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Jeezus Odin! I had to wake him up from a deep sleep to put him back in his enclosure and he gave me a frighten! I don’t know what you are doing with that eyeball there buddy but stop! Ya look possessed!

eat yr fucking brussels sprouts

im so sorry to everyone whos ever been made to eat greyish soggy and completely tasteless brussels sprouts bc they are capable of so much more okay holy shit so im abt to set yall straight

first, do not boil them. literally dont boil vegetables unless its potatoes bc it tends to sap everything of flavor okay. you can cook veggies in the oven or steam them in a pot, or like a million other things. sauteed is my favourite though bc you can cook them in like less than five minutes.

first, cut off like a centimeter of whats left of the stem, bc thats old and will taste weird. then wash them they can be pretty dirty, though the dirt is only on the outside (unlike leeks ugh). 

after you’ve washed them and have them on your cutting board, get a pan (small is good if you’re just making a snack!), put it on the stove and turn it to medium heat if u have an electric stove, or like 6-7 if u have propane. pour approximately ½ tablespoon of olive oil (you might want to add more but thats fine to start with).

back to the brussels sprouts: cut them in half width-wise (theres pictures below for reference) then take each half and cut that into four pieces. if they’re super big, you might want to cut each piece in half again, if theyre super small then just cut the whole thing into quarters. it’s okay if the size varies a little!

the oil should be hot by that point (if you pick up the pan and tilt it, the oil should run kind of quickly, instead of super slow like cold oil does). dump the cut brussels sprouts into the pan (gently and with love !!).

put some black pepper over it–this is to taste, so if you dont really like black pepper then only do a little, or skip it entirely. i put probably ¼ teaspoon because i love black pepper. start small, though.

stir it a little, then put some salt on–also to taste. it’s gonna need more than you’d think, i promise, but also you dont want to overdo it, so sprinkle a little salt over it to start with, and once they’re cooked, you can taste them and add more if it needs it. remember, when it comes to salt, its best to put a little, and then taste, and then a little more, and then taste, and then more, etc. 

stir them again and then cut a lemon or a lime (lemon is best but use what you have) in half, and squeeze some into the pan–it will start steaming and making popping noises, which is good. this is to taste as well. i love sour things, so for me maybe half the juice of half a lemon for every 5 normal sized brussels sprouts. thats a lot, though, so if you dont like things too sour, just squeeze the half a little. you can always add more later if it’s not enough!

if they start to stick to the pan that means theres not enough oil, so pour a little more olive oil in and stir.

stir them often! they cook pretty fast when theyre cut small, like 2 minutes maybe depending on how hot the pan is. when they lose their sharp cut edges and the white gets a little yellow and green is darker, they’re probably done! pull one out to taste it and make sure its cooked, and add more flavor if you want.

when they are cooked, they should still be crunchy, but there shouldnt be any harder part in the middle. crunchy all the way through. you’ll be able to tell when you try one.

here’s the pictures so you can see what i did (sorry they are bad pictures my hands shake hella):

brussels sprouts are great because they’re usually incredibly cheap, they keep a long time (i store them in a brown paper bag in the fridge, and they dont go bad for 2 weeks or so, if they last that long), you can cook as many or as few at a time as you want (instead of having to use one whole big vegetable, u no?), and they are good for side dishes if you are someone who does like full meals or whatever.

you can cook them a million different ways, this one is just my favourite! they’re also really good with potatoes or sausage (presumably, i only eat soy meat really but theyre really good with Tofurkey sausage so idk), with or without lemon juice, etc.

anyway please eat them they are vegetables which are high in vitamins or something presumably and they taste really good i promise!

Imagine long distance Rubberraptor though.

Ross going to Australia to visit his parents for a few weeks and Arin pouting about it because he doesn’t want Ross to leave, but he loves him and wants him to spend time with his family.

They’re at the airport waiting for Ross’s flight to leave and they’re holding hands and Arin’s pressed real close against him and Ross is leaning his head on Arin’s shoulder. When Ross’s plane is called out, Arin holds on to Ross’s hand tighter and they stand up and walk to his gate and Arin hugs him really tightly before he kisses him really long and passionate and he knows they’re getting weird looks but all the people can fucking eat his ass because he’s going to miss his boyfriend so damn much and when they pull away, Arin gives him this really sad smile and Ross whispers he loves him and then he walks off to board his plane.

