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Not to fanboy or anything, but you're an inspiration sir. I hope one day I can be both as talented, renowned, and socially free to voice act beloved characters while also sh*tposting on tumblr/soundcloud with the very same characters as you do. I salute you, sempai

It’s quite easy, actually!

1) Throw away all semblance of a social life
2) Put your intimate relationship into jeopardy re: time spent together
3) Toe the line between acceptable parody and copyright trouble constantly
4) Determine that sleep = less important than your daily shitpost

Jules and Bernie need more appreciation tbh
Actually, a lot of Archie Sonic characters need more respect :^)
*please do not use this art or image in any way without my given permission- thank you!*
Sorry about the inactivity lately, sometimes I just forget I have a Tumblr??

How to Get Back on Track

You’ve had a rough start to your semester. You got a D- on that last test, you’re two days late turning in a paper (which you may not have started yet), and you feel weeks behind in learning your music/writing your thesis/finishing that project. You feel like you’ve completely ruined your semester, and you don’t know what to do.

Take a deep breath, because this is what you’re gonna do to dig yourself out.

  • Evaluate your priorities. So you’re currently behind in school. That means that school, for whatever reason, has not been your priority. Your priorities are, definitionally, what you put first. Now, if work, or health, or family have been coming first, that’s understandable. However, if you’ve been playing MGS5 instead of studying enough, then you might need to re-evaluate what’s important to you.
  • Look at what’s eating your time. Write down everything big you did today outside of class and work. Be honest. See if you’re surprised at where your time goes. For example, my schedule on Friday consisted of classes and work until six, then after that was: 6-6:30pm: Decide what homework to do first, 6:30-9pm: Eat ice cream and complain about being concussed, 9-10pm: Stare at a computer screen not really writing a paper, and 10-11:30pm: Actually do homework. The fact that I spent an hour and a half on homework was great. However, I could have gotten way more done if I’d actually spent that hour from 9pm to 10pm working successfully, or spent a little less time complaining about my concussion.
  • Cut out dead-weight. Dead-weight is both time spent not successfully studying, and commitments that you can’t bring yourself to keep. It’s whatever is eating up time that could be used better doing anything else. If you have an Anthropology gen ed that is just destroying you, drop it if it won’t mess up your student status or graduation date. If you’re sitting at a desk staring off into the distance and ignoring your Bio notecards, either switch what you’re studying, go home, or actually study them. If all you’re doing during a study session is looking at Tumblr with a textbook in front of you, you might as well go look at Tumblr somewhere comfortable, or go talk to friends or something. That would at least be more fun.
  • Contact your professors. Seriously, just tell your professors whatever’s going on with you. TELL them you’re working on the paper, TELL them you’re in a depressive episode right now, TELL them you feel behind in your project. A professor is far more likely to be lenient when they know you actually care enough to get in touch with them about your progress.
  • Right now - I mean RIGHT NOW - work on the latest/most important thing you have to do. RIGHT NOW. That book you have to read is right there, read it. Go write 100 words for your paper. Spend twenty minutes on your project. There, you’ve made headway, good job!
  • Give yourself small and big goals. Small goals are things like I just mentioned - 20 minutes reading, 100 words of a paper, working on a project. Big goals are more like, “I will finish this paper by Tuesday,” “I will have my prospectus done by October 17th,” or “I will get a C+ or higher on my next test.” Think of your end goal - finishing a project or passing a class - like a multi-story building. Big goals are floors in that building. Small goals are stair-steps between those floors. String together enough stair-steps and floors and you’re suddenly at the top of the Empire State Building.
  • Make a schedule and stick with it. Seriously, have a schedule. Know that when 6pm rolls around every day, you’re going to be at the library studying. Or 6am, or maybe both, or 10am M-W-F and 4pm T-Th. Whatever works for you. Just have that routine, and stick with it until it becomes habit. Good habits are what you have to rely on when you’re sick or in a bad mood and the urge to ignore your schoolwork pops up again. Don’t let that happen.

Go forth and work on your homework. I believe in you.


I know a lot of you will think I’m an asshole for posting this conversation but I had to share it. 

