lesson of seduction

Sweet as Marilyn, Cold as Cleopatra

****Long post alert***. This is primarily for the asks rotting in my inbox for months. Apologies! I have been MIA from Tumblr and the bowl for a while now (sick). Anyway, the title of this post pays homage to two seductresses I admire a lot. My sugar daddies who have been great mentors. The horrible men I’ve dated who have equally taught me a lot. And Robert Greene (author of Art of Seduction and Mastery. Great books. READ them!),You become a master by observing first. Analyze. Learn. Practice. Experiment. Apply. Transform.  "When you learn the rules, you can dominate".

Lesson 1: Seduction is more psychological than physical. The physical aspect of it is important as well. That’s it’s own category. But when you understand what your sugar daddy truly wants, you can (dare I say, ) “manipulate” him better. Anyone can be seductive. From skinny to bbw to medium size to giant scar on your forehead. You can succeed as a sugar baby. You just have to understand how to play the game and yes, I do think it’s all a game. So next time your sugar daddy yaps about his robust, lazy wife who may or may not be fucking the foreign gardener and spends 9 hours at the country club; and his cocaine addicted son at Harvard, LISTEN. He wants a shoulder, so be that. The key here is to show that support, care, and understanding but at the same time, don’t tangle yourself in the drama that you become his on-call therapist. Don’t call him at 10pm at night to check up on him. Unless he’s willing to pay you $800 per hour. When you understand what a person wants/how their mind operates, you can cater to their needs/deal with them better. OBSERVE. When you master psychological seduction, you will be well on your way.

Lesson 2: Be mysterious/intriguing. If your mom kicked you out of the house when you were a fetus, KEEP IT TO YOURSELF, at least in the initial stages. If you dropped out of college when you were still in the womb, keep it to yourself. When you reveal too much of yourself, you tire/bore people and eventually become forgettable. Everyone has a story. So save your sob story and ex boyfriend drama for the struggling author down the street who has been having writer’s block for the past 15 years.  What does Cleopatra,Marilyn Monroe, and Casanova all have in common? Mystery/leaving something to the imagination. These women/man armed themselves with an air of mystery that left those in their wake yearning for more. I’ve never seen Angelina Jolie as one of the most beautiful women on earth. But man there’s something about her that makes Hollywood go crazy. She shares bits of herself and her life but there’s always that edge of mystery. She leaves you wondering what’s going on behind the *is it fake or is it not fake* lips/smile. The key is timing. Don’t share too much.  Keep them guessing. No need for your sugar daddy or pot to know what cards you have up your sleeves. By sharing too much, you make yourself seem needy and DESPERATE. No bueno.

Lesson 3: Don’t always be available. I used to make this mistake, especially when I liked a guy. Never lasted long in my opinion. So I learned and changed tactics and mannnnn things definitely changed. Sometimes, saying NO works more in your favor. I don’t care if you’re bored out of your mind at home and counting the cobwebs on your ceiling. An occasional NO will put a sugar daddy in his place. It will tell him that you’re not at his beck and call. It will also tell him that you have other priorities outside of sugaring. Your life/time does not revolve around him. If he’s that interested in you, trust me, he will reschedule and work with you. Don’t turn into Mrs.NO to Everything but learn how to use it when applicable. This ties in a bit with mystery. When you say no and he asks what your plans for the day are, cultivate a story if you don’t have legit plans! You can say that you’re going on a short getaway with a group of girlfriends, going on a spa treatment for yourself only, etc. The key here is to appear that you have a fun, adventurous life outside. Your time is PRECIOUS.

Lesson 3.5: Create respectable distance. This ties in with 3. By creating respectable distance, you are again putting a sugar daddy in his place. You need space because you have a life. It will command his respect. The thing about a lot of men is that they loveeee a challenge. Especially wealthy men, who are used to having whatever they desire. By giving him what he wants, whenever he wants it, he will exploit that and before you know it, he will detach and disappear (which a lot of guys do). When you challenge him, it will drive him crazy. It will keep him on edge. He will come back for more. So treat yourself like a rare gem. There are vultures out here. So when you play into his wishes easily, well… easy come, easy goes.And before they go, they will devour you completely. When you allow him to insert himself in every aspect of your life, he will probably take advantage of you. The key here is to create enough distance that he’ll keep wondering about you but not so much that he completely forgets you. This can be tricky but it is not impossible.

Lesson 4: Confidence. I’m one of those people who believe that while some have innate confidence, others have to learn it. So if need be, LEARN confidence. It takes time and patience. Trial/error. Note what your shortcomings are and practice on bettering yourself. It could range from repeating daily mantras to yourself to changing a specific look about you, practice! practice! Note what your strengths are and USE it to your advantage. Again practice!  Marilyn Monroe wasn’t always a sultry, seductress. In fact, from her appearance, her voice, her make-up, to her persona, she had to practice it all to master it, especially in public. It took her years, but she eventually morphed into one of the most iconic seductresses of all time.

Lesson 5: Be bold/ assertive. There is a fine line between boldness/assertiveness and Mrs.Yes. It is okay to voice your interests, opinions, dislikes, etc. It is equally okay to disagree with something your sugar daddy says/wants. The key is to do it respectfully. Don’t try so hard to please him that you agree to everything (including things that make you uncomfortable). If he wants you to have sex with his bald, hairy micro-human friend from the country club and the idea makes your vagina retract in disgust, SPEAK UP. Don’t be Mrs. Yes because it can be dangerous to you. Plus you will give him the upper hand.

Lesson 6: Be playful. You don’t have to be serious 24/7. Make effective use of body language by using eye contact, touch, smiling, etc.Position your posture in such a way that you appear comfortable but not slouching. Engage him in fun activities sometimes. Show him what you enjoy doing/try to learn what he enjoys as well. I remember when I first took my sugar daddy to a rave. He was soooo out of place with his expensive ass suit but we had such a good laugh. It was fun. It is also okay to flirt and tease but do not over do it. . If he tells you of his former beauty queen ex wife who divorced him, took half his wealth, and got full custody of the kids, it will NOT be a good time to start flirting then or batting your eye lashes. The key is to know when to be playful and when to engage in a serious conversation with him.

Lesson 7: Stroke his ego occasionally, especially when he’s a good boy. Let him know you enjoy his company, his time, what he gives you, etc. It’s tough to balance but you don’t want to seem like you can’t do without the lifestyle he grants you. Remember, you are accustomed to a luxurious lifestyle. Men like feeling like protectors, especially wealthy men. So stroke that big fat ego and let him think it. When he misbehaves, adjust accordingly. 

Lesson 8: If all else fails, create/channel an alter-ego. It sounds somewhat extreme but I have one. I created a whole new persona for myself. When I first started out four plus years ago, I appeared too innocent. And that was my biggest weakness. My naivete showed and definitely I was taken advantage of and cheated but I learned. FAST. Soon after, I stopped telling men I was inexperienced. I stopped allowing myself to appear innocent. I became a chameleon.The person I am with sugar daddies/ on pot dates is completely different from the girl I am at home/school/work/with friends. With these men, I am a worldly, experienced WOMAN. I am used to ultra-luxury and deserve nothing but the best. Of course at home/elsewhere, I am a girl/ nursing student who studies a bit too much, curses a bit too much, enjoys being wild with friends and plans on attending medical school to become a psychiatrist. Find what works for you and channel her. We all have inner goddesses and seductresses in us. 

