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The number one key to living on the road and traveling.

The number one key to living on the road and traveling, surfing or rock climbing all day and not worrying about bills, is to not have any. Ok, realistically you will have one or two things you HAVE to pay every month like cell phone, insurance, health care, ( If you even care ) but other than food to feed yourself and gas in your tank you don’t need much else to life a joyful life. THIS is the number one question I get asked, “how do you afford this lifestyle?” I should be the one asking you this question! How do YOU afford your lifestyle? The answer most likely is gonna be, “well, I work 40-50 hours a week just to pay bills.” After bills are paid there normally isn’t much left over, which makes people wonder how on earth they could ever travel. So there’s how I do it, I work 10 -20 hours a week (mostly online creating content for blogs, and occasionally teach surf lessons or find seasonal work when I travel) because I don’t need to work more than that. I don’t pay rent, I don’t have a car payment and I have no debt. This is how I am able to live the way I do.