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Season 13 Wishlist

Here we go, following on from last years Season 12 Wishlist, this is a post of all the things I would like to get out of Season 13 of Supernatural! With less that 1 week to go before the season premier. I don’t think I did too badly with the things I wanted from Season 12, here’s hoping Season 13 will be everything we are all hoping it will be.

1.    My ‘Dean coming out’ episode idea. SO badly. I will continue to desperately pray to the fandom gods for this idea to somehow make it into the show. We need Dean out of the closet in season 13. I want this more than ANYTHING else.

2.    The shedding of Dean’s ‘performance mask’ for Sam. This idea comes backed with thousands of words of meta on the topic and is a big one. Because of what we got in 12x22. I would like the continuation of this in the show (also seemingly something we may get following the symbolism of THIS from the promo.) I just want Sam to finally see it too. Maybe get a confession of some kind from Dean to Sam.

3.    The continuation of Pining!Dean that we had heavily in season 11. Moments like Dean’s confession in 10x16, Sam’s speech in 11x04, Basically everything in 11x11…Follow your heart Dean… Yeah, I want more of this.

4.    Castiel completing his transformation arc. This is important as we need to be able to see clearly where Cas’s story is going. Following his death I want to see the metaphorical phoenix rising from the ashes (and igniting the flames of Luuurrrvve) lol. What WOULD be cool is actually getting a MOTW story with an actual Phoenix since we know they exist and the symbolism would be beautiful. But basically I want the return of BAMF Cas being able to hold his own against the bad guys and beating his depression and PTSD once and for all.

5.    Cas facing himself in the Empty and admitting some home truths. Like how he is in love with Dean and wants to be human? Anything that finally starts answering the questions that Cas has had thrown his way since season 8. Cas’s whole story built around this idea of “what are you Castiel, an Angel or a Man?” and “Crack in his Chassis” and everything else that leads to the inevitable decision to shed the chains of heaven and freely let go of his grace for a human life that the show has been building on for ACTUAL YEARS.

6.    An explanation for what happened to Cas at the end of 12x19 that makes sense. I really hope that we do find out what Jack did to Cas, because he definitely did something, and all the symbolism and narrative mirrors point to Jack taking control (however briefly) but we certainly didn’t get any answers before season 12 ended.

7.    Sam Winchester building relationships outside of Dean. I need this for Sam so badly. I want to see him become his own man, to continue to do what he did in 12x22 – stepping out of his brother’s shadow and leading the hunters to victory. Sam is a natural leader, he just hasn’t realised it all these years. I want Sam to find a true purpose in life and pursue that. Whether that be by continuing to form relationships with other hunters or by taking Jack on as an apprentice and devoting his time to shaping Jack into the polar opposite of Lucifer – which would be truly poetic given Sam’s history.

8.    Sam Winchester killing Lucifer once and for all – again a big one for me. I am done with Lucifer and want him dead. I think that the only person who truly should get the pleasure of killing Lucifer is Sam. With the help of Cas and Jack. I want Lucifer dead by season end.

9.    Eileen’s return – her death made NO SENSE and was extremely poorly executed. She is sadly another Charlie but this time she deserves redemption from that shitty excuse for an episode. For Sam’s sake as well, I desperately want her back.

10.  The total annihilation of the toxic co-dependency – Already basically covered above, but it’s important enough to need its own point. I think we now need an episode that specifically shows how it is destroyed. We need to see the brothers NOT doing stupid shit like selling their souls for each other or taking a bunch of pills just to speak to a reaper to try to bargain for your brothers life, or just generally making terrible choices with horrible consequences to save your brothers life. We NEED an episode where the opposite happens.

11.  For Mary Winchester to get a strong and interesting storyline, to realise how her deal was actually a best case scenario given the circumstances of the AU world, and to come to terms with her new life outside of heaven. I do hope that now she has fulfilled her purpose for Dean, they will give her a chance to work on her relationship with Sam, and being stuck in the AU world should relieve some of that guilt, so that when she does return she will be in a better place.

12.  Some fun Winchester family moments – it would be nice to get even a few small moments of Winchester family bonding – brother pranks – talks with mum – More “teachable moments” with Cas – just the occasional canon fluff scene since WE ALL WANT IT.

