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Shopping in the Guys Section

A Guide to Masculine Apparel

Hey, it’s mod Jay again! This past weekend I went shopping, looking exclusively for men’s clothing (rather than glancing at the men’s stuff then taking shelter on the women’s side lol). That in itself was an experience, so I thought I’d share a few tips for shopping in the men’s section, what to look for in terms of masculinizing your wardrobe, and some store and website recommendations. Buckle up, cause this is a long one :P 

First. As nerve-racking as it may be, no one will care that you are looking in the men’s section. Women and afab people shop in the men’s section all the time for many reasons—They could be shopping for a partner or a family member. They could simply prefer the style and fit of men’s clothes better. Cashiers and workers will not care if you are in the men’s section or buying men’s clothes. This is not to say it still can’t be nerve-inducing (I was still pretty anxious the entire time, despite passing relatively well as male),  and felt like everyone was staring at me and wondering what I was doing. Just remember, people generally do not care what strangers are doing unless you are somehow making a dramatic scene lol. If shopping in the men’s section is something you really want to do, do not let the fear and anxiety stop you from doing it. It can help to bring a friend or family member who is willing to help you. They can give you solidarity, tell you what looks good on you, and help you shop without feeling like you’re alone and singled out. 

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nct 127 goes on a roadtrip

feel free to request stuff!


  • developes a hate/love relationship with google maps (taeyong: i diDN’T TOUCH THE SCREEN WHY AM I SUDDENLY IN THE ATLANTIC OCEAN)
  • what do you even need for a roadtrip (johnny: nerves of steel / taeyong: lol not today)  
  • panic-googles roadtrip tips the night before they leave and can’t sleep
  • has seven cups of coffee and is as ready as he’ll ever be
  • lots of strained laughter
  • this whole ordeal is gonna take at least 20 years off his lifespan
  • why is yuta in the seat next to him
  • h o w did winwin get the passenger seat
  • double checks everything (taeyong: water, phone, sanity, food, sunglasses- “ / yuta: when are we leaving it’s been 10 years)
  • “has everyone got their seatbelts on?”
  • asks that at least 6 times before the actually leave
  • needs the loo but doesn’t say so bc they’ve only been on the road for 20 mins
  • openly doesn’t trust yuta as a reliable navigator
  • doesn’t even touch the sat nav
  • kind of calms down when the kids start a sing-along (and yuta is in the back)
  • nvm he’s gonna murder the next person who asks “are we nearly there yet”
  • exchanges pained mother smiles with the mum’s in the car next to them when they get stuck in traffic


  • ha lol taeyong is gonna age 30 years in one week
  • doesn’t know where they’re going and honestly couldn’t care less
  • generally looking forward to it bc long car rides are fun
  • *shows up 10 minutes late with starbucks*
  • smiles:) bc he got the seat he wanted (right behind the driver’s seat)
  • pillow, starbucks, portable charger, headphones and the calm mentality of a blue whale yes he’s ready
  • wait no taeyong being stressed is starting to stress him out
  • messes around with mark’s ear to relieve said stress
  • kicks back his seat when they get onto the highway (doyoung: my leGS)
  • puts on headphones and zones out
  • zones in again when doyoung kicks him in the back bc he was humming along to his music
  • takes out his headphones when yuta finally gets the aux cable from taeyong
  • yaY SING-ALONG oh no wait this is anime  
  • “i need the loo” x12 (taeyong: ohmYGOD OKAY WE GET IT)
  • how is he so calm in all of this noise


  • 9 people stuck in a blACK van for god knows how long
  • they’re gonna boil to death
  • carries everything down to the van before taeyong even tries
  • he’s stuck in the last row with his knees in his face bc jaEHYUN WON’T BE CONSIDERATE
  • what did he do to suffer like this
  • tries to sleep but yeah no that’s not happening anytime soon
  • the first one out of the car at a rest stop
  • he can’t feel his legs
  • why did he give donghyuk sweets
  • they all change seats at the third rest stop bc donghyuk keeps kicking mark’s seat and they’ve gotten lost several times bc yuta can’t read (maps)
  • get’s the seat next to taeyong
  • much better passenger seat person than yuta (can actually read maps wow)  
  • now he’s in charge of the aux cable yesssssss


  • knows this is gonna be a trainwreck
  • makes a playlist on his phone bc he knows he’s gonna win the passenger seat battle
  • wins the battle but gives it up for his one true love(winwin)
  • shit now he’s the navigator
  • suddenly can’t read hangul sorry:)
  • wow why doesn’t the foreigner tactic work with taeyong
  • great now he’s car sick
  • “yes these are anime theme tunes mark stop whining i have the aux cable u don’t”
  • pouts when he has to switch with johnny
  • complains but stops bc wow the backseat is so stress free
  • is quiet for like 7 minutes
  • but then the johnny sing-along is started and he’s bACK
  • (reluctantly) has a good time 


