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Okay, so I work at a golf course and I am one of the 2 female employees, so I use the women’s bathroom. (yay cleaner facilities and less traffic.) 99.9% of our customers are male. So, I have been job hunting and got bloodborne pathogen training for a job I was applying for. Unfortunately, I did not get the job.


The other day, I was working the closing shift and male customers had been in and out of the bathroom all day, so at the end of the day, I go in to clean it.


I mean, the sink, the floor, and in the trash can…

I was taken by surprise because I normally have the standard unflushed urinal, pubes, and the sanitizing to do.

I rushed out, grabbed proper equipment to clean it and wondered why NONE OF THE CUSTOMERS SAID ANYTHING.

All the men that had walked past me to get to the bathroom had no apparent injuries. So they used a bloodied bathroom and didn’t bother reporting it to me so I could clean it!


she had the world // panic! at the disco

the TURN Squad as Viners

Caleb: Beard viner. You know them: the beard is the basis for half of their humor when they’re not making vines that are basically Guy Fieri memes

Ben: Dog viner. Pure. Wholesome. Sometimes they play the piano together.

Abe: Smack cam viner. Vape tricks viner. Skateboarding (fails) viner.

Anna: Dancing/skateboarding trick viner. She’s flawless and vaguely gay.

Mary: Mom viner. Sprout is like the slightly less popular Gavin.

Rob: Traffic viner. “You know what they say about people who live in the fast lane. They don’t live in f*cking NEW YORK!”

Lafayette: Uplifting viner. That one man with the flowers and the ocean? That’s our Gilbert.

Peggy: Instagram viner. It’s either the sunset with Lana Del Rey or one a collection of selfies with an acoustic Beyonce cover.

Hewlett: Has one vine.

Jinyoung: I love Jackson. Where’s Jackson? Ah Jackson’s there. Joking~

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My coworker is nice but dumb as a sack of rocks, her logic is to ask me, an employee from the low traffic, less demanding side of the deli, to cover BOTH her and her coworkers breaks on the higher traffic, way more demanding Kosher section I barely know the layout/procedures of to "make sure neither of them gets overwhelmed by customers or work." What about me??????? Why are there two people closing then?????

Trans* Guide to (Socially) Navigating the Gym

This is a newcomer’s guide to the gym from a social perspective, focused on the trans* experience. This is not a workout program.

This guide draws upon my own FTM experiences, feel free to add your own experiences.

Disclaimer: I live in a diverse city and go to a left-leaning university. My circumstances could be drastically different from yours. Use your best judgement.

The Locker Room

  • Bring a friend (who you’re out to) along, they can affirm or stand up for your identity if anyone questions your presence.
  • Rarely is anyone looking at you while changing, especially in male locker rooms. Find a nice little corner and face the walls, or go to a stall to change. You’d be surprised at how many cis people do the same. I’ve changed tshirts in the locker room while wearing a binder tank after 4 months on T without any problems.
  • You can also try changing in a bathroom that has less traffic first, then walk to the gym. If the weather is cold, wear a hoodie or sweats on top, then take it off at the gym.
  • Avoid going at peak hours if you are uncomfortable, it is more likely that you’ll have to change in close proximity with others.
  • Avoid changing next to old people. They are very comfortable nude and will strike up conversations randomly.
  • I have never showered at the gym, but bring a towel to dry off my sweat, and deodorant to keep the scents fresh.
  • I find boxers to be easier than boxer briefs. If I’m wearing briefs, I either pack, or find a really good corner without people. Packing is personally uncomfortable after a especially hard session, due to shifting and sweating. Boxers sort of hide everything, and I feel comfortable standing in them for a bit to cool off.

The Gym (mostly the weight room)

  • You are NOT the only person who doesn’t know how every equipment works. You can:
    • Ask a staff for help
    • Watch YouTube before your workout. I sometimes pull up exercise videos during my workout to check how a machine works because I’m too introverted.
  • If you don’t like to talk to other people and want to avoid chit-chats:
    • Stare at the equipment as if you’re formulating your workout plan
    • Bring headphones.
  • If someone is at an equipment you want to use, you can ask them “how many sets do you have left”, which means how many more repeats of the exercise they will be doing. A common etiquette is to let you use the machine right after, if you’re hanging around. Be courteous and give the other person room to finish their workout.
  • Don’t walk between mirrors and the people training in front of it.
  • It’s ok to not like looking in your image in the mirror if it triggers dysphoria, but still try to make sure you are performing the exercises correctly by bringing a friend along to form check.