I don’t have anything personal against this blogger, and that’s why I left out their url out of this post, I don’t like picking up fights and that’s not what this is about. And I know it won’t be the end of my blog if someone reposts something I’ve made.

But I feel like saying something about this kind of behavior and attitudes on tumblr. 

I make A LOT of crappy gifs for VM and BTVS, they’re not even artsy or beautiful, they are just gifs. But I made them. I know probably most people have no idea the kind of work and time it takes to make gifs - even crappy-looking ones, and every single one of your likes and reblogs makes me happy because I feel I’m contributing something to the fandoms I love, which is the reason I joined tumblr in the first place.

This is not the first time my gifs have been reposted, and I’m sure it won’t be the last. Most of the times, I send a kind message like the one I sent at the beginning of this conversation because I remember what it was like to be new to tumblr and not knowing what was good and bad tumblr behavior. So I always give people the benefit of the doubt and see how it goes. Most people understand that they’ve made a mistake and they take down the post themselves, I only flag a posts as a last resort, like when the conversation goes down the way this one did. 

Obviously, I don’t own Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I’m not posting episodes, I’m making gifs, and those gifs belong to me because I created them. I didn’t create the show (I wish!) but I did create the gifs. This person in particular reposted something I had originally posted just a day ago! What was the point of doing that? And the fact that you repost three of my gifs instead of the six that were originally part of the gif set doesn’t make your post different than mine, that just means you were trying to pretend you weren’t stealing other people’s content. 

Reposting violates tumblr’s community guidelines:

Misattribution or Non-Attribution. Make sure you always give proper attribution and include full links back to original sources. When you find something awesome on Tumblr, reblog it instead of reposting it. It’s less work and more fun, anyway. When reblogging something, DO NOT inject a link back to your blog just to steal attention from the original post. Report misattribution or non-attribution (x

(my emphasis)

More importantly, REPOSTING IS RUDE AND DISRESPECTFUL to the person who actually spent a lot of time and effort creating that content (content that you seem to like enough to repost it and make others believe you’ve made it yourself but not good enough to credit the actual person that created it…)

You may not care, but someone spent a lot of time and effort making those gifs. If you like and reblog, gif makers feel awesome and they are encouraged to continue creating more content for your fandoms, content that you and others will hopefully enjoy and share.

If you like something, tumblr has this very cool feature, it’s a little thing called “reblogging”. By reblogging, you’ll share the content on your blog and people will know you like this stuff. This is the proper way to share content on tumblr. Like and reblog, it’s that simple. 

Fellow BTVS/ATS gif-makers, check out the tags and see for yourself, there’s a blog that’s been reposting other people’s gifs and it works better if the original gif maker reports/flags the posts themselves. 

Happy blogging, everyone, and I hope no one takes this the wrong way. 

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Could you please write about the Rfa and an mc who procrastinates a lot, stays up really late, etc. (basically every single one of us) Thanks so much, sorry if that was weird or confusing

Haha, no worries anon-san! We’re all zombies these days, especially because of this game, amrite? Lol, I really like this one since I can totally relate, thank you! 




  • this boy understands you on a spirtual level
  • because honestly, he’s always staying up late playing LOLOL 
  • or when he actually tries to be a college student and is doing an all-nighter to study
  • so you bet, he’s right there with you
  • like you guys help keep each other awake when pulling all-nighters during exam weeks 
  • and definitely have no probs battling enemy hoards until dawn together 
  • but he’ll also be so worried about you
  • it’s one thing when his dark circles have bags, but he doesn’t need you being his mirror!
  • like he knows he’s not in the place to chide you about it- but YOU NEED SLEEP 
  • “MC, aren’t you feeling tired? Maybe you should go get some rest.”
  • “Yoosung, I’m fine. If anyone should be going to bed, it’s you.” 
  • “But my body is used to this- yours isn’t. You always look tired these days, and I don’t want you to fall down the same hole as me!”
  • You two continue arguing, but neither of you budges 
  • Until you both compromise with a deal- new sleeping schedule 
  • Okay- no more staying up late, no more late night game rounds, or pulling all-nighters except for exams 
  • At first, it goes well
  • because you both enjoy going to bed together at a reasonable hour and waking up like normal human beings with actual time on your hands
  • you have enough time to make breakfast together, no rushing and hurrying to get ready, and like you feel more awake in classes?
  • fully rested and healthy
  • but then- all it took was one hour of extra studying, one extra hour for an important guild quest 
  • and then the junk food was brought out, blankets spread across the floor and the night owls return to old habit


