Wards and grounding

Ward: A ward is a shield, made out of the casters energy made to block off any negative force (energy or otherwise) that the caster will come into contact with.

Now, this is very common knowledge and wards are among the first thing a witch learns how to do, as they are a necessity.  

(expect repeating for extra emphasis)

Wards can be made from any element and are very malleable, depending on your skill that is.  Wards are the most basic form of protection and should be learned early on with basic grounding and centering techniques.

A ward can be placed on yourself, on another person, an object, etc etc, the possibilities seem endless.  Wards can be made from many things, infact some items like some crystals already produce some sort of protective field when charged, all you need to do is program the crystal with further commands (intent).  I always recommend black tourmaline, because it is easy to source, good for grounding, and purification.  

Other reasons why Shielding is great.  It can keep your own energy from going out to places, while also keeps energies you don’t want near you away.

Shielding can be done in many ways. It is usually a combination of visualizing your shield in a way that makes you feel protected and stating your intent.  

Example: draw energy from the flame of a candle, visual the flame burning anything negative trying to come near you and recite “any negativity coming toward me will be burn with my will” or whatever wording you desire, wording isn’t even needed.  

You could picture your aura hardening with every breath you draw so that it becomes an egg of protection, and any energy you don’t like will bounce off it.

You could picture water around you boiling or washing over negativity coming at you destroying it.

Again the possibilities of shielding are endless, if you can think of it you could do it.  

These are all centered around YOU and can be done with no materials.

Most every magical text, even new age, has some section of the book for protections that should be made.  Wards are very easy to maintain, the trouble, (well my trouble) is remembering to cleanse it from the negative energy that you come in contact with periodically and repairing any tears in it.  

Grounding- The practice of using the calm, stable energy of the Earth to root yourself in your body at the present moment.  This is done a multiple of ways, and very calming when combined with breathing techniques.  
Centering- Balancing and connecting to YOUR personal power, not the energy of the earth or whatever planet you are drawing from, its used to tap into the power your body hold within it

While you ground Imagine your feet rooting into the Earth and drawing up the clean fresh energy on inhale, on exhale picture all of the negative and excess energy you have returning back into to the earth for its own use.

Witches who favor the element of water could use the Sinking method to wash excess and negative energy off into water, with the same type of method.  

Witches found of the air element whistle wind to push negativity and excess out.

Those found of fire, let a fire inside them grow out and consume all the negative energy.

Etc etc

Grounding, centering, and shielding are the foundation for any energy work that you do, and NEEDS TO BE LEARNED EARLY ON. (even if you don’t use energy a lot you need to do this for your own safety) Shielding, grounding, and centering should be practiced consistently throughout your practice so that you can get into that mindset with ease, and the more you practice the better you will become (obviously).

There are no books for this mini lesson because its basic and it’s personal so go out there and try it


Curses, hexes, jinx

It has become clear to me that most people don’t know the difference between hexing, cursing, and jinxing.  This could be because of multiple reasons, largely due, in my opinion to different cultures and/or language barrier.  Keep in mind this information is based solely on what I personally have read so as I have done in previous posts, I’ll link my sources below.

Cursing: A curse is a sort of last ­ditch effort; it is intentionally putting adversaries at harm through magickal means. Cursing is basically weaponizing your energy to hurt another. Because you are using your magick to take down your enemies or whoever has wronged you, this is the most severe out of the categories. A curse will run its course until the desired outcome is reached.

Hexing: Hexing seem like the most popular out of the witch community in modern times.  A hex is not as rough as a curse and is usually meant to teach another a lesson. Say if your ex cheated on you, you could put a hex on them that would cause their next partner to cheat on them as a sort of a retribution for what they did to you. The proper way to do this would be to create a spell that would die out once they have learned their lesson (if not, then it’s a curse).

Jinxing: A jinx is the least worrisome out of the three here.  A jinx is usually placed on an object or person and only reeks havoc for a short period of time. Jinxing isn’t is as common modern times, at least in my experience.

(Many of these vary from place to place so don’t yell at me, I don’t want to hear it.)





