April 1, 2017 - Lesser Kestrel (Falco naumanni)

These kestrels are found in Europe and northern Asia, migrating to sub-Saharan Africa for the winter. Their excellent eyesight helps them hunt for small mammals, diving from the air or a perch onto their prey. Social birds, they often travel and roost in large flocks, but tend to migrate singly or in smaller flocks. Nesting in colonies, they lay their eggs in depressions scraped into trees. Females spend more time incubating the eggs and caring for the chicks than males, while the males fight to defend the nesting territory. Though they are classified as a species of Least Concern by the IUCN, they face threats from habitat loss and degradation, reductions in prey due to pesticide contamination, and hunting and egg stealing.

Bundle - One

summary: Jyn and Cassian are so used to running and fighting for themselves, not caring what happens to them in the line of duty. But when their little girl finally enters their lives, the two must realize that things have to change if they wish to raise their baby girl with the both of them around long enough to see her grow up.

a/n: i don’t know where this really came from, i haven’t written in a couple of weeks and it felt like an eternity so i ended up with this. it’s only going to be two parts because i know better than to put more on myself than i can finish or have the motivation to finish, hope you guys like it!

rating: t

ao3: (x)

Jyn wasn’t sure about any of this, then again, she supposed she had never really been even when this little thing had been in her womb. It was all a blur really, the whole nine months and past day. One minute she was crying to Cassian in their bunk over not knowing what the hell they were going to do with a baby in the middle of a war, the next she was here in the med bay, screaming and cursing his name while crushing his hand and trying to birth this baby into the world. As soon as the baby was cleaned up, they plopped her into her arms and Jyn had never felt more lost in her life, even with Cassian at her side and smiling like a fool, she was terrified. What if she held the baby wrong? What if she didn’t burp it right? What if she didn’t feed it enough or fed it too much?

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theyoungwander  asked:

So, is there any way we can get a list of feathers and their meanings to Zabinis? I'm just finding it really interesting and I kinda want to know how Xanxus knows which feathers to pick and all that. Did his mother tell him stories and things like that before the former Princepe of Sabine wiped her memory?

I’m just going to copy and paste what Umei gave me when I asked the same:

Zabini feather code is interesting but occasionally counter-intuitive because the feathers mean both ‘the thing’ and ‘I killed the thing’, since wearing a specific feather can mean either that you identify with that feather’s meaning or that you killed what your feather’s signify and are wearing the feather as a trophy. So yes, complicated. Then things can get metaphorical as well, because feather coding is cultural and a kind of language even though lying with your feathers is so taboo that Zabini can’t even *consider* it and get snippy at people wearing ‘wrong’ feathers even when those people have no clue about the coding.

Interestingly, this means that wearing feathers in your hair is Not Done in continental Europe unless you are Zabini or have Zabini blood. Hats are fine, but not in your hair unless they are dyed feathers, which register as 'fake’ and are therefore ignorable.

So, for instance, Golden Eagle = conqueror/killer of kings, but also 'I killed a usurper’ and 'I foiled a very hostile takeover’. So Squalo could wear golden eagle feathers for killing Tyr and 'conquering’ the Varia, but so could Tsuna after the TYL arc for vaporising Byakuran, since Byakuran was trying to conquer the Vongola.

With this in mind, this is the list of 'direct’ meanings so far:

Swift = footloose/wanderer; I follow no Lord/freelancer
Purple Heron = I kill with short blades/stabber; tracker
Grey Heron = I kill with a sword; ambush hunter/sniper
Little Owl = I am a thinker/engineer; I kill with devices/traps
Eagle Owl = I am a master of my field; I suffer no rivals
Cattle Egret = I’m not particularly skilled and I’m fine with that; I exploit grifters and parasites
Little Egret = I didn’t mean to/accidental killer; repentant
Nightjar = Concerned with internal affairs/auditor; I kill those who target my material assets
Common Cuckoo = identity thief/saboteur; I destroy people’s future
Great Spotted Cuckoo = infiltrator; I twist others’ plans to benefit me
Common Pidgeon = Pest control/killer of informants
European Roller = I am patient; you can’t catch me!
Spotted Woodpecker = I am territorial; take my warnings seriously
Eleonora’s Falcon = I am a dangerous lady
Lesser Kestrel = I am proving my worth; just because I’m young doesn’t mean I am weak
Hobby = urban killer; daredevil/fearless
Bearded Vulture = accident engineer; bad things happen to people who cross me
Barn Swallow = I kill people in their homes; assassin
Eurasian Wryneck = I kill Magical people/beings
Shrike = butcher; show-off
Nightingale = I killed a lover/abuser (own or of a close relative)
Calandra Lark = musician; magnificent singer (by Zabini standards)
European Bee-Eater = seductive killer/seduces their victims; I am not moved by insults
Golden Oriole = I destroy gloom/sorrow; promise of better things
European Honey-Buzzard = I am curious; I kill the obnoxious and irritating
Cormorant = success; plenty; good fortune
Purple Swamphen = prince (not a ruling prince); beauty/style
Firecrest = little king/ruling prince; owner and manager of a successful enterprise
Turtledove = devotion; sorrow
Collared Dove = calm and sociable; dutiful
Laughing Dove = joy and laughter; delight
Starling = companionship/I prefer to work with others; mimickery; eloquence
Mistle Thrush = protector of parasites/I have an extensive information network
Bird-Of-Paradise = I am worthy/my worth is proven
Peacock = I know what you did/I do blackmail and coercion; I notice everything
Quetzal = honourable ruler; lord of the sky
Magpie = bold thief; shamelessness
Jay = impersonator/con artist
Hooded Crow = gossip/distraction; messenger
Carrion Crow = criminal who preys on the vulnerable/cowardly thief
Egyptian Vulture = restorer of order; royal troubleshooter
Griffon Vulture = undertaker/person responsible for funerals; I make corpses vanish
Barnacle Goose = not what I appear to be; my background is improbable
Mallard = bully-boy/pushy; I get what I want
Eider = gentle/comforting; caring parent
Osprey = jealous and protective parent; I set high standards
Ruff = socially gregarious/party lover; unfaithful spouse
Sandwich Tern = courtship/I am courting/I am being courted; poisoner
Kingfisher = hard worker; I am determined/focused/resolute
Cinereous Vulture = Siren-minded; Siren-blind; not interested in pursuing a relationship

Keep in mind that more than one type of feathers can be worn at once, which can twist or compound the meaning depending on where the feathers are being worn. For instance, Sebastiano wears European honey-buzzard feathers at his temples, blatantly obvious so nobody can miss them, which says 'somebody once irritated me into killing them, don’t follow their example’. Dorea wears her feathers dangling from her updo, high on her head behind her ears and not really very prominent, which says 'I am dangerous but that’s a general background thing, so just be yourself and we’ll get along fine’. Blaise wearing magpie feathers dangling below his ears was saying 'hey look at me, I got away with murder!’ but his latest feathers are Egyptian vulture hanging down the back of his head, which says 'I’m Dorea’s hatchet man but that’s just a job even though I consider it part of my identity’.

Xanxus having lesser kestrel feathers dangling from his hairline all around the back of his head was basically shouting 'take me seriously!’ and 'look how capable I am!’ which is a bit funny in a sad way, because nobody could read it despite him broadcasting his frustration and hopes clearly.

Stupidly complicated to non-Zabini and innately contradictory it may be, but it’s a system and it works for them.

That should cover most everything.

And really, while yes, Xanxus probably got stories, it doesn’t mean he remembers them. Mostly he remembers how not to scorch his clothing, as he’s scorched pretty much everything else at one point or another.