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YOI Fan Rec Friday


I got A LOT of great recs this week, thank you! 

If you don’t see your rec, it means that it’s going to be on next week’s list!

Rec’d by @kookyfan​:
not gold like in your dreams by ebenroot, Teen, 29k (WIP)
In which Victor and Yuuri are roommates and Yuuri has a secret.
a silver splendour, a flame by thehandsingsweapon, Not Rated, 52k (WIP)***Major character death
Both Viktor and Yuuri have their reasons for hiding the full extent of their gifts – Viktor’s been hurt before, when his own powers were used against him; Yuuri’s been warned that everyone will want his; what will happen when Yuri comes of age, and in doing so, makes two very bright stars finally cross?

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Rec’d by anonymous:
The Weight of Gold by barrelrider, Not Rated, 13k
Yuri’s big win at the Grand Prix final poses questions about the future that he hadn’t thought to ask before. And Viktor doesn’t seem interested in answering them.

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Rec’d by anonymous:
You Can’t Plan for Everything by RivDeV, Explicit, 123k (WIP)
Yuuri forgets that he has a scheduled heat coming up until it’s just a couple weeks away. He scrambles to get everything ready in time, including deciding whether he’ll spend it alone or with someone. Victor only wants to help.

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Rec’d by @hellagaytbh​:
he was a sk8er boy she said see you l8er boy by bookybookworm, Teen, 13k (WIP)
pika+chu: hello friends
katsudon-yuri: ummm
katsudon-yuri: what is this
pika+chu: this, young yuri, is a group chat

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Rec’d by anonymous:
Love So Life by shamarmon, Teen, 98k (WIP)
Yuuri Katsuki was simply living his college life, teaching ice skating lessons to little kids, when suddenly his idol and champion figure skater Victor Nikiforov bursts in and requests that he start babysitting his three year old nephew, Yuri Plisetsky.

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Rec’d by anonymous:
viktor nikiforov is a nightblogger by thishasbeencary, Teen, 2.9k
Yuuri started a mental list of the small things Viktor did that annoyed him about a week after going to Russia, and texted Phichit every time he added something new.

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Rec’d by anonymous:
Love Doesn’t Discriminate, Between the Winners and the Fakes, It Skates and It Skates and It Skates by TheSecretUchiha, Gen, 35k (WIP)
Yuuri opens his eyes and there’s an angry man speaking Russian at him and a crowd of expectant fans waiting for a performance by the best skater in the world.

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Rec’d by @flyingsuits-blog-blog
a million miles from your desperate days by idrilka, xyai, Mature, 11k
Victor came to Hasetsu with the force of a hurricane and managed to make himself right at home at Yu-topia, somehow fitting into the quiet rhythm of their lives. Maybe this means that Yuuri will fit into Victor’s life in Saint Petersburg, too, against all odds or reason.

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Rec’d by anonymous:
‘Cause I’m a Taker, ‘Cause I’m a Giver, It’s Only Nature by ken_ichijouji (dommific), Explicit, 52k (WIP)
The story of how Yuuri Katsuki slept with, dated, fell in love with, and married Victor Nikiforov. Yes, in that order.

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Rec’d by anonymous and anonymous and anonymous:
Beside the Dancing Sea by lily_winterwood, MapleTreeway, Explicit, 164k (WIP)
New York Times-bestselling author Viktor Nikiforov arrives in the sleepy seaside town of Torvill Cove to cure his writer’s block. After encountering local wallflower Yuuri Katsuki at a party, he discovers that this mysterious dark-haired man has a couple secrets up his sleeve.

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Rec’d by anonymous:
Submission by SuggestiveScribe, Explicit, 8.1k
Viktor leaned forward, breath whispering just behind the shell of Yuuri’s ear, “If my Yuuri wanted me to submit, I would be elated to experience submission.”

