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100 Photography Tips - Eric Kim

I read this multiple times a week.

1. Just because someone has an expensive camera doesn’t mean that they’re a good photographer.
2. Always shoot in RAW. Always.
3. Prime lenses help you learn to be a better photographer.
4. Photo editing is an art in itself
5. The rule of thirds works 99% of the time.
6. Macro photography isn’t for everybody.
7. UV filters work just as well as lens caps.
8. Go outside and shoot photos rather than spending hours a day on photography forums.
9. Capture the beauty in the mundane and you have a winning photograph.
10. Film isn’t better than digital.
11. Digital isn’t better than film.
12. There is no “magic” camera or lens.
13. Better lenses don’t give you better photos.
14. Spend less time looking at other people’s work and more time shooting your own.
15. Don’t take your DSLR to parties.
16. Being a photographer is sexy.
17. Making your photos b/w doesn’t automatically make them “artsy”
18. People will always discredit your work if you tell them you “photoshop” your images. Rather, tell them that you process them in the “digital darkroom”.
19. You don’t need to take a photo of everything.
20. Have at least 2 backups of all your images. Like they say in war, two is one, one is none.
21. Ditch the neck strap and get a handstrap.
22. Get closer when taking your photos, they often turn out better.
23. Be a part of a scene while taking a photo; not a voyeur.
24. Taking a photo crouched often make your photos look more interesting.
25. Worry less about technical aspects and focus more on compositional aspects of photography.
26. Tape up any logos on your camera with black gaffers tape- it brings a lot less attention to you.
27. Always underexpose by 2/3rds of a stop when shooting in broad daylight.
28. The more photos you take, the better you get.
29. Don’t be afraid to take several photos of the same scene at different exposures, angles, or apertures.
30. Only show your best photos.
31. A point-and-shoot is still a camera.
32. Join an online photography forum.
33. Critique the works of others.
34. Think before you shoot.
35. A good photo shouldn’t require explanation (although background information often adds to an image). *
36. Alcohol and photography do not mix well.
37. Draw inspiration from other photographers but never worship them.
38. Grain is beautiful.
39. Ditch the photo backpack and get a messenger bag. It makes getting your lenses and camera a whole lot easier.
40. Simplicity is key.
41. The definition of photography is: “painting with light.” Use light in your favor.
42. Find your style of photography and stick with it.
43. Having a second monitor is the best thing ever for photo processing.
44. Silver EFEX pro is the best b/w converter.
45. Carry your camera with you everywhere. Everywhere.
46. Never let photography get in the way of enjoying life.
47. Don’t pamper your camera. Use and abuse it.
48. Take straight photos.
49. Shoot with confidence.
50. Photography and juxtaposition are best friends.
51. Print out your photos big. They will make you happy.
52. Give your photos to friends.
53. Give them to strangers.
54. Don’t forget to frame them.
55. Costco prints are cheap and look great.
56. Go out and take photos with (a) friend(s).
57. Join a photo club or start one for yourself.
58. Photos make great presents.
59. Taking photos of strangers is thrilling.
60. Candid>Posed.
61. Natural light is the best light.
62. 35mm (on full frame) is the best “walk-around” focal length.
63. Don’t be afraid to bump up your ISO when necessary.
64. You don’t need to always bring a tripod with you everywhere you go (hell, I don’t even own one).
65. It is always better to underexpose than overexpose.
66. Shooting photos of homeless people in an attempt to be “artsy” is exploitation.
67. You will find the best photo opportunities in the least likely situations.
68. Photos are always more interesting with the human element included.
69. You can’t “photoshop” bad images into good ones.
70. Nowadays everybody is a photographer.
71. You don’t need to fly to Paris to get good photos; the best photo opportunities are in your backyard.
72. People with DSLRS who shoot portraits with their grip pointed downwards look like morons.
73. Cameras as tools, not toys.
74. In terms of composition, photography and painting aren’t much different.
75. Photography isn’t a hobby- it’s a lifestyle.
76. Make photos, not excuses.
77. Be original in your photography. Don’t try to copy the style of others.
78. The best photographs tell stories that begs the viewer for more.
79. Any cameras but black ones draw too much attention.
80. The more gear you carry around with you the less you will enjoy photography.
81. Good self-portraits are harder to take than they seem.
82. Laughter always draws out peoples’ true character in a photograph.
83. Don’t look suspicious when taking photos- blend in with the environment.
84. Landscape photography can become dull after a while.
85. Have fun while taking photos.
86. Never delete any of your photos.
87. Be respectful when taking photos of people or places.
88. When taking candid photos of people in the street, it is easier to use a wide-angle than a telephoto lens.
89. Travel and photography are the perfect pair.
90. Learn how to read a histogram.
91. A noisy photo is better than a blurry one.
92. Don’t be afraid to take photos in the rain.
93. Learn how to enjoy the moment, rather than relentlessly trying to capture the perfect picture of it.
94. Never take photos on an empty stomach.
95. You will discover a lot about yourself through your photography.
96. Never hoard your photographic insight- share it with the world.
97. Never stop taking photos
98. Photography is more than simply taking photos, it is a philosophy of life
99. Capture the decisive moment
100. Write your own list.

