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P.S. - Please tell me is it true that BTS is soon releasing the MV for Blood, Sweat and tears Japanese version? Because hell I’m not ready 😭

“so blessed. so moved. so grateful. cant believe this is my life. never going to take it for granted. always going to give back. thank you.”

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Do you have any advice on writing trans any advice on writing trans characters in a way where readers, like, know that they're trans but it doesn't feel forced? Idk how to put it (I'm new to this) but basically keeping it realistic but a part of the character??? Sorry if this is annoying

hey, this isn’t annoying! sorry for taking so long to get to this– i wanted to give it the proper amount of attention and words, which is oftentimes pretty hard to do on mobile.

so a good rule of thumb for writing ANY sort of oppressed or minority character if you’re not a part of that actual group is to go ahead and write diverse characters, but don’t try to write about their problems, especially if you haven’t done any research or spoken to any real people who are members of those groups. for example, i have no business writing about a black character’s struggle with racism, because that’s not an experience i’ll ever have. no matter how good my intentions were, the chances of me accidentally being offensive or stereotypical are pretty high. this isn’t a hard or fast rule, but if you aren’t trans yourself, DEFINITELY do some research and talk to people as you’re writing.

as for writing trans characters specifically: it depends on what you’re doing with them, to be honest! are you writing from their point of view? if so, it might not be out of place to mention dysphoria, binding/wearing breastforms (you didn’t specify if your character was transmasc or transfem), and stuff like that, though you definitely shouldn’t go overboard with that– especially if the story isn’t About™ the trans character’s transition.

if the story isn’t from their point of view, you can just drop hints here and there! here’s a quick example i just came up with on the fly. alex is a cis guy, while rex is a trans guy:

“Dude, I’m starving,” Alex complained as he sprawled across the couch. “Can we go get food?”

“Can’t we just get a pizza delivered?” Rex asked. “My binder is still in the dryer.”

Alex nodded, his eyes closed. “Fine with me. Gimme your phone.”

The next thing he felt was a small, solid weight hitting him in the stomach. Alex groaned and sat up in surprise to find that Rex was laughing at him from across the room.

“Asshole,” Alex grumbled. Rex didn’t seem bothered by the insult– he just shrugged, still chuckling.

so we know from the binder comment here that rex is trans, but it’s not made into a huge thing at all. this is just an example, but that’s how i personally would write a trans character if they weren’t the main character.

i don’t know if you’ve seen them or not, and i certainly don’t mean to self-promote, but i have a few fics on ao3 that prominently feature a trans character, if you wanna check those out! granted one of them IS just about his transition/life story, but his transition isn’t always the sole conflict of the story. (i’m also a trans guy myself, so keep that in mind as you read, especially if you aren’t trans yourself!)

i hope that nothing i’ve said here has dissuaded you from doing it– i endorse EVERYONE writing trans characters! it’s just that you need to go about it sensitively, especially if you aren’t trans.

if you have any more questions or anything please feel free to ask me!! i should be getting a new computer in a couple days so i’ll be around more regularly again soon

When my Hnetter flat-friend told me that Zac wrote he lost 29 lbs, I was very surprised. Is it the same dude who wrote More to Love? I have a theory- it’s just a guess, okay? I have a colleague who is very thin- thin like Kate. Eating with her is painful, she constantly watch our plate and relentlessly recommed to eat less and be healthier. I can only imagine how is living with a woman like her. Kate acts like that? I don’t know, but I see More to love as a “I can’t stand this pressure anymore” message and his last blog as a final capitulation. I hope I’m wrong.

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Is it weird that the latest update reminded me of the ending of finding nemo?! Damn, i'm so happy these bros worked it out :,)

Awhhh how sweet ^^ 

Yep, they’re heros, they tried real hard, got defeated by being all silent, and at the end just accepted each other. 

You know how this ends. There’s nothing you can do to change it, so make peace with it now. Ready your hands for the callus, shred the cloth for bandages, prepare the rosaries.

When you meet him, outside the grocery, along the boardwalk, beneath the overpass, you will not know what he is. He will be neither be too charming nor too handsome, not thunder, not polish -

The day you fall in love, his mouth will spill your name. He will repeat and repeat. He will not touch you. He will watch your hips, study whatever ample you have, will ask to watch you dance. When you turn to leave, he will use your name like a choke chain.

He will call you miracle. Your face will unravel. This is his magic. When he begs you promise, say yes.

When he offers his lips, take them. Take his arms, his throat, take his toes when he offers. Gorge. Swallow everything whole. Gag. Vomit. Swallow more. Do not hesitate. No time for polite, or coy. Take.

When the minions call you whore, nod.

He will tell you of the others. How they went crazy in their sleep awaiting his return. Do not flinch. Do not doubt your thickened fingertips. Stand upright. You promised.

When you find him in his room, thrashing the sheets, pressing his palms into the walls, howling, his face a river… close the door. This is how he makes wine. Leave him in his sorcery.

When he explains that he cannot love. That he will never be yours alone. When he tells how the meek, the gluttons, the tempted, the proud are his angels, do not mourn. Smile, feed him, wash his hair.

He is a king among thieves. The leeches will hollow his skin, the crows reduce him to bones. His own heart will empty him. Allow for the bleed. Be ready with tourniquet and prayer.

In the dry burn of dawn, after the last of the lashes, the thorns and the spittle, when his limp body is laid at your feet, remember the night you loved him, the ember of his eyes and the way the words came like honey.

You were made for this.

‘Lessons on Loving a Prophet’ by Jeanann Verlee


Messed up the way the colours crossed on my sweater shoulder, so did a controlled unravelling and reknit.

Not even obsessive geeks would have noticed my mistake, but it would have bothered me. Bonus life lesson: look how smooth the final fixed result is! Looking at that, you’d have no idea that it had been completely unravelled and repaired, no idea how long it took, how much I cried, how many friends and experts I reached out to for help, how many friends didn’t understand but were sympathetic, or just how long it’s going to take me to weave in all those loose ends, each of which was necessary but caused a headache.

You’d look at the finished result walking past you in the street and think ‘huh, cute sweater, nice, simple design’.

Nothing worth doing is easy, but sometimes it looks that way from the outside.

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