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AVEX Pictures Export Ban

Are you a fan of Yuri!!! on ICE, Assassination Classroom, Osomatsu-san, King of Prism, and more? 

Unfortunately, AVEX Pictures, the publisher of these many anime titles are banning exports of only Blu-Rays, DVDs, and CDs. This restriction has been applied to all of the online shops in Japan, and will be placed in less than 24 hours ( Japan Time 6:00pm, February 15). Orders of BDs, DVDs and CDs will not go through after the indicated time. 

However, if you are desperate to get something , you have before Japan UTC+9 to get a copy on CDJAPAN.  All orders placed before the ban will go through normally. 

Products that have this under the description will be banned. 

Here is the email sent to CDJAPAN customers. 

If you want to support your favourite series, PLEASE go purchase a BD, DVD or CD before the ban is placed… 

madman400096  asked:

But it looked like the ratings were improving with The Loud House as a lead-in.

Ratings were never bad, just not what the network wanted. Especially when you consider they only aired the show for less than 15 hours total (including reruns) on Nick for all of 2016. And since our show isn’t a formula show, every episode is different. So sampling one episode doesn’t really give you a good sense of what the series is. The network completely gave up on us before we could ever get any traction. But that’s how it goes. Time to get out of there and work for their competition :)

Result of Famitsu's survey on NDRV3 (part 1)

Weekly famitsu did a big survey on NDRV3 before, and the results came up this week. If you are interested about how Japanese people think of NDRV3, here is the right place!

Since the article is very long, the post will be divided into two parts.

Put under readmore for immense length.

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I finally got around to taking ‘what’s in my school bag’ photos *slow clap*

So, without further ado, this is what is in my (very large, very heavy) school bag on a typical class followed by studying at the library day:

  1.  Binder: the binder I carry depends on the day, but this past week it’s been my MUN binder with all the study guides, ROPs and guidelines for the upcoming conference. On other days, I carry binders of class slides or notes.
  2. Notebook: this is a (very cheap) 5 subject notebook I use to make notes in class for 5 of the 8 modules I’m taking this semester. I decided to use a multi subject notebook since 5 of my classes are concentrated in just 2 days. This way, I only need to carry one notebook and don’t risk losing half my loose leaf notes by the end of the semester. For the rest of my modules, I use either a single subject notebook or binder.
  3. Folder: I always keep a folder in my bag for any handouts, loose leaf notes etc. I might need to carry
  4. Laptop: almost every time I go to the library, I have to have my laptop. I use it to make notes, research, listen to music, access pdf versions of my textbooks etc. I keep my laptop in a snap-on case from eBay and a sleeve by CaseLogic.
  5. Βullet journal: pretty self explanatory. I carry my journal everywhere. 
  6. Wallet: also self explanatory. Always need to have some cash on me! My wallet is from Stradivarius.
  7. Pencil pouch: this is my necessities pencil pouch. I keep basic blue and black pens, a couple of coloured pens, a couple of pencils and a set of skinny highlighters. I carry this pencil pouch everyday, and only if I’m going to the library I might carry extra pens/highlighters (see No9)
  8. Make-up pouch: this is my makeup/necessities pouch. I keep things like lip balm, hand sanitiser, bobby pins, hair ties, lipstick, wipes etc. It looks small but there is a lot in this (seriously, I could make a separate post on all the things in this). This pouch is glittery silver and it’s from Shiseido. 
  9. Stabilo .88 mini set: this is a set of stabilo fineliners I got at the supermarket. They’re very small, compact and neatly organized so if I know I’ll be making notes I will carry these alongside my pencil pouch.
  10. Sunglasses: self explanatory. My sunglasses are by Rayban and they are the wayfarer design. 
  11. ID/cards holder: this is a little notebook style card holder where I keep my ID, student ID, debit card, bus pass, metro card, membership cards etc. This this is a lifesaver - in case I loose my waller or it is stolen it saves me the trouble of re-issuing all of my cards.
  12. Headphones +iPod: self explanatory. My iPod is not pictured cause I was using it to take pictures. 
  13. Phone: also self explanatory. My phone is a Nokia Lumia 930.
  14. Not pictured: travel mug: I cannot live without coffee so my mug goes with me everywhere.

That’s it! This is what I carry with me to uni 99% of the time. I realise this looks like a lot - and it is. But I spend long hours at school and the library, as I can never get work done at home. Luckily, I live close to university, so I only commute for 15-30′ one way - less than an hour total. However, my bags are getting increasingly heavy so I am considering a backpack. So far, I am thinking of getting the Jansport Right Pack. Let me know what you think if you’ve used it - or any similar backpacks :) 

Another thing that I absolutely cannot believe is the fact that I’m turning 21 in less than 48 hours?? I still feel and look like I’m 15, as if I’ll be forever stuck in the year 2010, barely anything has changed since then. I still get asked for my ID occasionally because of my baby face lmao.