  • Me on the first day of summer: let's see... I have a book project that I want to complete by mid-july, I live less than half an hour from Kings Island, I have a pool, and I can see my friends at any time for 14 weeks! Time to go outside and have some fun!
  • Anime: exists
  • Video games: exists
  • Manga: exists
  • Fanfiction: exists
  • Me: nevermind then
My Thoughts

Unfortunately my goal to write something everyday was postponed because of the recent weather we’ve experienced in my city. Devastation at every corner has a way of humbling us all and evening us out. It shows us the strength of the human race when love and kindness are at the cornerstone of our actions. I’ve experienced trauma with the sheer magnitude of what happened and being displaced from my home. My 14 year old daughter looked at me at said, “Mom, our life completely changed in less than an hour”. She is right we won’t go back to the way things were but I have to look at this like a beginning. We have a long road ahead but I’m so thankful we are together and alive. Everything else will have to be handled but I’m beyond humbled and thankful for all those I know and strangers who have given us support, hotel room, clothes, money, prayers, contact, and working together beyond me to help others. This experience has changed me and I know it’s for the better.

The Way You Move// Kim Yugyeom (Part 13)

Pairing: Yugeyom x Reader

Genre: Romance, Smut

Summary: @morsalinou said:
Your rrequest are open omgggg ok,…. I will try requesting simething for the first time here😅 hmm can i request a smut (🙊💕) where yugyeom sees you dancing in a competition (like hit the stage) or you dance with him you can decide (this weeks theme is love did you watch this show btw😍) and the rest is up to you! I’m so nervous omg😲😂

Author’s Note:  Sorry for the lack of updates! Also, sorry for the length of this chapter, it’s short, but only because it’s a filler chapter! Enjoy it nonetheless!

xoxo Sara

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 - Part 8 - Part 9  -

Part 10 - Part 11 - Part 12 - Part 13 - Part 14  - Part 15 - Final

Soon, Wednesday had rolled around. You didn’t understand how time could go by both so quickly, yet so pain-stakingly slow. You felt your strain getting better and better each day, the swelling and coloring going down immensely after having to ice it for no less than 16 hours a day.

Bambam came over often to hang out with you, after Yugyeom left to go to dance practice with his temporary partner each morning. You had met his temporary partner the first day he began to practice with her, which was not long ago. She seemed nice enough, and her skills were impeccable, you were sure she wasn’t in this competition and that maybe she was an extra, or a student teacher of some sort. She was quite beautiful, too; her hair looked nice and soft as if it had never been touched, and she always wore a sweet smile on her face, keeping a bright and positive attitude throughout your meeting with her.

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Misery Never Goes Out Of Style: Chapter 1

Pairing: Eventual G Dragon x Reader. 

Rating: Fluff.

Word Count: 1,945

Warnings: None, yet. 

Author’s Note: Um… this is going to hurt. You have been warned k-pop biddies.

Listening to Mind Over Matter by Young The Giant

Here’s the Misery Never Goes Out Of Style Masterlist

Here’s my masterlist.. but it’s mostly Supernatural

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Hockey Camp - Auston Matthews (Part 16)

Auston Matthews x Reader

Word Count: 1616

Warnings: None??