Lesson 9: “Be nice, be nice. Until it’s time to stop being nice…" Okay, this sounds psycho meets fatal-attraction-esque but no worries! know when to curse a  pompous, disrespectful son of a bitch out. Seriously, know when to walk away. Channel your inner Cleopatra/Bitchery and crush his ass. Do not be afraid to stomp an arrogant asshole out of existence (figuratively of course). I don’t care but no amount of money is worth being disrespected. If you allow a man to disrespect and treat you like a common commodity, he will not stick around for long. He will use, abuse, and break you. And frankly, You DO NOT deserve that. If he calls you a racial slur ( and claims it’s a joke, LIES), forces himself on you, disrespects you in anyway hurtful and dehumanizing, among other things, WALK THE FUCK AWAY and report the incident to authorities if the action warrants it. And let your middle finger do the rest of the talking. 

**All in all, I hope this helps someone out here. Remember, what works for one person make not work for you. But you can still learn from others around you** And that my friends, is the most important lesson of all.



Lessons in the Art of Seduction (2/30)

[This is written by me and and @thecuriousfangirl is also found on ao3 http://archiveofourown.org/works/10907358/chapters/24251316?view_adult=true ]


As the two lovebirds finished their duet, they locked eyes. Slowly, they both lowered their instruments, seemingly trapped in a trance. Once they realized that they were just staring at each other for what seemed like hours, they looked away, faint blush on both their cheeks.

“That.. that was good. You sounded great.” Lance awkwardly complimented, earning a grunt from Keith.

“You didn’t sound too bad either.” Keith whispered. “Do you know how to play any other music?”

“Well, yeah,” Lance rubbed his shoulders. “I sing a bunch.”

“Then sing.” Keith faced Lance and set down his trumpet, sitting in front of the tan boy.

Lance stiffened, clearing his throat and strumming some tuning notes. He immediately remembered a song from Earth and started playing the opening notes.

“Hoy el sol se escondió, y no quiso salir

Te vio despertar, y le dio miedo de morir

Abriste los ojos, y el sol guardo su pincel

Porque tu pintas el país ahí mejor que él

Cuando amanece tu lindura

Cualquier constelación se pone insegura

Tu belleza huele a mañana

Y me da de comer durante toda la semana”

He looked up at Keith, blushing at the nature of the words. Keith merely stared, not noticing the color of Lance’s cheeks. Lance kept playing and singing, determined not to let Keith get to him before he could finish the song.

“La luna sale a caminar

Siguiendo tus pupilas

La noche brilla original

Después que tú la miras

Ya nadie sabe ser feliz

A costa del despojo

Gracias a ti

Y a tus ojos”

Lance finished the song, not raising his eyes from the ground. He waited for Keith to say something, but no words passed between the two.

“Listen,” Lance started, “I know I’m not great or anything but…” he looked up and was surprised at just how close Keith was.

“It was beautiful,” Keith whispered. “You’re beautiful”

The two moved closer together, their lips meeting softly, each savoring the taste of each other on their lips. “Si mi amor por ti fuera música, tú serías la letra más bella de mi cancionero,” Lance whispered, the high from the kiss wearing off.

“Huh?” Lance laughed, trying to commit Keith’s adorably confused face to memory. “Dios mío, you’re cute.” They both giggled, neither choosing to move out of the other’s grasp. “Well, it means… um…” Lance laughed, realizing how stupid he sounded, “Just, nevermind. It’s dumb anyway.”

“Lance,” Keith drawled, “please tell me?” He batted his eyelashes, suppressing a laugh Lance’s audible gulp. “I-I mean, it’s not really that important really, It’s kind of, you know, dumb. You probably don’t even want to hear it…” he looked at the glare Keith was giving him and sighed. “I said ‘If my love for you were music, you would be the most beautiful lyrics in my songbook.’ It was dumb and cheesy.” Lance put his head in his hands, embarrassed for what was said in the heat of the moment.  

Keith blankly stared at Lance. A bright blush spread across his cheeks as he registered what happened. He looked up at Lance before kissing him again. Lance instantly kissed back, wrapping his arms around Keith’s waist and pulling him closer. Keith tangled his fingers loosely on Lance’s hair. After a few seconds, they broke the kiss, staring into each other’s eyes. “We.. we probably shouldn’t tell the others, who knows how they’ll react.” “Right.. it’ll be our little secret.”



The Art of Seduction

Summary: Jimin is a corporate heir that’s used to getting what he wants, but when he cant get the girl he loves to fall for him, he tries to find out what she likes in men through the methods of seduction.

Word Count: 3,981

A/N: This is based off of a prompt I read somewhere long ago (I don’t have the link I’m sorry! But the basis of the story is based on that prompt.) and also this is based on a few different discarded ideas I had in my documents folder. Gifs are not mine and all credit goes to the original owners! -Admin Germane

Jimin sat on the couch in his lavish living room, frustrated, trying to watch whatever show was playing on the TV, but he just couldn’t concentrate. He ran his hand through his already ruffled up hair and sighed, tugging absentmindedly at the drawstrings of his sweatpants.

Jimin, the youngest corporate executive in the world, could make any girl putty in his hands if he wanted to. Every girl he’s met always seemed interested in him, but not the girl he likes. Y/N was her name, she worked at his firm and Jimin often had to work with her on major projects that the company had to deal with. He’d like to think that Y/N was his friend; they grew extremely close thank to Taehyung, who just so conveniently happened to be friends with the both of them (Tae had actually caused them to meet, he shoved Jimin into her, making Y/N’s papers scatter on the floor). Y/N, however, didn’t seem to give any interest towards him at all. In fact, she seemed completely uninterested in all the men that flirted with her; she would only talk to Jimin’s group of friends during work, her and the other guys being really close to her as well.

To make Jimin’s infatuation for Y/N even worse, he always had images of her randomly flashing though his mind when he worked. He thought about what she looked like when she would roll her long shirt sleeves up to her elbows, how her hair would shine in the sun, and her lips. Dear god, her lips were just so inviting. Whenever she was concentrating on something or when she was reading over important documents, she would always bite her lips, drawing Jimin in even more than before.

Jimin wanted to return the fire that Y/N gave him, and this was why he was frustrated. He didn’t know what Y/N liked in a guy, he didn’t know what could be done to entice her. Hell, he had even asked Taehyung and Namjoon, the two she was closest to, for advice but even they couldn’t give him the answers he wanted. If only there was a way to get her to indulge into this information. As his mind traveled back to the girl that was taking over his thoughts, a knock came to his door.

To his surprise he saw Y/N standing there, it was 10:30 in the evening, why would she come to visit him this late at night?

“Y/N! To what do I owe the pleasure of having you at my doorstep?” he asked, a smile tugging at the corners of his lips. Y/N blushed and fiddled with her hands nervously.

“Um. Well. I need help with something and Tae told me that you know the most about it, so, um …” she started, nervous and flustered.

“Oh?” Jimin raised an eyebrow.

“And what would this … something be?”

“I-um, I sort of … like someone” Y/N’s cheeks turned from a soft pink to rose red and Jimin had to suppress a grin.

“So, I wanted to get their attention, and um, apparently, if you smell nice, that can do the trick.”

