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Can you please give your full, in-depth, detailed...
Anonymous said: Can you please give your full, in-depth, detailed answer on the question, "Who do you believe Inuyasha loves more, Kikyo or Kagome?" I would love to hear your real opinion on this! I'm...

toward-tomorrow This. is the best. damn. inukag vs inukik analysis. of all time. I’m calling it. I agree with it all BUT i have one quick question?

When you say “ “we don’t know how much time Inuyasha and Kikyo spent together before the whole Naraku incident happened, but I can’t believe that Inuyasha and Kikyo had spent less than a month together before they actually decided they were going to spend the rest of their lives together …” I 100% agree with you, i think that a “crush” and “puppy love” is a more appropriate term for Inuyasha and Kikyo’s relationship. I think Inuyasha tended to put her on a pedestal since she was the first person (since presumably his mom) to treat him…well, human. give him the time of day. In fact she wanted him to be human, thus her request, (bot that’s another tangent) 

BUT! You may have discounted it because it is the anime, and not the manga, (kind of my reasoning) but in episode 15 when Inuyasha reflects on his history with Kikyo, we get these lovely images

fall colors and winter, and of course, their main interactions are in Summer, seem to indicate a longer amount of time passes for them than just one month. Do you think these were early images before Inuyasha and Kikyo were really talking, or that the anime just took a leap that was not in the manga? Eitherway, it’s still arguably not cannon, but i’d still like your thoughts on the matter.

Do you think it would change their relationship at all if it was the case that they knew each other longer? (still, they weren’t able to develop the trust they needed) Do you think Inuyasha simply kind of “obsessed” over this outlier of a woman, that didn’t treat him like an abomination, and kind of stuck with her/followed her for a time? Their body language when talking, even when Kikyo felt comfortable to propose using the Jewel to turn him human was NOwhere near comfortable, nothing like he was/is with Kagome. Do think Kikyo proposed this early on in their friendship/relationship and Inuyasha simply warmed to the idea in a bout of infatuation later?

The cost of working disabled.

I’ve been meaning to make this post for a long while since I spent four days babysitting during the summer, but I couldn’t afford to with the spoons and all, but right now I’m being spoiled by my bf so I have the ability to actually remove that from the thoughts intention section to the tumblr.

So for a abled person working for a normal amount of time (40 hours or less a week, since obviously even without a disability energy becomes an issue after a certain amount of time) the cost of working is greatly overshadowed by the pay. From what I understand the main sacrifice is time. My boyfriend (though he has ADHD, he is physically able and has no fatigue issues.) can work come home and make dinner. He might miss a few games of league at work, but he doesn’t lose anytime used for essentials.

I worked for 4 days babysitting from 9am to 5:30pm, which is in the realm of a standard work day.

This is how that week went,

The day before I showered shaved, washed my hair etc. I did no chores that day, and my mum made my dinner so I could do all of my basic hygiene things in one day.

The morning of my first day I got up and took Advil, walked out towards work, stopped at a starbucks because my feet and hips hurt so much I could no longer walk. I also got a coffee to caffeinate myself to aid my ability to actually get to work.

Arriving we spent the morning of the day sitting playing and watching tele. I got up to make lunch and also I took more advil, knowing that after lunch I was required to walk with them to the park.

At the park, most other guardians moved along with where their children were playing (it’s a large park with several sections) I elected to find a spot on top of a hill where I could see the two girls regardless of their location, knowing the more I move now, the harder it will be to get them home. 

After getting back home we play more and I’m hitting 8/9 on that standard pain scale running around on tumblr. Once the parents are home I leave, and sit on the corner of every block for a minimum of 5 minutes taking over an hour to get what google maps says shoulf take 15 minutes.

When I arrive home I put ice pack on my left hip and left foot. I eat dinner made served and cleaned up by my mum I sacrificed completely my ability to care for myself in order to care for these kids.

This repeats for four days each day is worse. On the final day I spend an hour at the starbucks, halfway between my house and theirs just to allow myself to gather enough spoons to return home. 

The day after my mum went on a weekend conference. leaving me alone to care for myself, but I couldn’t I pushed myself completely over the limit. I ordered in food because the energy of cooking was impossible. I ended up immediately spending the first half of what I had earned so I could recuperate my spoons. 

I only really got half of what I got paid when I took out the cost of caring for myself. minimum wage here is 10.25 / hour. But after taxes EI and CPP most people bring home an even $10. I don’t only pay Taxes EI and CPP (actually I don’t pay any of those because I work under the table but I digress) I pay about $2-5 / hour in lost ability. the cost of the food preparation I’d normally be able to do, the cost of the extra pain killers I can normally do without, The cost of increased psychiatric symptoms, such as anxiety, and the fact that right before working gave me my worst hallucinations, which normally are benevolent. All diabled people have a different cost of working some people it doesn’t affect them strongly for some people it costs more to work than not work. Some people experience those costs mainly in lost productivity, some people lose it due to transportation costs exceeding what would be considered “normal” but this is why many disabled people can’t work not because we’re incapable of doing the job but because we are incapable of doing both. Because taking care of yourself is actually quite difficult.

TL;DR Disabled people pay an extra tax to work because of a tradeoff in spoons.