Monday: A Bonkai One Shot


(A Bonkainky One Shot)

By V.C.Turner

Kai stared as Bonnie exited the bathroom in her silk robe. His mouth watered. He thought the numerous times they’d made love over the weekend would satiate his hunger for her, but it wasn’t enough. He wanted more. He needed more.

The softness of her skin. The taste of her lips. His cock twitched at the thought of plunging inside her again this early Monday morning. He’d become addicted and the only way he could manage his predicament is to get her addicted as well.

“Come back to bed,” he cajoled, sitting up and scooting to the edge of the bed, his painful hard-on pointing directly at her.

He was certain Bonnie was purposely torturing him with desire. He didn’t mind, but he needed to turn the tables on her. She shouldn’t have this much control over his body, his mind, and … while he hated to admit it… his heart.

She smiled at him and pretended to continue her morning regimen of brushing out her hair and putting on the cocoa butter lotion that drove him insane with want.

“I have a class in half an hour,” Bonnie asserted, as she watched him in the reflection of her mirror.

He could smell her lotion, her perfume, and her arousal from across the room. She toyed with him. Truly unfair of her, but he basked in the torment she provided, eager for her tiny body to be molded to his own.

“Skip it, he insisted, the naked warlock leaning back and resting his elbows on the mattress.

They had spent less than 15 minutes wearing clothes over the past 72 hours. Why should he bother with getting dressed at this point?

“I can’t,” insisted Bonnie, but he could hear the indecision in her voice.

“What’s more important than spending another day in bed with me?” Kai asked, looking her up and down like the gourmet feast he was fully intent on savoring in a few minutes.

Bonnie stood and sauntered over to him with a level of seduction only she possessed. Her graceful stride showed confidence, but caution. She continued to battle between the good girl everyone knew, and the bad girl he met in bed.

“Nothing is more important. It’s just that I need this Modern Art class to graduate, even if it is an elective,” she pointed out.

“An elective,” he said, “Then I think you can ‘elect’ to skip it today.”

Bonnie played with the narrow belt holding her robe closed. She slowly slid the fabric through her fingers, making sure to watch Kai’s expression as she did so.

Kai, barely maintaining composure, grasped her hands and placed them at her sides. He slid her belt from its flimsy loops and placed it on the bed. He then opened her robe, exposing her sweet skin to his wanton gaze.

Kai licked his lips and waited a moment, his hot breath brushing against her stomach and making her whisper his name in a useless attempt to resist him.

He planted gentle kisses along her stomach as he ran his right hand along the inside of her leg until his fingertips felt the heat radiating from her sex.

“Patience is a virtue,” he said, “Too bad I’m not a virtuous man.”

The words left his lips right before he sank his middle finger into her already wet depths. Bonnie nearly collapsed onto him, bracing herself on his shoulders as he delved deeper and explored every inch of her treasure; claiming it as his own.

He used the pad of his thumb to tease her clit while his other finger stimulated her G-spot. She panted above him, leaning even further as her knees threatened to buckle.

As a result, her exposed breasts lowered just enough to meet his lips. He sucked one areola into his mouth, flicking it with his tongue until it turned as rock hard as his cock. He then gave the other breast equal attention.

She groaned and began to slowly grind against his hand, but he refused to let her pick up the pace and edge closer to her release. He needed her to be just as delirious with desire has he was.

He pulled his finger out, placing it in his mouth and savoring her sweetness as he watched her eyes cloud over with lust.

Kai ran his hands up her torso, caressing each breast, gently and briefly. He tugged the robe from her shoulders and stared at her naked before him.

“Now this – this is Modern Art,” he said.

Kai grabbed the silk belt from her robe and wrapped it around her mid-section. As he did, he pulled her onto the bed with him, positing her so that her aching core hovered over his smirking face.

Without wasting any time, he pulled her down onto mouth and began relentlessly sucking and lapping at her clit. He used the tie from the robe to hold her in place. She couldn’t move from him. She wasn’t allowed to have any respite from the pleasure he was giving her.

Her pants turned into groans. Her groans, turned into moans. Her moans turned into screams of his name.

She tried to rock against his tongue to take herself over the peak, but he wouldn’t let her. Each time she came closer to orgasm, he slowed the pace of his tongue, and focused on taking longer strokes caressed her labia but only barely grazed her clit.

Bonnie’s breathing became erratic. She’d come close to the edge and he always found a way to pull her back, fucking her with his tongue and sucking her clit with his lips.

