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You and Newt climbed up the ladder and entered the Divination classroom.

You both thought that this class was a joke but you didn’t want to drop it because you had a lot of fun just messing about.

Professor Redvale entered with a look that seem as creepy and crazy as ever and announced that today you will be starting to look into the ‘art’ of predicting the future using a glass sphere. There was a loud gasp by a group of students sitting at the front, that made you bite your lip to hold back your laugh. Thankfully the professor didn’t notice this time, because last lesson you had earned yourself and Newt a detention for laughing openly at the idea of seeing death in a cup of tea leaves.

You and Newt opened your books.
'I am starting first!’ You announced. 'I see…. mist. Just mist. You have very misty days ahead. Or maybe death. Either.’
Newt laughed and looked into the ball.
'And I see mist, but it’s like-a sphere. So it will come at you in clouds of mist. So if you see any clouds of mist run or they will kill you.’
You started laughing quite loudly at that and you felt the dirty looks the group at the front threw you.

'Shhhh!’ Newt shushed you. 'She’s coming, she’s coming!’
You managed to compose yourself before the teacher reached the table.

'So what do you see, miss (L/N)? Something funny?’ She said in her deep voice.
'No professor. The opposite really.’ You took a deep breath. 'I see only death and despair.’ You finished dramatically and seriously.
Newt guffawed and so did others on nearby tables. The process looked around in annoyance.

'Really? This is curious…. I see something that is the opposite of death. I see love, yes… But you must open your inner eye to see it.’
You turned as red as a tomato, and so did Newt, as she walked away.

You both pretended as if she was talking rubbish, but you were kind of impressed that she got one thing right.


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