Jimin’s heart swelled with pride and lust. This was just too easy! She was walking into Jimin’s area of expertise; he could easily extract the information he needed to make her like him with ease. This ‘someone’ was but a minor obstacle. Jimin smirked, Y/N was as good as his.

“It certainly can. Come in, and let’s see what we can do.” Y/N smiled timidly and followed Jimin inside is lavish apartment. Y/N stared in awe, she had never been inside her friend’s/boss’ house before.

“So. Names are not needed, but what is this ‘someone’ like?”

“Why do you need to know?” Y/N’s tone was defensive and Jimin made a mental note to tread carefully.

“Different scents appeal to different people,” Jimin explained, “I need to know a little about who your trying to seduce to help you.”

“I’m not trying to seduce them; I just want them to notice me.”

“Ah, Y/N, you do not understand.” Jimin smiled and ushered her into the bathroom.

“Anything involving the senses is always about seduction.”

“Really?” Y/N leaned casually against the sink counter, watching Jimin with a mix of weariness and curiosity.

“So … there are other ways to get his attention?”

“Of course. Would you like to know about them?” Jimin asked. Y/N licked her lips (my god, like the girl need lessons in seduction when she did things like that) and nodded.

“Very well. Let us start with appearance.”

“Oh this might take a while,” Y/N joked.

“No Y/N, you misunderstood. You are very beautiful on your own, you simply need to … play up your assets.” Jimin looked her up and down thoughtfully.

“If you’re going to wear slacks, pick a tighter cut … you have very soft skin, wear something on top that shows a little. Neck or arms, doesn’t matter. Dresses should show a little leg; I’d say at least knee length. And try wearing a dress with short sleeves or thin straps, it keeps the mind wondering what’s underneath. Wear darker colors, after all, the darker ones usually are portrayed as more mysterious and sexy anyways. The dark colors will bring out your pretty eyes.” Jimin lectured, blushing a little at his advice.

“Are my glasses a fault then?” she asked, reaching up to take them off but, Jimin’s hand stopped her.

“I think they give you charm, personally.” Jimin shrugged. “But I’m not sure what this ‘someone’ of yours might think.”

“Okay. What’s next?” Y/N asked.

“Pretend I am you mysterious someone,” Jimin instructed. “Say hello to me.”

“What? Why?”

“Just … say hello to me.”

“Um. Hello?” Y/N said skeptically.

“No, no, no.” Jimin shook his head.

“Like this.” Jimin explained, leaning a bit closer to Y/N. He dropped his voice to a casually suggestive volume somewhere between normal conversation and a whisper.

“Hello, Y/N. How have you been?” Jimin asked with a smirk on his face. Y/N flushed and ducked her head.

“F-Fine,” she squeaked.

“Ah-ha!” Jimin grinned victoriously.

“You see? I did not even say anything of substance, and look how you reacted! It’s all in the tone Y/N. Your words must caress as your hands do. Now, try again.”

“I feel really stupid…”

“Try again.” Jimin encouraged, placing his hand on her shoulder in a comforting manner. Y/N sighed and cleared her throat.

“Hello Jimin,” she said, voice soft and engaging. Well that certainly sent some blood south. “How have you been?”

“Excellent,” Jimin smiled. “Your tone, I mean. You … ah, don’t need to do that again.”

“Really? That was good?” Y/N asked in disbelief. Jimin nodded. It was a little too good. He was afraid if he spoke he’d scare her away with his perverted thoughts. Jimin cleared his throat and sorted his thoughts but Y/N spoke up first.

“Okay so I was wondering about taste. What am I supposed to do? Cover myself in whipped cream or something?” Y/N teased.

“No.” Do not think about licking whipped cream off her … don’t think about it …

“It can be two things. Items you can eat or drink can be evocative … like chocolate or cherries”

“And the other thing?”

“Has nothing really to do with actual flavor, but you want your someone to wonder and wonder what your mouth tastes like.”

“Um. Why?” Y/N asked.

“It’s all about luring them,” Jimin smirked.

“If you can get them fixed on something, anything, they are yours.” Jimin held his hand up before Y/N could speak.

“Before you ask, your lips are terribly inviting, and you have a little lip-biting habit when you are reading or thinking about something. If your ‘someone’ isn’t being driven crazy by this already, you simply need to be obvious about it in their presence.”

“O-Oh.” Y/N touched her lips unconsciously. “W-What’s next?”

“What you came here for in the first place.” Jimin bent down and opened a cabinet under the sink.

“Now tell something about…”

“Jesus Christ Jimin! Why do you have so much perfume and cologne?”

“Well, this is just one cabinet, and I lost count after a while …” Jimin frowned at Y/N’s flabbergasted look.

“If you remember, Y/N, you were the one who came to me for help.”

“Okay. I’m sorry.” Y/N apologized, blushing slightly.

“Like I was saying, you need to tell me something about this … ‘someone’.”

“Do I have to? I mean can’t you give me something … nice?” Y/N asked.

“Nice?” Jimin sighed. “Let me show you how this works.” Jimin extracted a bottle, dabbed a little of the cologne on his wrist and held out his arm.

“Now I’m guessing, but for a smell you like, I would wear something a little … sweeter.” Jimin explained. Y/N took a skeptical sniff and shrugged.

“It’s not bad.”

“Alright I was wrong. Let’s try … ah, this, maybe.” He pulled out another bottle and dabbed some on his other wrist, and again held it out for Y/N’s evaluation.

“Smells sort of … smoky.”

“It’s supposed to. Do you like it?”

“Yeah, it reminds me of winter and fires and-”

“Nostalgia is not what we are going for.” Jimin turned back to the cabinet thoughtfully, humming in thought. After a moment’s deliberation, he pulled out another bottle.

“Third times a charm.” he smiled touching some of the fragrance to his neck and motioned to Y/N.

“Come see if this one is more to your liking.” he said, motioning for her to come closer. Y/N pushed herself off the sink and slowly stepped closer to Jimin. She stopped when she got in the range of one-on-one conversation, suddenly taking a deep breath. Got it.

“That …” she leaned closer.

“Jimin, that smells so good.” Y/N was obviously holding back the desire to bury her face in the crook of Jimin’s neck and inhale. Jimin noticed this and smirked.

“You can come closer, if you want,” Jimin offered, his voice dropping an octave. Y/N practically jumped on Jimin and she buried her face in his neck, moaning a little at the glorious scent. Jimin chuckled and hugged the girl, letting her have a moment.

“God. Jimin, it smells so amazing.” she mumbled into his skin. Jimin took a sharp breath, he had to control himself, otherwise his plan would all go downhill. He pried the girl off him gently and she groaned in annoyance, she wanted to bury her head back into his neck and smell that wondrous smell that Jimin had put on his body.

“So. You like something heavier, spicy … and you like to smell it when you are close to the person.” Jimin smiled, “Do you see what I’m talking about?

“Uh-huh.” Y/N backed up until she hit the sink, not trusting herself being so close to that scent that made her wild.

“W-What’s yours?” Y/N mumbled?

“My …?”

“Your scent, the smell you like.” Jimin stared at Y/N bemusedly until she elaborated.

“I mean, what works on you must work on everyone, right?”

“Not necessarily, but since you refuse to tell me anything about the person you’re trying to get you are more than welcome to try it.” Jimin handed Y/N a small pale blue bottle.

