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she had the world // panic! at the disco

Ed Sheeran is the only Tru person in the music industry u know, One Direction were like “we’re taking a year out of music…actually 2 years…actually could be 3…actually we don’t know but it’ll be less than 50”, Taylor Swift said she was taking a year out and yet…she didn’t fucking go anywhere, but Ed. Ed was like “I’m taking a year off, bye” on December 13th 2015, and then true to his word, on December 13th 2016 he makes his first appearance all year. Ed Sheeran the real MVP.

back in the day presidents were very cautious about using the veto power, but under Barack Obama it’s nothing but reckless tyranny.  Assuming that Obama vetoes the Keystone Pipeline, consider this remarkable record of indiscriminate vetoes in historical context:

   Obama: 3 (5, pro-rated to a full two terms)

   George W. Bush: 12

   Ronald Reagan: 78

   Gerald Ford: 66 (in less than 3 full years!)

   Richard Nixon: 43 (less than 2 full terms)

   Dwight Eisenhower: 181

   Calvin Coolidge: 50 (less than 2 full terms)

   Teddy Roosevelt: 82

   Grover Cleveland: 584

As you can see, the data is clear.  Obama’s lawlessness and obstructionism are unparallelled.   The veto used to be a very rare event, but now it’s ubiquitous.

—  Scott Lemieux, Lawyers, Guns and Money, using “facts” and “evidence” to note that Barack Obama might not be abusing the veto power against a Republican Congress …

This is what the world looked like the last time the Chicago Cubs won the World Series. Titanic was four years from sinking. There hadn’t been a World War One or Two yet. It was the year the first powered airplane went public. It was also the year the Model T Ford began production. The Great Depression was two decades away. The average age was less than 50. Stravinsky’s The Firebird had not yet been composed, and Mahler’s eighth symphony had yet to premiere. Mahler, Ravel, Debussy, and Prokofiev had all yet to write some of their most famous works. In other music news, the Cubs could have heard “Take Me Out to the Ballgame,” because that was written in 1908. The tallest building in Chicago was only 19 stories. The following people still walked the Earth in 1908: Mark Twain, Leo Tolstoy, Florence Nightingale, Henri Rousseau, Julia Ward Howe, Geronimo.

Ronald Reagan did not win the Cold War so that Vladimir Putin could pick our next president less than 50 years later.
—  Chris Suprun
White and wealthy voters gave victory to Donald Trump, exit polls show
Most white voters of both sexes and almost all ages and education levels backed the Republican
By Jon Henley

Far from being purely a revolt by poorer whites left behind by globalisation, who did indeed turn out in greater numbers for the Republican candidate than in 2012, Trump’s victory also relied on the support of the middle-class, the better-educated and the well-off.

Of the one in three Americans who earn less than $50,000 a year, a majority voted for Clinton. A majority of those who earn more backed Trump.

Clinton’s lead among non-white voters was substantial, but not enough to make up the difference. It was also less than many anticipated – and less than Barack Obama’s four years previously.

  • finn: *kills an entire village of innocent people for basically no reason bc he had no proof of anything, it was all speculation*
  • bellamy: *gets 300 people floated by taking the radio from raven and destroying it so the ark won't know earth is survivable*
  • lexa: *makes a logical decision to save hundreds of her people by sacrificing less than 50 people, and it was still a difficult decision for her to make (unlike finn and bellamy who didn't think twice)*
  • me: ok

This hell year is coming to an end, and I figured it was time for me to finally do a follow forever/mutuals appreciation. Even though it was a tough year, for me personally and generally, I’m still grateful for 2016. I’ve made so many mutuals and friends this year, and Shadowhunters is the reason I became active. January 2016 I had less than 50 followers and now there’s 1.9k of you! And I also wanna thank all of you who support my art, and enjoy it, this is still unbelievable to me. Thank you, thank you, thank you, I love you all very much ❤️

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My first time cheating

I’m 25 and my boyfriend of 6 years is 29. The first time I cheated was a year ago. I was late to dinner with my boyfriend because I was hooking up with a waiter in the basement of the restaurant we were meeting at.

