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Deity Identification Spread aka “Who are You?” Spread

  1. Domain- This is what they typically have domain over. Usually, this is part of their title: “Goddess of Beauty,” “God of War.”
  2. Lesser Domain- This is a lesser domain they control. It can play into their title, or it may just be a domain that is not part of their title.
  3. Association/Symbols- These are what are typically considered associations or symbols of that deity. For example, Zues is typically associated with lightning.
  4. Traits/Charactistics- This card is traits or characteristics the deity is typically thought of as having. For example, Hera is typically considered to be very jealous.
  5. Lesser Traits- This card depicts a lesser trait the deity may have. This may be one that is not typically described in mythology or considered as common knowledge.
  6. The Deity- This card represents the deity over all.

This spread can also be used to help identify spirits, however it would be harder, in my opinion, to confirm this. With well known deities, there are myths and storied that this spread could be compared against.
This spread can also be used to help provide direction for which deity may be a good start for them.

This spread needs some testing so let me know if you do and how it works for you!

Please don’t forget to source!

This spread is for hellboundwitch’s dailyspreads contest!

Sad FFXV headcanon time

The Moogle Chocobo carnival pretty much has to take place either while Noctis is unconscious after fighting Leviathan, or while he’s in the crystal. (leaning toward after Leviathan, since it’s a dream version of Altissia). It seems to be a dream sequence, and the other chocobros aren’t with him, but Carbuncle is.

I see Carbuncle as a Guardian of Children (and of dreams?), a lesser deity, still a God, but not one of The Six. He took a liking to Noct when he was a kid. So even though Noctis isn’t a child any more, he still wanted to help him. Because Carbuncle knew what Noctis was going through and was going to go through, and just wanted him to be happy for a while? 

But as a guardian of children, there’s only so much he can do. There are only so many ways he has to help. And what would a child love? An endless carnival.

“I am the bitterness in a mother’s voice as she mourns her slain child. I am the quiver in an executioner’s hand as he brings down his axe. I am the rage that consumes a battlefield, the calm that spreads in the aftermath. I am the whisper in your ear as you struggle with pulling the plug. I am the resolve in your bones when you cannot go on. I am there after every slaughter, after every wrong committed upon an innocent. I am Resilience. I am Justice. I am Mercy.”

Mercy’s true form. She did not take kindly to being kidnapped by a lesser deity. Mind you, she’s not saying all of this out loud; her true voice would literally kill any mortal who heard it. 

๐™ฐ๐š•๐š˜๐š•๐šŠ๐š— ๐™ณ๐šŽ๐š’๐š๐š’๐šŽ๐šœ

Since Alola is based on Hawaiian tradition, customs and lifestyle, it is safe to assume that there is a form of spirituality and religion that was followed by the indigenous population. While it is not as widespread as it once was due to the colonization and modernization of Alola, those who are a part of the native tribes, or are descendants of them, still pay respects to the deities of their culture.

The following list of deities is based on the Hawaiian pantheon in comparison to the legendaries found in the world of Pokemon; I did my best to compare the two and make a list that is believable and accurate, though, it will be a constant project that will be updated as new ideas come along.

Note: Because many of Hawaiiโ€™s deities have been historically erased, many of them lack lore that I was able to look up. Bits and pieces of certain deities may be merged to make more sense in the Pokemon world.

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Hi! I've been wanting to honor Hades, Persephone, and Nyx. Do you have any tips, ideas of what to offer, anything else in that area? If you dont know something, could you please put up some links to blogs of people who honor Hades, Persephone, and Nyx? Thank you so much!!

So, for other blogs, check out whendeathfellforlife and interstellarkloud, florapunkinthefieldsofthedreadqueen and darklingdearest for more Hades and Persephone. Then primordialnights is the only blog I know who honors Nyx

I’ve never worked with Nyx, and I don’t know too much about her honestly, so I’m only going to talk about Hades and Persephone. Anyway, if you’re just looking at the fact that they’re deities of death and the underworld, you’ve got a good base to start on for Hades and Persephone. Anything that would typically be an offering for the dead, easily translates into offerings for those two as well. Honey, milk, bread, wine, and meat are/were also generally accepted offerings for anyone in the Hellenic pantheon. It’s actually pretty common place, and considered pretty proper, to place offerings for Hades (especially) directly on the earth. Also, any activity having to do with the dying, the sick, and the infirmed is a good idea for a devotional activity. 