A/N: So this story is slowly starting to wind down - I’m nearly at 31k words at this point, and so I think I will try to fit in the rest of what I have planned in the next four chapters! Thank you so very much to all of you who have supported me through this writing process, it’s been a ton of fun, and your enthusiasm has really helped me stay motivated :) hope you enjoy!

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5] [Part 6] [Part 7] [Part 8] [Part 9] [Part 10] [Part 11] [Part 12] [Part 13] [Part 14] [Part 15]


“Alright, listen up. This is how it’s gonna go.”

You’re balanced attentively on one knee in front of the coach, along with everyone else. There’s less than one week left of camp, and on the last weekday, the scouts are coming to assess their top picks.

“This Friday is scouting day, as you’re all aware. A very important day, for many of you. The scouting sessions will be divided into boys and girls respectively, and each session will be run as a three-hour event. The first hour will be dedicated to a fitness test, which will examine your standing long-jump, shuttle runs, anaerobic and aerobic fitness, as well as other activities outlined in your dryland training. Afterwards, there will be a two hour break in which you can try to catch your breath,” the coach explains, laughing humourlessly. “And then we’ll move onto our on-ice portion. The first half hour will be dedicated to skating drills, the second to passing and defensive play, the third to shooting and offensive play, and the final thirty minutes will consist of a scrimmage in which you will be divided into teams. These will be posted outside the arena the morning of the event.”

Everyone glances around at each other, curious to know who they will be playing with. But you know even though they may be labelled as your teammates, there will be no friends out on the ice come Friday. This is it. You know the CWHL scouts had shown some interest in you during your past two years in your junior league, but the practice on Friday will make or break their decision to draft you. You have to be the best you had ever been. There were no chances for mistakes.

“Please be aware that there will be representatives from the CWHL, the newly re-formed NWHL, the CHL and AHL, the Swiss National League, and the NHL attending your practices on Friday, and so I expect no foul play. They want to see if you can be the latest addition to their club, and if you are able to play a clean, skilled, and respectful game. If you can do that, and meet the individual requirements for their specific team, then contracts may be offered out to you on Sunday.”

Excitement ripples through the players surrounding you. You’re not the only one with dreams of making it to the professional leagues.

“However, do keep in mind that there are limited spots available in the leagues, and that attending this camp does not guarantee you a spot on any team, or even to be considered for one. If you are not selected this year, we welcome you to attend the tryouts in June to be invited back for next year’s camp. Is that all clear?” the coach asks.

Everyone nods.

“Alright, enough chit-chat. Let’s get to work!” He taps his stick on the ground and everyone scatters, lining up for the regular warm-up drill.

Practice is brutal, and is also forty-five minutes longer than usual, as the instructors agreed that for the next three days, extended ice time was needed to keep everyone sharp for Friday. Dryland follows in the same manner, and you’re pushed to your limits - both physically and mentally.

When the day is finally done, you’re soaked in sweat, hair plastered to the back of your neck, and face red from exertion. Auston is much the same, and the two of you collapse next to the hose beside the changerooms.

“I don’t think I’m going to make it to Friday,” Auston groans, leaning his head back against the wall.

You laugh, stretching out your sore legs in front of you. “It’s been awful. But just think, on Thursday, we get a break.”

He looks over at you dubiously. “Maybe for everyone else, but I’d bet Mitch’s car that you’ll be doing sprints out on this field while the rest of us are sleeping.”

You grin. “You’re right - almost. I’ll be doing sprints, but don’t think I won’t be dragging you out here with me.”

“Why did I think it was a good idea to date you?”

“I’m not sure. Must’ve been my irresistible charm that fooled you.”

“Must be some sort of charm - it’s getting me to do sprints on my day off.”

You reach up and kiss his cheek. “You don’t have to come if you don’t want to.”

“Nah, I’ll come. I’ll suffer through it for my girl.” He grabs your hand and squeezes it.

Your heart swells at his statement. My girl.

“What?” he asks, searching your eyes. “You went all quiet on me.”