I was about half an hour early and decided to kill some time on my phone while sitting in my car. I was a little horny, so I opened some porn and quickly found a hot scene. After watching a short vid, I noticed an ad for Grindr at the bottom of my screen. I stared at it…

“Why not? Just to look. I’ll keep a blank profile,” I thought.

I never considered having the app before, but I was curious… and besides I was just going to look. After a quick registration I was viewing guys within minutes. First profile I saw was a 28 year old who was less than 50 feet away. ‘Hung Top’ was his name and I was intrigued to see just how big he really was. Before I could even get to his profile and ask for a pic, I received a message.

Hung Top: You’re close. 😉

Me: Haha, I was just going to message you.

Hung Top: I’m on a work break by myself. Join me?

Me: Lol, you don’t even know what I look like.

Hung Top: Your stats are good enough. I’ve got 10 minutes. Fuck?

My heart started racing. My stomach was queasy. Little beads of sweat formed on my skin. Why did I get the urge to want it? I never thought about cheating before. What the fuck was I thinking? Why was I going to do this?

Adrenaline pumping, I stepped from my car and took a deep breath. I was filled with lust and about to do the unthinkable. 'Hung Top’ sent me his location and told me how to get in discreetly. Ironically it was the same restaurant I was to meet my boyfriend at for dinner.

As I was approaching the back of the building I noticed a dark figure and a small glowing orange dot.

“Grindr guy?” He asked.

It was 'Hung Top’ smoking a cigarette to greet me.

“Fuck you’re cute, follow me,” he said.

'Hung Top’ wasn’t much to look at. Tall, pale, lanky, kind of cute in the face, but all together a little awkward. However as soon as we stepped into the light inside the neglected restaurant basement, I saw what I came for. Hanging out of his black pants was a thick 8" cut cock just beginning to level itself with the floor.

“Suck it.” He demanded, pushing my shoulder down.

And just like that I went into heat. I dropped to my knees and started to slob gently on his meaty shaft while looking up at him as he licked his lips.

“Yes, boy. Nice and easy.”

Not too fast or slow, but nice and good… I kept milking his rod with pure worship. I hadn’t thought about my boyfriend once because in that moment the only thing that mattered to me was servicing this top. This top was my boyfriend right now, not the guy I’m meeting upstairs. I slurped and sucked his dick and sac for a few before aggressively being pulled up. He bent me over a cum stained, trashed-out recliner and slid my pants down just enough to expose my hairless butthole.

“Do you have a condom?” I asked.

“No, do you?” He replied while teasing my hole with his tip.

Without discussion or hesitation, the top spit on my crack, quickly lined up all 8", and pushed the head of his cock past the ring of my hole. He let out a deep, satisfying sigh and chuckled. He was getting deeper by the second. I let out a gasping moan and looked back at his face, staring deep into his eyes as if he were my God.

“Go ahead daddy, fuck me. Keep going.”

I smiled and let out a slight giggle. He smiled back, then spit again as his last inch disappeared into my willing hole. I sucked on his fingers in bliss, closing my eyes as the top started pulling out slowly and pushing back in. He moaned, tossing his head back as he gained speed. We were fucking like whores. We were whores.

Within three minutes of downloading Grindr, not ever having an intention to cheat, I was taking a stranger’s bareback cock while my boyfriend unknowingly waited upstairs… and I was enjoying every second of it.

The sounds of our sex echoed throughout the cluttered, wet basement. The hustle of the busy restaurant upstairs, however, drowned our noise to the second level. He knew how to plow his bottoms.

While still pounding, the top grabbed the back of my hair and pulled hard, bending my neck back so he could see my eyes upside down. He smiled big.

“Feel how open your hole is? Feel that babe? Feel what I did to you.”

“Oh, yes baby. You’re such a better fuck than my boyfriend.”

He abruptly stopped fucking as I spoke those very words and while balls deep up my cunt his first spurt of cum dumped up my ass. I felt the distinctive warmth of sperm envelop the deepest parts of my hole. Then another rope spewed out… and another. He was moaning hard as he unloaded, unapologetically, without ever having considered pulling out or even asking my preference. I understood. He needed to breed. He continued pumping to make sure he unleashed all his nut inside my now cumsloppy hole. He pulled out.