When you look at them individually, you get additional clues about how to honor them. Let’s start with Hades. So Hades is THE death God in Hellenism right? Well……kind of. One of his titles is “Zeus of the Underworld”, which means he’s basically king down there and in charge of everyone else, and no one is about to challenge him. There are plenty of lesser deities and spirits in Greek mythology that hold domain over specific forms of death and death under different circumstances. They all answer to Hades and his lovely wife though. His most recognized symbol in Greecian art is a gold crown. That’s right, a straight up crown, not laurels. That’s because when he and his brothers divided up the universe, Hades took claim on the earth and all it’s riches. Precious metals, stones, crystals, and even plants can be/are sacred to Him. Everyone associates him with black because of the whole death thing, but he doesn’t do any taking of life for the most part, he just files the paperwork while wearing all his bling. If it came out of the earth, it’s sacred to him and can be used as an offering. If you’re looking for more specific offering, check out some of his stories. Poplar? That pretty little tree is sacred to him, because she was a nymph whos companionship he held dear, but she died. So he turned her into the first poplar. Mint? Yeah, her name was Minthe, and depending on the story you read, he loved her and took her as a mistress, only to have Persephone say “Nu-uh, not in my house” to that and turn her into a weed, which he then made fragrant and lovely so that even as a weed she was desirable. Dogs, dogs are sacred to him. The most famous is his big ol’ guard dog of the dead, Cerberus, but all dogs are sacred to Hades. He’s got a soft spot for pooches. So good, Hades specific offerings? Rocks, poplar wood, mint, bones, anything metal, caring acts towards the dying, and caring acts towards dogs.

Then we got Persephone. I love Persephone, she is so amazing, and so under rated by the majority of people in the world. Persephone was Kore, the beautiful daughter of Demeter and Zeus. She got brushed aside in a lot of Greek mythology as being basically a nymph like lesser Goddess who frolicked around until the whole kidnapping thing, then the whole world just about died because of how important this one girl was. So, there is a LOT of debate about Persephone’s abduction. Her being kidnapped and not just married off to Hades isn’t mentioned until Hesiod writes it that way. No matter how you look at her relationship with Hades, she has roots as a victim. She was either taken against her will and forced to marry her uncle; or else her mother tried to keep her away from Hades, to keep her from growing up and keep her a child. Of course, there are more interpretations, and many more personal feels about the whole thing, but it’s pretty damn important to note that whatever the case may have been, she got her way in the end. She ate the pomegranate when Hades offered her the title of Queen of the underworld, and an equal share of all his offerings and realm. She got to be queen of the underworld, and return to the surface world she loves as well. So this places her firmly in the area of a Goddess of death and renewal. She’s the Goddess of spring, sure, but more importantly, she’s the Goddess of the seasons. Change is a big symbol of hers. Growing things, dead things, and in between are all hers. Pomegranates are a classic offering to Her, but so is any plant, especially ones that go dormant in winter though. Bats are sacred to her, and bells. Her temples were possibly one of the first to use bells to draw in worshipers. Her priestesses were sometimes referred to as Melissa, or bees. So bees and honey are important to her as well. Want to have a lovely outdoor shrine for her that doubles as a devotional act constantly? Set up a bee watering station and plant some bee friendly flowers near by. (Double points because you’re worshiping and saving the bees) Persephone also apparently has a soft spot for musicians and people in love, as she’s the one who talks Hades into letting heroes try to save their loved ones normally. So good offering ideas just for Persephone? Try flowers, brambles, fruit, any poisonous plants (they’re tied directly to her aspects as an earth deity and as a death deity), music, and things aimed at helping out the bees.

My personal shrine for Persephone is a small section of my garden that I’ve blessed and dedicated in her name, that attracts a lot of bees, and is full of thorns, because even beautiful things can wound and kill you. I don’t actually have any kind of shrine for Hades, but when I feel the desire to make offerings to him, I’ll leave them outside by my area that’s dedicated to Persephone.

If you hate deitykin so much stop cluttering our tags. Just because you’re having a piss party about someone who interacted with you doesn’t mean you get a pass to take a shit on the rest of us too. Your redundant posts in our tags aren’t going to stop me from being an actual goddess, or anyone else. And just because I’m a “lesser known” deity doesn’t make it hunky dory for you to kick other deitykin in the teeth. 

Tbh it’d be easier to avoid us if you didn’t actively shit yourself in our spaces.

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Hello! May I request a free reading please? Is a deity trying to contact me? What are the personality traits/associations of the deity? Why are they contacting me?

My pendulum indicates that a deity is indeed reaching out to you!