13.  WAYWARD SISTERS – I mean hells yes! I don’t really have much on the wishlist for them other than I hope they kickass and are undeniably awesome and PICKED UP FOR A SPINOFF BY THE NETWORK.

14.  Dean and Claire to have a conversation about Cas’s death – PLEASE SHOW! Give me Claire grieving over Cas! PLEASE!

15.  Jody actually getting the truth out of Dean about his feelings for Cas. I would give anything for this conversation to be an actual thing.

16.  It probably goes without saying but MAN PAIN OVER CAS – I mean, I reckon we are gonna get a good helping of this. Maybe not immediate tears but its gonna be pretty damn angsty – if the promo’s are anything to go by. I basically want it to be UNDENIABLE in canon that CAS is the reason that Dean is so broken up and that BOTH brothers are seriously struggling with his death. It has to be OBVIOUS how important Cas was to them and how his death has affected them.

17.  The return of the mixtape. BRING BACK THE MIXTAPE

18.  DESTIEL – Duh. Do I wish for canon destiel? Every. Single. Year. This one will be no different. Of course I want it. I want a love confession (that isn’t ambiguous). I want a kiss. I want a scene where it fades to black only to show them lying in Dean’s bed the next morning doing the whole pillow talk thing. Give me ALL THE DESTIEL.

19.  Bring back Rowena. She didn’t deserve that ending. It was worse than Eileen’s. They better bring her back.

20.  Bring back Death and Billy – I kinda still think it would be cool if Cas sees them both in the empty and brings them back with him – even if it doesn’t fit thematically with his story.

21.  Cas dressed in anything other than the suit and trenchcoat (what can I say…Misha is a fine specimen of a man and does not deserve to be hidden under ill fitting clothing – I really hope the D&G suit is from the show!)

22.  Cas on generic MOTW hunting episodes – ever since Hunteri Heroici I NEED THIS.

24.  Witch!Sam - Every year I hope they pick up this story idea and every year they let me down. Let season 13 be that year!

23.  Easter Bunny episode – For Lizbob and Mittens :P

That’s it so far. Feel free to add on your own wishlist ideas that I may not have covered! Bring on the season 13 premier! Woop!

Less than a week until the premiere of the Roz Wells & The Vortex animated short!

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You've been chatty! Lemme ask you some things about S3. I'm really excited about seeing Lena again on Monday. Sam's gonna work for her, didn't see that coming, what do you think her position will be? How do you think her relationship with lena will be now that she's her employee? I thought they would be friends but it’s hard to see Lena being her friend and her boss. I haven't heard anything about Katie now that they're filming the crossover, could that mean she was right and she's not in it? :(

Ha! Yes I have been! I was telling @kara-danvers-lena-luthor that with less than a week before the season 3 premier, it’s probably time for me to start popping my head out again! So leading up, I’ll be trying to answer questions more frequently and maybe doing some more memes to start interacting again! 😁So ask away! I’m ready. 

I know the popular prediction was that Sam was going to be Lena’s birth mother, but I was never convinced of that, amusing as it was. I had a feeling Sam would end up being an L-Corp employee, especially since we got some teasers saying that she was A) A career woman and B) Going to be connected to Lena somehow. It seems like they will be together often, so I was thinking anything from personal assistant (not just another secretary), to security detail, to PR – I really can’t say. Though with either, I don’t think it’s too far-fetched to say they may be friends. Lena has always seemed to be kind and familiar with her employees so if there is one that she will be spending a lot of time with, a professional and friendly relationship wouldn’t be strange. 

Can’t say for sure with the crossover. It would be disappointing. While I would love to see Lena tase or shoot some Nazi’s like the badass boss she is… 

I admit I’m lacking enthusiasm for the crossover altogether. So I’m a little indifferent to her absence at this point in time.

Saying Goodbye

(I think if I tried to record myself saying this, I wouldn’t make it)

I bought Season 1 of Teen Wolf on a whim at Target one weekend.  It was on sale for $15 and I got an employee discout because my dad worked there at the time.  I thought ‘hey, if I hate it, it’s less than $15 down the drain’.

I didn’t hate it.

It was cheesy and made me roll my eyes, but I didn’t hate it.

I think I watched the whole first season in less than a week.  Season 2 had just finished airing, so I went online and basically mainlined that in a matter of a week or two.  I caught up just before Season 3a premiered.  I dipped my toes into the fandom and found friends.  People who welcomed me with open arms.  People who listened to my crazy theories and ramblings about my favorite characters with stride and ranted right with me.