  • You are not weak. Everyone starts somewhere. The huge guy in the corner? He was once a lanky teenager. It takes immense dedication and discipline to reach the level you see in the media.
Strip Club or No Club Pt.2// Spencer Reid x Reader

Part 1

That night was a tranquil one after you had headed home. There was less traffic in the streets as everyone had rushed home early in order to get to bed, preparing for the Monday morning that would start their work week. Even your rambunctious neighbors had been eerily quiet that evening, something that surprised yet thrilled you as you realized you might actually get a good night’s sleep this time around. So you had settled into your couch, dressed in nothing but sweatpants and a plain t-shirt, and turned the channel to the food network where you watched ten year old children whip up desserts you could only dream of.

The loud sound of rasps at your door startled you as you were just moments from falling asleep on your couch after only thirty minutes. You yawned, standing up and looking out through the peephole.

“Spencer,” you greeted with a blush as you opened the door and revealed the tall man waiting on your doorstep. He looked like himself again, actually dressed this time, wearing a button down shirt and tie. You shook the mental picture of a very naked Spencer Reid out of your head before your cheeks could burn any hotter.

“Hi Y/N,” he replied with a small smile. His thoughts immediately raced to the look you had given him when he danced on you, the spark of lust sending a thrill of excitement through him. He stared at you, his mind so occupied with fantasies that he didn’t realize you were calling his name.

“I’m sorry?” He asked as he finally landed back on earth.

“I was telling you to come in,” you laughed as Spencer blushed and nodded, walking into your home in embarrassment. You welcomed him in and offered him something to drink which he politely declined. The two of you stared at each other, both unsure of what to say after that evening.

“So…what brings you here so late?” You finally asked as you pushed your hair behind your ear. Spencer’s eyes lingered on the small movement before they landed on your lips.

“I told you I would see you later,” he replied with a small grin.

“Yeah, you did,” you said as you lightly rocked onto your heels.”I’m sorry that you had to do that. I had no idea the guy would pick you of all people.”

“I- I’m kind of glad he did,” Spencer admitted sheepishly. At first he had been completely mortified, but the more he thought about it, the more he hated the idea of another man grinding on top of you. If he would have caught sight of that happening he would have surely been heartbroken.

“Oh,” you said softly in understanding. The two of you stood in silence before Spencer finally decided to break it.

“Is it that surprising?” he questioned. “I feel like my crush has been obvious for a while now.”

You blushed as you nodded. It had been completely obvious but much to your chagrin Spencer never made a move despite your own constant flirtations. Instead he would attempt to hide his heating face and practically run away whenever you flirted with him.

“It has,” you admitted with a grin. “Hasn’t mine been just as obvious?”

“Y-yours?” he stuttered in surprise. You let out a small laugh at his flustered reaction.

“I’ve been flirting with you nonstop, Spence,” you replied with a grin. His eyebrows furrowed as he thought about your behavior towards him.

“But you’re naturally a flirt. You’ve always been that way,” he commented. Since the moment you joined the BAU you would throw flirty comments towards everyone, Emily, JJ, and Penelope included. You were naturally coquettish and your charm was what had caused you to immediately win everyone’s affections.

“When’s the last time I flirted with Derek or Hotch?” you asked with a sly smile. “Come on Mr. Genius, you should know.”

“At JJ’s birthday dinner…six months ago,” he stated as his eyes widened. How had he not noticed that? Your flirtatious comments had continued with the girls but stopped all together with the other sex. “You…like me?”

“Quite a lot.”

“Are you sure?”

You chuckled at Spencer’s incredulity and stepped closer to him. He felt his breathing hitch as you wrapped an arm around his torso, looking up at him with amusement.

“I’m absolutely certain.” You replied with a smile. He grinned and wrapped an arm around you, leaning down and kissing you softly. He could feel his heart swell up as your soft lips responded, gladly pressing back against his in delight. He smiled wildly as he pulled away having fulfilled one of his deepest desires.

“About time,” you giggled as you playfully hit his abdomen. He laughed and hit yours back softly, his eyes widening when it gave a loud growl.

