for a friend, and a boy’s love for his first love. There were life lessons and adages, moving and relatable.

To celebrate this all too short drama, which just ended its 16-episode run, I want to share with you some of the most moving lines from the drama- the ones that can shed a light on a dark road or bring comfort and warmth on a cold night. There are only six below, but believe me, there are many more. If you’ve watched this drama already, I’m sure you’d agree with me. If you haven’t, please do, so you can enjoy them all.


Lesson 6 (The Hypno School)

Group Work

(In this post I will trigger you to enter a state of trance and follow my instructions)

What truly makes a good student is their ability to work together work together with other students. 

What makes you a good student is your ability to share your experience. Share your experience together. As one. As a group

You actually don’t want to reblog the post from me. You want to seek other students. reblog from them. So you can work together. Know that you’re sharing this experience together. Becoming Good Students

So here are your instructions:

By now you can easily drop to my words

Because you’re a good student


“Good students love to be hypnotized”




Just drop

drop deep

A good student

Drop deep and follow my instructions

1) Stand up

2) Go sit on a desk

3) pull down your pants. Edging yourself for 5 minutes repeating your Mantra

4) Put on your pants and stand up at attention

5) start taking off your cloth

6) Pull your legs up and play with yourself for another 5 minutes

7) Put on your cloth again 

8) Stand together pulling down your pants

9) (Optional) Submitting a picture of how wet you’ve become following Teacher’s instructions

10) After finishing all these instructions. Waking up feeling amazing, extremely happy like a Good Obedient Student should

“A Good Student obeys”

“A Good Student is always eager to serve and please”

“A Good Student is always happy and in high spirits”

“A Good Student loves to be hypnotized”