“I’m just so glad you’re in my life,” you say honestly and a smile stretches across his face.

“Me too,” he agrees, bending down slightly to kiss you.

Before you know it, it’s Thursday. (Aka the last day before your future is determined). Instead of doing sprints, you and Auston decided to take a hike through the miles of forest surrounding the camp. You’re both exhausted from the hard days of training and Steph mentioned that her and Mitch had found a nice spot on top a cliff to look down at everything. And so, the two of you have packed up some healthy snacks and water and are making the journey to the look-out.

The sun has just begun to lower in the sky, and the cool evening breeze drifts in between the trees, ruffling your hair slightly. It’s the calm before the storm.

“Hey, Y/N, I think I found it!” Auston calls out from up ahead.

You quicken your stride and walk up the steep hill to where he’s standing, pointing triumphantly. Sure enough, when you draw even with him, you can see the entire camp laid out beneath you, nestled in the heart of the valley. When you squint your eyes hard enough, you can make out the ant-like forms of campers walking to and from the mess hall.

“What a view.” You whistle.

“Yeah, it’s pretty amazing. I’m glad Steph told you about this.”

You smile warmly at him. “Should we eat?”

“Yes, definitely. I’m starving.”

You both sit beside each other on a flat rock, and pull out some protein bars, fruit and nut mix, and other feel-good snacks. You eat and chat, watching the sun sink below the horizon and spread brilliant colours across the sky.

Naturally, the conversation drifts to hockey.

“What teams do you think will offer you a contract tomorrow?” you ask him in between bites.

He’s shocked by your bluntness. “I’m not sure if I’ll even get offered one.”

“Auston, stop being modest. You know you’re one of the best - if not the best person at camp.”

He flushes red, but you can tell he knows your words hold nothing but the truth. “I’m not sure.”

You give him a look.

“Alright, fine. I’ve been contacted before by some Canadian teams in the CHL and some teams out west in the AHL, so I figure I’ll end up some place in either of those leagues. They mentioned me on the NHL website last season for being ‘a prospect to watch’, so I suspect I’ll play in the minors for a year or so and then move up to the NHL when the time comes. I mean, I can’t play in the NHL next season anyways - my birthday cuts me off from this year’s draft by two days.”

You nod, taking it all in. You know he’s going to have teams fighting over him. Selfishly, you wish that wherever he ends up is close to you.

“So what about you, superstar? Which teams are going to be up in arms over you?”

You roll your eyes. “I’ve been scouted a couple times before by Buffalo and New York, but Toronto has also shown some interest in me.”

“Which would you choose - say if they all offer you a spot tomorrow?”

“Toronto,” you respond without hesitation. “The city practically lives and breathes hockey, and I want to be a part of that. Plus, the Leafs have always been my dad’s favourite club, so in a way, it would be like I would be playing for his team.”

“Yeah, I get that. I’m kind of the same way about the Coyotes. I want to show that an American boy from out west can play just as well as all the Ontarian, ice-bred boys from Canada that dominate the league. The rink I played on growing up was only a couple minutes away from the Coyotes’ arena, and every time I drive past it, I’m reminded of that goal I’ve had since I was four.”

You reach over and take his hand. “We’re both going to do great tomorrow. All our hard work will pay off - I know it. So we can’t stress too much about it, and just do our best, because that’s what matters most.”

“Wow.” He turns to you, surprise in his voice. “Who knew that the self-doubting, train-till-you-drop, hockey-is-my-entire-life girl from the start of camp would be saying that.”

You smile and nestle your head into his shoulder. “Sometimes it just takes someone to come into your life and open your eyes a little bit, to show you what’s really important.”

He smiles down at you, his brown eyes warm and affectionate. “I’m glad I could help,” he says, and presses a kiss to your head.

“I wasn’t talking about you, I was talking about Mitch.”

“Oh sorry - my bad. Now I get your newfound ketchup obsession.”

You both laugh at his bad joke and then fall into a comfortable silence, leaning against each other as you watch the night close in over the camp.