Ross gets texts from Arin less than 5 minutes after he’s left saying how much he misses him and Ross is just smiling and laughing because Arin is so cute and he just replies back saying he loves him.

Ross arrives in his hometown and he knows it’s late where Arin is, but he texts him anyway telling him he’s got there. He doesn’t even expect the almost immediate response he receives from Arin, telling him he stayed awake waiting for Ross to text him and that he’s at Dan’s place for the night because it was a little too lonely at their own apartment. Ross tells him he’ll be home in just a few weeks, and Arin sighs because he wants him home now but he just tells him okay. Ross tells him to go to bed and they say their I love yous and Ross sighs because he already misses Arin so much

Over the next few weeks, Arin alternates between staying at Dan’s place and having Dan stay over at their apartment so that Arin doesn’t get too lonely while Ross is away. Ross gets texts from Arin every day telling him about what he’s doing, how the episodes with Dan are coming along, and how he misses kissing him. Most of his texts get a little risque around 1 am Arin’s time, when it’s nearly the afternoon where Ross is and he’s with family, but Arin’s texts just keep coming until they stop and Ross assumes Arin falls asleep.

The day Ross comes home, Arin’s waiting for him in the terminal once he grabs his bags and Arin fucking runs up to him and jumps on him and Ross nearly fucking falls, but after all these years, he’s gained enough strength to support lifting Arin and himself all at once, so he just wraps an arm around Arin’s waist and hugs him because fuck he’s missed his boyfriend so much and Arin feels the same because their bed has felt so empty without him.

When they get home, Arin pins Ross against the wall and is all over him, pulling at his clothes and biting at every expanse of skin he can get to until they’re both naked and Arin’s got Ross’s legs wrapped around his hips and he’s sliding into him and fuck Arin’s missed this so much, missed Ross so damn much, and Ross is pulling Arin’s hair and raking his nails down his back as Arin fucks into him and Arin crashes his lips against Ross because he can never get enough him, he just needs him, needs more of him and fuck Ross is making such pretty noises. Arin doesn’t even know if he can last much longer and before he knows it, Ross is cumming and it shoots up his chest and splatters a little on Arin’s stomach and Ross’s face is flushed red and he’s panting and Arin can’t control himself and he cums deep inside Ross, giving hard shallow thrusts as Ross lovingly strokes his hair and whispers about how much he missed Arin.

After they’re all cleaned up and they’re just laying in bed naked, Arin talks about how he tried convincing Dan to cuddle with him while Ross was gone and Ross asks if he did and Arin says he got one cuddle in and Ross laughs at him because of course Arin would ask Dan to cuddle, Ross wouldn’t mind if Arin cuddled with Dan he knows he needs the closeness sometimes. Arin then pulls Ross really close and kisses him before closing his eyes and whispering that he’s his favorite cuddle partner and Ross smiles and kisses Arin’s chin because he loves Arin so much then he too falls asleep

tylertuukka  asked:

Not surprised the refs fucked us over. It's in Toronto after all. Oh isn't it great we get to play Ottawa tomorrow another team we have zero luck against! In all seriousness though who do you think will be in net?

The refs called a phantom interference penalty on the Bruins with less than 3 minutes left and that’s where things fell apart. And don’t get me started on the roughing minor they gave Bergy after he got boarded And I honestly think they’ll start Tuukka tomorrow. They need all the points they can get at this point.

Bernie Rally vs Trump Rally

It’s funny how at a Bernie rally, a Trump supporter tries interrupting Bernie while he’s talking by trying to scream over him, but Bernie and everyone else just ignored him and he left after less than a minute. If that was a Bernie supporter at a Trump rally, he would be chokeslammed down and carried out of there while Trump and everyone else chants “USA!USA!”

That’s the difference.

Ok, I’m asking for help.

For two days  now my laptop has hit the shitter basically. I’m currently typing on it rn, but its flashing all the lights at me and my 3 usb ports are shit. I cant plug any of  my USB devices in, except my tablet  but its lags so much. And it can only be plugged to one side. It also over heats pretty quickly without a fan constantly on it (even looking on the web kills it). Its one thing if it was just the battery   (which its my laptop has always drained it faster than hell.  You think you got an hour left? Nah its gonna die in less than 20 minutes), but when my entire left side of my laptop is not functional, I think the motherboard is saying their farewells. 

I have a laptop in mind that I’m wanting to get to replace this 7-8 year old laptop. However its around $450 - $500. It would be able to handle some of my more heavy duty art programs and such.