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Rec’d by anonymous:
Calligraphia by emilyenrose, Mature, 2.9k
Victor Nikiforov’s Bad Tattoo Choices.
icebreaker by Cesare, Gen, 6.1k
A post-skating-retirement college scenario based on skygemspeaks’ idea about Yuuri’s college classmates learning about his figure skating career.
Decision Making Process (How to NOT to) by Bowandtie, Not Rated, 992 words
The rise of ridiculous myth surrounding Christophe Giacometti’s portable pole.
A Tourist in the Waking World, Never Quite Awake by Erushi, Mature, 5.5k
The crossover/fusion with “Inception”, in which Victor and Yuuri are on the same extraction team and share a Complicated History.

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Rec’d by anonymous:
Call Everything on the Ice… by shysweetthing, Explicit, 43k (WIP)
Victor learns Japanese while in Hasetsu. He doesn’t tell Yuuri, and things get dicey when he overhears Yuuri and Mari talking about him in Japanese. Repeatedly.

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Rec’d by @osnapitzhanaa:
Confessions Behind these Bruises by Gayson, Mature, 51k (WIP) ***Graphic Decpitctions of Violence
Introducing the mafia AU nobody asked for about how a cocky self reliant bachelor falls incredibly in love with the adorable sassy dancing protégée of Lilia- Yuuri Katsuki.

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Rec’d by anonymous:
Break of Dawn by CatarinaPendejo, Explicit, 58k (WIP)
In which Yuuri is flabbergasted, Viktor is unbelievably spoiled and clingy, Yuri is pissed at everything, Yakov is completely over it, and it’s only been less than a month since the Grand Prix Final.

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Rec’d by anonymous:
Or Just Some Human Sleep by Duskisnigh,  Teen, 2.3k
“No, thank you,” Yuuri insisted, holding the broom in front of him like a weapon. “I may be fourteen, and I may have lived a relatively sheltered life, but I am not stupid, and I’m pretty sure you’ve drugged that apple.”

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Rec’d by @caeillian:
make my heart beat out of my chest 'verse series by xylophones, Teen, 11k (WIP)
Adventures with Yuuri Katsuki, living dance legend, and his ridiculous popstar husband, Viktor “I’m Extra” Nikiforov.

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Rec’d by anonymous:
a place on Earth, with you by melonbug, Explicit, 11k ***Major Character Death
Yuuri didn’t want to die, he didn’t want to die. And he didn’t want to die alone.
The world was ending, and they were just two souls, desperate for someone to share their final days with.

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Rec’d by anonymous:
get inside you (and mess you up) by drowsycyborg, Mature, 5.6k (WIP)
Of all the witches, bloodmages are the rarest - and the most hunted. There’s good reason to be scared: everyone knows there’s nothing grey about a bloodmage. They’re good or evil; great doctors or terrorists. Wiping out every last one of them was a boon for both the magical and non-magical alike.

Thank you for all your recs! ₍₍ (̨̡ ‾᷄♡‾᷅ )̧̢ ₎₎ 

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remember the first couple of episodes of su where there were a lot of imperfect frames and weird, but funny expressions? can we go back to that stuff

look at how expressive, ridiculous, and hilarious these frames are! and they werent even limited to 1 character! every character has a bunch of ridiculous expressions in the first season.

of course the tone of the show gradually changed for episodes like jailbreak, the cluster, etc. and you can’t have a lot of silly expressions for more serious episodes. i totally get that. but now the tone has kinda been just slice of life for a while. so, since the show started out like slice of life, and now its kinda back to the same spot. so, does this mean funnier expressions on characters who aren’t peridot? nope. even though we’ve (sorta?) returned to some slice of life stuff, the silly expressions haven’t come back. 

 i understand that sometimes an artstyle can change, and that can lead to less of these frames. but it feels kinda sucky since the show had built itself up as an imperfect series, with flawed characters, and cartoony/weird expressions to kinda match that. it feels like the only character who gets an imperfect frame every once in a while is peridot. but most of the time, it kinda feels like the crewniverse is just using her because theyre afraid of experimenting with funny expressions on other characters, and they know peridot will always work. really one of the only more recent expressions i really enjoyed that wasn’t peridot was this one:

so @crewniverse bring back these adorable and hilarious frames for more than just peridot’s character. have all the characters be more expressive and weird!

