bb!David Tennant, 1994 (x)

“A couple of summers ago, my mother took me to New York to see all of the typical touristy attractions and enjoyments. It was the most memorable vacation that I had because it was just my mom and I (I also have three sisters). Sadly, one of the most memorable moments was when we were strolling through Central Park and one boy made a very unpleasant remark about how he wanted a "latina girl that’ll gimme that thick ass.” And that I had to be the one to do it. I was surprised at all of this because my mother had suspected this would happen in New York and dressed me more boyish than usual and insisted that I wear no makeup and don’t fix my hair. This picture was taken less than an hour before the harassment. I look like a little kid! I immediately wanted to crawl into a dark cave. For a while, it made me embarrassed to show off my curves. I feel that boys over-sexualize me just because I am brown. Ugh. It’s just so gross. Dressing more conservatively doesn’t make me less of a target for street harassment. My skin color frequently incurs comments similar to this one.“

Submission from Harper LaRoux

"But What Was She Wearing?” is a project documenting what street harassment really looks like. Submit your own to stopthecatcall@gmail.com or via tumblr.

Wouldn’t it be nice // Luke & Will

The past days had been hectic, difficult and just confusing. Considering Kurt’s condition though, Will certainly wasn’t going to complain. As of right now, he was focused on denying his feelings Luke. So he had that going for him. He probably need some kind of mental support or whatnot and Will would be more than happy to provide entertainment. Truth be told, he had missed Luke and he was glad to be seeing the other male again. 

Will put on a beanie to hide his less than messy hair and slipped on a pair of vans before he was heading out of the flat. The walk to the hospital was spent  trying to convince himself that he didn’t need to have a chat with Luke about anything. No, they were going to hang out like good friend. When he got in the hospital, he tried to keep his smile to a minimum. He then texted his friend, letting him know that he was in the hall so he could be told where to go afterward.