Astral projection

Astral projection

Astral projection is very apparent in this day and age, many witches want to try it but do not know how, this sort lecture is based off of my experiences and will try to help get witches out of their meat suits and into the astral.  

It helps to think of astral travel as this.  If your body has a spirit/soul or whatever you call it in it, astral travel would be to focus that energy/soul/spirit and moving it around on a higher vibrational realm. Dreams are commonly seen as the subconscious interacting with the astral plane in many systems of magic.

Now before we start this lecture with how do you get there, traveling can be dangerous, yes. There’s a lot of scary stuff out there, and a lot of it probably won’t like you, and you won’t like it.  Now that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t travel. You just have to be careful.

Symptoms of astral travel:

1.) Hearing a sort of low buzzing or hum while mediating

2.) Feeling the ground beneath you start to shift

3.) Seeing colours while your eyes are closed

4.) Hearing and smelling weird things

    There are many ways to go about to getting into the astral, this lecture will be my top fives favourites.  Now to do all of these one must first be able to mediate for an extended period of time, as with a lot of magick.

1.) While in your meditative state get yourself in your mind, now really get yourself, everything about you down to freckles and weight in your head.  Then picture a flight of stairs, and start walking up them.  While you are going up these stairs you should start to see yourself go into an astral state, picture yourself becoming lighter with each step.  With each step you take you want to know that you are getting lighter and closer to the astral plane, don’t rush this you don’t have to move fast, if you rush you will not make it to the astral plane, this is a natural process and should happen easily if you do this right.  Many people like to envision when they are ready a white light that takes them to the astral plane, or see a door.  (see Number 2 for door method)

2.) The door method.  The door method can be used in many ways, in all ways you need to be mediating of course, and you need the door, again obviously.  The most common form of this is to get into your personal headspace if you have one, then picture a door.  This door is best if maintained and kept in that spot of your headspace, because after all a headspace is a place to store yourself and energy in the astral and in your body.  (if nobody knows what this is I will make a lecture on it too)  while you are standing at this door, you must realize that this door is a portal into the astral plane and other realms, get it in your head of where you want this door to open to, whether it be a door to your friend’s house or dorm picture it.  Now one must simply walk through this door in your headspace, if the person doubts their own power or does not have enough energy in said door it will not work. 

3.) Peeling out of your skin.  Now this is great if you are like me and have a flair for the dramatics.  For this one especially you should be lying down.  Now while you are mediating picture yourself, but instead of your astral self you want to focus on your physical self laying down.  When you get in your head what your physical body is doing then you should begin by visually peeling your skin back.  (Visually don’t actually peel your skin off)  While this is happening picture bits of your astral body floating up and out of your physical body that is peeling away, when enough of this is done and your energy is anchored in the astral enough you will switch over instinctively.

4.) Vibrations are widely known in magic.  What is energy without vibrations?  You are no different, skin and bone have energy use it.  Picture yourself while mediating.  Picture your astral body slowly phasing out increasing it vibration to attune itself with the natural higher vibration of the astral realm.  This helps if you picture a knob of some sort literally being turned and while that is happening picture yourself spiking in energy and your vibration increasing in speed.  This may sounds complicated, but it is not, know that everything has some sort of vibration to it, you are no different. 

5.) Channel that shit.  This may take some skill but it is well worth it.  After you have experience with the astral plane you should be familiar with its energy, if you have an area in the astral plane this is even better.  While mediating open the “door” again or just somehow suck the astral energy through you and channel it, by channel i I mean match it blend with it, let it wash over you feel its pull.  After a bit of this feeling you will get pulled back into the astral plane and if you matched an area’s energy you will be in that area as well.  This method is my top favourite and there are many way to do this, because many people channel energy in different way.  

Now I did not source any of these books but this is one of my lectures so here are some books you can read to get yourself familiar with the astral plane.

As always


The Astral plane


Astral dynamics


Out of body experiences, what to expect and how to have them


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

A Concise History of Medieval Iceland - Lesson 3: Language.

“There was a man named Thorarin who lived at Sunnudale. He was an old man with failing eyesight. He had been a fierce viking in his youth and though he was now old he was still not easy to deal with.” (Þorsteins þáttr stangarhöggs - Miller, 52.)

They called their language the Dönsk Tunga, the Danish Tongue. Today we call their language Old Norse. We are unsure why they called it this, but it likely has to do with the fact that Denmark was the first area to become a powerful, centralized kingdom. The various speakers of this language could easily understand each other, despite the increasing amount of dialects after the eleventh century. 

Almost all written sources for studying early Iceland (the sagas and early church writtings) are considered Old Icelandic. This is a branch of Old West Norse, the vernacular that was shared between Iceland and Norway from the eleventh century to the mid-fourteenth century. With minor changes, the original Old Norse spoken by the mid-ninth century settlers remains the basis of modern Icelandic. Old Norse is also the root of Norwegian, Swedish, and Danish, but their connection is much more distant.

The word ‘Viking’ is frequently used to describe the people of medieval Scandinavia and early Iceland. The early Icelanders used this term, but not to the ethnic extent that it is popularly used today. They were almost certainly aware of the concept of the “Viking Age,” but the term víkingr (pl. víkingar), throughout Scandinavia, meant pirate or freebooter. Víkingar were men who grouped together to raid from boats. The term, as used by the early Icelanders, was to denote those who bravely sailed (in their eyes) across the sea to plunder abroad.

Note: I have made a post about this before. You may view it here: POST. It is a bit old now, to my standards, but you may benefit from it.

Although this term has a clear meaning, its origin remains unknown. Though, it probably has something to do with the word vík, meaning “bay.” The Icelanders did not, except for a few rare instances, raid one another. However, when they went abroad, it was not uncommon for them to become Vikings. The description hann var víkingr (he was a Viking) in sagas is quite common. Sea-raiding voyages had their own term. They were called víking. It is said of many Icelanders, before settling down in Iceland, that they fór í víking (went raiding).


  1. Jesse L. Byock, Viking Age Iceland. (London: Penguin, 2001), 11-13.
  2. William Ian Miller, Bloodtaking and Peacemaking: Feud, Law, and Society in Saga Iceland. (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1990), 52.
Crystals : frozen intent

(This lecture will be broken up into several small mini lectures so make sure to follow me if you want the whole experience, as always you can read the source books below)

Before we start, stones can be very expensive, so if you do buy a pricey stone especially online get an authenticity report at least.

Some consider crystal magic just a form of geomancy, (a way to divine through rocks and crystals depending on the stones meanings), other consider them an aid in meditation, I however consider them frozen intent and energy.  This is because a stone or crystal is storage of a certain intent and energy when, you go buy stones and crystals you will most always see the meanings and uses of the stone.  

Now each stone and crystal has its own uses and meaning which can be appealed to your craft, this is common knowledge, if it is needed I will go over this at a later date.  I do encourage my audience to do their own research, so as always there are books at the bottoms of this post from my online library, which you may browse free of charge


Crystals have been used for thousands of years in magic, this is not a new concept despite them being found in all new age shops.  Pagan regions/religions used stones for healing magick, symbolizing male/female properties and energy and more.

Examples egg shaped stones are used in fertility spells, kidney shaped stones are good for spells to improve the health of the kidneys.

There are other shapes that were used and still are today for example the pyramid shaped stones are very common (although cut by man) which act as a way to draw energy into the tip of the structure and send it out into the world.  

Some people often say that because of crystals and metal uses in magic jewelry came to be because of magic and superstition. (there is a #aesthetic joke somewhere in that)  


Crystals are very much connected to you (the owner), especially if they are on you or around you, so CLEANSE THEM PERIODICALLY, it’s not hard here are some examples:

Is this a stone that is good for the sun or moon?  Throw it out in moonlight or sunlight.

Now some stones like amethyst and Smokey quartz will lose their color in UV light so they should not be put into the sun so do your own research on the stone.

If you live near a stream consider putting the crystal you need to cleanse in a bag that has a permeable membrane and put the stones in the river/stream.  