“Light and flowery, bit of a smoky undertone but nothing to overpowering. What I like most about it, though, is that it lingers … and that brings us to our final lesson.”

“Touch?” Y/N inquired nervously.

“Yes. Remember, keep it gentle …” he brushed Y/N’s cheek with the backs of his fingers. “… keep it casual …” a glancing touch down her arm. “… but most importantly, keep it lingering …” he splayed his fingers across the small of Y/N’s back, trailing the tips across along a line just above the hem of her pants.

“Does that make sense?” Jimin asked. Y/N, flushed, wide-eyed, and near breathless, nodded slowly, and Jimin smiled a smile he hoped didn’t look to predatory.

Oh. Right in the palm of his hand.


This meeting had to be the longest, most tedious, most agonizing meeting that Jimin had ever been to. It might, he mused, have to have had something to do with Y/N using all her new techniques to attract her ‘someone’. Jimin told her to play it up and was she ever.

It all started this morning when he was waiting in line for coffee. Most of the employees needed coffee this early in the morning or some, (well most really) would become very … frustrated (bitchy).

Jimin was standing in the coffee line, Taehyung and Jungkook standing behind him having a loud discussion about something ridiculous. Then they both just stopped talking all together. Jimin turned and looked at them, they usually wouldn’t shut their mouths for anything. Taehyung nudged him and pointed down the corridor. Jimin followed his gaze until he saw what they were staring at.

“Shit.” he cursed.

There was Y/N, walking with Namjoon towards the conference room. She had her head down and she was playing with her hands absentmindedly. Namjoon nudged her shoulder and she looked up, spotting the three of them waiting in the coffee line. She smiled and left Namjoon and walked towards the three men.

All three of them were drowning in red. The darkest red that stood out beautifully against her hair and skin. Her eyes shined behind her glasses and her black heels clicked on the marble floor. She made her way to them and she tilted her head, her hair catching the rays from the sun as she spoke in a soft, velvet voice.

“Good morning boys. How are you?” They all stared at her, none of them could put together any words to form a sentence. Jimin spoke up after a while.

“Good. How have you been Y/N?”

“Great, thank you.” It was Jimin’s turn in line. “Would you like anything?” he asked her.

“Just a tall black coffee.” She looked towards the other two men; the both of them still in shock.

“Hey, Tae, Kookie, are you alright?” she touched their shoulders out of worry. They both blushed and hid their faces.

“Sorry it’s just that-” Jungkook started, but Taehyung cut him off.

“Dude! You look totally hot!” Taehyung exclaimed, making Y/N giggle at his enthusiasm. Jungkook then preceded to smack Taehyung around the head.

OW! What the hell was that for?!” Taehyung whined, rubbing the back of his neck in pain.

“You’re such a perv, hyung. Show the lady some respect.” Jungkook scolded. Y/N blushed and looked down at her hands.

“You look beautiful noona.” Jungkook said, traces of a deep longing in his voice.

“Thanks Kookie! Oh excuse me I must go, but I’ll see you in the meeting?” Y/N asked, noticing Jimin was holding their coffee.

“Yes. Of course.” Jungkook agreed.

“Alright, bye.” Y/N said. She let her hand trail down Jungkook arm until she reached his elbow and she walked to Jimin who was … glaring at Jungkook? Y/N pushed the thought out of her mind and took the cup from Jimin’s hand and they both started to walk absentmindedly towards the conference room.

“I’m taking your advice.” Y/N said, breaking their silence.

“I can see that. You look … stunning.”

Close enough to how Jimin felt.

“Thank you.” Y/N blushed a little, taking a sip of her coffee.

“I’d love to talk, but I got to head to the conference room. I have some stuff to go over with Namjoon but, I’ll see you in a bit.” she touched Jimin’s shoulder in acknowledgment, assurance, before walking away. Her fingertips brushed along the line of Jimin’s shoulder, stopping and dropping only when they reached the shirt collar. In Y/N’s wake, Jimin caught the scent of the perfume he gave her, heady and perfect. It lingered, just as he knew it would, and Jimin stood in the hallway, cursing his lack of foresight.

This had backfired. Badly. Sexual frustration was mixing with resentment at whoever Y/N was giving her affection to until it turned into something acidic that resembled jealously. This. Just. Wasn’t. Fair.

To make matters worse, when Jimin entered the conference room and sat down, wondering how in the world he was going to survive this meeting, Y/N took the seat next to him with a cheerful little smile. Jimin really couldn’t change seats without seeming rude, so he was forced to sit and smell and brush knees with Y/N for hours. Jimin wondered how unlucky he had to be to choose a seat near Y/N’s ‘someone’ (why else would she choose to sit there next to him?) He glanced around and … oh if it was Jungkook or Namjoon it would really be torture.

And if Jimin thought Y/N unconsciously drawing attention to her mouth was bad, it was nothing compared to Y/N being purposely enticing. She licked her lips, pouted in boredom, applied chap stick, and nibbled at her bottom lip in such a come-hither manner it was indecent. When at last the conference ended and Taehyung had no crazier ideas to throw out on the table, Jimin nearly cried with relief. It was over, and there was nothing standing between him and the door-

“Jimin! Wait up.” he had spoken too soon. Forcing down the urge to bolt, he plastered on a smile and turned around.

“Y/N. What can I do for you?” he asked as the other workers slowly filed out of the room, leaving them alone in the large conference room.

“Nothing much.” she said, playing with the short sleeves of her dress, making Jimin curse himself for telling her to wear such a thing. The room was uncomfortably warm to Jimin, making him sweat a little bit. Did Y/N really have to follow all of Jimin’s advice?

“I just wanted to thank you, you know for … well this.” she said gesturing to herself.

“It was no problem at all, did you think you finally caught the attention of your ‘someone’?” Jimin asked with fake interest.

“I’m not sure, he seemed really uncomfortable and distant today. Maybe, it didn’t work?” she wondered out loud. Jimin blanked. If it didn’t work, then that means that Y/N would be doing this again, and again, and again. Jimin doesn’t think he would be alive for much longer if she did.

“Jimin?” Y/N called.

“I’m sorry, but what did you say?” he asked, running a hand through his black hair.

“Kookie asked me out to lunch this afternoon. I was asking if we could take off at the same time.”

Jimin suddenly felt that acidic jealousy rise up in his throat like bile, filling him with a rage and possessiveness he never felt before.

“No, you can’t.” Jimin’s voice was suddenly harsh, making Y/N taken aback at his change of attitude.

“Why not?” she encouraged Jimin to continue speaking.

“I don’t think that will be good for the two of you to go out alone. Especially with you looking like … that.” he said, allowing his eyes to rake over her body. His eyes lingered over her curves and the swell of her breast, making him groan inwardly.

“Kookie and I have gone out together before, why can’t we go out now?” Y/N asked. Jimin let out a small growl and shook his head, his eyes turning into slits.

“Because I said so Y/N.”

“But why Jimin? Why can’t you just give me an explanation?”

“Because, I don’t have to explain myself to you, I’m your superior Y/N and you shouldn’t be questioning me like this.” Jimin snapped; he could feel his anger and jealousy rise.

“I just don’t understand what the big deal is.” Y/N raised her voice, making Jimin slam her against the wall of the conference room, caging her in between her arms. Y/N stared up at Jimin with wide eyes, he has never acted like this with her before.