Tanaka and 2CT

Now that chapter 129 has confirmed 2CT, there’s more for the fandom to solidly ponder.

I have a few questions and ideas concerning Tanaka and 2CT.

1. What We Know about Real!Ciel

  • He claims to be real!Ciel and most likely is, going along with story hints and 2CT
  • He was with our!Ciel during his cult enslavement post-Phantomhive Murders.
    • His whereabouts during the attack on the Manor are not necessarily known
  • He was most likely killed (or thought to be killed) by the cultists, triggering our!Ciel’s extreme hatred and the summoning of Sebastian (which was paid for by real!Ciel’s soul)
  • While our!Ciel is more similar to his mother (sickly, possessing a weaker disposition), real!Ciel seems to have Vincent’s personality (charismatic, outgoing)
  • Our!Ciel admired real!Ciel when they were children (or at least found comfort in him during their enslavement)
  • He is most likely the “Blue Star” that Blavat is serving and collecting blood for.
  • Probably attacked Soma/Agni at the Townhouse for reasons currently unknown
  • He may or may not be some type of Bizarre Doll.
    • He shows zero signs of decomposition and seems to have memories of his past as well as strategic insight (or at least the ability to command or attempt murders)

2. Tanaka and the Twins

As the former Phantomhive butler, it’s near impossible for Tanaka to have zero knowledge of the other twin. Even further, I believe that Tanaka must know that the master he’s serving is not the real Ciel Phantomhive. 

  • Tanaka spent years caring for the twins, seeing and serving them every day. 
    • He most likely spent more time with our!Ciel, who was sickly and thus stuck indoors more than real!Ciel.
      • He might be closer (or appear closer) to our!Ciel rather than real!Ciel
  • Tanaka has never referred to our!Ciel as “Ciel.”
    • The flashback of the murder, in which he says “Ciel, sir,” could be a broken phrase (we don’t know if he’s addressing Ciel or talking about him)
  • Tanaka refers to our!Ciel as “young master,” not “master.”
    • It could be a personal preference, an age-related thing, or maybe a hint…
  • Tanaka is extremely astute
    • He has excellent observational skills as seen from his adept swordsmanship (like when he sliced a bullet in half)
    • He didn’t flinch at Sebastian’s death (hinting that he might know the truth about Sebastian’s nature)
    • He knew that the Red House’s stomach pains were from Sebastian tampering with their food 

3. Tanaka and Real!Ciel

More or less regardless if Tanaka knows about the switch, real!Ciel exists. Where does that leave Tanaka?

  • Tanaka is a target
    • Since he sided with our!Ciel, Tanaka could be seen as a traitor by real!Ciel, a label that could lead to his demise
  • Tanaka is an accomplice
    • If Tanaka knew about the switch, could he also have found out about real!Ciel and have been working with him?
    • On the other hand, will real!Ciel attempt to recruit him?
  • Tanaka is troubled
    • Real!Ciel doesn’t really care about Tanaka’s existence
    • Whether or not Tanaka originally knew of the switch, real!Ciel’s appearance is troublesome for our!Ciel and possibly him (Tanaka).

4. Tanaka’s Loyalty

Tanaka serves the Phantomhive Household– more specifically the house led by Earl Phantomhive. There are currently two contenders– the rightful heir to the earldom and the acting earl. Tanaka has known both of these boys and can easily confirm who the true earl is. The question is…who will he serve?

  • Our!Ciel
    • Tanaka is loyal to our!Ciel, possibly due to “favoritism” or closeness with him (since again, Tanaka and our!Ciel most likely saw a lot of each other due to the latter’s illnesses)
  • Real!Ciel
    • Tanaka is loyal to the true heir
    • Tanaka feigns loyalty to real!Ciel in order to protect or help our!Ciel

5. Interesting Notes about Tanaka

  • Tanaka has most likely known Undertaker longer than anyone else in the series (depending on when he started working for the Phantomhives)
  • Tanaka could know something about real!Ciel (where was he during the manor’s attack?)
  • Toboso-sensei employs traditional characteristics or stereotypes to some of the characters (Bard being loud and loving guns/ explosions/ etc. since he’s American; Soma/Agni being Hindi, owning elephants; Germans being obsessed with cleanliness and being great at science…)
    • Since Tanaka is Japanese, could he have more knowledge about beings like Shinigami? (During the time period in which Kuroshitsuji occurs, spiritual beliefs and even religion were less prominent in Britain. I believe spiritualism was on the decline in Japan as well, but since Tanaka is older, who knows what he believes…)

6. Questions about Real!Ciel’s Motives

So your twin brother stole your identity. Cool. 

There’s an easy fix to this– real!Ciel could appear to Frances, Tanaka, or maybe even go to the police to reclaim his identity. All the authorities or others would need to do would be to visit our!Ciel and verify the existence of two Ciels, thus deeming that one is an impostor. Real!Ciel could also provide details about the Phantomhives that would vouch for him before they located his brother.

So why is he part of some complicated plot, probably involving Lizzie? Another question– weren’t he and our!Ciel close in the past?

For some reason or reasons, real!Ciel is messing with his brother and his brother’s friends rather than taking direct action.

Possible reasons:

  • Something/someone is preventing him from revealing himself (or revealing the existence of two Ciels)
    • His survival would surely be questioned– he would be interrogated about his whereabouts during the manor’s attack through the current time. Does he have something to hide about the manor’s attack? About how the hell he survived the cult (possibly revealing he’s some type of Bizarre Doll)? His true activities in Sphere Music Hall?
    • Is there some condition preventing him from this? Has his memory been tampered with? Is he under someone’s control?
  • He wants to make our!Ciel suffer
    • He’s just really pissed that his weak little brother is pretending to be him and is now out to see our!Ciel break
    • He’s a sociopath
      • Loves the drama, craves the power, and enjoys knocking his brother down a peg 
    • Did our!Ciel do something that contributed to real!Ciel’s murder? Perhaps real!Ciel volunteered to save our!Ciel and he’s pissed about actually dying? Was it possible to save real!Ciel but our!Ciel chose not to or ruined that chance by searching for the ring?
  • He’s honestly just in it for the drama
    • Just wants to freak people out, rather than getting his brother into boring, normal legal trouble
  • He doesn’t want to get our!Ciel in any trouble
    • So maybe he just wants to enact some fun, kiddish revenge?
    • He actually cares about our!Ciel but just wants his title back? And maybe a little bit of revenge and scares?

7. My Theories

  • Tanaka will work with real!Ciel, whether out of loyalty or to assist our!Ciel
  • Tanaka has been working with real!Ciel and has possibly been spying on our!Ciel for him
    • It’d honestly be kind of hilarious to see Tanaka emerge as his butler or something
      • I mean, the room at Sphere Music Hall was wrecked– maybe Tanaka has some pent-up hostility xD
  • Real!Ciel will be pissed at Tanaka for siding with our!Ciel (whether the man knew about the switch or not), and will attempt to kill him
    • One reason real!Ciel might try to kill Tanaka could be to silence him
      • This goes off the theory that real!Ciel attacked the Manor (or at least killed his parents and attacked Tanaka)
        • Possible evidence:
          • Vincent and Rachel appear to have been attacked from the front
          • Tanaka, though distracted by our!Ciel and vulnerable, was not killed. He easily could have been beheaded but was stabbed in the back for some reason.
          • Real!Ciel’s whereabouts are technically unknown, but the figure that attacked Tanaka was awfully small…
          • Real!Ciel’s enslavement along with his brother’s could have been a double-cross or an unrelated incident (the kidnapper(s) happened to appear during the murders)
  • Real!Ciel is a sociopath
    • He killed Vincent/Rachel and attacked Tanaka. His brother looked up to him and he pretended to be caring/ strong but honestly didn’t care, or just enjoyed the praise and attention. After somehow surviving the cult, he was pissed to discover that his weak little brother survived and assumed his identity. He wants to put his brother in his place and take everything away from him. Or even worse, he wants to kill him.
  • Less of a theory, but I wonder if our!Ciel’s constant sickness as a child was due to real!Ciel, whether through pressure, an inferiority complex, or real!Ciel having Munchausen Syndrome (in which he would have poisoned or somehow made our!Ciel sick so that he, real!Ciel, could get attention). Our!Ciel has been pretty healthy during the span of the manga… (And the few exceptions were due to his asthma acting up in damp environments– I was surprised he was okay during the cricket tournament)