  • doesn’t even attempt the passenger seat battle
  • sits in the back bc that’s where the Cool Kids sit
  • oh god now he’s stuck with donghyuk next to him
  • eats an entire packet of gummy bears and now he can hear heart beating
  • now they’re on the same wave length
  • high on sugar and ready to fIGHT taeil for putting his seat back
  • “how about a game of fuck marry kill?” (taeyong: theRE ARE CHILDREN IN THIS CAR)
  • b o r e d and won’t shut up
  • gives mark his spare headphones
  • by the time they reach the third rest stop he’s made himself a lil nest
  • is considerably less bored when johnny get’s the aux cable
  • shares a pillow and blanket with jaehyun when he has to switch with donghyuk
  • the kids steal his sweets
  • now he’s hungry


  • made/bought most of the food and is exhausted
  • brought three blankets but forgot a neck pillow and wants to run into oncoming traffic
  • kicks his seat back like 2 centimetres but johnny won’t shut up
  • just trying to s l e e p
  • gives up and just sort of exists in his nest of blankets
  • lowkey backseat road rage
  • “that one is gonna cut u off tae”
  • “fuckin called it” when said driver does just that
  • rolls his window down to see if it’s cooler outside
  • it is not
  • “I’m hungry:(“
  • stares at the food he made like “why don’t i want to eat u”
  • bounds out of the car at every rest stop bc he wants gas-station food
  • moves into the backseat and his squished between doyoung and yuta
  • it’s chill for like 10 mins and then johnny puts on bohemian rhapsody
  • at least mark and donghyuk have stopped bickering


  • got the passenger seat and didn’t even have to lift a finger
  • shoes off the moment he gets comfortable
  • is never q u i t e comfortable tho and moves around a lot
  • get’s a blanket from taeil and curls up
  • headphones on but the music is really low so that he can hear everyone talking 
  • it’s so noisy even with headphones
  • tries not to laugh at yuta and taeyong bickering
  • has a vague idea of where they’re supposed to go
  • “i think that was the wrong exit but i’m not sure”
  • just adds fuel to the fire:)
  • reads place names out loud in a really satnav-y voice (mark: w h y / winwin: i’m practicing my korean)  
  • mispronouncing names so bad it’s making doyoung flinch
  • unfazed by the seat changes
  • dances whilst sitting down and slapped johnny in the face once by accident


  • forgot his headphones:(
  • has a bad feeling when donghyuk sits behind him
  • bad feeling is confirmed 13 minutes into the trip
  • 30 years of tension are being unloaded on this trip
  • taeil keeps fiddling with his ear (mark: ily but pls stop / taeil: i can’t sorry)
  • complains about yuta’s choice of music
  • would put on headphones but he forgot them:)))))))))
  • is he hangry
  • (yes)
  • drinks 1 bottle of coke in 15 minutes
  • regrets it 3 seconds later
  • taeyong: seat change i can’t take this anymore
  • what do you mean donghyuk is gonna sit next to him???? this was not in the contract he signed????? (taeil: he can’t kick u if he sits next to u)
  • *watches the entrance of a rest stop pass by* i need the toilet  
  • does this 5 times
  • donghyuk and he become friends again when johnny puts on some Tunes
  • harmonises with with taeil and donghyuk at the galileo (galileo) part
  • doyoung gives him a spare pair of headphones and he almost cries


  • ate sweets and now he can’t sit still
  • long car trips man they’re a thing
  • won’t!!!sit!!!!still!!!!!!!!!
  • yutae’s bickering keeps him entertained for exactly 6 seconds
  • “are we nearly there yet”
  • “i’m hungry”
  • pulls a face at the food that’s being offered (donghyuk: not that kind of hungry)
  • so much pent up energy h o w
  • johnny is googling tranquilisers
  • sings over the anime theme music bc he’s petty and b o r e d
  • starts a fight with mark bc he’s tHAT bored
  • yuta actually makes him run a lap around the parking lot of their first rest stop
  • laughs when doyoung get’s yelled at for saying fuck
  • bohemian rhapsody is the balm for mark and his friendship
  • calmer???? not really?????
  • suddenly goes out like a light and is dead to the world for a good chunk of the trip
The Riverdaily Rundown - 08/23/17

Alright, homebros. The fandom has been blessed with more content, and I have been blessed with an extra hour of sleep, so let’s make this rundown a good one, aye?

3. 2. 1. Go!