So right now, I’m  asking for either donations (my PayPal is stefaniekurth@live.com ) or at least commission me.  That way you get something in the end. I’m only asking because I need a laptop/computer to work on commissions, keep in touch with friends, among so many other things. And this has  been a thorn  in  my side for while now but its now really taking its toll.

So  please, if you can, please help out. If you cant donate or commission me, reblog and signal boost this.  Please and thank you.


Not only did HAO get an assist on the first goal… She scored… Not only did she score… She was the captain… Not only was she the captain… She played almost the full 90 and received a standing ovation from the crowd and team… Not only did she get the ovation, but Alex scored her 2nd goal with less than a minute left in the game to make sure our #9 received 9 goals on her last ever game for the USWNT… I just can’t do this… I love this team… I love this game… I love HAO!!

Arrow Ficlet: Operation Burst the Bubble

Operation Burst the Bubble
Rated T
No spoilers past 3x18.

So machawicket sent me this prompt: Oliver & Felicity think they are being subtle about their new relationship, so Diggle and Roy conspire to interrupt them at every turn. As payback. ;)

And my mind went kinda crazy with it.  No smut, sadly, but if you like cracky humor and established!Olicity, this ficlet should fit the bill.  Enjoy!


Roy looked at Diggle as Oliver oh-so-casually-but-really-not-at-all made up an excuse to follow Felicity out of the Foundry, less than five minutes after she left to go home.  “So … they’re together now, right?”

“Oh, they’re together,” Digg agreed.  “But they’re in that stage where they don’t want to tell anyone.”

“Why the hell not?  Do they think any of us are gonna be upset?” Roy asked, lifting himself up onto one of the metal tables.  “I’ll take walking in on them over the way they were last summer.  Or this winter.”

Digg shrugged.  “Sometimes it’s nice to feel like you’ve got a secret.  Stay in the bubble.”

“I wanted to shout it from the rooftops with Thea.  Both times.”

“Yeah, well, you know Oliver.”  

Roy nodded.  “Yeah–wait.”

He looked at Digg, and Digg caught on quick, a grin slowly growing on his face.  “What do you have in mind?”

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A/N: This is my first imagine so please tell me what you think
Requests are open


You were in the living area of Malfoy Manor, lying on Draco’s lap as he mindlessly played with your hair. Draco hadn’t been himself lately and you knew it was because of his parents and you-know-who. You were both just enjoying each others company when there was a loud thud from the next room. Draco cautiously walked over to the door, but as you were about to follow, he sternly said
“Please (y/n), stay here”
“Why whats wrong?” You questioned, fearing you already knew the answer.
“Please? I’ll be back in less than five minutes.”
Draco left the room and you were left sitting on one of the couches.
At least 10 minutes had passed before you finally decided to check if Draco was alright. You walked over to, then opened the door slightly to the study, where you saw Draco standing among you-know-who and a small crowd of death eaters. His eyes were red and puffy and you could tell he was terrified. One of the death eaters, who you recognised as Bellatrix Lestrange, must have heard you as she snapped her head around to meet your eyes with her own. You tried to close the door but it was too late as she had already seen you.
She maniacally laughed as she ran to the door and dragged you out by your hair, throwing you to the centre of the room. You looked up at Draco and could only mouth the word “Sorry.” He turned to his father, expecting him to do something but he simply smirked at you. You were terrified, looking to Draco for help. He looked around frantically for someone to aid him in helping you, but to avail.
You-know-who walked over to you and your lungs tightened in your chest.
“And who is this young lady Draco?” He questioned
“Just a friend from school” he replied not making eye contact with anyone. You knew he was just saying what he had to, but the phrase ‘just a friend’ still hurt.
“Oh, then you wouldn’t mind if i just-” The dark lord didn’t finish his sentence before pulling out his wand and casting the cruciartis curse on you.
You felt your entire body seize up, as if someone had just stabbed you with 100 white hot pokers. You were sure you were screaming loud enough to put a banshee to shame but you couldn’t tell. Your self control had completely vanished at this point and you knew there was nothing you could do.
Over a minute later, he stopped and your body stopped writhing in pain. You looked up, your vision blurry, to see a crying Draco pleading to the dark lord not to hurt you further.
“And what will you do for me in return Draco?” The dark lord questioned menacingly.
“Anything. I love her, just don’t hurt her, please!” Draco cried desperately. The dark lord smirked knowing that he had full control of Draco.
“Join me” the dark lord stated still smirking. With all the strength you could muster you made eye contact with Draco and stuttered,
“D-don’t d-do it Draco. P-please”
Bellatrix looked at you and with one flick of her wand she yelled the word “Crucio” to silence you. You were once again in unbearable pain, shaking and screaming on the floor.
“I’ll do it” you heard Draco plead over your violent shrieks. The dark lord glared at Bellatrix to signal to stop torturing you. As soon as she did Draco ran over to you, small and barely noticeable tears running down his face. He lifted you up in his arms as you were unable to move. He carried you up the stairs, the death eaters behind you were all laughing. He ran you both into his room before placing you gently on his bed.
“Im so sorry (y/n), I had to. I couldn’t bare to watch you suffer like that. Im so sorry.” He continued to apologise for at least an hour before asking
“Can you ever forgive me?” He looked to you with heavy eyes “I love you so much (y/n)”
“I love you too” you were able to say as Draco embraced you in the tightest hug of your life. He was holding you as if you were his lifeline, which to him, you were.