[Part 17]

Air travel should be one of the most amazing achievements in human history. But now, jokes about airline human rights violations have replaced jokes about airline food, and that’s only the beginning. From underpaid TSA agents rolling their eyes at your every word to overbooked flights to the kind of minuscule leg room that forces your knees into your torso, flying is a hassle from start to finish.

Fortunately, there’s a whole world of consumer goods designed to make air travel feel slightly less heinous.

What could be more essential than a smartphone on a 14-hour transatlantic flight? A smartphone filled with hooch, that’s what. This i-facsimile can hold up to five shots of booze, so you can enjoy your flight with the utmost discretion. It also includes a collapsible shot glass, meaning making friends with the person next to you is going to get a whole lot easier. Get the iFlask for $21.95.

10 Ways To Make Air Travel Suck Just A Little Bit Less

Friendly Reminder to tip your baristas extra in the next two weeks (5/4/17 - 5/14/17)

This job is already stressful with custom and complicated orders. We’re going to be stretched thin, and expected to make several hundred frappuccinos within the space of a few hours. Typically, we make less than half of that during that timeframe.  Even those that aren’t scheduled for it will be feeling the pressure as they are expected to prepare us with lots of backups and do all the preparation work so we can have as smooth of a time as possible.

So please, if you appreciate your baristas, even if you aren’t going during that time frame, PLEASE tip them extra!! If you have an extremely complicated order, tip them TWICE extra. We’re already exhausted, and this thing is happening on the tailwind of an advertised frappuccino that no one has anymore, to my knowledge. 

Some other things:

  • Tip them with food, if you feel like doing something special. Believe it or not, we’re tired of all the work food. Even bringing in cupcakes or fruit platters will be appreciated. Also, we will appreciate you more for the thoughtfulness of it. Not even joking.
  • do NOT order any “secret menu” items without the recipe. You will waste your time, our time, and the time of the thousand people behind you, looking it up. 
    • we are not going to know the recipe. 
  • actually, just don’t order any secret menu items that are more than three ingredients.
  • mind your manners. We’re exhausted, tired, stressed, and anxious about this. Even low-volume stores are anticipated to make a few hundred frappuccinos during this event. Treat us like humans, not automatons. Treat us with the same level of respect and courtesy that you want to be treated. [This goes for ALL times, but be ESPECIALLY mindful during the next two weeks]
15 things every college Freshman should hear!

1. Do Not skip class. Period. End of Story. Not only do some profs do pop attendance checks, there are direct links to studying and class performance.

2. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Everyone is new at some point, you’re not going to look stupid. Professors are literally paid to help you learn… take advantage of it.


4. Don’t Skip Assignments! Keep track of when things are due, do them ahead of time, and turn them in on time.

5. Find a Student Organization to become a part of. Life on campus is way more fun through an organized group, especially with likeminded people. Plus, it’s a great way to make friends.

6. If there isn’t an organization that interests you, make one. Every university allows students to create organizations, and it could be a great way to become well known on campus.

7. DO NOT stay up late! you’ll thank me later. Nothing past midnight on a weekday has ever been worth it.

8. Always be prepared for class! You can’t just show up, you need pens and paper… and sometimes coffee. 

9. You can eat food in class, I know, crazy. You can go to the bathroom whenever the hell you feel like it (so please don’t ask your prof, just go)

10. I spent over $200 dollars a week on food alone! don’t go out to eat all the time, hit up the grocery, buy some ramen and microwave soup. It doesn’t taste as good as Qdoba every single day, but the money is really nice.


12. Don’t put things off, especially huge research papers. It takes less than an hour a day to get some quality sources put together ahead of time!

13. You can’t study constantly. Take a brain-break every once in a while. Get some fresh air, exercise, talk to someone (God forbid)

14. Don’t freak out. I know everything is super different, and you may not know a ton of people. But this isn’t high school anymore, we’re all adults. We’ve all been there, and we’re all willing to help. Just don’t be afraid to ask. 

15. Have a little self confidence, it’s good for you!

All-Night Liason...Part 2

(Part 1  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6)

The entire case was a test on Aaron’s focus.  Between the missing children and knowing what was lying just beyond your layers of clothing, by the time the case was wrapped up, Aaron was exhausted.

All seven children were found, though three were in the intensive care unit at the hospital downtown.