So we got a new poster! Yep. A new poster. Normally, I wouldn’t be so excited for just a poster, but we’ve pretty much been starved this hiatus. It’s like throwing a chicken nugget at a captive T-Rex. Will it excitedly eat the damn chicken nugget even though it really wants a couple freshly fried dinos instead? Yes. 

Actually, scratch that. I don’t think a T-Rex could pick up a chicken nugget.

You get the point though, we’re taking whatever we can get at this point. The more excited we act, the less pain we feel on the inside.

Which means that I was happy dancing when I saw the new poster. Here’s a cool comparison of the season 1 and season 2 posters! (x) @sprouseharts

Now that we’ve all taken the time to appreciate the new content, it’s time to do what Tumblr does best: roast the content.

This poster, man. This poster makes me ashamed of myself. It makes me ashamed to be so excited over it because damn. Just damn. 

I can’t even bring myself to say it, but I’m sure someone can. Like maybe Cole? 

Yeah, Cole roasted the shit out of this poster on Twitter. (x) @itstenafterfour

All I’ve been thinking about all day is how bad that poor employee must feel. Cole Sprouse roasted their work. But then I thought harder, and I realized that maybe that dude didn’t have it so bad. I mean, at least Cole acknowledged their existence. 

Headcanon: It was the dude’s intention all along to make an ugly poster. This is all a part of their master plan for World Domination.

Lili Reinhart once again blessed us with a lovely Insta Story. Why is it lovely you ask? Because Lili is in it. Do you even need to ask that question, or do you just choose to waste everyone’s time?

If I was still alive, Lili Reinhart would be murdering me right now. Luckily, I am not alive and am not being murdered. I cannot continue to afford these ghost lawyer bills.

Check out these gifs of her doing awkward shit. (awkward in a good way). (x) @lilirenhart

Lili is also great at teasing us. Is that a good thing? Idk. All I know is that she posted a picture to her insta story, and now I want a brooding boyfriend, two milkshakes, and Jesus H. Christ. (x) @elizabthcoopr

A couple of other Riverdale cast members blessed us with their presence on insta stories, today.

KJ decided to post a close-up video of his face for us to enjoy. (x)  @imppanppan

It’s actually a critically acclaimed short film now. Some reviews include,

“It was riveting, compelling, heartbreaking. It made me feel deep emotions I never knew existed.” - Zac Efron (probably)

“The very last brooding look he threw at the camera brought a single tear to my eye. This truly is a compelling story that will go down in the ages as a classic.” -Barack Obama

“I have died for the world’s sins. I am glad to see that this death has been put to good use. Amazing performance by KJ Apa. He will be guaranteed a spot in Heaven. See you later, buddy. JC out! *mic drop*” - Jesus H. Christ

“ *reenacts a meme* lol. nerd.” - @lilireinhart

We were also blessed with an oddly erotic video of Charles Melton brushing his teeth. I don’t know how I feel about it, and I’m not sure what that says about me as a person… (x) @imppanppan

Madchen also gave us a cute story showing her and Lili getting her tattoos covered up. Personally, I want to see the show throw a random serpent tattoo somewhere on Alice’s body. #neverforgetyourfamilyalice (x) @sprousehartinvestigation

Cole Sprouse posted a weird joke on Twitter again. In case you haven’t noticed, he’s weird. He’s a weirdo. He doesn’t fit in, and he doesn’t wanna fit in. (x) @ruverdale (x) @samantha-with-grace

It’s cool, Cole. We get your internet humor. And if we don’t? Well, we like you enough to laugh anyway.

Fans are also freaking out because RAS has named the 8th episode of Season Two, House of the Devil. (x) @hobooutsider

Why can’t you just be nice to us, RAS? Why can’t you just let our characters be happy. Why House of the Devil. Why couldn’t it be House of the Butterflies!

We got to see the other side of the camera duels battle. Sprousehart fans are having a field day because it seems as though Lili is in the passenger seat of the car. I’m not sure, everytime I try to sneak a peek I get distracted by Cole’s hair. #luscious #patenecommercial? #killme (x) @rarecolesprouse @ruverdale

If it is Lili, though, that confirms that she does, in fact, ride shotgun in cars on occasions. I don’t know how to handle that news, honestly. It’s blowing my mind dynamite!


Gifs! (x) @icegrill (x) @veronicadvalle (x) @patylu18 (x) @archieronniegifs

Textposts! (x) @itstenafterfour 

Aesthetics! (x) @protectjugheadjonesiii (x) @jarchiedale (x) @theshaggingwagon

Fan art! (x) @katherinewinchester (x) @gogenevieveart

Pictures! (x) @betty-and-jughead (x) @jarchiedale (x) @ellabeth01 (x) @sprouseharts

Fan Videos! (x) @leaalda

I lied earlier. I didn’t get an extra hour of sleep, and now I am exhausted. 

