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kuro-oikawa asked:

heey, do you think it's nothing too important that Haise's hair seems to have less black strands than before? like i'm not too sure if it's just Ishida choosing to draw it with less ink to save money or it is like foreshadowing actually..

I think it is important, really important.

This kind of mirrors Arima, yet at the same time, has a reversing affect. People think that Haise getting his white hair back means he’ll be more like Arima.

Remember to begin with, Arima’s hair was blue, and gradually turned white. In addition, his expressions began to change. I want to believe that Arima’s hair turning white, symbolized him losing himself, losing his humanity and becoming nothing but a robot for the CCG.

Likewise, people will assume that Haise losing his black hair, is bringing him closer to losing himself just as Arima has, therefore making him yet another “robot”, for the use of the CCG.

I find this to be the opposite however.

I think, Haise’s hair turning white, is supposed to symbolize him regaining his old personality. I mean, and his hair isn’t the only pointer, the fact that he saved Tooru in the same manner in which he saved Touka.

I don’t think the white hair has any significance to him becoming like Arima, but returning to his old self. That or, Ishida can just be trolling us.

anonymous asked:

is it just me or Harry's hair appear to be less ginger than before. It looks more like dark blond with a small hint of red.

In some pics it really seems so. Don’t know if it’s just the lights tho!

Hey girls, hope you all doing great!

The 30 days happy hair challenge with Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition has come to a relinquish. I am more than jovial to post this update after conventionally using this range for more than a month!

The shampoo and conditioner both leave a nice fruity aura for couple of hours which I doubtlessly amour.

My scalp feels very fostered without the oiliness or any kind of dryness. I can eyeball that my hair tips have become more nurutured and tameable than before. I can also see marked my hair length upto 2 inches in just a month. The waves are lessened and my hair now fall somewhat straight. The drabness is reduced and hair is more soft and agleam. The only negative part is I don’t see a peculiar reduction in hair fall. It has reduced but say about 20% less hair fall than before. I hope with continuous praxis it will help reduce my hair fall further.

Changes observed after 30 days:

  • Hair is more soft and shiny.
  • Reduced dullness and less damaged tips.
  • No split ends.
  • Hair is more manageable and less frizzy.
  • Hair fall reduction to about 20%.

Overall I am glad that I took this challenge. I definitely feel cocksure changes in my hair in just 30 days.

A lot of my friends has been asking me “What’s your hair care routine?” Guys here’s my secret!

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PS: Product sent by Brand PR for the challenge. All opinions shared are honest and unbiased.

Garnier Fructis Happy Hair Challenge : COMPLETED Hey girls, hope you all doing great! The 30 days happy hair challenge with Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition…