lesse how this comes out

“Luigi and Daisy can’t be gay and lesbian because they’re dating each other”

Uh, wrong bitch. Yeah Luigi and Daisy are dating each other but here’s my theory. They’re both dating each other because they’re closeted.

Luigi knows lotta people see him as being gay and people make jokes bout it all the time, and he is. But he’s scared because of how people joke about it and he’s scared it’ll some how make him less than Mario if he does come out, or that maybe he’ll be an embarrassment to the family. He’s scared how Mario will react as well.

Daisy’s scared to come out because she thinks because she’s a princess and that needs to be more “feminine” and like men to be considered on the same level as other princesses like Peach. She looks up to her bff Peach so she thinks she’s gotta be like her, and she’s scared Peach will know of her crush on her, or stop hanging out with her.

So Luigi and Daisy date each other. They both know about each other’s sexualities, they’re only out to each other. Luigi and Daisy are actually best friends who pretend to be a couple to keep each other safe. They vent to each other about their struggles being in the closet, they talk about the men and women they like, they cope together, they go out together, play sports together, they’re gay best friends who make each other happy.

Luigi and Daisy are the ultimate solidarity between a gay man and a lesbian.

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i want to come out and i know that i'm in a very safe environment to do it but i just don't know how.. also i know my parents are okay with it but i feel like they are okay with it from a distance? like they're accept that people are gay but they don't want their daughter to be gay or something..

This is just an awful way to feel

Alright, for purely academic reasons regarding theory, I’m going to try to explain post-scarcity, and why money would have no function in a post-scarcity society, this has nothing to do with whether or not you believe it possible or not, this is just a visualization of why money has no meaning under post-scarcity

This is a scarce society, as you can see these items all have different amounts which I’ve arbitrarily given them. Now if we look at this graph we see that we have less food than water, and less water than transportation, and so on.

What this means is, food is more scarce, in this society, than water, people have an easier time obtaining water in this society than food. At the other end we see that people have a much more easier time obtaining medical care than water.

In this society, food is the most scarce item one can acquire, thus causing social strain, as everyone needs food, but it’s the most difficult thing to get, so in order to decide who gets the most scarce items they put a value on it, the value directly correlates with how difficult it is to get. 

All items are finite, so all items have a value, because there is a certain difficulty to gain each item, all items cause social strain to both create and partake in.

Now this is a post-scarcity society

All items are as easy to get as the next, all of them are infinite, for the sake of explaining. There is no item in this society here that is more difficult to get than another, all items are infinitely easy to get for all. Therefore there is no reason to attribute value to these items because there is no difficulty in getting any of them. 

Adding money to the mix does nothing, as none of these items are worth more or less than another, as no item is more or less scarce than another. 

Money comes out of answering the question: “How should we allocate goods that are scarce, when we do not have enough for all to receive.”

This is no longer a question in a post-scarcity society, there are no scarce goods, all can receive as much as they want limitlessly. All are just as easy to produce and consume as the next, and because they’re no longer finite this means they’re entirely sustainable in said society, and can be reproduced on a massive scale with no strain on said society.

Why then attribute value to that which is value-less. No item is scarce, no item is worth more than another, there is nothing lacking in any of the items nor their production. 

It is a meaningless thing to do, as once we are post-scarcity, nothing has value, because value only comes out of scarcity and the need decide who should get what and how. There is no decision making in this society, all can get however much they want and it changes nothing about the items for others. 

Archie Apologist???

A lot of people pointed out Archie seemed jealous about Bughead in the latest episode and while it could very likely be jealousy over their potential romance (with either Jughead or Betty, idk) I can’t help but think this is another layer of jealousy here.

My main points being:

1. He kind of doubts the depth (and maybe sincerity) of their romance, not because it happened too fast (for him) but because he was so out of the loop. He literally did not see this coming.

2. He probably worries if this is the best for his two best friends, given what they are going through.

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I like making dick headcanons for the boys. Kentin has a good dick he’s a grower giving candy a surprise, a nice girth a little over the average size but he doesnt know how to use it. Lysander has a long curved one for deep thrusts that hit the gspot he doesnt have to try hard. Nathaniel is a shower how it looks flaccid is more or less how it looks hard which comes out to an average size nothing wrong with that as it gets the job done. Castiel too has an average dick but needs to do a better job            

“If I had not left you alone with that girl that you adore,

Would you still laugh with me now?”

"If I had paid close attention to you and watch out for you,

I would’ve made sure that nothing can hurt you anymore than life has.”

"If I had come out and supported you from the start,

Would you smile more..?”

"Why didn’t I—”


t: happy, i’m not gonna apologize for what i did earlier, because i wanted to protect you. by now, i figured you’d know why, but in case you don’t know…. i want my last words to have some meaning, so, happy quinn, i am in love-

h: people say stupid things in the heat of battle.
t: no, i meant it. i chose in the moment to live honestly and if you don’t feel the same way yet, i’m okay with it.
h: you’re confident.
t: in this i am. 

Burgie is such a fascinating character design to me.

Like, people go to school for character design. People spend years refining the design of a character to make it as memorable and likable as possible. There is so much effort put into character design.

Then Dan Avidan literally comes up with a description of a ridiculous character off the top of his head in like two seconds for a one-off joke, and his editor threw together a depiction of that character in probably less than four hours considering how fast Grumps episodes come out, composed almost entirely of stock images, and it somehow becomes one of the most beloved mascots on the internet.

And the entire character was created by the sentence, “Barry, if you could possibly put a floating burger, with eyes, smiling, just floating from right to left across the screen?”

Burgie, man.

rick: [gets trapped in an rv with a fuckton of walkers surrounding it]

rick: [next scene of him is him running from aforementioned fuckton of walkers with not even a 3 second explanation of how he got past them]

twd fans: wtf how’d he get out??? nvm not a big deal lol

glenn: [gets surrounded by a fuckton of walkers tearing apart a dead guy in the same exact episode]

glenn: [is actually shown crawling underneath the dumpster directly next to him and fighting off walkers reaching for him]