It’s all worth it to keep your smiling faces smiling, though. Except I can’t see them. So maybe it’s not worth it…

Night, homies. *Pssssst! Ignore the typos. I’m dead.*

wanna chat? pt.20

on ao3
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | 20

i’m not dead yet but i’m v close

eponine = alya
enjolras = marinette
grantaire = nino
marius = adrien



eponine: dont listen to marinette

enjolras: Ummm????
LIsten to Marinette

eponine: no fuck u

enjolras: :P

grantaire: ????????
what did you do  

eponine: NOTHI N G

enjolras: She tried to chase Chat after the akuma attack and almost fell in the Seine 

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thecrazydragonlady  asked:

I literally just read your comic from beginning to end. OMG. Like, it's been an hour but I'm still just like reeling from how WONDERFUL it is. You should be so proud of your hard work! *insert thumbs up emoji here*

kfgjkfgkdgj @thecrazydragonlady THANK YOU. i am pretty proud of it ;0;/ the early pages are pretty cringey to me now, but they were a learning process. i’ve really learned a lot about art working on this comic, so feel pretty proud of myself for that XD i do feel bad that i haven’t updated much in the last year but i am hoping to change that going forward ><;;;

also… i love ur username :xxxx

alsoalso…. apologies, but i will be using ur ask as home base for myyyy…


so if i haven’t replied to your ask in the last month, check under the read more. :’D

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anonymous asked:

Which period of relationship has been your favourite and which has been your least favourite? Boyfriends, fiances, just marrieds or exesbutclearlystillinlove? and why.. For whenever you next have spare time to answer, I always enjoy reading your insightful Robron posts :)


So my brain roughly sort of splits it all up as:

  1. Pre-affair era
  2. Affair era 
  3. First and Second Break up era
  4. Abuse era
  5. Boyfriend era 
  6. Fiancé era
  7. Husband era
  8. Third break up era 


also happy long post day, this shit is going under a cut

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My Thoughts on The Worst Witch: Episode One

I thought this might be fun seeing as this show watches like a poorly done Harry Potter knock-off. Here, have my thoughts: 

  • Ofc we’re in England because where else would magic happen?
  • So this girl can see things that her mom can’t? Very wizard. 
  • Apparently not wizard at all– only witch! No magical men. Right on. 
  • So broomsticks come with spells that repel non-magic folk apparently 
  • and children can get their broomstick drivers licenses???
  • what’s with the secret handshake? Well met, my ass 
  • How lucky is it that this girl can see this school from her flat? Like how weird would it have been if she’d disappeared without saying goodbye to her mom and casually flew to the other side of the country? But now ‘chill mom, I’m just down the street!’ 
  • So basically at this school we have lady-Snape and lady-Dumbledore. classic 
  • Who named these kids anyway? 
  • Maud = Ron/Neville??? 
  • Also unsure if this bitchy little girl Ethel is supposed to be Draco or Hermione??
  • Making a grand entrance by crashing into school property was trade-marked by Harry/Ron circa 1992 btw 
  • HB for Miss HardBroom? More like for HEAD BITCH 
  • A pocket-full of lemon drops? Classic Dumbledore.

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What would the RFA members + V and Saeran do for their first ever date?

I’m putting it below the cut because this post would take FOREVER to scroll down your feed. I know this HC is probably done a lot of times already, but I’m hoping those who’ll read it will enjoy!

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hairbnb  asked:

That was less of an ask/more of a venting lol. I just, every time during this press tour that I've gotten to hear him verify all my speculations about how he sees the world, it's been exhilarating. I'm so gone for him, because he truly sees the world the way I see it (at least from my limited knowledge of how he sees it). And I'm sure lots of other fans feel the same way. I'm so glad he's making music. And I'm so glad the whole world is hanging on his every word. He's truly special. (2)

Hi there!

I think the first part of your message might have gotten lost?

I think that the young Harry of 2010-2012 must have been so excited, nervous, and scared at the same time to be where he was. Some of the things he experienced were contractual; some were just part of growing up.

A lot of people would have dealt with the stress by believing in their own fame and celebrity, changing their friends, becoming cynical or withdrawn, getting into bad habits.

Although they were far away from family, and their management team did not look out for their individual interests, Harry had his band mates, and of course, he had Louis. They have all stayed incredibly lovely people.

I love his message of inclusion and equality. I love that he talks the talk and walks the walk, that he doesn’t shy away from topics like LGBQTIA+ rights but publicly endorses them. His support is not only important to the fans in the community. It’s a message that contradicts all the hateful rhetoric we hear from political demagogues today.