It had taken less than 14 hours for you to piece together what was going on.  Between your knowledge of the lines of the poems, your knowledge of the time period in which they were transcribed, and the knowledge of the authors themselves (which shocked even Reid), you were able to aid them in putting together a profile as well as figure out the places that he was holding each of the children.

Aaron felt it best for you to not understand that the children were strapped to bombs.

He figured it would shift your focus and make you nervous.

And you had ended up thanking him for that.

Slumping off into a corner as you turn your head to the wall, you lean it up against the cool surface as you close your eyes, your jaw clenching shut as your chest lightly heaves.

You were so very thankful he left that bit of information out.

You felt your emotions slowly careening out of control.  You kept picturing those helpless children, strapped to chairs in dark places, crying for their parents while red numbers ticked down on their chests.

You felt your hand raise to your chest as you clench the fabric of your button down top, your lip quivering as-

“Y/N?” Aaron coos lowly.

Feeling your breath catch in your throat, you swallow your whimper audibly as you straighten up, praising yourself for not allowing your tears to fall as you give yourself a few good blinks before slowly turning in his direction.

“Yes, Agent Hotchner?” you respond.

Staring at each other in silence, the tension wrapping around the two of you, as if trying to push the two of you closer together, his eyes study your face closely before his brows un-stitch themselves as his face softens ever so lightly.

“Thank you for your help this evening,” he says kindly.

“It’s not a problem.  I just hope those kids are gonna be alright,” you muse.

“They’ll be just fine, thanks to you.”

Nodding as your eyes drag down to his chest, you take in a deep breath through your nose as you feel the eyes of his team slowly raking over to the corner where the two of you stood.

“Well, it’s quite late in the afternoon, and we have been up all night,” you emphasize.

“And much sleep wasn’t had the night before, either,” Aaron muses, watching for your reaction.

But try as you might, the breath you took in trembled your jaw anyway.

“All the more reason to head to our respective homes and get some rest,” you breathe, stepping to his side as your arm brushes up against his.

Aaron couldn’t deny the slight hope that extinguished in his stomach as he watched you walk towards the glass doors of the bullpen.

What was he assuming?  That you would just jump into his arms and come home with him again?  That you would willingly peel off your clothes for him so he could feel your soft features underneath his fingertips?  That you would fall asleep in his arms and actually stay?

He wasn’t sure what he was thinking, but by the time he had settled on asking you out for a coffee, just to talk, you were already inside of the elevator, the doors closing on your figure as his haggard frame stands crooked in the shade of the corner you were just in.

“You ok, Hotch?” Morgan asks, walking over towards him as Hotch knits his brows back together.

“Yeah.  I’m alright.  Tell everyone to go home.  Get some rest.  It’s been a very long day, and we can take care of paperwork tomorrow.”

And as Morgan muttered his response, his voice far off in the background, Aaron was already heading for the stairs, slumping his way up to his office to get his briefcase and suit jacket.

If he was lucky, Garcia wouldn’t ask too many questions about why he was sending her a text message to have you tracked.

Headcanon: The crew all go through nights where they just can’t sleep. It’s not that their minds won’t shut down but their bodies. That tired feeling just never sets in, so they stay up all night doing whatever.

Ryan gets it the most. His body just doesn’t seem to remember that sleep is an actual necessity for living anymore. He doesn’t do much during his sleepless nights though, just reads or works. He sleeps for like 14 hours every ¾ days.

Gavin’s has it just less than Ryan, but not as bad. He just likes working, likes being alive and awake and doing things, and doesn’t want to stop. If he’s on a roll, or just happy and content doing what he’s doing, he’ll go at it until his eyes are blurry and his head hurts. It’s so nice though, working in the middle of the night, because the crew is hardly up.

Jeremy’s just too fidgety. He’s restless. He tries to lay down, closes his eyes and everything, for about half an hour before he has to do something. He sits up in bed or in the living room like a zombie, eyes heavy and not really all there, but he can’t stop moving or shifting. Ryan brings him sleepy teas.

Michael only ever had nights like that when he feels like the world is caving in on him. He has to leave the house those nights, he has to tear at himself and destroy everything he can just to remember he’s alive and has an impact on things.