  • at first, he doesn’t mind you staying up late
  • for one thing, he used to always stay up practicing his lines and whatnot 
  • but once you moved in, he started to change the habit because he actually looks forward to going to bed with you 
  • so it’s completely fine that you guys stay up until 12am at the most before heading to bed
  • but
  • “MC, come to bed. You know beauty sleep for your skin is best around this time.” 
  • “Zen, my clear skin won’t matter if I fail my exams. Just one more hour…” 
  • he’ll give you some time, because studying is studying 
  • except it’s 3am 
  • “What the hell, MC, get to bed! You need sleep and rest if you want to pass your exams!” 
  • of course you’ll ignore him
  • sweet boy tries to be patient and even helps you study 
  • except school and anything related to book work isn’t his strong suit
  • so after a while, he’s yawning and isn’t much of help
  • so yeah, it seems like you’ll NEVER SLEEP
  • this goes on for a few nights, and he tries everything
  • he’ll make you a glass of warm milk and take away any junk you’re eating, hoping it’ll make you sleepy enough to come to bed
  • reading super boring scripts out loud or to just annoy enough to realize how long you’ve been up 
  • he whines and begs when that doesn’t work put the poor boy out of his misery already 
  • “MC, pleeeese come to bed. Let’s go sleep. Pretty please with a kiss!”
  • “Come on MC! How can you refuse to go to bed with someone with this beautiful face?”
  • he’ll try snatching you out of your seat but you’d kick and threaten to make him “need a veeery long beauty sleep” if he doesn’t put you down
  • finally he tries to put on quiet music that will lull you and probably start singing lullabies too more for himself really
  • he’s just about ready to give up and go to the lonely bedside without you when suddenly he hears a soft snore 
  • and there you are, folded in your chair with pencil still in hand and books open 
  • Zen will gently, with relief, lift you and finally take you to your rightful place
  • funny enough, he notices that halfway through writing some notes, there were the lyrics to zen’s lullaby 
  • hmm…well now he found the perfect trick 


  • she knows how terrible procrastination can leave you if you succumb
  • being organized and finishing things on a tight schedule is a skill of hers so of course she’ll help you 
  • “MC, you can’t let procrastinating become a habit!” 
  • she’ll help you set up a schedule and even a reward system for everytime you complete something on your task-list
  • god bless you baehee 
  • regular breaks so you don’t get overwhelmed
  • she would likely moderate how long you spent surfing the net and if you’re doing what you should be 
  • and sometimes, if she finds you actually avoiding work 
  • she will have 707 make a “child lock” on your favorite social media and apps 
  • like only two videos on youtube every hour…
  • oh no, twitter and tumblr are locked… 
  • great…neko atsume is also time-limited to less than two minutes
  • and she’ll be like “haha this is for your own good… good luck trying to procrastinate now”  *anime glasses flash*
  • except, if she sees you’re STILL struggling to focus even with those restrictions
  • and just make you stop whatever you’re doing- get you a mug of coffee and some pastries 
  • then you guys will chill for while, talking about your stress (and also probably watching some relaxing zen musicals) 
  • jaehee will actually do some assignments with you if it’s too much and you’re staying up waaay past your bedtime
  • you’ll fall asleep halfway through, but when you wake up in the morning-
  • your essay is complete? Your desk is cleaned up? and your things for the day already set for you? 
  • you find an adorable hair-tussled jaehee with crooked glasses hanging on her nose, asleep on the couch


  • to a certain level, he understands that you need to stay up late sometimes to finish work- he does it himself
  • BUT he didn’t think it was to the point you never come to bed until it’s past 3am 
  • “MC? I believe that enough studying for now. You need to rest or else you’ll be unable to function properly tomorrow. How come these assignments keep you up so late?” 
  • then you explain that during the day…uhh you have a difficult time to focus on working if you stress too much so you leave it until it’s super late
  • basically procrastinating…
  • this toll bean doesn’t understand
  • because he LITERALLY makes more work if he’s stressed out of work (cat projects)
  • how does one destress like that? (oh wait, poor jaehee is the one actually suffering)
  • he then offers to hire professional tutors to help you study and personal planners to help with scheduling your day to keep you organized 
  • of course you refuse, it’s not like it happens all the time 
  • nope it does
  • “MC, come to bed.” 
  • “I still have to finish some stuff…”
  • “Look, Elizabeth 3rd is sleepy but she won’t go to bed if you don’t.”
  • “No, Jumin, she won’t go to bed unless you fluff her pillows and adjust the silk tassels after giving her some warm milk- which you always do- nice try”
  • he isn’t sure what to do, so he decides to get to bed reluctantly
  • but he broods and waits up for you
  • okay, he’s not one to be refused
  • especially since he’s so busy during the day that he only gets to spend time with you at home during the night 
  • so he’s back to check on you and-
  • finds you instead of looking through your books and writing notes, you’re on your phone while snacking on some chips 
  • oh no no
  • “I’m taking a break…again.” or rather you’re procrastinating again
  • “MC, if you’re taking a break why don’t you get some rest instead of draining yourself on that?”
  • “I’m too awake to take a nap,” you pout at him 
  • he suddenly snatches the phone out of your hand
  • “Well, I can think of a better way to use up that energy.”
  • he’ll swing you up bridal style and oh…you’re going to the bedroom


  • sleep? haha what’s that
  • ever since moving in with seven, you adapted his wacky sleeping hours
  • a very abnormal schedule 
  • on most weekdays- you’re awake all night and asleep all day 
  • on weekends- you’re both running on like two hours of sleep 
  • sometimes- you guys haven’t slept in 48 hours straight because of some tv show marathon or video game challenge 
  • and of course, especially he’s busy (drowning) with work, you both just have no sense of time or day 
  • at first, he doesn’t really notice since this was his lifestyle and he enjoyed your company 
  • but then you start skipping meals like him and lack of rest begin to take their toll on you 
  • “Wow, MC, you look like the walking dead!”
  • “Have you tried looking in the mirror lately?”
  • “…MC, did you go to bed last night at all?”
  • “Nope, I was waiting for you to finish working.”
  • “WHAT?!Oh no! I’ve completely ruined you…” 
  • he’ll start trying to reset you back to a normal sleep schedule 
  • like he refuses you continuing the way you are 
  • “MC, please get some rest like a normal person. You need to take care of your health!” 
  • “Saeyoung- if anyone should be doing that, it’s you!”
  • “I’m not a normal person. Do I look like one to you?! Hurry and get to bed- God Seven commands it!” 
  • you refuse, seeing it as unfair if he doesn’t get to sleep too
  • honestly he’s touched, but wouldn’t let you destroy yourself with such terrible habits
  • “It’s my job, I do it to get food on our plates and gas in my babes. And to keep a roof over us and the babes. Please, MC, understand it’s just that way. You being more healthy gurantees a longer life, which makes me feel better knowing you’re okay.”
  • after hearing that (mostly about the last half), you give in-
  • under one condition-
  • he comes to bed and starts to eat better with you
  • since it helps you, he’ll agree 
  • it takes some time to adjust, but eventually you both figure out a way to straighten yourselves out
  • “Unfortunately, MC, the magical sandman of sleep hasn’t blessed this house in 3 years…”
  • well…you try anyways
  • more home cooking and take-out at least is better than just soda and honey buddha chips
  • by all means, that doesn’t mean you go to bed like everyone else… in fact your sleeping is more off and on than before 
  • due to seven’s work, you two decided that the best way to get more hours of sleep was to take naps and breaks throughout the day
  • short naps and more of a variety in eating- you two somewhat improved your health all while still pulling off your late game nights