His bandmates are also open, vocal supporters of so many good causes. They are really amazing boys.

I love that he developed his sense of irony and subversion. A soft word from H (“I had to ask.” “Did you?”) can turn a question on its head, get to the root of the questioner’s intent. I love my smart boy so much. He is indeed special.

Dating Jin(Seokjin) Would be like

i love my mother so much Jin is the best person in the world second only to sunshine Jung Hoseok and my Ult Kim Yugyeom u can argue he’s not useful 2 bts and i will fly over to wherever u are with the power of my rage and slap u in the face stan talent stan Seokjin ~Admin Hedgehog

  • being the most beautiful couple in the world
  • and u both know it like duh of course
  • who else
  • u guys are like the old married couple that goes on dates to the grocery store and its really cute
  • he may be the mom of bts but once u start dating him all of bts calls u mom and Jin dad
  • jungkook has u in his phone as ‘Mom’ and Jin as ‘Dad’
  • Namjoon is downgraded to just ‘leader’
  • but he’s always telling u how beautiful u are
  • and he’s not just saying it just bc he can, he’s literally just overwhelmed by how stunning you are and how lucky he is to have scored such a babe
  • he always is like jagi lets go out 
  • no seokjin please ur like no I’m gross I’m in sweatpants i have gross hair no makeup face-
  • and jin just smushes ur face with his hand and he’s like no ur perfect lets go get ramen
  • backhugs back hugs back hugs
  • like Jin is such a prince charming he likes back hugs bc with those lovely shoulders he feels like he’s protecting you and he loved to wrap his arms around your waist he loves it he lives for backhugs
  • he always tells u really cute and cheesy pickup lines and stuff he’s gotten from dramas and manga books and ur like,,,,physically repelled like no seokjin please please stop and he’s like ;D no~ smooches~
  • when u guys go to sleep he loves it when u ask him to sing you to sleep and obvs u ask him all the time
  • he plays with your hair and he likes to watch you as you sleep and its a v cute and cozy moment as you lay on his chest and he plays with your hair and he just watched how beautiful and adorable you are and he just sits there and realizes he loves you so much
  • the first time Jin tells u he loves u he’s v v sweet and shy and ur heartrate just skyrockets 
  • he always texts you and face times you and sends u pictures of him eating food and of his food he’s about to eat especially if its really cool foreign food
  • being on Eat Jin with him 
  • he would always buy u cute lil things like not even in a sugar daddy way
  • but like a he saw u wanted that cute dress and he got it for u
  • he’s v good at getting u gifts for birthdays and holidays he just knows what ur favorite things are and what u like and he gets it bc he loves u and wants to spoil u with nice things
  • im gonna bring in a previous post here lmao
  • y'all are in a bubble bath bc Seokjin loves that kind of intimacy 
  • and y'all think he’s pretty vanilla which is only a little true but i’ll get into that later lol
  • but anyways bubble bath
  • this time is more romantic and less smutty then the post i did lol 
  • but he’s had a really long and stressful day at practice that day
  • we all know that Seokjin struggles with not feeling like he’s adequate enough for BTS and that he’s always getting down on himself for not being good enough 
  • so today was one of those awful bad days for him so he comes home and you just have to look at him and he’s just standing in the doorway with his beautiful face in a frown and his shoulders hunched over and he just looks so sad and desolate 
  • and you just walk over and give him a hug and he hides his face in your neck and you guys just stand there swaying back and forth, rubbing his back with one hand and playing with his hair with the other as he tries to hold in his sobs
  • and when he’s composed himself you send him in to make a bubble bath for himself and you make hot cocoa(with a little alcohol in his, like he likes it) and you take it into the steamy bathroom
  • and you dont even get in the tub with him for a little bit you just spend time spoiling him by washing his hair and his back and making him feel very loved and appreciated
  • and jin just sits there in the tub and realizes that he couldn’t live without you bc if he had to go back to the dorm after the day he had he would snap at them and feel bad
  • but with you there to comfort and console him he can make it through a fire for you
  • he’s so thankful for all you do for him bc he’s used to having to take care of people all the time and he loves it but it gets v stressful being the mom friend all the time so its nice to have someone who takes care of you
  • and you’re that person for him and he couldn’t be happier he feels like his heart is about to burst 
  • and he just turns around in the tub and gently kisses you bc he felt like he had to convey his love and thanks to you somehow bc his words failed him
  • (then he pulls you into the tub w him but that’s another ending lmao)
  • okay so jin is p vanilla compared to the rest of the group but that’s okay
  • hes def into food play i mean we all know how this boy loves to eat his food
  • and the only thing he likes to eat more then food is you lmao
  • so combining 2 of his favorite things makes him v v happy
  • he’s more of a love making person then a fucking you raw kind of person
  • he’s super into body worship and gentle teasing
  • but if u get him worked up into a mood then he goes from ;) to >;D
  • and ur left super fucked out and u can’t walk
  • not bc he went to hard but he made you orgasam so many times you can’t feel ur feet
  • gets super turned on by lingerie especially white lacy stuff
  • it makes you look all girlie and cute and innocent and just like the beautiful angel he thinks you are and he’s just hard dick and heart eyes all at once
  • likes to hum while giving oral
  • Im out too much info I’m dying goodbye loves
  • so basically TL;DR Jin is the biggest sweetheart to you
  • and he just loves and adores you so much and he wants to let you know that
  • even if you feel like he spoils you too much that’s his way of showing how much he loves you 
  • like the more he mothers over you and frets and takes care of you the more it shows he loves you
  • and it can get irritating sometimes bc Seokjin i am capable of taking care of myself
  • but not in the way that jin can bc its special and he’s just such a gentleman about everything you do 
  • he literally asks you about when you guys can get married and your pillow talk and late night conversations are all about what you wanna name ur kids and how you want your wedding to look 
  • so basically it doesn’t come to a surprise to anyone when he proposes to you and obvs u say yes
  • ur mom is hella proud like fuck yeah my baby got a c A T C H HE’S GREAT 
  • your wedding is basically all planned for already so it’s not super duper hard to put together 
  • and he cries when he sees you walking down the aisle and he cries when he says his vows and he cries when namjoon gives the best man speech 
  • and both of you cry when he makes love to you for the first time as husband and wife bc its a totally new and different world and he’s crying bc he loves you so much and he can’t believe he gets to spend the rest of his life with you, his soulmate 
  • theres a whole new world of firsts ahead with him like he may not have been ur first bf or your first kiss but he’s your first and only husband and your only love for the rest of your life and the commitment between you guys is unreal and adorable you can walk in the room and feel the love between you guys even if he’s standing on stage performing at an awards show and you’re sitting there watching, cheering him on forever.
  • (he’s super duper thrilled when he finds you you’re pregnant on your first anniversary he cries then too)
  • lots of happy tears with you guys 
Ansatsu Kyoushitsu 365 Days Movie (+Koro Quest!)