“Are you hungry? I can order a pizza?” he suggested with concern.

“Oh, no you don’t have to,” you protested with a shake of your head. You had skipped dinner in favor of sleep before he had interrupted your slumber. Your eyes widened as Spencer took out a wad of cash from his pockets, and you looked at him with a loud laugh.

“Is that all the cash you made from stripping?!”

“I am surprisingly better than I thought,” Spencer replied with a small laugh. He counted out twenty dollars, all in one dollar bills, and picked up the phone to place the pizza order.

“Spencer Reid, are you seriously buying me dinner with your stripper cash? The money you made off of dancing on other girls?” You asked with an amused grin. He laughed and shook his head.

“It was actually just an older woman who gave me all this cash. She apparently had a thing for extremely thin men who can’t dance to save their lives. She probably did it because she felt bad,” he admitted with a shrug as the line rang.

“It’s pretty odd, maybe you should try being a stripper one da- Yes hello, no I was not telling you to be a stripper,” Spencer said flusteredly into the phone as the pizzeria finally picked up while he was mid-sentence. You chuckled as Spencer apologized to the poor cashier who had the luck of hearing that last bit.

You shook your head, sitting down on your burgundy sofa and turning the television on as you waited for him to finish. You flipped through the channels unable to find something to settle on.

“Nothing entertaining?” Spencer asked as he hung up the phone. He had noticed your constant channel changing while he had thoroughly apologized to the pizza cashier who had answered the phone for the stripper suggestion. The woman had luckily just laughed and brushed it off, saying she should try that out since she was sick of smelling like pizza every night, and continued on to take his order. He was glad some people still had some humor left in them.

“How about you entertain me? What about another dance, Doctor?” you playfully suggested with a wink as you turned to look at him. Spencer grinned wolfishly, taking the remote control from your hands and turning the television off.

“Only until the pizza gets here.”

y’know, sometimes I read things on this website and I’m like “this could be such a good point if the main point was completely different”

We found a dead coyote, the first coyote dead or alive that I’ve ever seen irl. It’s off on the shoulder of the interstate, we’ll be back tonight to cut the head off when there’s less traffic. The skull is probably fractured but I’ll put it outside next to the doe to rot.

Shadow of the Night- closed RP

The silver fox was patrolling the Downtown area of the city. Where it was getting later in the year, night time came earlier, and so did his nightly crime fighting, which started at dusk. He loved the cool night air because it was so refreshing. He stopped to take a break on the roof of the old book store on 7th. He sat down on the edge of the roof and meditated for a bit. Where it was later in the night, there was less traffic, so he was able to relax in more quiet surroundings.
Suddenly, his ears perked to the sound of the roof access door opening up. He quickly turned and scurried behind an AC unit to avoid being seen. He peeked around the corner and saw a male rabbit. Hopefully he could leave the roof without his sensitive ears detecting him.


The Observer is the Observed – Osho

Meditation means to watch the movement of thoughts in the mind.

Just be an observer, as if you are standing by the side of the road watching the traffic – no judgment, no evaluation, no condemnation, no appreciation – just pure observation.

As you become more and more accustomed to observation, a strange phenomenon starts happening. If you are ten percent aware, that much energy has moved from the mind process to the observer; now the mind has only ninety percent energy available. A moment comes… you have fifty percent of energy. And your energy goes on growing as mind goes on losing its energy.

The traffic becomes less and less and less, and you become more and more and more.

Your witnessing self goes on increasing in integrity, expanding; it becomes stronger and stronger.

And the mind goes on becoming weaker and weaker: ninety percent observer and ten percent mind, ninety-nine percent observer and only one percent mind.

One hundred percent observer and the mind disappears, the road is empty; the screen of the mind becomes completely empty, nothing moves. There is only the observer.

- Osho: The Book of Secrets: 112 Meditations to Discover the Mystery Within

Persistent Change

Many could look at these last few years
And realize I have changed drastically every
Several months: The first event that caused me to

Change enabled me to be trapped inside my mind for
Nearly fourteen days; I did not sleep or eat for roughly—

Seven or eight of them. I was terrified. I did not go outside for …
Three months—after many failed suicide attempts, I decided I
Just could not die and plugged back into society: I scored a
Job as a waitress and eventually obtained another where
I sold phones—it was terrible, deceptive—I was moved

To a store with less traffic because I did not condone deception.
I spent many days hooping whilst on the clock: It was really rad.