Kindred spirits.  Who yelled and squealed with me during conventions when I got to meet those actors I had only seen on televsion.


I might not have always agreed with where the show went, but I stood by the characters, embraced their flaws and faults.  As the show ends, I think what I want to take away, besides the memories and the friends, is that I want to remember to try to always be

Strong like Sheriff Stilinski.
Loving like Melissa McCall.
Honest like Malia.
Optimistic like Kira.
Confident like Lydia.
Sarcastic like Stiles.
Brave like Allison.
Loyal like Derek.
Compassionate like Scott.

(An honorable mention goes to Jackson’s cheekbones because he failed the admirable traits test - sorry)

It’s kinda weird when you start valuing more a show coming back than your own birthday…

I saw a post that was like “Supergirl starts airing in two weeks” and I was like “omg, I didn’t even notice it was that close” and then I stopped for a moment as something downed on me “shit, I’m gonna be 23 in less than 2 weeks”… My birthday is like 2 days before the Supergirl premiere and I thought there was still at least a month till I turned 23 lol

It’s difficult to approach Christopher Eccleston’s season as the Doctor without the knowledge that it’s his only season in the role. Then again, it’s not as though that puts us in a different position than viewers back in 2005. Eccleston’s departure was privately decided upon back in January 2005, three months before the show even aired. His exit was later officially announced in an infamous BBC press release that falsely claimed he had left the roles for fear of being typecast, a rumor that endures to this day. That announcement came on March 30, just five days after the premiere of “Rose.” On April 16, the day that “Aliens Of London” aired, David Tennant was announced as the next Doctor. In a sense, Eccleston was the incumbent Doctor for less than a week; by the time “The End Of The World” aired, he was no longer simply the Doctor but rather “the current Doctor,” the man marking time until his replacement inevitably showed up at the end of the season.

What that means is that, with the slight exception of “Rose,” the 9th Doctor’s tenure was never open-ended, which ended up emphasizing this incarnation’s character arc that plays out over the course of 13 episodes. Eccleston and Russell T. Davies make the most of the limited time they have in which to explore this Doctor, and it’s possible to see each story as restoring a vital piece of this shattered incarnation. “Rose” sees him reengage with humanity by finding a new companion, “The End Of The World” brings his Time War trauma to the surface, “Aliens Of London” and “World War Three” has him acknowledge the terrible responsibilities that come with saving worlds, “Dalek” has him confront his worst nightmare and decide whether he still wants to be better than it. There are a few exceptions here, but those mostly serve as character pieces for others—“Father’s Day” for Rose and “The Unquiet Dead” for Charles Dickens, of all people. Just about every episode specifically featuring the 9th Doctor feels important, as though it’s trying to make a profound statement about just who this man with the leather jacket and the superpowered nose really is.

…I’ll get into this more in next week’s review of the finale, but so many of the Doctor’s stories this season seem to subscribe to the notion that the 9th Doctor was something of a regenerative incarnation, a Doctor who existed solely to rebuild himself in the aftermath of the Time War, which fits in neatly for this first season’s attempt to rebuild Doctor Who as a show. Once that task of reconstituting himself was complete, this Doctor’s task would be done, and the only way to truly release the worst of his grief and his rage would be to take it with him, to let some new man have a fresh, happier start.

That’s a big reason why it’s so hard to imagine Christopher Eccleston playing the 9th Doctor for a second season, but [“The Empty Child” and “The Doctor Dances”] offer the clearest indication that this Doctor didn’t absolutely have to leave, that he could have truly rediscovered the joy of being the Doctor if he had stuck around long enough. As it stands, “The Empty Child” and “The Doctor Dances” represent the 9th Doctor’s ultimate triumph, both as his greatest in-universe accomplishment and as his best story, and part of why it remains so exhilarating to watch is the sense that neither the Doctor nor the show is trying to prove anything. The audience has had eight episodes to get to know this new Doctor Who, and now it’s time the show reveals what it’s truly capable of. You want to see moves? Doctor Who will show you moves.

—  Alasdair Wilkins, The A. V. Club

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Hey guys. You've spoken in a very realistic, levelheaded way about so many things so far, and seeing that you are not an SQ blog (but pretty much open to the idea) how 'bout a levelheaded assessment. What do you think, what should we expect from the AE interview?