Am I glad I saw it? Yes
Would I see it again? No
Do I recommend it? Only if you’re a huge Karma or Nagisa fan

Firstly, merch.
Merch was shit. There was only three items for Koro Q and they were all just Sensei’s face? Like you have all these adorable chibis? Wtf.

365 merch was Karmagisa. I love clear files and my dorky angry son Karma so I bought everything with his ugly face on it. I wanted the sweater but at almost $70? For a grey hoodie that just has a small sensei face saying ‘kill me tender’? Nah. 

There were only two pieces of merch where you could get someone OTHER than Karma, Nagisa or Sensei. One is a set of bromaido - you get two per pack and there are a bunch of still shots from the anime iirc. The other is a keychain (iirc) and you can get Koro, Nagi, Nagi 7 yrs later, Karma, Karma 7 yrs later, Isogai, Maehara, Kayano and I think that’s it? Maybe two more? (Yep sniper duo)

I love the bromaidos tho. There are 15 types, two in a pack. I got dog!sensei + Nagisa. They come in a little photo frame thing. They’ve all been written on to look as though they’ve come out of an album. They’re beautiful.

I’m literally a merch whore so if I’m not satisfied, you fucked up, because I will buy the dumbest shit. 

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Everything wrong with Na/ruto the last movie

This is from my view point. Don’t take it seriously. This is just what I thought was wrong in the movie.

WARNING: This CAN BE/WILL BE SEEN as Anti-N/H, Anti-Hin/ata, and Anti-Nar/uto the last.
DO NOT READ if you are a N/H+Hin/ata fan.

If you are, read at your OWN risk.

This WILL BE ON YOU if your feelings get hurt. Seriously, this is given a warning, is tagged properly, and has dashes in between certain ships and characters so you won't find this post in the tagged section or in the search bar. I do not wish to hear it if someone is upset about an opinion.

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Aaand My Hopefully-not-so-late Citrus Reactions Chapter 9 Part 3

Aaand this is happening, I made it before the next chapter was released! Hooray!

Disclaimer: The following contains a long long LOOONG rant, read at your own risk!! 

Credits to Yuri Project for the amazing scans.

Images edited by me, if there’s any problem please write to me and I’ll take them down.