“Don’t you know how frustrating it is seeing you with a guy that’s not me?! Couldn’t you see how those guys were eyeing you up throughout the meeting? I should be the only one to look at you like that! It makes me so angry that they can look at you like that, I just want be possessive of you! You’re just so god damn attractive it’s hard to control myself around you, imagine how other guys would be with you! And you taking all of my advice … god it’s so sexually frustrating when you look so sexy and smell so good and I had to endure all of that throughout the meeting; do you know how many times I had to refrain from pulling you away and just taking you myself?! Y/N, I’m so in love with you, why can’t you just understand that?! That’s why I won’t let you go with Jungkook, because I’m afraid he’ll get to you before I can!” Jimin yelled, his eyes blowing up with jealousy and something else hidden behind it. Y/N just stared at Jimin with her mouth open, trying to comprehend Jimin’s confession.

“Jimin, you know that ‘special someone’ I asked you about the other day? Well, it was really you the whole time.” Y/N smirked, making Jimin gasp softly in shock.

“That’s why I came over that night, because I wanted to know how to entice you.” Y/N admitted. Jimin chuckled, biting his lower lip as he looked between Y/N’s eyes and her lips.

“You should’ve told me sooner, jagiya.” Jimin whispered, his voice was low and seductive, making Y/N lick her lips.

“You should’ve acted upon it sooner Jimin.” Y/N teased back, her voice coming out as smooth as velvet.

“You little vixen.” Jimin growled playfully as he closed the space between their lips. Y/N eagerly responded to his kiss, moving her lips against his with just as much passion as he gave to her. Jimin placed his hands on her ass, playfully giving it a smack and a squeeze. Y/N gasped and allowed Jimin to slip his tongue into her mouth, electing a moan from the girl pinned against the wall. Their tongues tangled together as Y/N ran her hands through Jimin’s hair, tugging softly on the black strands. Jimin growled into her mouth and he hoisted her up, wrapping her legs around his waist as they continued to make out against the wall of the conference room.

The two of them suddenly heard giggling. They both parted away from each other’s mouth to spot Jimin’s friends peering through the door, the six of them apparently watching the fiasco.

“See hyung, I told you he would finally pluck up the courage to ask Y/N out! You owe me lunch!” Taehyung said happily, smiling his box smile to Yoongi who groaned in annoyance.

“Yeah, yeah, whatever you want.” Yoongi agreed reluctantly, causing the other guys to start fulfilling the bets they had placed with Taehyung earlier today. Y/N giggled and looked back towards Jimin, who looked beyond livid at the interruption.

“Hey, you can’t kill him. After all, he’s the reason we met.” Y/N pointed out. Jimin smiled down at Y/N and pecked her lips, setting her back down on the ground.

“You’re right, but that doesn’t mean I can’t hurt him,” Jimin said devilishly, making Y/N laugh as he started to chase an amused Taehyung around the conference room. Y/N would never admit that it was Taehyung who urged Y/N to visit Jimin that night, and that she owed him a meal as well for a jobs well done.

I Love (Hate) Coffee

My first In The Heights fic! Please tell me if you guys liked this. I like doing In The Heights fics, so I’d love it if you guys had any other requests. I combined two requests because I felt like they fit well. 

Also, I now have 700 followers! I’m glad that so many people enjoy my writing! It’s seriously super exciting to me!

Pairing: Usnavi x Reader

Warnings: awkward spanish

Requested: Yes, @imagineswithfandoms requested Usnavi x Reader with obvious crushes and peptalks. Anon requested Usnavi x Reader where the reader hates coffee, but gets it from Usnavi anyways. 

Requests are open and appreciated in the ask box. 

Word Count:1424



Two things were facts to Usnavi de la Vega. Number one, y/n went to Daniella’s every Saturday to catch up on gossip. Number two, y/n walked out of the salon with the most adorable bright red cheeks to Usnavi’s bodega where she would order Café con Leche. These days were the best. Usually, y/n would stop in for coffee in the mornings before work, but she never had time to talk. On these Saturdays, she had plenty of time to talk to Usnavi. Sonny teased him endlessly when she left, mimicking Usnavi’s love stricken eyes and speech.

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Any ideas to start a love story? I love your blog ❤❤

1) Once upon a time, because to her that was how all the best stories started, there lived a girl in an abandoned spaceship. And there was a boy who lived in Elizabethan England, who fell of the side of the world in a pirate ship. It was an unlikely first meeting by all accounts.

2) It was never supposed to be more than a kiss.

3) Love is what happens while you’re busy avoiding the ninjas, went the proverb in the village.

4) He always dreamed of a sweeping romance, but had always been too shy to do much about it. So began his best friend’s “lessons in seduction.” They worked a little too well.

5) They didn’t fall into love, they settled into it comfortably like taking one’s heels off after a long day.

Daddy’s little kitten. (Sugar daddy Harry one shot)

*Warning: Contains smut. Might be badly written as its my first attempt. Also contains swearing. Don’t read if offended.*

Getting involved with a sugar daddy is never easy. The whole, no strings attached, being a virtual sex toy isn’t really my idea of a healthy relationship.  However the endless amounts of louboutin shoes, sparkling diamonds, givenchy bags and the brand new mini parked on my drive makes it more worthwhile. Sounds shallow doesn’t it? But daddy insists. So the kitten gladly accepts.  

Being 19 and currently under-going three years of a degree isn’t easy. So when Harry offered to pay for my tuition fees I accepted. If he’s going to throw his money at me I would rather it be on something worthwhile. Harry is one of the country’s most eligible bachelors. Being a millionaire at 29 doesn’t go unnoticed in the UK. Not by the female population anyway. Sometimes I wonder if it’s just me or if he showers all his girls with gifts?

It was 10pm on a Friday evening and there was still no sign of Harry. He had insisted that I stayed at his apartment tonight. But yet again, he had failed to appear. I was sat on the sofa, which overlooked the city of London. It was a truly captivating view. Bored out of my head, I decided to scroll through my twitter feed. A certain article suddenly caught my eye.  


Now, I am fully aware that most articles are full of absolute bullshit, but photographs never lie, and boy was there photographs. So whilst im sat at home waiting for ‘Mr styles’ to come home, he’s swanning about in fancy restaurants with what appears to be some sort of play boy bunny? Grabbing my coat and bag I decided that tonight was drawing to an end and I was no longer willing to wait around for Harry. Not to be made into a mug. Just as I was about to leave the door flung open, causing me to be greeted by a disheveled looking Harry. "Kitten? You’re not leaving are you?” “Yep” I smugly replied whilst trying to saunter past him before his grasp caught my arm. “Baby, why?” “Maybe because I’m sick of sitting here like some sort of mug, wondering where you are. Thinking maybe you had been caught up at the office, or thinking even worse, that something has happened to you! But then look, I open my twitter and your all over the papers with some blonde bimbo! Don’t invite me round if you haven’t got time for me Harry!” I shouted whilst shaking my arm out of his grasp. I have never spoken to Harry like this before. Harry’s eyes suddenly went dark and I knew I had crossed the line. “Fucking stop acting like a child! I was negotiating a business deal with her father, but unfortunately he’s taken ill so she came to sign the papers for him. I have the emails if you really want proof. But however y/n I thought you would have trusted me and known better than this. ” Oh shit. “If you can’t trust me then this deal is off!” He spat. “Harry, if you had of at least called me to tell me what was going on then I wouldn’t have thought that way!” I feebly defended myself earning a sigh from Harry. “Get to the bedroom” Harry ordered. Oh I see where this is going. You see when Harry is mad, he lets it out via sex. Fucking amazing sex though I have to say.  