I met my ex-lover before this happened—near the time I scored
My second job. He was my best friend: He was more into those
Blonde-bimbo-looking women, so I partially changed my attire;
Eventually, he came my way. One of his closets friends said,
“You seem more like a hippie these days.” Hippie, hippie—

Hippie forever. I had a grand ol’ few months exploring music
And mind-altering ingestibles—I know that is not a word, but I 
Can do it if Lewis Carroll can: I’m Alice in case you never knew

That. Anyway, everything was perfect until I thought I was being
Drugged again like a circumstance during the first event. I had a tremor;

Just kept shaking and I could not sleep or eat. I was not excessively wet
This time; regardless, a coworker made a strange comment one day—one
Who claimed to be my friend: I immediately clocked out and quit. I went home;
Nearly jumped off a bridge within a few days until intuition smacked me in my
Face. I decided to apply to college in Portland—I was accepted. Before I
Did that I just stayed completely positive and acquired a relentless—
Amount of faith in love, the only force I believe in that I cannot see;
Mother raised me Christian—I just spit science in her face when
We quarreled over the years. One day before leaving to go—
West, I was nearly abducted; I ran away from all of the not

Many possessions I had: It was raining, and I was freezing, so I
Slept in an alley garbage can. The man who tried to abduct me said, 
“You can’t be with any men: Too many have already touched you. You—
Need to be worth something again.” He wanted me to write, draw, and dance:
He said I could do whatever I please as long as I do not use my phone or
Speak to anyone because he said, “You aren’t cosmic at all; just a—
Scared little girl who is all alone. You would be nothing without

Your phone.” I am into numerology and universal signs. He did not
Realize that my phone is not the only vessel that can be used to speak
With me. He either drugged me or gave me an anxiety attack with his
Words—my heartbeat was quickened, and I could not think well at all. He
Also told me, “They are putting artists and freethinkers in concentration

Camps.” Thusly, the morning after I slept in that alley garbage can, I went to the
Public mall—washed the grime off my clothes and out of my hair: I covered up
With a bag of trash that night in case anyone opened the can—none would
Think to look for me there. Honestly, before that happened, I was quite a
Germophobe—not as excessively as I used to be when I was younger.

Alas, I ran away from my entirety—all of my art supplies, identification, and
Clothing. Honestly, I left everything except three spiritual books: I even left my
Phone. I was insanely desperate for authoritative attention, so I decided to take
Inspiration from the situation: After my hair and clothes dried—the custodian
Gave me permission to have two bags of trash. I ran to the public fountain

Down the street, collected other bags of trash—then spelled,
“CAN’T TAKE ART FROM AN ARTIST,” with it. I formed, “RDY”—
A check mark next to it—“M8″—and a halo. Afterward, I completely
Stripped; I ran around the city fountain screaming like a maniac based
On unjustly being deemed manic in the past. I lied underneath the trash
Halo like the little trash angel I am, and I covered my breasts and pussy with
The three books I had. Not sure if I screamed, “Come and get me, bitches!”—
Before lying on the ground; regardless, those were the only actual words I
Yelled. I lied on the ground in tears until the police showed up because
I figured I was about to go to jail: I figured they would not listen to me
Like they never have my entire life. I was publicly naked in Virginia;
A commonwealth state in America: One of the most law-oriented
Piece of shit states to live in. Alas, I was proved incorrectly—

The initial officer was very kind. He said I was not in trouble except
Maybe for vandalism, so I said, “I am not trying to vandalize anything. I
Will clean it up.” He helped shield me from onlookers as I dressed myself—
Something he insisted upon. He was very respectful. I cleaned up the trash—
Was told I needed to talk to at least someone for mental help. I said, “I refuse to
Take medication, but I will look into counseling—it is not a secret that I need
Some help.” He agreed with me, but he was not one who transported me;
Those two bully officers told the lady officer who signed me in all sorts
Of lies, and I was inevitably committed by court-order; forced to be

Medicated against my will—twice with a needle until I complied. 

Even without art supplies, an artist can find a way to create; whether
With a body or garbage—no oppressor can remove all of the earth. 
Although one tries, no oppressor can completely destroy creation.