Part I

Part II

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anonymous asked:

Hi! I'm so so confused! I'm writing to you as you always have a calming effect! Why is louis like this? This is not Azoff and this is not rebranding. If it was we would have something lighter like Harry-Nadine and something less cringe worthy! What purpose does it have? A follow on IG from Beckham or Kendall Jenner (she follows harry and Niall) would do more visibility than this, and Azoff/H are friends with KJ ! Come on! :( sorry for the rant! What do you think?

Hi love, ok, here’s the questions and the answers:

Why’s Louis like this? What did Louis do? If you refer to Louis Tomlinson TM, then please separate the 2, because it will be harder for you. The 2 is not the same at the moment. If they wanted to present him as straight he would’ve been holding hands and not out there partying and “hooking up”. He’s not alone, he has his friends there, who are actually doing the hookups lol. Also, this is the most transparent set of stunts ever, that ANNAS guy is literally giving an open invitation to the entire world, if they screamed louder, we would be deaf. So what’s happening? There was the “scandal” with the weed and the 5 girls, it took a few days and we got an official rep denial for him having sex with the girls. This is not Modest. Then there was the SUn article about HL not being on good terms with an official rep denial. This is not Modest either. We also got a rep denial for Gryles. In fact it seems that the last 2 weeks are about denials by official reps. When Louis looks like crap, I care more. When he’s happy then I feel much better. There was only 1 time when he really looked like crap, and people jumped into conclusions immediately. 

Louis Tomlinson will never ever be a womanizer in the people’s eyes, because he’s {plays Mary Lambert} I can’t think straight I’m so gay..

We have zero control over the situation, this is not for us, this is for a lot of reasons, but not for the Larries, definitely not. I’m in an observer mode, I’m sure you saw it too, there’s no sense in speculating about anything because so many things are unclear to me. Whenever I speculated I could back up with logic, but not this time, that’s why I don’t feel comfortable “predicting” anything.

We have to stop looking for the old patterns, because they’re long gone. BUT Tabloids will be tabloids and the UK rags will still be needed when something needs to be spread. It’s not like they will never ever be in the Sun or the Daily Mail. There’s always gonna be articles, good or bad. With a good management, the good articles will outweigh the bad.

This is not Azoff and this is not rebranding: It’s not rebranding in it’s meaning, but repositioning Louis’, Liam’s and Niall’s image. Well, it’s definitely not Modest either. But I’ve seen a bunch of stories where 1D was brought up in the most unexpected situations. It sucks but it works. We can’t do anything just sit back and wait it out.

In 2015 articles don’t get written for IG follows. No one cares that Louis follows 2 Victoria Secret angels. NO ONE. Articles are written about sex, drugs and scandals. If he was out partying with lads, and there was zero girls next to him, do you think anyone would care?

It’s an ugly world, but this is the reality.

PS:  Just let’s clear one thing: HL is in a committed relationship and there’s zero cheating. None. These hookups don’t happen.

Part 19 - Gail & Holly - Texting saga continues

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Thank you, Captain Obvious. Like I’m not painfully aware of that already? I can’t help it, okay?

Is that my new nickname?

Sorry, that message wasn’t meant for you.

Thought I might have nose dialled something interesting and not noticed.


Are u sure you are going to be warm enough in there? I did steal your fleece after all.

Very warm, thank you. Enjoy my fleece.

U may not get it back.

Looks better on you anyway.


Shit! What was that?

An owl.

Fuck me!

Another owl.

U wanna squeeze into my tent and play some cards?

Ok, but we have to be quiet. No talking.

YOU are telling me not to talk? YOU?

Why did everyone have to pitch their tents so close? I can hear everybody breathing. What’s with Darth Vader next door?


Okay that was definitely a bear or something.

Nope, just another owl.

I cant believe u stole all my money and now u are making me sleep in a separate tent.

I won it fair and square! Had I realised you would be such a scaredy cat I would have made an effort to borrow a bigger tent. But I own two singles so…



Will you stop flashing your torch into my tent? It’s getting in my eyes.

Who is R.W?


There are initials written in marker on a patch on the door zipper thingy.

No one.

Lol, ok.


Why don’t u have a girlfriend?

You take a hint really well don’t you. Lol.

I’m just curious.

Gail Curious Peck.

Sounds better than my real middle name.

What is your real one?

U first, avoider.

Um, nope!


I know u work a lot, but u are the smartest, funniest and most caring person I have ever met. I don’t understand why someone hasn’t scooped u up already.

You forgot beautiful.

Fine, that too.


Well that’s very nice of you to say but it’s complicated and I am just not that outgoing in the romance department.



Did your heart get ripped to pieces or something?

Or something.

How bad was it?

Omg! You are relentless!

U know all my mess.

Sorry, never mind.