This is still one of the absolute raddest things I’ve seen in my life.

A handful of undeniable musical legends playing one of the best pop/rock songs ever written and Mr. Rogers Nelson emerges with less than three minutes left and sandblasts the faces of the whole room down to buffed ivory with one of the most explosively smooth guitar solos in human history—"explosively smooth" being the kind of internally opposed descriptor that could only be applied to Prince.

I’ve seen it a hundred times and I never get tired of seeing the delight and disbelief on everyone’s faces. Coupled with how much fun you can see Prince having and the fact that at the end he throws one of the prettiest Telecasters anyone’s ever laid eyes on into the air and it DISAPPEARS into thin air. Fucking tucked into a cooler dimension in front of everyone’s eyes.

I read a comment a long time ago that referred to that act of sorcery as “disposing of the murder weapon” and my definition of cool has been indelibly altered ever since.

Such is the power of Prince that I harbor a fond memory of a comment on the internet.

My Final SWP Prediction:

[Spoilers through episode 13]

[Edit: I went back and rewatched with 99% subs to make sure I didn’t miss anything major. Everything I said below still stands.]

Before you read this, you might want to also read:

5 Reasons Siwon is ACTUALLY the First Lead of SWP

Obsessive First Love and the Zeigarnik Effect

I have just finished watching episode 13 with 64% subs, @agaggleoffandoms​ to help me read body language, and the minuscule amount of spoken Korean I understand. And I spent the entire episode thinking to myself, “I don’t know where the hell they’re going with all this sugary fluff, but it’s nowhere good.”

Then the final scene happened:

^^This scene, where SJ almost had a panic attack when HJ left his sight for less than 5 minutes.

^^And where he said this. With the saddest look in his eyes like he knows that something is very wrong but he can’t help himself anyway.

And I wanted to give one last prediction for the way this show is going to end, and what the final twist is. And I needed to plaster it somewhere on the internet, because we all know if I wait until after the show is over then I really didn’t know it all along, did I?

Here goes:

SJ is sick…no, not with some kind of terminal illness. I did entertain the possibility for a moment that the writers were going to kill him off, but that’s not it. And it’s not just that he has some kind of eating disorder and he’s working himself to death. Those are only symptoms of the actual problem.

SJ is mentally ill. And not just any run of the mill mental illness, but the Kdrama plot psychosis. The only kind of illness that he could possibly have that would force HJ to break up with him for his own good. His particular mental illness is such that he is obsessed with his first love. Obsessed with Kim Hye Jin in a pathological sense.

This is not SLS talking. I’m pretty sure that I can back this up…

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For RoyAi Week 2015 prompt: Telephone. (June 10)

Title: Tease

Summary: A little chat on the phone with ‘Elizabeth’ before Gluttony interrupts.


“Oh…hello Elizabeth.”  Roy Mustang pushed his chair away from his desk and leaned back with a smile on his face, completely ignoring the looks from the other officers in the room.

Roy, how are you today?” Riza rolled her eyes as she got into position in the abandoned warehouse with her sniper rifle.   She could just imagine the look on his face as he kicked back and twirled his finger around the phone cord and flirted, instead of tended to the mountain of paperwork she left him with.  She adjusted the headset she was wearing so it wouldn’t interfere with her rifle.

“Much better now that I get to hear your voice.”  Roy cooed.

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