This is a good question, because immediate responses might run to two extremes, the first being pure excitement and the second being total cynicism after a pretty bad set of burns. Both extremes are probably totally accurate and understandable. The OUaT promo types have likely garnered less enthusiasm for their show this year than in years past, and the old question of “if Swan Queen is subtext or is endgame then wouldn’t they want some of those viewers around for the endgame?” is harder to answer if the showmakers express absolutely zero interest in their viewership…

Until now. Weeks before the premiere date. When they allowed their fav CS-positive online blog guy to promote the centre of the show, the Emma/Regina relationship. With his release of a spoiler pic, for whatever reason, of Emma and Regina yammering in very nice clothing, and his commentary on the pic, along with the joke-promo showing the Charmings first and then Emma and Regina second, all watching that Frozen stuff starting to unfold, and now this interview? I’d say that someone has decided that any earlier possible decision to discard this portion of fandom needed to be either tempered or possibly reversed and that some enthusiasm for their product is better than absolutely none.

Our anon (well, on tumblr anyway) meta analyst’s work on the SQ ship, is starting to make a lot of sense to me. And it’s fully possible that OUaT needs zero interest from their SQ fans in order to maintain this layered story about a fairytale that ends up being, on one level, about misogynist, boringly-heteronormative, tropes and on another level, a truly revolutionary tale about two women and their well-dressed son (and his mental health struggles and his moms’ divorce and reconciliation and other timeline possibilities).

But the PowersThatBe™ were toeing a pretty dangerous line by rewarding only those who wanted to see a rapey pirate getting his girl and a boring stump dumping his wife for his week-long affair. I mean who the hell wants to see those stories deepen in any way? A select few, sure, but the masses won’t flock to the show. So they were going to give Hook a hand and new clothes (apparently?) but they were still telling a large number of people not to watch their show, not to have any hope in seeing what they want to see, and to basically stop being so ‘cynical’ about what amounts to one of the most serious rape-culture arcs since Twilight ruined my retinas.

So sending out their most popular OUaT PR guru to do a little chat to those fans who had generally agreed not to watch the show live, not to endorse its advertising friends (and ABC has heard all Summer from those folks, I’m sure) and not to buy their assorted products? It might be an olive branch? It might be a last ditch attempt at something that amounts to the laziest approach to baiting that I’ve ever seen? It might be a simple response to a major online movement and we do know that online audiences test in ways that are radically different from the ‘I’ll watch it or I won’t’ approach of live audiences.

So, what to expect from the thing? Possibly…maybe…expect the blogger at AfterEllen to cave to idiots who, in recent years, have insisted that calling out heteronormativity is akin to ‘silencing’ bi/pan women and that Outlaw Queen is therefore fair to mention in any space that should be about femslash. But I’d expect to see that as a small amendment to an otherwise ‘I love my fans’ set of replies.

‘I love my fans’ as in…I love my Lesbian fans? Sorely needed. Might have a better chance of happening now. Cloaking all of this discussion in GLBT rights might happen, especially if Lana is most comfortable with the ‘G’ community. However, this time…it’s possible that it’s too late for that kind of glossing over. They’re a year or two (depending on how things go obviously) from ending their show and does Lana or anybody associated with her suspect that it’ll be the Swan Queen fans who will stay loyal to her after the show is over if she throws them some support? Someone has got to tell her that SQ shippers, who obviously come from varied backgrounds but who are predominantly self-identified Lesbians, are probably going to be her long-term fan-support-system for years to come. I would suspect that someone already has told her all of this in some form or other by now.

The bigger, more important issue, is the promotion of just and equitable representation for women, for GLBT people, for PoC. Will AfterEllen go there, linking representation to the Swan Queen Experience™? Will they address the violent levels of attack that this group of shippers has endured? I’m guessing that they’ll make connections to the issue of representation but not bullying.

I’m going to be cautiously optimistic this time, but today is the interview and things move quickly in the world of rapid-fire public relations, so we’ll see if my optimism is already unfounded by the time this hits tumblr.

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I’ve decided it’s time to let everybody in on a closely guarded secret.