Now again some stones like lapis and malachite are water soluble in fact malachite is very poisonous when introduced to water so again RESEARCH THE STONE.

If you aren’t fond of putting your crystal far and you have a backyard or access to ground bury the stones in some place you can get to them easily for a few days.  

If you have an altar set up you can reintroduce it to the five elements very simply as shown below

If this doesn’t appeal to you Scott Cunningham has a small ritual in his book Crystal, Gem, and Metal magic  (which you can read below in sources)

“Fill a basin with pure water and place this to the West on the table or altar.

Next, light a red candle and set this to the South. Light some incense and place this to the East.

Finally, place a dish or flowerpot filled with freshly dug earth to the North on the altar. In between all these objects set the stone to be purified.

When all is readied, still your mind and pick up the stone in your projective hand. Turn your attention toward the bowl of earth. Place the stone on it and cover with fresh earth. Say something to the effect of:  I purify you with Earth!

Leave the stone there for a few minutes, all the while visualizing the earth absorbing the stone’s impurities.  Then remove it, dust it clean, and hold it in the incense smoke.  Pass it nine times through the smoke, from the right to the left, saying words like these:  I purify you with Air!  See the smoke wafting away the disturbing energies.  Next, quickly pass the stone through the candle’s flame several times, saying: I purify you with Fire!  The fire bums away all negativity.  Now place the stone in the water and say this or your own Words:  I purify you with Water!  Visualize the water washing it clean.

Leave the stone in the water for a time, then dry it with a clean cloth and hold it in your receptive hand.

Is the stone clean? If not, repeat this simple ritual as many times as necessary, until you are sure it has done its work.  Afterward, store the stone in a special place. It is ready for use in magic.”

Most people go overboard in buying crystals when they start out, this isn’t necessary. If you are really interested in stones get some stones with a low vibration and a lot of uses like amethyst.  Quartz can also be used to substitute any crystal in a spell.  

Again crystals react differently to just about any factor so do your own research with the stone, if you put malachite in water it will dissolve and turn the water poisonous.

Crystal meaning and color energy are something I will cover in a later lecture/post so do follow me if that is something you are interested in learning





I woke up one day and I was older.
I no longer thought rainbows were magical,
Or that stars gave me wishes.
I didn’t dream of happy days in wonderland.
I woke up and I saw my parents as people.
I saw my mother cry and my dad crumble.
I saw the pieces of marriage I had been blind to.
I saw mental illnesses that had been underwraps for years.
I saw my little brother’s innocence slowly fall off of him.
I saw the dangers that lurked around my little sister.
I understood what my grandmother meant when she told me to protect my heart.
I just woke up, and pieces of me were missing.
I was left with holes and knowledge of things I didn’t want to know.
I learned about heartbreak and lust
And I learned what losing yourself really means.
I woke up, and the world was different,
I was different.

Tomorrow I’ll wake up, and the world will change again, and I’ll change again.
And maybe the pieces will come back to me,
Or maybe I’ll just disappear altogether.


Sir Ken Robinson, Emma Watson and Aardman Animations invite children to get involved in the Global Goals for Sustainable Development by inventing, innovating and campaigning.

Identifying Crossings

For the purpose of this post, this lecture, as always will be shortened to the basics of what I normally teach.  And as always this post is from my personal experience, and if you disagree good, make your own post about it

The first part of this post will be identifying the type psychic attack, while the second part will be diagnosing where the crossing came from.  

I will also be referring the psychic attack as a crossing because until it is diagnosed it could be a hex, curse, jinx etc etc.

I like to break up identifying a crossing into two categories which are; worldly, and bodily

Now the worldly type of crossing are the are the most common.  This type of crossing is simple enough to explain, it affects the world around you, not you directly.  For example when someone is crossed, by whatever you will more often than not hear, Sally lost her job and got parking tickets, this would be a common example of worldly type of crossing because the target is affected indirectly by their world around them turning to shit.  

The next category bodily can be split up into different sections on its own.  I will refer to them as physical and emotional, in this post.  