Jack just likes to watch the city. They sit on the balcony, sometimes with their phone or laptop, sometimes with knitting or sewing, and sometimes just with a drink in hand. They look over everything they’ve taken over, remembers everything they’ve done to do it, and goes to bed once the sun is fully up.

Geoff doesn’t have these nights anymore. They drove him mad, back when. He’d sit and overthink and over analyze until he had his gun out and a finger on the trigger. He takes strong sleeping pills every night now, since the night he shot Jack in the shoulder.

The Date

Characters: Reader x ???

Words: 1078

Summary: The night of the date between Sam and the Reader is here.

Part 14 in New Roommate Series. Read Part 1 here, Part 2 here, Part 3 here, Part 4 here,Part 5 here, Part 6 here, Part 7 here, Part 8 here, Part 9 here, Part 10 here, Part 11 here, Part 12 here, and Part 13 here.

And the day has come….so the question still remains- what is the pairing? ;)

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Photos taken on 12/23/14 4 days post op after a Laparoscopic Hysterectomy performed on 12/19/14. 

After seeing these photos, I was not sure if I wanted to post them. I do not look happy, but instead like I have been thrown through the ringer. However I decided, in my opinion, its important to show the pain of our community as well. While incredibly grateful for these surgeries, I am burnt out and exhausted, physically and mentally (especially with there being less than a 12 hour turn around between my last final and going under the knife). The more pain we endure, the stronger we become, right? 

Pokémon Go Could Be A Death Sentence For A Black Man

Let’s add Pokemon GO to the extremely long list of things white people can do without fear of being killed

Early the next morning, shortly after my partner left for work, I couldn’t help but to give Pokémon Go another shot. I had about an hour before I needed to be at work so this seemed like the perfect opportunity. I threw some clothes on, fired up the app, and set out for an adventure.

I spent less than 20 minutes outside. Five of those minutes were spent enjoying the game. One of those minutes I spent trying to look as pleasant and nonthreatening as possible as I walked past a somewhat visibly disturbed white woman on her way to the bus stop. I spent the other 14 minutes being distracted from the game by thoughts of the countless Black Men who have had the police called on them because they looked “suspicious” or wondering what a second amendment exercising individual might do if I walked past their window a 3rd or 4th time in search of a Jigglypuff.

When my brain started combining the complexity of being Black in America with the real world proposal of wandering and exploration that is designed into the gamplay of Pokémon Go, there was only one conclusion. I might die if I keep playing.

The breakdown is simple:

There is a statistically disproportionate chance that someone could call the police to investigate me for walking around in circles in the complex.
There is a statistically disproportionate chance that I would be approached by law enforcement with fear or aggression, even when no laws have been broken.
There is a statistically disproportionate chance that I will be shot while reaching for my identification that I always keep in my back right pocket.
There is a statistically disproportionate chance that more shots will be fired and I will be dead before any medical assistance is available.

Honestly, I wish this was a joke post or satire of some sort. It isn’t. Something needs to change.


My first mile was 14:10 which is about 5 seconds less than my old PR.
My second mile was completed at 26:40, which is a 12:30 mile!!!! Like OMG that’s the fastest mile I’ve ever run in my entire life! I had the speed set to 6.0 most of the time and I just went for it!!!
And to end I did a 5 minute cool down!

I’m so damn proud of myself for not only getting up off my butt for the first time in weeks (non personal trainer related. I still go to my PT sessions for an hour twice a week for strength training and SOME cardio) but for also beating my personal record! This gives me so much motivation to get back into it.

(Oh, and I GUESS I also kind of completed week 1 day 1 of C210K but I totally didn’t follow the intervals at all and just went for it full out lmao. I might skip a few weeks and start where I think the intervals are more my speed not so beginner-y)

t-minus one hundred and seventeen days.
because an anon asked for a part two to this little friends-to-lovers AU

When people talk about long distance relationships, they often say that the first month is the hardest; that it takes a while to get used to their absence, but after that it gets a little easier. However this was not the case for Emma, but perhaps only having been together for less than 14 hours before Killian left had something to do with that.

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