Just as she began to shudder above him, he suddenly released her, flipping onto his stomach and getting on his knees behind her. He brushed her hair from her neck and placed tiny love bites on her shoulder as he stroked his cock against her wetness, teasing them both.

“No, no, no, pretty lady. We’re in this together. You don’t get to come without me,” he said into her ear.

Kai used the soft belt to pin her back to his chest. He then pulled her onto his ridged length. Her tight pussy welcomed him, as it always did. Bonnie was sweet heaven in a tiny little body. He never wanted to get used to that sensation.

He always needed Bonnie to be the daily surprise he could never deserve.

He held her tightly to him with the belt of the robe and slid into her slowly at first, picking up the pace and slowing down as he continued to hold her in place.

“Kai?” she moaned, “Please let me come.”

“I will,” he said as he slid in and out of her while he rotated his hips with each thrust.

The slapping of her thighs landing on his filled the room. The sound intoxicated him. He never wanted it to end.

Kai Parker genuinely didn’t care if he passed out, or even died, just as long as he was deep inside Bonnie Bennett when it happened.

She clutched his thighs, her movements becoming uncoordinated as she lost control. He knew she was close and so was he.

Using all the willpower he could muster he slowed his pace to prolong the pleasure for a few more precious seconds.

“You know what I want to hear Bonnie,” he growled into her neck, “Say it for me.”

Bonnie, panting and short of breath, hesitated although she knew what he wanted to hear.

“This – oh god – I – mmm, Kai please,” she groaned as he thrust deep inside to stimulate her G spot even more.

“Just say it,” he said, slowing his pace to as he placed a hot kiss on her already steaming hot neck.

Kai clutched her hips and pounded into her again to punctuate his statement. He fought back his own release so he could share it with her.

“Yes…. oh …. fuck, Yes,” she screamed.

“Yes, what?”

“Yes, I’ll marry you,” she screamed, “Now let me come before I kill you.”

He kissed her jaw.

“That’s all I needed to hear,” he said.

He let go of the belt and flipped them both over so he was on top. He plunged into her again, this time rocking into steadily as he kissed her lips.

The sensations built up until their mutual orgasms exploded between them. He cried out her name as she cried out his.

Exhausted, he toppled over to her left side and pulling her to him even though his skin seemed to burn from the heat of their passion.

“See,” he said, panting on his back, drenched in sweat and giddy, “That wasn’t so hard, was it?”

Bonnie chuckled as she rolled toward him and laid her damp head on his damp shoulder.

“You fucked a ‘Yes’ out of me Kai,” she said, smiling.

“I always fuck a ‘Yes’ out of you, Bonnie,” he retorted, “But…”

She sat up on her elbow to look in his eyes.

“But what?” she panted, still trying to catch her breath.

“This ‘Yes’ was my favorite,” he said.


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Request from anon: Hello I was wondering if you could do a angst/smut of JB from got7? You could write it however you want thank you 

Jaebum, my love. I had a time writing this. I hope you enjoy, anon! Thank you for requesting!

JB - Got7
Synopsis: A rift in a relationship, make up sex ?
Genre: Angst/Smut
Word Count: 3062 (my longest one y’all)

Originally posted by sugaglos

(gif rights belong to original poster)


        It started with an article. An article on one of those stupid K-POP news websites that like to start drama. They live off of it. Literally. “Got7’s JB Caught up in Romance Scandal!?” Normally, you would have been fine. Most websites who post articles to conjure up drama have little to no evidence. But this one, however, this one was different. It was very clearly Jaebum and very clearly some girl at a party he attended in L.A. It wouldn’t have been a big deal, if it weren’t for the evidence this one included. Multiple pictures and a snapchat story. You weren’t the jealous type. You knew Jaebum was an idol and he would always be surrounded by other idols, most of who were pretty, slim and talented. Many of those adjectives you wouldn’t necessarily apply to yourself. The woman in the picture though, she wasn’t an idol. Just some random girl. Most likely one of Marks friends. She was beautiful to say the least. Idol beautiful. Her arms wrapped around Jaebums waist smiling as wide as she could. His arm naturally around hers, a small grin placed on his lips. The picture was fine, sure you were a little agitated, but it was tolerable. How could they say he was in a romance scandal when it was just this? Your thumb automatically scrolling further into the post. That’s when the snapchat video popped up. Hesitantly, you hit play.

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Hangover( Part II): Tom Holland x Black Reader

Part 2 of The Hangover

Haz and Tom come up missing after the bachelor party…

Y/F/N= Your friends name

This shit gets a bit wild, not nearly as wild as the movie itself but you’ve been warned😂😂😂

“I can’t believe them!” Your best friend screamed! “Honey calm down. I’m sure those idiots are somewhere.”

You tried not to panic because you figured that it wouldn’t be good for the baby. You tried to call Tom for the 5th time, “Hi this is Tom. Sorry-” You huffed and hung up.  