We’ll certainly get the answers to most of these in time. Right now one of our answer-holders, Tanaka, is probably lurking in the shadows (or maybe real!Ciel has already got to him?! Or…he’s already working with him?!). Hope we see him next chapter!

—One of these nights 💔touken&blackreaper headcanon

summary: Months after turning into the Black Reaper, Kaneki makes Touka a phone call.

I think I’m gonna keep doing this for a while now, “mini fics” for certain headcanons that I don’t feel like writing as a 3,000(or more) word fic due to many reasons (lack of inspiration, the plot not being strong enough for a long fic, things I wanna keep short..) all of these mini fics (that will reach their limit with 1,000 words approx..) will end with “headcanon” at the end of the title… you can read the rest of these headcanons // mini fics series here, and I will add the link on my fics page as well. These headcanons will have a very poor and light writing, so don’t expect the greatest prose of all—hence the whole point of being just a headcanon, haha. You can also request headcanons/mini fics for me to write this way, it’s way easier and faster(&less frustrating) than writing a whole one-shot :’) remember, these are not full fics like most of my writings, so there might be some writing differences! 

enjoy this little thing!

It’s been months since Haise went to :re.

Actually, almost a year.

Yes, Touka kept the count. It would have been embarrassing to admit it years ago when she was still a teenager, when proud was like a shield that would protect her lonely and wrinkled heart from people obsessed with abandon her. But she’s not proud anymore, and her arms feel way too tired to keep holding the shield against her chest when her heart has been already torn apart so many times. She has lost so much already, that sometimes she feels that there’s nothing else to lose anymore. So it won’t matter… it won’t matter.

She counts the days, the minutes, the hours, as she feels Yomo’s gaze upon her back, parting his lips to say something (something that she fears it may sound like “he’s not coming back”) but quickly shouting them again, not finding the courage to speak. She stares behind the window, waiting for something, always waiting for something… but nothing appears.

Last time Haise visited :re, he decided that he would be a bold guy. Girls like bold guys, and if he really wanted for that pretty waitress to set his eyes on him and actually see him, instead of seeing something else (he had that vague impression sometimes), he decided to give a small but decided first step. When she turned around towards the counter after delivering him his coffee, he took a paper and a pen and with shaky hands he wrote a simple but important question.

“Can I have your number?

Keep reading


  • ok so Phichit is holding the selfie stick which means that this was his idea and he somehow got even the most asocial skaters to pose for the photo 
  • Yuuri has his hand on Phichit’s shoulder 
  • Viktor has his hand on one of Yuuri’s shoulders 
  • Yurio claimed Yuuri’s other shoulder in order to lean on it and pose 
  • pretty much right besides Viktor is JJ doing his signature pose (someone call Joe Johnson) 
  • Minami is, of course, right behind Yuuri 
  • Leo is a little hard to see cause his outfit matches Minami’s hair color but him and Guang Hong are posing together 
  • Michele looks like Emil dragged him there as he is still kinda glaring at him, but at least Emil seems happy that he is there 
  • Otabek probably guessed that there wasn’t enough space so he simply crouched down to fit behind Guang Hong 
  • Chris and Georgi could also tell that they weren’t going to show that far back so they simply jumped into it
  • Seung-Gil, who never hangs out with anyone, didn’t bother to smile but he still looks less dragged in than Michele does though maybe he just didn’t want to be only one not involved cause that would look bad :P
  • if this is considered canon then I would expect this to be during the World’s tournament since that’s the only one all skaters can be apart of besides the Grand Prix series, cause otherwise Europe’s and Four Continents separates them in 2 groups (European and non-European)
  • that said some of them are wearing their FS outfits while some like Seung-Gil and Leo are wearing their SP one… ¿?

