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Willemstad - Curacao

Willemstad is the capital of the Caribbean island of Curacao, a constituent country of the Netherlands. The city has an estimated population of 150,000, and is one of the largest oil handling ports in the Caribbean. Colourful townhouses line the waterfront, and you could be forgiven for thinking you were in the Netherlands, if not for hot, steamy climate and the nearby beaches. 

The city is popular for its galleries and street cafes. The old town area is rich with 17th & 18th century architecture, including fortifications, and many examples of diverse building styles. These buildings have earned the city a UNESCO heritage listing. 

Regarding Hurricane Irma and Puerto Rico

Specifically, all the posts that say that Puerto Rico is in a terrible state and that the entire island, or a majority, will be without power for 4-6 months? None of that is true. Not entirely.

I live in PR.

Hurricane Irma technically passed us by rather than hit us. The eye of the storm was at least 50 miles north from the northern coast. While we were pelted with strong wings and rain, it was nowhere near as bad as many of us expected it to be.

Most of the damage was uprooted trees, fallen branches, and downed power lines. As far as I am aware, no part of the island suffered major structural damage or casualties. Power has been being restored since the day after the hurricane hit. Most of the island’s inhabitants already have power. Those that don’t (like myself) have been given a rough estimate of 2-6 weeks without power.

While that may sound terrible, it’s not as bad as 4-6 months. Also, a good amount of people who live here were already well prepared with back-up generators. The apartment building complex I live in has several back-up generators. So, while the power is still technically out, I do have electric power thanks to the back-up generators. Those that don’t have generators are being allowed to charge phones and other items in local establishments (restaurants, gas stations, basically anywhere that has a electrical outlet and power).

The Lesser Antilles (the cluster of islands to the east and south of the larger Caribbean islands. This includes the BVIs, USVIs and a handful of other islands) were far less fortunate than us. They suffered a direct hit. Many of the people from these islands have been transported to PR and put in shelters/hotels for the time being. Donation drives have been organized to collect food, water, clothing, towels, bathrooms amenities, etc. These are being given to the refugees that are already here and shipped to the islands where people have been unable to leave.

Please, if you wish to help, focus your attention to the Lesser Antilles. Be careful of where/who you donate to. There are a number of master posts on here as well as independent sites that list which relief foundations can be trusted to put most or all of your donation to use. Right now, people need clothes, towels, menstrual pads, baby diapers, water, and non perishable food items (including pet food). You can try and set up a donation drive where you are to ship everything to PR where it will be given to those most in need.

The worst feeling is, not only the anxiety making you want to throw up all day, the shaking of stress and the knot in your chest from worry of not hearing from loved ones for days at a time; but seeing the images and videos of towns, cities, beaches, forests, mountains, etc, completely destroyed or underwater that makes it that much harder to be away from home. Seeing how bad it all is and not being able to help as much as we want to. As much as we wish we could just run across the ocean to do so, that’s the most difficult. Feeling so helpless and useless when so many of our people are suffering and in need. Feeling as if the island is so isolated and far off. For those of us on the mainland with little to no one who understands how hard it is to be puertorican right now, or have family and friends who are puertorican, it’s just, it’s just very difficult. It’s incredibly heartwrenching to see the places we played by, walked by, lived by; all the memories we have of a home and a youth that no longer exists because of the destruction of Hurricane Maria. We are hurting on a level that some people can’t possibly imagine. Be loving, be kind and be patient to your fellow Caribbean people, not just our island, our sister islands have suffered devastation too and need the same help and support. Be compassionate and helpful to all Latino and Hispanic people suffering because of the repeated Earthquakes leveling Mexico. We will need any little bit the world can give us. 🙏

Renaissance Island - Aruba

Renaissance Island is a privately owned, man made island, that spans 40 acres. The island is famous for the flamingos that graze along the islands white sandy beaches. The beach is also a great place to get an open air massage, or to sip on cocktails under the islands palm trees. 

Entry to the beach is free for guests staying at the Renaissance Aruba Resort and Casino. For visitors not staying at the Resort, a day pass is available for purchase. 

ongoldenpondscum  asked:

ill be honest as someone who grew up in the Caribbean, a lot of those islands in the Lesser Antilles and Leeward Islands tend to be overlooked if not outright forgotten outside of hurricane season

and you come from the area!

I like to think I’m a fairly smart and worldly man and I had no idea that the POTUS was also in charge of the Virgin Islands until this fuckup!

I mean, honestly, that’s kinda bad but not cause of the screwup itself….

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