(note: this is for simplicity of this site, there may be time when physical and emotional crossing meet, example if one hexed someone to go mad and have visions.)

Bodily crossing (as I call them) would be a crossing that affects you directing by physically manifesting pain onto you.  These are the rarest types and also the hardest to get rid of (in my experience).  This is the type of crossing you would see in a bad horror movie where little Sally messed with a demon and she would get clawed and tormented.  (if this happens you will 9/10 times need to go get professional help like and exorcist)

Emotional crossing are are often found among younger people and this generation’s witch community.  These are self-explanatory by the name.  Emotional crossing affect the individual and their psyche on an intimate level, sometimes the crossed individual will not even realize that they are crossed and continue on with their fit of rage, random period of depression or isolated attitude.  The thing is with this type of crossing is that it is often missed especially if the crossed individual is not the best at showing their emotions or are not open to anyone.  

Identifying where the crossing came from

This is the fun part and there are a lot of categories and places where a crossing can come from, now again for the simplicity of the post I will say the top five reason why someone could get crossed and explain.  

(I say fun because I like revenge, because I don’t usually act or cross first)

1. The individual angered a spirit.  More often than not the crossed individual is someone who angered a spirit, most of the time the individual does not even know the spirit they angered personally.  This is because the moment you start practicing and every moment you spend doing pretty much anything you are being observed by something.  (I do not mean to scare the readers, I’m making this post to try to inform you and help you proceed in their practice.)

2. The individual trespassed.  Now this does not have to mean a literally breaking an entering type of trespassing, this could mean anything from walking through a graveyard where you are unwanted to any place where a spirit or some force may not want you there.  Many spirits (in my experience again) have the tendency to be isolated and not want visitors come to them, especially if they are found off the beaten path.

Example for 1 and 2: Sally and her friends broke into a abandoned building for a dare, it was an old firehouse so what could go wrong?  I mean nobody died in there right?  No, it doesn’t matter if anybody died in their, a spirit can inhabit it because when they were living they spent a lot of time in there and had an attachment to that place.

3. Many people forget their oaths and vows where magickal acts.  If the individual broke a magical vow or oath and then broke said vow or oath, they could very easily be crossed. Now this could either be from themselves and their psyche or what that individual took their vow to.  (mainly a deity)

Example: If Sally took and oath never to slap a fly again because the god of flies was angered by her actions (killing flies), and the next day she sapped a fly, then Sally would have gone back on her word and the god would have reason to cross her.  

(For example where someone could cross themselves see 5 for more detail on that)

4. If an individual pisses off another practitioner I would have hope they would go and protect themselves, but sadly in most cases they do not.  Most people, mundane people that is, come into contact forces everyday they cannot comprehend, why are we as practitioners any different.  As practitioners we realize that there are these forces, but that does not mean by any way we are protected against them just by acknowledging they exist.  Just because you understand one source or form of energy does not mean you can handle it, or even understand every other type of energy there is or what another force one works with in their practice.  

Example: Sally broke up with Johnny (GASP). OH NO JOHNNY’S HEART BROKE,  now Johnny is going to break Sally with his ultra nasty hex™

5. Last but not least, I have a question for you, do you like to suffer?  If you answered yes to that then you may have a problem with self-inflicted crossing.  Self- inflicted crossing can manifested by a multitude of negative emotions that the individual can exert.  As said before the most known example for type of crossing it is because of a broken Oath or vow to yourself.  It is also common for someone that is going through a rough time to accidentally cross themselves.  

Example: Sally and Susie broke up.  Susie is very sad and thinks she is a horrible person because she no longer loves her partner the way she once did, and thus curses herself.

As Always


The most humbling lesson I’ve ever experienced was learning to love myself.
And the most important part of that lesson?
The part that makes it incredibly humbling?
Realizing that it is a lesson that is never truly over.
It’s ongoing, it’s continuous, it is a lifetime of learning and loving.
Because as long as you are growing and changing, there will always be more to learn and more to love.


—  Amanda Vegas @acmv-writes