less than a relationship

stop trying to make it seem like malia means less to stiles than everyone else because you prefer stydia (or any other reason) Malia was stiles first girlfriend and he loved her and that was obvious from the start. her character was only supposed to be on for four episodes and in those original episodes you can see chemistry between the characters. even when stiles and malia silently broke up they stayed friends and in the pack and now that stiles is gone malia is willing to do anything to get him back, even if that means getting taken by the ghost riders. like that was literally her plan. please don’t make their seem relationship less than it is.


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it’s been a while since I wrote anything about Jackson, so here ‘ya go.

You mentally slapped yourself. You can do this. This is practically nothing! You tried to convince yourself. You’re in your room, already dressed up and ready to go to Jackson’s party.

But why were you so nervous?

Because you only have the hugest crush on Jackson. He’s like a demigod, and you just can’t stop ogling your eyes at him. Your relationship was more than friends but less than lovers- that was how you got invited to his party, but aside from you not having any friends who are going to the party, you’re basically a Jane Doe.

Grabbing your clutch, you left the apartment and hauled a cab there. His house wasn’t grand or extravagant, but he was always a kind and fun person, so he was the best party host in campus.

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Let’s talk about Sock Opera!

We all remember this moment right?

Bill, unable to understand human love and relationships, accidentally says the exact thing Mabel needs to hear to remind her how much her brother does for her, how much she loves him and how important it is that she help him now. Sibling love triumphs over evil and a heartwarming conclusion is arrived at.


Bill may be alien enough that human emotions are hard for him to understand. But he ought to know a lot about human behavior. He’s older than our universe, has eyes everywhere and one of his main skills is manipulation and trickery. Why would he make such a seemingly obvious mistake?


For most of Sock Opera, Mabel is pretty focused on completing this play and impressing Gabe. Bill is completely confident that she’ll care more about the project that she’s been working obsessively on than the needs or desires of her brother.

I wonder who could have given him that impression? Made him confident that she’d place the object of her obsession above everything else? Made him believe she’d put it above the needs of her brother? Made him believe she’d abandon him?

Personally I can’t think of anyone.

shakespeare characters as dril tweets

othello: i shall say this only; ive ended peoples careers by reporting them for “Ironic” typos & spelling errors., i do not give a shit. im a warrior

macbeth: my “F*&k It!! Let’s Go Golfin” t-shirt maintains a tenacious stranglehold on my life. after 1,125 days of Golf my body is twisted, deformed

ophelia:  i just looked up the stats and the number of meaningful relationships ive formed is less than the number of public restrooms ive Screamed in

caius marcius coriolanus: my followeres, who all hate me, and wish to kick my ass, are nobodys, and they lack the combat training to injure me, because theyre infants

lady macbeth: Have you ever wanted to click X on a bastard

hamlet:  if you have a problem with my mouth, i’ll be swniging a sledgehammer in circles outdoors for the rest of my life, so come try do crap to me.

king lear: now youve done it, teens. the official mr bean account is closing because you all kept calling him dad

richard iii:  to the coward fraud who claimed my username: it is you who deserves to be plagued by this baneful “2”. Posted by CrotchLordMiami2 at 3.36 am

Note to Self for 2017:

•No more toxic people. Cut people off who do not help you grow into the person you are destined to be.

• No more allowing people to waste your time. You know what you deserve, do not accept less than that.

• No more relationships with controlling or emotionally/physically abusive people. You’ve had enough of that. You deserve someone who will treat you like a queen. Do not make excuses for anyone else. The moment they show you they are controlling or abusive in any way, L E A V E.

•Love yourself. Unconditionally. No matter how much weight you gain or lose, you are still beautiful. Your size does not define your beauty. Remember that.

Jake and Taylor grew incompatible. Amicable split. Joe and Taylor had a rough break up. Musical feud then they made up, now friends. Taylor S hurt Taylor L because she wasn’t ready at that point for that love. Song apology, amicable. None of these guys went particularly off their rocker at Taylor Swift following the break up. Harry & Taylor kept going back to each other until they didn’t. Friendly now. Nice musical letters to each other. Taylor and Tom are clearly on good terms because they say nothing about each other now that they’re broken up.

John neglected and emotionally abused Taylor. Awful break up. Not on speaking terms. Calvin gave less to the relationship than Taylor. Amicable break up until Calvin’s masculinity was shattered under the weight of the public knowing she wrote his most successful song of five years. 

Taylor isn’t the problem. She doesn’t have a problem with the exes that were mature (or eventually mature) post break up. The pissbabies are the problem.

Here’s the thing. I feel like Mashima doesn’t want to make Nalu canon because he feels that it will drastically change their relationship or something. He stated that he liked their current “more than friends, less than lovers” relationship, so there’s no telling if he will change it.

But I don’t need their relationship to change. All I ever wanted was a confession of some sort, to solidify them spending their lives together. I don’t need romance or sex. All I ever wanted was an “I love you.”

You’re dating someone online four 6 months you meet in person: they’re not the person in the picture- do you continue the relationship? They’re slightly less attractive than their picture and swear personality wise they’re the same.

  • <p> <b>Me before chap 515:</b> Eileen's such a overrated chara tbh she doesn't deserve all the attention she's getting..Not to mention her relationship with erza is less interesting than jellal's fiancée<p/><b>Me after chap 515:</b> OK EILEEN LISTEN HERE YOU'RE FUCKING GORGEOUS. THE BADASSEST VILLAIN. MY PRECIOUS LIGHT. I HOPE YOU'LL FIND A WAY OUT OF THIS FUCKING WAR AND WILL HAVE A FUCKING HAPPY ENDING WITH YOUR FUCKING DAUGHTER FUCK<p/></p>

Robbie Rod & The Squad ™ just delivered the most electric endgame i could have ever wanted. but before i allow myself to die from the aesthetic i have to say a few words because the ot3 is very important to me

at one time, seth loved vanessa. vanessa didn’t love richie. we saw how that ended.

at another time, seth had some serious feelings for sonja. sonja didn’t love richie. we saw how that ended.

richie loved kisa. kisa couldn’t find a damn to give about seth. and while that relationship ended with significantly less drama than seth’s relationships, it still ended.

uncle eddy deadass warns sonja about women that get in between the geckos.

so… kate fuller got in between the geckos. but nothing ever ended. because kate fuller actually fit there.

sethkate works beautifully for a lot of reasons. but i think the most important reason is that kate loves richie as much as seth does. and richiekate is beautiful for a lot of reasons, but the most important one i think is that kate loves seth as much as richie does.

seth can’t love someone who doesn’t love richie, and vice versa.

sethkate is constantly being propped up by richiekate. richiekate is constantly being propped up by sethkate. seth and richie are constantly being challenged and supported by the one person that fit perfectly.

where vanessa, sonja, and kisa tried to separate the brothers– kate fuller reconciled them. in season 2, kate wouldn’t let seth move on from richie even when it meant seth might move on from her. and later, she wouldn’t let richie bitch about seth no matter how many geckos bitched at her. in the season 3 finale, she literally went to hell to bring richie back and reconcile these two pathetically codependent little shits.

so when a gecko loves, trusts, and fights for kate fuller in ways that he has never done for another woman, it can be and must be argued that a big reason is that he trusts her with his brother.

this is why i hate seeing richiekate and sethkate stans disregard the Other Brother because that Other Brother’s relationship with kate is literally propping up your ship.

these are three equally fucked-up and codependent soulmates: the tres geckos