The Five of Pentacles suggests a lesser known deity - a minor god, perhaps, or otherwise one who doesn’t get quite so much attention and fame in their name. The imagery on the Eight of Pentacles and the Five of Cups is pointing to a chthonic god. Crossroads and doorways are themes in both cards. Tropes involving self-evaluation and introspection seem prominent, but there is empowerment to be gained from it

The Queen of Cups suggests to me that they are trying to reaffirm their place in a metaphysical hierarchy - perhaps their active presence in humanity has waned and they’re ready to take direct part again. The Ace of Swords reveals a desire for enrichment, both selfishly and selflessly placed. Finding potential followers is being done out of a sense of self-importance, yes, but their desire to positively impact their devotees is well intentioned. Should you find who they are and choose to accept, you will not be any worse off for doing so

Keep an eye out, do some research, and follow your intuition! Good luck!
– Pisces

Why There Isn’t More Info on The Vanir

The reason there isn’t more info on the Vanir is because the lore was written by people who were interested in impressing elite warrior types, and stories about the average farmer does not generally interest elite warrior types unless they are hungry.

Think of it as like when someone writes a fantasy or sci fi novel and they don’t depict their characters as going to the bathroom or any number of “mundane” activities unless it’s for plot or character reasons. It’s not that the characters aren’t doing these things (unless they don’t poop for some reason) but that these things are boring. These things don’t generally interest people who come for the dragons and magic and stuff.

There are exceptions of course, but bear with me here.

My point is that the lore represents a very small fraction of life designed to appeal to rich warrior dudes, and the concerns of anyone who wasn’t a rich warrior dude (farmers, women etc.) aren’t that interesting unless they somehow intersect with the rich warrior dude’s interests. In modern Heathenry, the Vanir often get slotted into the “fertility deities” category and seen as lesser deities because of it. Think of how many times you’ve seen the Vanir referred to as “lesser”, “minor” or “secondary” deities and you’ll see what I mean. Also, if some of the sagas are to be believed, Vanic deities were thought of as kind of….weird…..even back then (you know, with the crossdressing priests and stuff).

This can go the other way as well, like, to me the sagas are boring. They are boring. I don’t want to read them because they are boring. They have literally put me to sleep, but I love learning about folklore and like little rituals people would do before cooking and cleaning, interactions with land spirits and the like. Part of the problem, as I see it, is that some people have bought into the “mighty viking warrior” mentality, and others have bought into the idea that only deities are “exciting” and who wants to interact with a tree in your yard???

Now I don’t really agree with folks who are like “deities are only for kings or important people and you should only work with your local spirits” because people did call on deities to help them solve mundane problems. Heck, Thor is specifically seen as god of the common people, and you don’t get to be god of the common people by ignoring everyone who can’t hit things with sticks. However, I do think the wights deserve more attention because they literally live right in your own backyard, and I would especially say that if you find deities intimidating, try chatting with your local house or land spirit, and your ancestors too. In fact, your ancestors once lived here and they know what it’s like to live here, and no one has a vested interest in you like your ancestors do.

lesser deities on flight rising


these lesser deities are more present than the greater deities that everyone already knows. they spend a lot of their ‘downtime’ in their heavily secluded lairs that are not quite on the actual ground of sornieth. if a dragon stumbles upon one of these lairs then they will have a wish granted, but the path to the lairs will never be the same.

they spend a significant amount of time in disguised as regular dragons that blend into society in order to grant prayers, silent pleas, and to lend help that doesn’t require magic.

in order to call on them one would only have to summon them with items that that feel will be adequate enough. requirements: must be 100% genuine and sincere with their sacrifices and summonings.
deity of love and happiness:
promotes love and happiness among mates and lair mates. usually gets called upon during mating ceremonies, discord between lair mates, friends, and family.

deity of healing:
promotes healing physically and emotionally. usually called upon after someone dies and their family is grieving, fatal injuries, sickness, etc.

deity of inner peace:
help with anxiety, depression, etc. can calm panic and anxiety attacks. you can make bracelets and pendants that will work if the wearer touches them when they feel an attack coming on or if they are having one.

deity of guidance:
called upon when dragons set out on expeditions or need to make a big decision that does not have light consequences. will protect those that are on journeys.

deity of fertility:
grants fertility to couples that cannot have nests without aid or have lost young due to heritable disease and sickness. puts protection over nests and the hatchlings once they are born.

deity of humor and carefree spirits:
the party deity - oftentimes called upon when dragons need to lighten up a party or used preemptively for parties. protects the parties atmosphere.