Unless, of course, he or she forcibly medicates the entire populace
With psychological drugs that can confine one to a bed in a state of mind
That is completely mindless—a state of being that is practically non-existence.

This is what Hitler did. Hitler utilized chemicals to keep his victims docile:
Hitler put fluoride in water. Does our government idolize Hitler? I don’t know.

Farewell—I must return to my “dumb, worthless kid” imagination
That is ever-changing because I do not possess all knowledge.


I actually like to drive through central NY state when I’m heading south, rather than following the coastline. Its a longer route, but the traffic is less frightening and the views are beautiful. So pretty regularly, I find myself in a place where it only be an hour or so drive to visit either you or Gina.

The best time to visit me would probably be during the summer. I’m right by the beach, and that is also lobster season and the lobster boats pull in 5 minutes away from my front door. We can literally get it off the boat.

Some personal thoughts on Furiosa

Watching MMFR for the first time I felt an instant connection to Furiosa. I hate the word “empowering” (because what does that even mean?) but I don’t have a better way to describe how I felt watching the movie. I felt stronger and happier and BETTER after having seen Furiosa fight and rage and tear off the patriarchy’s metaphorical face and WIN.

I tend to be angry a lot. Like a LOT. I get mad easily, sometimes over worthy things (the wage gap, police shootings, gun control) and sometimes over less-righteous things (traffic, silly internet arguments, people being dumb). No matter how justified or irrational my feelings, I’ve spent my whole life learning to swallow up and clamp down and redirect my anger because it’s not professional or appropriate or feminine. As a child my mother would often ask “why do you get so frustrated?” but I didn’t know why or how to stop it or that the real word for what I was feeling was “angry.” I only knew I had to put a lid on it fast or get in trouble.

These days, I’m better at managing my anger. I try not to direct it at specific people since that’s not very healthy or productive. I try to save anger for systems and patterns, rather than individuals, but the truth is that it’s still so very easy for me to feel rage and hate. But I manage. I’ve learned to be a professional and deal calmly with all kinds of shit, from minor irritations to misogynist slights. I’ve managed to work on a daily basis with people I absolutely loath without letting it interfere with my ability to cooperate with them and get the job done. I save my rage for private moments or for rants with friends.

All this is to say, it felt so good to see a woman getting to be incandescent with ugly rage and USE IT. Furiosa’s anger is pointed and directed and rational. It’s her armor, and her weapon, and her inoculation against Joe’s virulent philosophy. It helps her survive 7000 days of horror without losing her soul. It helps her stay focused on her goal and claw her way to power because power means driving the war rig and that means escape. It helps her take the huge risk of leaving and make it even riskier by taking Joe’s “wives” with her. Her anger even helps her tell herself that she’s only taking them as a final FUCK YOU because admitting anything else is too hard.

It helps her find her people again and it helps her survive learning that the Green Place is gone. It helps her drive straight back to face Joe’s army and risk everything all over again. It helps her keep driving the war rig after being stabbed. It helps her climb out of the cab to kill Joe (who she hates SO MUCH it’s like another knife lodged inside her). It helps her free herself and the other women (and men) trapped in the same shitty awful system. 

It helps her create a new better world that maybe won’t require quite so much rage to survive.


My offerings for Samhain this year.

The altar is lit up for the turning of the year and the seasons, with offertory honeyed whiskey for my patrons - Brighid, Lugh, and Thor.

The table is set with a simple Dead Supper of apples and salt, with fresh trail mix for the household sprites and luminaries to light the way.

I also went all around the apartment, sweeping up the tangles in the household wards and setting next ones. Needless to say, I am TIRED, though not as much as I’ve been in years previous. Warding a six-room apartment takes considerably less out of you than warding a two-story house and the surrounding property, and last years warding has held up really, really well. (Probably something to do with the fact that I’m getting a lot less traffic than I did in PA, thanks be.)

Now for some candy, an apple of my own, and some fun scary movies.

