ZaDr Week- BEES

ZIM feared many things, Dib realized. As unafraid as the irken pretended to be, with all his bravado and arrogance, it still obvious how uneasy he got around large bodies of water. How he stiffened at the mention of zombies or germs. Dib could even mostly understand his fears. Except when it came to bees.

“They’re not going to hurt you, you know?” He murmured, watching the disguised irken as he suddenly went tense. A low buzz signaled the insects’ arrival. It swirled around their bodies while ZIM’s hands curled into fists.

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Bee Fact #583

Carpenter bees are known for building hives in wood, while the lesser known Bureaucrat bees are known for building hives in filing cabinets and under desks.

Miraculous in Balance

Right, so. The Miraculous Character Development Theory. This is a follow-up post for that clarifying some things, because the original post was a bit messy and kind of gave a bit of a crash course in a pretty big paradigm of looking at the show, so I’m going to attempt to clarify and justify bits of it as I go here.

The reason I think that miraculouses are granted based on people who lack a particular trait or need to learn a lesson is not just because it’s a pattern with Marinette, Adrien and Hawkmoth. It’s because of the nature of miraculouses themselves and the ideals they seem to be based in.

At the centre of the miraculous box we see the ladybug and the cat miraculous sitting in the middle of the infamous yin-yang symbol. We probably all know the basics behind this – it is about the dichotomy of forces in the universe, and how one force will try to dominate over the other but ultimately they are all part of the same universe, and one cannot exist without the other. It’s because of this I think miraculouses represent dichotomies – at the very least, we know that Ladybug represents Good Fortune and Creation, and Chat Noir represents and Bad Fortune and Destruction. I’m not suggesting every miraculous has a counterpart – if that were the case, the show would have made it more obvious by now, and the issue is that the box seems to have seven miraculouses in it – an irritatingly odd number. That being said, I can’t help but notice that the fox and the peacock seem to represent values that seem to be at opposite extremes – and to a lesser extent, the bee, which I haven’t talked about before, can represent productivity and vitality, which could be opposed to the more patient, wisdom-driven slow-but-steady protection-based approach of the turtle, but that’s a bit contentious.

The point is, if every miraculous is attuned to an animal and its classical associations in literary symbolism, then it will naturally also represent a dichotomy – those that have those traits and those that don’t. However, the fact that there are miraculouses for both traditionally ‘good’ traits such as Good Fortune, Creation, Wisdom and Truth, and traditionally ‘bad’ traits such as Bad Fortune, Destruction, Illusions and Lies implies to me that the miraculouses aren’t necessarily just about eradicating negative traits – they are about helping their hero find balance in their lives. This is why the blog is called Miraculous in Balance – because that’s the principle belief this theory boils down to.

One of the original ‘messy’ bits of the original post was concerning Master Fu. He is a miraculous holder at the end of his development. This doesn’t necessarily mean he’s all-encompassingly become everything that the turtle miraculous stands for. As noted by @blessdunrest, Master Fu is something of a trickster – he doesn’t give Marinette and Adrien the miraculouses directly, he palms them off to them in a sleight of hand. He’s an old man with a trickster streak – he’s the closest thing the show has to a figure of balance, which is what the aim of miraculous holders needs to be. Marinette, and to a lesser extent, Adrien are showing signs of strong progress towards this end as well. Hawkmoth/Papillon and Lila are the ones who aren’t – Lila, through a convoluted akumatisation, ends up wielding the powers of the miraculous that represents her wholeheartedly, which is a MASSIVE unbalance that results in arguably one of the toughest opponents Ladybug and Chat Noir had to face in Series 1. Meanwhile, Hawkmoth/Papillon, who seems to want Mama Agreste back (be that because she’s dead or because she’s gone or if he’s Gabriel or whatever) actually balances out the ideals of Nooroo’s miraculous, the butterfly, of change and life cycles, rather well – it’s just that he rejects this creed, like Marinette tried to in the origins episode – but instead of trying to get rid of the miraculous, he just forces Nooroo to do his bidding, leading to the supervillain we all know and love/hate. Indeed, Marinette herself isn’t perfect in a similar respect – many episodes are based around Marinette ignoring Tikki’s advice, and then everything subsequently going south.

Miraculous holders are people who are unbalanced in some way (which, to be frank, is pretty much everyone both in this show and irl,) and who subsequently find that balance in their lives through the creed of the miraculous they are given. If someone were to receive the wrong miraculous, it would either be ineffectual for them and their development, or it would, in the case of Lila, only serve to unbalance them further, which inevitably results in Bad Things. That’s not to say that Marinette being Chat Noir and Adrien being Ladybug would have resulted in them being villains – far from it, they’re both way too Cinnamon-Roll for that. But it wouldn’t have helped them, and it wouldn’t have helped the Kwami either – can you imagine Marinette with Plagg? It would be a disaster zone. A hilarious disaster zone, but a disaster zone nonetheless, and it certainly wouldn’t have helped Marinette find balance in her life or help her development - she’d become even more clumsy, klutzy and underconfident because she’d have to account for Plagg’s shenanigans as well as her own. Likewise, Adrien with Tikki wouldn’t be as productive a relationship as Marinette’s, because the relationship would just kind of be… amicable. Adrien knows his responsibilities, and Tikki would remind him of those responsibilities, and subsequently he stays locked up in his mansion only emerging to be Ladybug, which would sort-of allow him to do the same things he does as Chat Noir, but it would just be another truckload of obligations he has to fulfil. Additionally, as shown in the origins episode, Ladybug must be protected at all costs, because she is the only hero with the power to fix everything – Adrien lives a sheltered, enclosed life where everyone is protecting him already. If Adrien ended up being Ladybug, I imagine upon realising that he’s the be-all-and-end-all hero, he’d get just as frustrated as he is at home, because that’s how home treats him, even if it is in a way that makes him feel unloved.

That’s why Marinette and Adrien are the best choice for their respective miraculouses - not because they fit them, but because they don’t. Instead, they are the ones that can get the most out of their respective creeds, and subsequently find the balance that all miraculouses aim for.

Tl;dr: Miraculouses help their hero not just overcome their weaknesses and provide a way to help/hinder people, but find balance in their lives – and this is what my miraculous assignment theories will be based on.


I attempt to demonstrate how to initiate a handling session with your pet snake.

Not very exciting since beeps aren’t the feistiest of snakes in the first place, but I try none the less.