deity of growth and prosperity:
called upon usually when someone is working on a garden or is opening up a new store at the market. will be also be called upon even lairs have fallen on hard times.

deity of wisdom:
grants clarity to those that just need quick help for smaller problems that they feel nervous about.

deity of sleep and dreams:
combats exhaustion and bad dreams.

deity of revenge and justice:
only will help with revenge if the dragon asking for help is in the right side of the issue morally. never promotes murder - simply justice even if it takes a few days for one to realize how it is justice.


you can find little shrines and piles of items within lairs that have called upon these lesser deities to help with problems.

feel free to add more if you want to. it just seems fun to think about the things we don’t know about sornieth.

When people talk about Gandalf “growing old” or “young” Gandalf

You do realize he’s a lesser deity who was sent to Middle Earth with the appearance of an old man (to make him less imposing to the Children and to hide his true identity), don’t you?

He is not mortal and does not age.

He doesn’t even have a true physical form, he just creates them when he wishes to.

Communal E-shrines

A list of communal e-shrines. Everyone is welcome to contribute, just be sure to keep these blogs positive spaces. Letโ€™s keep these blogs inclusive, and positive. Be understanding of other peopleโ€™s practices when contributing to these shrines.

Under a cut in order to keep it updated easily. If you are running a communal e-shrine and would like it added to the list, just let me know :)

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Ficlet inspired by evelynlawliet and mrskandycaneโ€˜s prompts.ย 
-> During the Yotsuba Arc, L visits his successors and tells a tale of two Gods. In my version, the Moon God is Light, and the Sun God is L. I know the prompt suggested the other way around but symbolically speaking, I found it more fitting. I hope you donโ€™t mind :)

โ€œItโ€™s a story of gods, powerful gods, sorrowful gods. I thought you might like it.โ€

L doesnโ€™t tell them itโ€™s a dream Light made his face pressed against the windowpane. The moon was invisible - blame city lights, blinding artificial lights. It seemed unfair.

โ€œWe have religion classes. Itโ€™s enough. I know every God, and their powers too. I know Kira wasnโ€™t one, or you would never have caught himโ€ฆ Itโ€™s a โ€˜himโ€™, is it?โ€

โ€œReligions have nothing to do with my story, Mello. Itโ€™s not about any God you know. It could be about all of them, depending on your perspective.โ€

Moonlight shone on the boys, the lost boys, as L sometimes named them in mind. Mihael narrowed his intimidating blue eyes.

โ€œI suppose we could listen, then.โ€ Near gave a small nod, and climbed onto the bed.ย 

โ€œImagine there are a multitude of universes, and all they have in common are two deities. The mighty Sun and the indecipherable Moon. You can be lost in any strange land, youโ€™ll look up and find them watching over you. For seven generations of Gods, lesser deities, and protective spirits, the Moon and the Sun paraded the High Celestial Plains as equals.โ€

Near and Mello understood the meaning beneath the words.ย 


In this story, Light is the Moon, L is the Sun, and everyone else has their head craned to witness their battles. It starts quietly.

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Real talk tho

I need all the gods -even the Normie ones- to give their power to Duterte. He and his administration are the only ones who can deal with the insurrection happening in Marawi. Kek and other lesser deities be with him.


In Greek mythology Calypso was a nymph of unsurpassed beauty and alleged daughter of the titan Atlas. While her name pops up quite a bit in popular culture, Calypso is most famously remembered for detaining Odysseus on the island of Ogygia.

Not bursting into a million crabs all over Johnny Depp.

The word “detaining” has some negative connotations but really, the hero of the Odyssey didn’t have it too bad. He was kept on the island for seven years to be Calypso’s immortal trophy husband, enjoying all the benefits that entailed. Truly a mighty gift worthy of much praise and ancient Greek high-fives (I’m sure the immortality was fun too).

In the end, *Spoiler* Odysseus tells Calypso that while she is indeed more beautiful, he misses his wife and true love Penelope and asks to be sent home. Calypso, knowing she could get any Tom Dick and Argonaut she wants has no hard feelings and sends him packing on a boat lovingly stocked with wine and bread. Thus performing one of the most calm and rational break ups in history.

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I am not sure your follower count but I had to look this up. "A demigod has anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand devoted mortal worshipers and may receive veneration or respect from many more. " from the 3.5 D&D rules on how one becomes a deity. If you have a few thousand to tens of thousands you might even be moved into the lesser deities ranks. And you do, a lot for us, You give more hope than you know.

I just