50cyg  asked:

Okay so I recently submitted a post on how I think Taichi is going to play a big role in Hikari's fall in Part 5. Would love your thoughts. I think her constantly following him around and calling his name in Part 4 was a hint that their relationship will be the catalyst for the movie.

Honestly, I’m not expecting anymore… I was really hyped when they showed the trailer and the part of Yagami siblings. I was pretty much disappointed when I watched the movie. I also checked out your analysis in your blog and it’s pretty much a good point too. I really don’t think Toei would make it focus on the Yagami siblings but more on Takeru and Hikari instead. But it’s completely possible that the Yagami siblings would be mentioned yet because as the series progresses we see them less interacting and Toei suddenly made them focus interacting with other characters. I would totally love Toei to resolve the distanced relationship between the Yagami siblings.

Here’s my analysis of the past Digimon shows (I watched the Japanese Dub with Subtitles, I also watched the Taichi/Hikari parts in English Dub):


In Movie 1, we see that Taichi and Hikari shared a room and had a close bond. Taichi had times when his mother would go out leaving them behind (despite Taichi’s young age) and Taichi being a good brother would cook breakfast for him and Hikari (and Taichi would do some chores).

^ Taichi also teases Hikari here because that’s pretty normal with siblings.

Taichi’s parents also taught Taichi how to take care of his younger sibling, Hikari, so much that Taichi became protective of her. His protectiveness got worse when he made Hikari play with him outside and she eventually collapsed and almost died.Taichi starts to blame himself over this throughout Season 1.

In Episode 21 (Season 1), we get to see the other side of Taichi, who is a caring brother to Hikari’s perspective. Hikari also mentions in the Japanese dub, that ‘she would wake up at night because she wet in the bed, Taichi would wash her underwear and he would tell his parents that he wet the bed instead.’ I find this cute but at the same time a bit weird, because if that was me with my younger brother, I would probably laugh at my brother and teased him I’m such a bad sister but that scene shows how much Taichi cared for his sister and we notice that Taichi rarely teased Hikari now (Hikari would tease him instead).

With this, Hikari develops a dependency to her brother, finding no fault and expressing complete approval on whatever decision he makes. (Taichi’s very pure and innocent in her eyes). I can’t classify it as completely co-dependency because Hikari seems to be adjusting well and in Season 2 but I can’t ignore the fact that she tends be co-dependent especially to Taichi.

In Season 2, There were less interactions between the Yagami siblings, Takeru also addresses his concern with Hikari in Episode 8 that she always calls out to her brother when she’s having a problem and later, Hikari resolves her problem that she realizes that she has friends who can help her but she later hangs on to Takeru, because she is comfortable with him (and he’s a good friend).

 In the Japanese version, Taichi is 14 years old, so during this age, children tend to focus more on relationships with other peers, hanging out with friends and doing more extra-curricular activities (in Taichi’s case it was soccer). Also when Taichi and Hikari had separate rooms, I felt that Hikari had a hard time adjusting because she knew that her brother is changing… becoming more mature, he spends more time with his friends and spends less time with her.

Taichi becomes less protective of his sister in 02.

^ This is Hikari’s room and notice that her bed is elevated, just like how she shared rooms with Taichi before. She probably requested that (and in Digimon Tri, Taichi had a bed under).

Taichi also believed that Hikari isn’t anymore completely attached to him and that she’s a much more healthy (she was sickly in season 1) and independent girl. Taichi is also unaware that Hikari has this co-dependency and as they get older, Taichi spends less time with his sister believing that she can handle most of her problems on her own, (which Hikari is much more mature and independent in season 2). but Taichi and Hikari continued to have a good sibling relationship such as ‘looking out for each other’… but that’s just it.