Doing as I was told I walked to the bedroom, hanging my head low like a naughty little school girl. Boy did I feel naughty. I stripped down to my specially picked out black lace underwear and lay on Harry’s bed. I knew this was going to happen tonight anyway. That’s the whole idea of the deal. He doesn’t want a relationship, he just wants sex. I know it’s wrong and I’m being used but I can’t help myself. A short while after Harry entered the room. “Ahhh, what a beautiful sight. Daddy loves it when your all ready for me Kitten.” I simply watched the sex god that stood in front of me. He dropped his jacket off his shoulders and started to undo his shirt. I stared at the tattoos that graced his skin. He truly was amazing to look at.  Once that was done with he removed his pants and shoes.  "You know, you’ve been a naughty girl, not trusting daddy like that" “I know, mmm sorry daddy” I spoke innocently. “I think daddy needs to teach you a lesson, don’t you kitten?” I seductively nodded. He started by leaving bite marks down my neck, and sucking on my skin until it turned into a violent purple. “Mine” he mumbled as he trailed further down my body; over my breasts, down my stomach, and finally, to the hem of my lace thong. Using his teeth, he pulled down the lace, and flung it to the other side of the room. He was definitely skilled in the bedroom. Forcefully opening my legs, he looked straight at me and dipped his lips down towards my core, never breaking eye contact. Earning a hiss from me, he lapped up my juices, making me moan and grab onto his hair. “Mmm feel good kitten?” “Yes daddy! oh fuck yes” I nodded. God he was such a tease. He then inserted a finger, and pumped them in and out of my dripping centre. “Oh fuck daddy!” I arched my back, feeling a familiar sensation in the pit of my stomach. “Do you want Daddy’s cock baby” “Yes, I want your cock inside me”. “Tell me who you belong to” “You Daddy, I belong to you!” I shouted. Harry soon switched his attention to removing his boxers. Without warning, he thrusted into me, causing me to scream in pain and pleasure. “That’s its kitten, let them know who’s making you feel this good”. “Fuck fuck fuck” I moaned as he thrusted into me, harder than ever. “Fuck” the curly haired man grunted. “You’re always so fucking tight baby. No matter how many times I fuck you” he growled. All this dirty talk was making me close. “mmm, mmm close daddy” I moaned. “Let it go baby” he moaned whilst he sucked on one of my breasts. Before I knew it I was a trembling mess beneath him. My walls clenched around him which caused him to release too. “Fuck” he whispered before collapsing next to me on the bed. “That was fucking good” He sighed.  


“Harry” I asked a few minutes later, once we had both cooled off. “Yes kitten” he replied, pulling me closer to him. “Do you think you will ever be more than my sugar daddy in the future? I mean, I know there’s a ten year age gap but I-” “Shhhh, sweetheart” he spoke before kissing me on the lips sweetly. “Let them talk, the age gap doesn’t mean shit to me. Right now, I’m not ready for a full blown relationship, or the commitment that comes with it. But I know, as soon as I am ready, you will be the girl for me. I can feel myself slowly falling y/n, it’s only a matter of time before the penny drops and I’m ready to make you all mine. But until then, we need to keep enjoying moments like these. Okay kitten?” I simply smiled and nodded at the man that lay in front of me, heart warming at the word that had just graced my ears. Although it wasn’t entirely the answer I wanted, it showed that he cares, and there is a possibility that we may be together one day, like I’ve always dreamed of.  

“Ready for round two sweetheart” he winked. “Always with you daddy”.   

Okay so this is my first attempt at writing smut. I’m still trying to grasp how to write it hahaha. Sorry if its bad! Again, if you have a request feel free to message me. Also, please leave me feedback and dont be a silent reader! Hit that like button ;)

K x    


Your apartment had never been so loud as it was the afternoon that the guys all came over for English Time as they so lovingly called it. Namjoon had become your teacher’s aide as you went through mouth structure and vowel sounds. It had been a pretty productive lesson. The guys all had a general understanding of English words, but a majority of their issues came with pronunciation.

Let’s wash a movie. Tae said and you shook your head with a smile.

WaTCH. You emphasized the –ch sound and Tae nodded.

Let’s wauch a movie. He responded. Something you had learned since teaching kids was to physically hold their mouths as they spoke. Going up to Tae, you sat in front of him, cupping his face with your hand as you guided his mouth through the word.

Watch. You said slowly as you moved your hand on his cheeks. The guys around you got quiet and Tae stared intently at your mouth as you repeated the word.

Watch. He said back and you smiled brightly. You took your hand off of Tae’s cheeks, but not before feeling his face heat with embarrassment at your movement.

Sorry about that, it just helps with speaking if you are guided in how your mouth should move. You said sheepishly as the guys chuckled. Jimin looked on with narrowed eyes as Tae scratched the back of his neck.

No, no it’s okay. Tae said and looked at anything but you. Laughing off the embarrassment, you turned and saw Jimin’s glare. Squinting your eyes in confusion, Jimin shook his head lightly and looked away, you turned to help Jungkook who was asking you a question. But Hobi and Jin saw this interaction and looked at each other. Jimin had always been the jealous type, but he seemed to be shutting down whenever you did something completely innocent like that. Jin nodded his head for Hobi to meet him in the kitchen and Hobi followed.

That was weird. Hobi said and Jin shook his head.

Well they got a little hot and bothered before we got here. Jin replied and Hobi made a disgusted face.

Jesus, hyung, never say that again. It’s like my dad trying to be cool. He tsked and Jin glared at Hobi.

Anyway, how do we fix this? Jin ignored Hobi’s pleas and Hobi shrugged.

I don’t know, you’re the one that texts her. Hobi responded, but then his face took on a shocked looked. Jin turned around to see Jimin standing there, his face contorted in confusion and anger.

You’re texting Y/N? He asked in a low voice and Jin nodded.

Jimin, I was just doing it to make sure that she wasn’t going to hurt you. Jin responded quickly, but Jimin shook his head.

Why can’t you just leave me alone?! He exclaimed. Jin hadn’t seen Jimin get this visibly upset since they had to leave Busan during their tour. Jin held up his hands in a way to calm Jimin down, but Jimin shook his head. What did you talk to her about?! He asked and Jin took his phone out, opening the text message to show the younger member. Jimin scanned through the texts and heaved a big sigh. You’re seriously just trying to start problems, hyung. You’re trying to make this difficult for us. Jimin said before tossing the phone at Jin.

Jimin walked into the other room and clapped his hands to get everyone’s attention.

Hey, lesson is over for today. Everyone out. Jimin said in a stern voice that the guys looked at each other with confusion over. As the group collected their things, you couldn’t seem to look at Jimin, your stomach was in knots. You said your goodbyes and bowed as they all left, but Jimin stayed behind.

Did I do something? You asked as you closed the door to your place.

What was that with Tae? He asked at the same time and you looked at him with confusion.

