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Sara Quinn Lance wondered why the world could to retrograde to such dark places when there was always so much light. Being the daughter of the valiant Captain Quentin Lance and the benevolent Dinah Lance, how was it possible for her to be anything less than pure. Although, the shadow cast from her perfect older sister, Laurel Lance, Sara found comfort hiding just on the cusps of the shadows. She embraced the strong taste of adventure and danger from an early age.

Wildly encouraged in high school, Sara always craved the thrills in one form or the next. Setting off fire alarms to dancing in the streets after a storm. Life was her oyster and she had every desire to sap it for whatever it could give her. That insatiable need for adrenaline set off the beginning of her story. Laurel, Tommy and, the notorious Starling City playboy Oliver Queen were the tipping point for all social circles. The power couple and their faithful best friend hit the highs that Sara wanted to revile under so she did. The torrid affair between her and Oliver had been forged under the stars on the roof of Queen Consolidated. Her deception, as tightly concealed, sealed both of their fates.

The crisp June afternoon Sara embarked on the Queen’s Gambit would be the very last she’d spent as Sara Lance, the captain’s daughter. It all happened so fast, the boat capsized and the swelling water swept her into the unforgiving sea. Water logged and stranded, Sara bobbed hopelessly waiting for death. It was when she’d been plucked from her watery grave by Anthony Ivo’s men and set her course on Lian Yu. Her first year away from home had been filled with torture and the degradation of her humanity.

On the island, Sara found Oliver worse for wear but alive. The two scrapped together what they could to find a way out of purgatory. Abroad the freighter that embarked west of this horrid place, Slade Wilson’s assault on their attempts were enough to staunch any hope in them. Sara dove from the freighter into the frigid waters and accepted death; Oliver had been captured and it would be the last time she’d seen him. Her bruised riddled body laid in the shallows of the tide. Dipping and out of conscious, she’d watched the graceful motions of the singular canary perch on her pruned fingers. Just like a miracle, a shadow overtook her, the exotic features and long flowing black hair shined above her like a halo. Nyssa al Ghul recovered her lifeless body and persuaded her father to accept her into the League of Assassins. Ta-er Sah-fer was born.


Four years of service, Sara had killed more men than she’d believed was possible. The news of Starling City’s almost collapse sealed her decision to flee the league. She needed to vanish, living between the lines. Considering she was declared dead in her hometown, Sara knew it would be best to keep it that way. Moonlighting between Central City and Starling City, she watched over her sister furiously despite the Hood’s efforts. Nothing surprised her more than knowing Oliver Queen mirrors the same path but they were on other sides of the war.

Her first encounter with Laurel in the bank and Oliver on the rooftops, pushed her to come from beneath her cover and re-enter the living. It wasn’t long before she’s met her supposed end, three arrows to the chest and a long free falling descent to the ground. Her wings had been clipped by Malcolm Merlyn’s daughter, Thea. After her death, Laurel took on her mantle as the Black Canary. Bending the rules of existence, Laurel found a way to the pit and Sara was resurrected. With insatiable blood lust and a lack of control, Sara hide out in the slums of Central City where she’d met a former league member, Jason Todd. It wasn’t long till they’d fallen into sync with each other, both overwrought with their lust. A couple months in, Sara found out she pregnant and it ruined their “relationship”.

Faced with the responsibility of motherhood, she knew she’d never be able to curb her desire to kill so she put the child up for adoption before fleeing to the mountainous region of Tibet. This was where Rip Hunter found her and once again reinvented her future. Aboard the waverider, Sara and the rest of the legends fought tirelessly to defeat Vandal Savage. Since his defeat and the destruction of the vanishing point, Sara is still aboard the waverider trying to rid the timeline of any aberrations.

Positive Traits:

  • loyal
  • cunning
  • sinewy

Negative Traits: 

  • cynical  
  • insatiably violent  
  • skeptical


Laurel Lance: Sister
Felicity Smoak: Best Friend
Oliver Queen: Childhood Friend/ Old Flame
Tommy Merlyn: Childhood Friend
Jason Todd: Ex Lover
Rip Hunter: Friend
Carter Hall: Resurrection Buddy

Why Dustin Is The Real Star Of Stranger Things

Netflix’s latest series Stranger Things is the result of a perfectly concocted storm. A plot that slowly unravels the mystery comes to a conclusion that neatly winds all the several story lines together. With a beautiful aesthetic (the cinematography that recreates the 80s is spot-on) and an unforgettable score, the show is nothing less than perfection. 

But trying to pick a standout cast member is tricky. Winona Ryder brilliantly plays Joyce Byers, the deranged mother of missing kid Will who relentlessly believes that he’s alive and talking to hear through Christmas lights. David Harbours plays the understated Chief Jim Hopper, a downbeat cop who tries to uncover the truth behind Will’s disappearance. Millie Bobby Brown’s subtle yet powerful portrayal of juvenile Eleven is just as commendable as Natalia Dyer’s take on the curious teen Nancy Wheeler who digs into her own mystery. 

But the real star of the show is 13-year-old Gaten Matarazzo, who plays quirky Dustin Henderson. His best friends includes Mike Wheeler (Finn Wolfhand), Lucas Sinclair (Caleb McLaughlin) and the recently-disappeared Will Byers (Noah Schnapp). He may be toothless in appearance (because of a rare condition called cleidocranial dysplasia, which Matarazzo has in real life) but he’s truly the heart of his friendship  group. He’s as important as Ryder or Brown, and his story arc with his friends Mike and Lucas is just as integral as they try to follow the clues to find their best friend. 

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Matarazzo plays the role of the loyal sidekick exceptionally well. With his trademark red and blue baseball cap and grinned smile, he manages to keep his cool as he often acts as the peacemaker in the group. When Lucas’ mistrust of their new friend Eleven begins to grow, a rift between him and Mike begins to occur, and it’s Dustin who finds himself mediating the argument. Dustin reassures the group that she is, in fact, a badass, seeing her telekinetic powers as a force for good. His protection of her from bullies by yelling “she’ll kill you sons of bitches” is one of the best lines in the series.

He easily avoids being the comic relief thanks to The Duffer Brothers script, but it’s easy to be blindsided by his quotable one liners, his love for a good snack, and endless Star Wars references. At the same time, the show also explores the importance of male relationships, showing how these boys rely on each other for support. 

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The series masterfully captures the camaraderie between boys of that age. They operate under an intricate code, invent secret handshakes and use walkie-talkies to secretly communicate at night. The deep loyalty between the boys makes them all ready for action when one of them goes missing. They’re not as annoying as they potentially could have been; kudos to the well-written script. It’s a rare pleasure to see male relationships, especially between young boys actually work, and Dustin is the goofy, likeable stand-out of the bunch.