When I first started blogging here at Tumblr, I felt a little out of place because I wasn’t a teenager or a young adult. But as time has gone on, I’ve come to realize that people of all ages blog here, and I’ve also come to realize that some of the people I interact with a lot are relatively close to my age. So I’m not feeling so much like I’m sticking out like the proverbial sore thumb anymore.

I also decided that this was the perfect time to lift the veil, so to speak, since we’re just a week away from The Force Awakens, and it will help to explain why I will likely be a sobbing wreck all weekend if it turns out to be as good and reverential to the source material as it appears to be.

It’s because I’ve been there from the very beginning.

I’ve always told people that I know exactly where I was when John F. Kennedy was assassinated. I was in my mother’s tummy. I was born about 6 weeks after the assassination, and one month before The Beatles appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show.

I was born on January 8, 1964, so in a little less than a month, I will be 52 years old.

I was 2 when Star Trek premiered, and 5 when man walked on the moon for the first time. I can tell you what it’s like to live with a black and white TV with only 6 VHF channels and some weird UHF channels, and how you had to play with the rabbit ear antennas to get good reception. I can tell you what it’s like to use a rotary telephone, an 8-track tape, a vinyl record, a pay phone, and all kinds of other things that are pretty obsolete nowadays. I’ve been a fan of Doctor Who since the Tom Baker era, when the show was on Channel 52 in Los Angeles, and I went to some small conventions where I actually met Elisabeth Sladen (♥♥♥) and Louise Jameson, plus I saw Tom Baker in person. My mother brought me up as a Sherlock Holmes fan, and we swooned over Granada Holmes together. She was even lucky enough to see Jeremy Brett on stage in L.A. as Dracula.

When I was 13, this little movie called Star Wars came out. Since my mother was such a sci-fi geek girl, she and I went to see it together. It was the first movie that really changed my life in a lot of ways. It led to my first true celebrity crush (Harrison Ford), it led to my becoming a collector, it led to my starting to dabble in fan fiction. My mother and I attended the 10th anniversary Star Wars convention in 1987 in Los Angeles, where I got to meet Billy Dee Williams, and we sat in a line for about 4 hours to see George Lucas, who at that time wasn’t doing conventions at all.

So The Force Awakens coming out is a huge, huge thing for me. I feel like I’m revisiting old friends that I’ve missed so much, I can’t even begin to tell you. As I told my sister the other day, I feel like I need to keep pinching myself, it’s so unbelievable. 

When I turned 50, it felt weird. But at least 50 isn’t what it used to be, it really isn’t that old. (And my sister was right when she said it was very liberating, because it’s like I’m 50 now, I don’t have to put up with your shit anymore. That’s pretty much my attitude nowadays.) What’s really nice is that my parents gifted me with good genes and everyone I meet basically calls me a liar when I tell them my age. I’ve got some silver hair that’s been growing in kind of like Rogue’s hair for 10 years now, but I’ve actually had to show people my driver’s license because they simply don’t believe me. And as it is, I always tell people that it’s just my chronological age. It really is just a number. Mentally I feel about 12 most of the time.

I do look at some of you youngsters here and feel envious sometimes. You’ve all got your lives to look forward to, and sometimes I really do wish I could do some time travel and change some of my life. I had hopes and dreams and expectations about what adulthood would bring, and in general none of them came true. Hence my anxiety and depression, but it is what it is, and I do my best to muddle along.

So now you know. Hopefully it came as a pleasant surprise to everybody!

'Big Brother 18' Cast Revealed - Format Changed, Several Returnees Cut

CBS rolled out the new “12 person cast” of this year’s Big Brother, entering its eighteenth season June 22nd. Fans took to Twitter with glowing responses to the entirely nubile cast and quickly speculated (as they have been for weeks) as to whether or not any former contestants would be involved in this year’s installment.

If you’re a hardcore Big Brother fan, or even a casual viewer, then you already know that something is up since there have only been 12 names released (2 of which include siblings of former contestants, Season 16’s Cody Calafiore and and Season 17’s Vanessa Rousso).

What most fans probably do not realize is that Victor, Glenn, Bridgette, and Zakiyah were late additions, cast less than a week before sequester began. That’s because executive producer Alison Grodner and CBS scrapped their original idea – a rookies versus veterans season featuring players from past editions of the venerable series – in favor of more new blood for unknown reasons.

The returnees currently set to make their return when the season premiere airs are…

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