Blessed Samhain, my witchlings, and Happy Halloween!

two blondes & lunch | liz + emily

There wasn’t much that Lizzie of Los Angeles. Traffic was less of a hassle, a siren wasn’t going off every other hour, and people were a lot nicer. But the one thing she craved was the warm weather. To have the blazing sun on her face and have the chance to walk around in shorts and sandals. A dramatic sigh fell as the blonde reached for her sweater before she slipped out of her car. There was some sun but the cool air caused goosebumps to rise. She double/triple checked the address that her friend had sent her and made sure she was at the correct location before she went about knocking on doors. Once she was positive that she arrived, she gave a small jog towards the place, knocked a couple of times and even sent an “Pizza delivery” message in case her friend didn’t hear the knocks. 

Lizzie gave a quick look around the neighborhood for a quick reminder of what food was nearby. A couple of places came to mind when the door finally opened. Suddenly the thought of food disappeared when the blonde appeared. “Hey!” Just as promised, Lizzie stepped towards the woman and wrapped her arms around Emily, giving her a tight hug. “How’ve you been? You look great!” She gave another two squeezes before she pulled away. “You ready for the long journey? By long journey I mean walking through this damn weather- but I promise that I make great company.” 



Well evacuation was fun, made it to the hotel in NC safely

Took the reversed highway lane, and we definitely made the right choice. A lot less traffic. Felt super unnatural though.

During stop and start traffic the guy in that semi leaned out the window and asked for a cig so he hopped out and I rolled down my window to give him one. Then any time we passed each other he would wave and shout thanks and blessings over our way.

People would lean over the bridges and wave and take pictures. Some had signs. Idk why they want us leaving to Ohio and not coming back but nah no thanks I think I’ll pass on going back to the Midwest, hurricane or nah

Kitten did well, David Bowie helped to calm her down. Diego was cramped but seemed to have a good enough time.


Self-driving cars could do more harm than good

The benefits of self-driving cars include less traffic congestion, increased safety, better fuel economy and fewer parking costs. However, a study out of the University of Washington, University of Leeds and Oak Ridge National Laboratory says that roadways filled with autonomous vehicles could lead to an increase in carbon emissions — and there’s good reason why.

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Life Update: Our Move to Raleigh

I’ve mentioned it a few times here and there, but never really went into detail about our big life change: packing up our entire lives in Virginia (where we’ve lived for 12/13 years) and moving to Raleigh!

It has always been a long-term plan of ours to move south. We didn’t know where, exactly, but we yearned for a more affordable lifestyle, less traffic, and more mild weather. Plus, I have a lot of family in NC/SC and my parents are moving to the Charlotte area early next year! We were thinking it would have been another year or two before pulling the trigger, but Eric began perusing job boards in September – just to get a feel for what was out there – and ended up applying to two in Raleigh. He got calls back from both firms the very next day and had phone/Skype interviews set up soon thereafter, which he actually took on our vacation in Florida!

In mid-October, on our way back from our OBX trip with friends, we “swung by” Raleigh so he could do an in-person interview with the one firm he really liked. They met, they talked, he was offered the job the next week. Eric thought it over and decided to take it; I quit my job soon after he did. (I was lucky enough to be able to stay at my job for a few months as a contractor so I didn’t have to worry about finding something new right away.)

His start date ended up being November 30 so we had to immediately put our house on the market. After a good number of showings and open houses, we were under contract in 14 days. (We close next week, so fingers crossed nothing crazy occurs between now and then!)

In the meantime, we got a short-term rental here in Raleigh because the other crazy thing about this whole move, other than doing it so quickly, is that neither of us had actually ever visited the city. So this gives us a chance to live here for six months (then monthly thereafter) and get to know the area and where we want to buy.  Everything was falling into place so effortlessly so we took it as being “meant to be.”

So that’s the story! So far we’re really liking it. The people are nice, the traffic… ha.  Ellie just started daycare on Friday and had a great day, though today when I dropped her off she was hugging me and crying so that was new, and sad, but she will be fine! Just a lot of new to take in and process for such a tiny person. And if anyone has any leads for marketing jobs, holler at me!

P.S. Thank you to all you Raleigh people who have reached out and made me feel welcome! I want to hang out with each and every one of you! Send me a message and let’s plan something! (There are a lot of you here and I forget everyone who said they lived here, sorry! It was a crazy couple of months.) I’ve already had the pleasure of meeting Julie (@thecooknook) and her adorable Nora and Caroline for a play date last week, and have brunch with Natasha (@oh-onelovelyday) this weekend! Yay Raleigh!