less washed out colors


So over the past 8 months during my hiatus from here, I took in a number of rescue & rehome hermit crabs. My crew is now up to 10 crabs! A lot of them are larges (at least 5-6 of the 10, though I haven’t really properly measured them on the crab size chart), so I wanted to upgrade from the 55g tank. I got lucky & found a 150g tank for $100 on Craigslist! It was a mess & had a carpet stuck on the back wall that I had to remove, but was well worth the work!

This past weekend, I finally managed to get busy & get the mansion set up. 8/10 crabs have been moved over, 2 are buried in the 55g. So that’ll be sticking around until they surface so I can move them to join the rest. I’ll be able to get better pictures of the 150g once the 55g is out of the way. :) More details about the tank set up below the cut!!

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The dress is not a lie!

Is it white/gold or black/blue? And WHY? I see it as white/gold, and if you do too, don’t fret! 

The original image, to me it looks white/gold. Picking the colors out tells me it’s white/gold. But this picture is not all it seems… Notice the lighting in the background? It’s REALLY bright! More than likely, this photo was taken on a cellphone or a little point and shoot camera.

“So kate, what does that have to do with anything?” Because there is so much light coming in behind it, it has to refocus so the entire photo isn’t washed out. And to prove that, I took the picture into photoshop.

There’s a way to light balance photos in photoshop, so brought it in and used the “curves” option. This lets me choose the darkest and lightest colors in the photo. The shadow under the armpit of the dress looks pretty dark, so I’ll choose that as the darkest color.

Well would you look at that! The background looks a little less washed out, and you can see the true colors of the dress! The problem is not with OUR eyes, its with the camera that took the photo!