Teaching? You said in an annoyed tone. Part of learning language is learning how to move your mouth. What’s going on with you?

And I just found out that Jin hyung was texting you? He asked, seeming to ignore your question and you stopped.

Yea, I thought you would know since he clearly got my number from you. You replied and Jimin sighed and sat back on the couch. He placed his hands over his eyes and took a deep breath.

He always does this. Jimin mumbled and you walked over to the couch, but didn’t sit down.

Always does what? You asked and Jimin took his hands away from his face.

He always pushes his way into my life. Jimin responded.

It’s not the worst thing in the world, I think it’s sweet. You said to Jimin, but Jimin shook his head.

Jin hyung can’t just let things be. Jimin sighed. This was the first time you saw Jimin truly upset. He seemed to breakdown in front of you, his usual happy nature just seemed to dissipate as you stood there in front of him. He went from being an idol, to just being a guy who was constantly being babied by his friends. Sighing and putting his head in his hands, you had never found him more relatable and attractive. There was this human factor to his sculptural facial features and cotton candy hair that you found so irresistible. Sitting down next to him, you took one of his hands away from his face. He looked at you with a self-deprecating smile.

If you think it scared me away, I’m still here. You responded and that was it. Jimin looked at you with relief, happiness, and surprise, mixed with a desire that you remembered from earlier. You found yourself in his embrace and laughed as he found every bare surface to mark with his kisses. His lips found your ear like they had earlier, and your entire being seemed to hang on his every word.

God, I’m so happy. He murmured gruffly into your ear and you found yourself blush. He leaned his forehead against yours as you stared intently into his eyes. Can we continue that lesson from earlier? He asked seductively and you couldn’t stop yourself from blushing before he grabbed you. Throwing you over his shoulder and taking you into the bedroom.

Lessons in the Art of Seduction (1/30)

[My friend @thecuriousfangirl and I came up with this beauty. She posted it on AO3 ( http://archiveofourown.org/works/10907358/chapters/24251316 ) and we’ll be writing it together.]

Lance thought Keith was hot. The only problem was actually getting Keith to fall for him.

Slowly but surely, Keith falls for Lance. Lance documents each step in the process, hoping not to make the same mistakes over and over again.



Lance wasn’t going to lie, Keith was hot in that terrifying “I will kill you if you say more than ten words to me” type of way. And sure, Pidge did warn him, but that didn’t stop him from flirting and gaining a black eye in the process.

“I told you so.” said the shorter paladin as they handed Lance an ice pack. “I don’t need ‘I told you so’s, I need Keith to stop being so… unseducable.” Lance put the ice pack on his eye, wincing at the coldness. “Quit being a baby.” Pidge replied, not an ounce of sympathy in her voice, “I warned you Romeo, you’re just not as smooth as you used to be.” “I’m still smooth! I bet that by the end of the week I can get Keith head over heels for me.” Lance puffed out his chest and crossed his arms. “Whatever you say, just don’t come crying to me when you have more than just a black eye.” Pidge shrugged and pressed the ice pack back onto Lance’s eye, earning a squeak out of the tan boy before kicking him out of the kitchen.

Lance paced back to his room, thinking about all the ways he failed to capture Keith’s heart. “He didn’t like my puns.. or my dancing.. or my suggestive dancing.. or any of my attempts to hug him…..” Lance sighed in defeat and sat on his bed. “What if I really can’t seduce him.. Pidge is right, I should give up.” He solemnly picked up his acoustic guitar and began strumming chords. After tuning a few strings, Lance played a small rift, leading into a song as he started singing. He poured his heart and soul into the lyrics, feeling as if they completely summed up what he felt. It wasn’t until he heard Keith clear his throat that he realized he had left his door open.

“So, you play guitar?” Keith awkwardly asked, rubbing the nape of his neck. “You weren’t supposed to hear that!” Lance yelled startled.”I don’t usually play in front of other people,” Lance continued, “So it’s not just you that isn’t supposed to hear it but rather everyone on the ship and…” he trailed off, realizing a little too late that he was rambling.

“Well, uh, you sounded good.” Keith looked away, a slight blush on his cheeks. Lance stared at the other paladin. “Was that a compliment..?” Lance questioned.

“Y-yeah so what! I liked your playing.” Keith slightly glared at Lance, his blush becoming more noticeable. “Listen, I know you don’t like playing in front of others. I’m the same way.”

“You.. you play? What do you play?” Lance perked up, unconsciously leaning closer to Keith. Said boy looked away, quietly muttering, “Trumpet..”

“Keith, my dude, you did not just say you play the trumpet.”

“So what if I did?”

“It’s trumpet.”


“You’re clueless.”

“Whatever,” Keith turned to leave from the doorway, a glint of brass shining from his hands, “It doesn’t matter anyway.”

“Keith! Keith, my man, my dude. Look I’m sorry but I was just surprised is all. So what can you play?” Lance asked, secretly praying for his answer.

Keith scoffed. “Why should I tell you? You won’t take me seriously because it’s trumpet.”

“I was just impressed, okay! I didn’t mean to be rude..” Lance looked down at his guitar.


“Huh?” Lance looked up. He could have sworn he heard something in Spanish.

“Malagueña. La Malagueña. I know how to play the trumpet part.” Keith fully revealed the brass instrument in his hands.

“Dude! That is my jam! We could go to the training room and play, its soundproof isn’t it?”

After not so inconspicuously jogging down the halls, the two paladins reached the training room. They took a second to catch their breath not saying a word.

Lance played the opening guitar rift, smiling up at Keith and waiting for his entrance.

The majestic sound of a trumpet guitar duet filled the room as the two played their hearts out. Keith glanced at Lance, watching the tan boy’s fingers dance on the neck of the guitar. His face had a relaxed and happy smile on it, and when the two made eye contact a certain paladin with a mullet almost missed a note.

The two musicians didn’t notice the rest of the people in the castle watching them through the doorway. “They need to just get together already,” whispered Hunk, “all their pining is almost painful.”

“Let’s make bets.” Pidge pulled the group away from the room. “Whoever guesses the closest to how long it takes them to get together wins.”

“And what happens to the loser?” Shiro asked, trying not to seem too interested in the bet.

“The person whose guess is the furthest will have to do all, and I mean all, of the chores around the castle.” Pidge smirked and adjusted her glasses. She grabbed a piece of paper and wrote the bet down. “We’ll write down our guesses so that there is no cheating. Allura, Coran, you two get the concept of Earth days, weeks, and months right?”

“I think I’ve gotten the hang of it,” Allura nodded, “I know at least enough to place a bet for this. I say it will take… 2 weeks.”

“On the contrary Princess, I believe it will take only 3 days, considering how close they already are.” Coran proudly twirled his mustache around his finger.

“A month,” was all Pidge said, waiting for everyone’s bets before writing them down.

After some thought, Shiro placed his bet at a week and a half. Hunk couldn’t stop saying he feels bad about betting on his best friend’s relationship, but he still put a bet at a month and a half anyway.

“The bets, in order from lowest to highest are as follows:

Coran- 3 days
Shiro- 1 week and a half
Allura- 2 weeks
Pidge- 1 month
Hunk- 1 month and a half

May the best man, or woman, win.” Pidge folded up the paper and put it in her pocket. One by one, everyone left the two musicians alone in the training room to go plan how to get the two lovebirds together to win the bet.


shadowhunting  asked:

dialogue prompts: "are you flirting with me?" for jimon ✨

“Are you flirting with me?” Simon quirked a suspicious eyebrow at Jace, who had sauntered over and was now currently smirking at Simon and he read his comic book. “If that is what you call a pickup line, then you need some lessons in the art of seduction.”

Jace feigned a gasp and put a hand over his heart. “Simon Lewis! You offend me.” He smoothly sat down. “That pickup line is the best one I’ve got. But I don’t need them, anyway. I’m plenty irresistible and you know it.” Simon buried his face further in his comic book to hide his blush and Jace chuckled lightly. “You’re adorable when you blush.” and Simon scoffed from behind his comic book, but anyone could see how affected he was by his comment.

Jace scooted closer to Simon and leaned over to see what he was reading.

“What are you reading?” Jace asked, genuinely curious, and also glad for the excuse to lean into Simon, grinning at how the simple brush of his shoulder elicited a squeak from the vampire.

“It’s the newst Star Wars comic! It came out just yesterday. Rebecca got it for me,” Simon replied shyly with a twinkle in his eyes and Jace had never felt more than love.

“Oh, really?” Jaced smiled coyly and slowly plucked the comic book from Simon’s cold fingers and put it behind his back. Simon lunged for it, but Jace dodged, giggling.  “Did I ever tell you you’re the Obi-Wan for me, Simon?”

Simon made a snatch for his comic but then he gave Jace a confused look. “Obi-Wan? Obi….” he muttered what Jace had said under his breath and then it clicked. “That was terrible” he laughed, the comic book long forgotten and Jace felt his heart leap at the beautiful sound.

“Did it hurt when you fell from Cloud City?”

“Are you serious right now?”

“Are you releated to Yoda? Because yodalicious.”

“I’m cringing, really.”

“You’re so Hoth.”

“Okay, that was awful.”

Simon was close to tears of laughter by now and tried to stand up to run away but Jace caught him by the wrist and pulled him back down, wrapping his arms around him so that he couldn’t escape.

“How dare you insult my attempts to ask you out on a date!” Jace said, trying to sound angry, but his voice cracked and Simon was roaring with laughter as Jace pressed kisses to his neck

“Jace, we’ve been dating for three months. I kind of have to go on dates with you.”  Simon teased, turning around in Jace’s arms to give Jace a proper kiss. Jace smiled against his lips as Simon took his face in his hands, running his thumbs over his cheekbones lightly. “You don’t need pickup lines in order for me to be completely smitten over you.”

“Only you would use the word ‘smitten’, you dork,” Jace smiled and nuzzled Simon’s nose with his own.  “I love you.”

“Love you too.” Simon pecked Jace quickly and started to stand up but then he stopped.



“On a scale of one to America, how free are you tonight?” Simon asked with mischief in his eyes and a smirk on his face and Jace’s jaw dropped.

“Did you just-that’s a Captain America pun!” Jace spluttered. “You’re no better than me!”

Simon only responded by laughing and kissing Jace soundly again to shut him up (not that Jace was complaining).

Send me a pairing and a line of dialogue!

“I have this this stupid fantasy,” you confessed, blushing, to Dean one afternoon after the two of you had wrapped up questioning people for a case you were working together.

“A fantasy, huh?” Dean smirked, intrigued by the turn of the conversation.

“I have always had a thing for a man in a suit. A man with authority and power. A man that can put me in my place and teach me a lesson.”
You grinned seductively at him as you placed your hands on his tie to straighten it.

“Well, let’s say we head back to the hotel and see what we can do about that little fantasy, sweet heart, and I have a fake badge.” He winked devilishly grabbing your hand, rushing you to the impala to head back to the hotel.

Gonna Grab You By The Collar (Kiss You All I want) - icyblews - DC's Legends of Tomorrow (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: DC’s Legends of Tomorrow (TV)
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Ray Palmer/Leonard Snart
Characters: Ray Palmer, Leonard Snart
Additional Tags: Raymond is sick of Leonard’s BS, so he’s gonna teach Leonard a lesson, confident and seductive Ray makes Leonard weak, ColdAtom Week 2017, Jealousy, Jealous Ray, Possessive Ray

Ray’s change in demeanor, charged and confident, a man on a mission, it makes Leonard’s head swim. He isn’t expecting this, for Raymond to be so forthcoming with his wants. Leonard can’t believe the words coming out of Ray’s mouth, the filthy sentences strung together with biting kisses and bruising skin, spilling from Ray’s lips. They fill Leonard’s head with cotton, and pump through his veins, circulating in a warm buzz, overloading his systems.

Lessons in Seduction

There’s a funny little secret that no one really mentions in this forum. I discovered it too late in life. 

I had a mental love affair with a high school teacher, from grade ten to twelve. While we maintain a friendship, I accept that because of the childish ways I behaved during high school, he would never feel comfortable returning my feelings.

Let me explain. If a teacher is attracted to any childlike, girlish qualities, he is not normal. That is what separates the men with little girl fetishes from the men that genuinely feel for you.

In high school, I was doing everything wrong. I was clingy. I gave him my full attention. I chased him. I never made him chase me.

Ladies, (and gentleman), as the student, we really have nothing to lose. They have everything to lose. Their jobs. Their spouses. Their reputations. They could even go to jail. So what I’m saying may seem to contradict itself, but follow with me. 

While this particular situation of student and teacher has different rules, it is still first and foremost seduction. What do men want? What they can’t have. And you, a student, are very much by definition what they can’t have. Work with that, instead of against it. Tease them. Flirt with them. But don’t wear your heart on your sleeve. Show your interest, not your love. Hook them to you. Intoxicate them.

Fast-forward to after graduation, I never did date my high school teacher, however I did fall into a relationship with a much older man. That relationship taught me the power of seduction and that once you master it you can captivate anyone. There’s a reason Marilyn Monroe will be immortal. Generations of men and women still look to her as the embodiment of sex. She was coy. She only gave pieces of herself, never everything.

No one will fall in love with someone that idolizes them. When you idolize, you become a fan, not an equal. 

I spent a little time as an online escort, something which I will get into at a later date (possibly). That also taught me a great deal about what men want. (I apologize if this post excludes how to seduce women. I know many of you have female teacher/professor crushes, but I’ve never seduced a woman so I’m afraid I don’t really have much advice on that subject)

I think something that would really help show you all what I am saying is taking the time to watch a few films and to witness the way in which women behave and men’s reactions to them.

Dangerous Beauty, The Other Boleyn Girl, Poison Ivy: The Secret Society (actually, any of the Poison Ivy films), etc. are all wonderful depictions of the “seductress”. Men (especially the married or the forbidden variety) dream of the seductress. 

Be the temptress and he will start dreaming of you before you know it.

I cannot guarantee he will act on his feelings. Clearly, my situation with L demonstrates this! But I can guarantee it will give you a huge advantage of the other girls or boys at school vying for his attention and I can also promise that you will be the subject of his daydreams. Whether he limits you to his dreams or reality depends on the man.

P.S. A bonus point: Be intelligent. DO NOT dumb yourself down, or pretend to ask for help. You instantly show that you are below him. You need to prove that your relationship is independent of academics. Make him feel like a man, not a teacher. If you succeed in separating the two in his mind, you’re halfway there.