Fine. Twice. Twice I got my heart smashed but for very different reasons.


Pretty much.

Okay, not so much my last girlfriend, even though I was with her A LOT longer. We were together 7 years and we broke up about 6 months ago.

Wow, that is long. Are u okay with it being over?

Totally. Have completely moved passed it.

So u have only ever had two girlfriends?


Sex included?

No, they withheld. Wtf?

:P I meant have u only slept with 2 women?

Um, nosey much? But yes, just the 2.

I date, but I have never been one to just jump into bed with someone just for the hell of it. I have only ever been in long term relationships. No oat-sewing here. Maybe I should though…

What’s your magic number then? :D

0 for the moment. ;)

I meant men, you doofus. It’s only fair we even the keel.

Though keep me updated on the other tally. I forgot about your potential gayness. You did play gay particularly well earlier. Is there something you want to tell me?

Other than your neck smells particularly nice today? Nope.

Anyway… my magic number is 8 or 9.


What about u and men?

That number has been wiped from my memory.

That bad huh?

At the time I didn’t think so, but after my first time with a woman (my first girlfriend) …

There was no going back…

Completely life changing. I was dead. Gone. All those years wasted.

That’s kind of sad.

Okay, I am exaggerating, it was like 3 years. I came out when I was 22.

Were u scared?

Of coming out?

Yes, but also having sex with a woman for the first time?

I guess. There were a lot of nerves when I told them. I babbled. You know how I like to babble.

No, really? Hadn’t noticed at all. :P

I knew my parents loved me and they would accept me, but there was an element of fear there in the moment that I told them. I had heard some horrible stories of parents disowning their children, including my girlfriends at the time. Actually her parents were the reason we broke up eventually. She went back to them when she got sick.

Omg, she passed away? I’m so sorry, I can’t even imagine.

Nope. Still alive and kicking. Heard through the grape vine a year later she was basically married (to a woman btw) and has since had like two kids.


I was utterly devastated at the time. I was so completely in love with her. She got Non-Hodgkin lymphoma and everything changed. She wouldn’t let me help her. I couldn’t do anything right. I couldn’t even smile at her without her getting angry.

But you love to smile. :(


Her parents arrived one day and they packed up all her things and she moved across the country to be with them. I never saw or heard from her again.

Not even to tell u she was okay?

No. I had heard reports from friends though, so that helped a tiny bit. Didn’t get out of bed for weeks though.

That is kind of fucked.

It is indeed.

I was a bundle of nerves when we first had sex too.

You babbled then too didn’t u?

There may have been some babbling, yes. I was so clumsy, it was hilarious.

Glad u can laugh about it.

I am a quick study. A few minutes later…

Of course u are, I’d expect nothing less.

And then quite a few more times in the following hours.

Okay, u horndog.

You asked!

That’s the problem with men.

They don’t know what they are doing half the time?

Pretty much.

Kinda jealous.


What does you’re middle name start with?


Is yours Merle?


Meredith, Monica, Mary, Missy, Mindy.

You’re going to have to be a little more imaginative.

Holly Minge Stewart


Ssssh! U will wake up the bears!

Minx, Minion, Muffin, Monkey?

Gail Hermione Stewart

Why are you laughing like a hyena?



My answer is yes.

Your answer to what?

I will marry u. Again.


Never mind. It doesn’t matter.

Ok… Lol. You are so weird.


U should come to Friday night dinner next week seeing as I am missing it tonight to go camping. It can be your punishment.

Not so much a punishment. I love awkward family stuff.

I apologise for my mother in advanced.



Your middle name is Harrison?

Legally, yep. My father promised my brother he could middle name me. Steve was 5.

I love it.

Thought u might. Steve actually wanted my full name to be Gail Harrison Ford Peck.

Your brother is awesome.

I’ll make sure not to tell him that.

If u ask my mother my middle name is Henrietta. She got quite the surprise when she saw my birth certificate for the first time. My dad got her to sign it when she was half asleep with me hanging off her tit.

I like the sound of your dad.

He is the only reason I could stand living at the family home for so long.

If you ever meet him ask him about it when my mother is in the room. He will enjoy that and I like to watch my mother squirm.

I can probably manage that.

Mum wanted to get it officially changed but dad said if that were ever going to happen it would have to be when I was old enough to make the decision myself.

Go dad! Did you ever feel like changing it?

Of course not! It makes my mother crazy!

We have something in common then.

You like to make your mother crazy too?

I do, but for reasons other than torture. But that’s not what I was referring to. My middle name is also a guys name.

What is it?

I’m not telling.


I think there should be some mystery left in our relationship or this bitch might go stale.

Then we should probably stop typing.

I think I am getting carpal tunnel.

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