“Thanks.” He pulled his pants up, buckling hastily as he grabbed his apron and ran off before I had a chance to respond. I was left bent over a sleazy piece of furniture alone in a basement as a big load of warm jizz from a complete stranger started to leak from my ass. I clenched my hole so I didn’t spill on my pants (and kept in their loads through dinner).

I pulled my pants up and walked outside where my boyfriend’s car was parked just fifteen feet away.

“Close call,” I said to myself without the slightest sense of guilt for cheating bareback.

royalswan’s christmas awards!

it was a lot of fun doing this last year - so here i am again!


  • mbf this festive lass.
  • REBLOG this post. (likes can be used to bookmark)
  • less than 50 notes? we’ll pretend this never happened and we can go decorate a christmas tree together or something :’)
  • there’ll be 1 winner and 1-3 runners up dependant on notes!
  • some categories might be removed.
  • deadline: 22ND DECEMBER. 

winners will be announced on the 24th december! :)


MICHONNE AWARD // best icon
LESLIE KNOPE AWARD // best theme
DAENERYS TARGARYEN AWARD // best edits (gifs/graphics) *
HERMIONE GRANGER AWARD // best fanfiction *
BELLAMY BLAKE AWARD // best overall
HINATA SHOUYOU AWARD // nicest blogger
EMMA SWAN AWARD // personal favourite

* pls add your link/tag for original content, just in case i can’t find it!

prizes; (under the cut)

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Ectopic pregnancy, also known as eccyesis or tubal pregnancy, is a complication of pregnancy in which the embryo attaches outside the uterus. Signs and symptoms classically include abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding. Less than 50 percent of women have both of these symptoms. The pain may be described as sharp, dull, or crampy. Pain may also spread to the shoulder if bleeding into the abdomen has occurred.Severe bleeding may result in a fast heart rate, fainting, or shock. With very rare exceptions the fetus is unable to survive.

barfyscorpion  asked:

You shared a link to a cracked SAI 2 download, and I understand not having money for things (I use cracked stuff myself), but can you spread word please that if one has the spare cash they should buy it? SAI is made by ONE dude in his spare time in Japan. This isn't a megacorp like Adobe. I have emailed him back and forth before and he is a very nice man who works hard on his program. So many people crack SAI that he can barely make rent sometimes. Please, everyone, consider purchasing SAI.

There’s really nothing much to add. If you have the money and can afford it, please buy it instead of cracking it. Unlike Photoshop CC, it’s a one-time payment and it’s a little less than $50.

Here’s the link to the official site where you can purchase it.

This is probably the first little bit I can give back to you guys that I can. It means a lot to hit 300 for me.

Literally a little over 2 ish months ago, I was at less than 50. Now I’ve multiplied that number by more than 6.

It means a lot to have you guys around.

A quick shout out to some people:

@kideon for being a really cool guy

@ugin for lighting up my dashboard

@mirapunk for being kind

@ezurad for being my self-proclaimed big brother

@loadingreadyrunforyourlives for helping @ezurad as my big brother

@ajani-greatmane for being so caring

@noctis-lucis-caelum-cxiv for being my best friend

@tiro-without-a-kynaios for helping me

@moxperidot for lending an ear when I needed it

@livefromtheloam for helping to calm me down

@tealovingperson for being so sweet

@shootdontspeak for knowing just what to say

@infernalshards for helping me with my anxiety some

@amdxcious for being understanding and just. Talking to me when you can

@lord-alexander-locke for being cool

@zelosmilder for being yourself

@donesparce for the good times we’ve had when I’ve been brave enough to even send anons

@howipyourday for being the first one on the list

I know there are so many I’m forgetting, and so many I need to add. It’s 2 a.m. and I’m so happy. All of my followers deserve a shoutout, just for being themselves. The people I follow I’m too nervous to send a shout out too but deserve it anyways.

If you see this, I love you. Thank you for following me.