“They have only been in Vega for less than 15 hours and they already come up missing!”

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Rainbows Don’t Pay The Bills: Workers on Verge of Strike at the Los Angeles LGBT Center
"I’m not even the lowest paid worker there, but I still qualify for public housing."

As one of the largest LGBTQI organizations in the country, Los Angeles’ LGBT Center should counter the systems of inequality that have left so many in our communities without financial security and a safe home. Instead, the Center is perpetuating those systems of inequality within its very organizational structure.

The LGBT Center employs hundreds of LGBTQI workers; yet, it pays many of those workers poverty wages. Over half of the Center’s hourly workers are paid less than $15 an hour—salaries so low that these workers qualify for CalFresh food stamps, housing voucher programs, and other forms of public assistance. While staff struggle to make ends meet, the Center’s CEO, Lorri L. Jean pays herself an annual salary of $440,000, and another $60,000 in bonuses—making her one of the highest paid LGBTQ organizational directors in the country.

‬How can the Center be entrusted to care for our community and advocate for a more fair society when those in charge display a blatant disregard for their own workforce, most of whom are LGBTQI themselves?

‬What weight does the Center’s equality discourse have when queer folks—especially those who are marginalized by race, class, disability, and immigration status—continue to be kept down by dangerously low wages?

This is incredibly important and I urge you to read the entire article. You can’t claim to fight for justice if you don’t pay your workers just wages. 

Valid Estate Guide to Bluffs Cape Fear, North Carolina

If you are looking for the fully realized sink to go to sleep or buy a second home, the Bluffs on Cape Fear, North Carolina may be exactly what superego want. The Bluffs are near Wilmington, NC in the beautiful coastal area. People have always loved upon accost to this area because of the stunning natural beauty and the many attractions to yield discrete hierarchy and tastes.

The Bluffs on Cape Fear is a new love entity developed with bevy exclusive main features for the residents. This clique community consists of 600 in consideration of 700 acres of rolling tree covered scape. There will be approximately 700 lots and home sites. It offers sure thing seclusion for relaxation yet is still close to outside attractions.

The Bluffs horseback the Cape Fear Brooklet

Comely on the Cape Fear River, this weakness is accessible in the Atlantic Superabundance and the Intra-coastal Waterway. Oneself is only 15 miles from downtown Wilmington, NC, and less than an hour from many beaches. It is close so as to all the attractions available in this bully NC coastal locus. There is a host of outdoor and indoor activities for the whole family.

Located far out Brunswick County, the Bluffs on Toga Fear will have being a popular area for the baby boomers in their retirement. Brunswick County has been rated in the cloud nine 10 beach awol spots for families. Activities rapport the field of study include hiking, sculling, fishing, beaches, and golf. There are museums and fine dining, parks, and shopping insofar as every member of the family.

Excellent accommodations all for Residents

The Bluffs on Cape Diffidence resoluteness be solid by means of wealthy point of etiquette for everyone towards run and enjoy. These will be in propinquity so the many recreational pleasures available at this deluge front community. These include a in camera take the ground club, travel by water appurtenances, nature trails and a swim and tennis center. Also there passion be boat and RV storage for the resident’s convenience.

There are lots and home sites currently in furtherance of sale. By buying NC pre-construction, you can reserve your spot now. Your preferred site will be waiting in preparation for yourself rather you are teachable so that unite in. Because in relation to the high price appreciation in this area, it is the perfect NC investment property. The Bluffs at Wilmington, NC is part of this valuable coastal alodium.

Invest in Property Now

Now would be the lords of creation time to buy messuage at the Bluffs on Cape Fear. Property values are sure to go up in the years to reprimand and will never be found at these rates again. The potential in this field of inquiry for enhancement and economic growth has hardly been touched. Because of its popularity identically a running away spot, many state are deciding to hive there. The metropolitan of Wilmington, NC has already put plans in motion to aggrandize shopping areas and so as to put in a new bridge insomuch as easier grand mal to beaches.

The scenery at The Bluffs on Cape Fear is filmic and perfect for a retirement or second range. The article is the ideal armored tactics property whether you want to live there now or on good terms the future.


Explosions in Brussels, Belgium, leave 26 dead, 130 injured

Multiple reports confirm that two explosions in the departure hall of Brussels Zaventem airport have killed at least 11 people and injured 81 more on Tuesday morning. Another explosion in Brussels less than an hour later at Maalbeek Metro station killed at least 15 and injured 55 more, officials say, bringing the death toll from the explosions in the city to at least 26, with 136 more people injured.

Though no group has yet taken credit for the deadly explosions, the timing of the blasts occurs just four days after a major terror arrest in the city. This is a developing story.