I noticed that Taichi had a difficulty talking to the opposite sex. He’s quite reserved, just like how he interacts with Hikari (At Taichi’s age, it’s normal to be shy and reserved to women). In Digimon Tri, Taichi often tried to talk to Sora (and invited her to watch his soccer game) but later walks away because he doesn’t know what to do, showing his parallel to Hikari.

I also believed that Taichi knew who had crushes with his sister but he pays no attention to it because he knows that she’s not interested and he’s confused on how to react to it. Hikari probably mentioned that ‘she preferred her big brother than any boy’ when she was a child.

^ Taichi’s holding the chocolates that Hikari gave to him. I also bet every year Hikari gives him Valentines Day chocolates as appreciation. I also disagree that Taichi would be a protective older brother when someone is courting Hikari, he probably would be kinda chill about it and less likely to react. Taichi also shows his maturity with his sibling relationship with Hikari, he’s also aware that spending time with Hikari would be much awkward and weird now comparing with them as kids…

As the series progresses, there are scenes in which Taichi and Hikari were spending time with each other.

Like looking out they sky and talking casually…the show shows that they still have a good sibling relationship but comparing with their sibling bond in 01…

^ It’s really awkward if they did that as teenagers lol


Also when Taichi really didn’t pay much attention with Hikari…

^ Despite Taichi’s attention on something else than her, Hikari still finds no fault in it.

While in Digimon 01…

^ Taichi pays attention to her.

In the recent movie (Tri - Soushitsu), I was surprised that Taichi called out his sister’s name when the group got separated. I was expecting that Taichi would call out ‘Agumon’ or ‘Sora’ instead, it shows that Taichi still is very concerned (and still maybe protective) with Hikari but in secret.

…Then Taichi is reminded that his sister isn’t the sickly little child anymore, thanks to Salamon.

The siblings then set out together with less conversation only when Taichi started to talk about his concern that ‘It’s no use, he can’t evolve Agumon in times when everyone is in trouble’, Hikari encouraged him that ‘Things are probably better now and that they should look forward’ (REMINDER THAT Hikari FINDS NO FAULT IN HIM).

Hikari also shows her concern here because she sees that her brother is in pain and she’s powerless to help him. I believe this is the start of her troubles which might be explored in the next movie.

Later, Hikari continues to say ‘Onii-chan’ (Big brother) several times meaning that she still had not gotten over her dependency with him and when Taichi opened up to her concerning that he is powerless to help everyone, she was very concerned that she continued to follow him everywhere.

I also researched the differences on calling your siblings in Japanese:

The chan suffix is used in very familiar/affectionate situations, -san and -sama suffixes are honorifics, indicating a higher status.”

^ she screamed when her brother was lost, showing that she was afraid of losing him.

I felt that when the time when Taichi and Hikari were separated from everyone, Hikari’s dependent feelings suddenly came back like a switch. I also was disappointed on how Taichi reacted with this. He completely did not pay attention to her in the most parts of the movie.

I felt that they become distanced and less likely to open up (especially Taichi), comparing with Yamato and Takeru’s sibiling relationship, the Yagami siblings need more time to open up because:

(1) Comparing Hikari to Sora, Hikari is Taichi’s sister and he needs resolve his distance with Hikari.

(2) Hikari still worries about her older brother despite in 02, Hikari is shown to have ‘resolved’ it but it her anxiety came back in Digimon tri, showing that she is still worried and dependent about her older brother.

(3) Taichi should give some attention for his sister since that not all Hikari’s problems can be resolved without him.

In the series, Hikari is focused on spending time with Takeru which might imply in the next movie that Takeru would help Hikari in her dependency. While Taichi is shown to spend time with Sora and Yamato. It’s also possible that the movie might not show more scenes about the Yagami siblings so I’m hoping that in the next movie, Taichi and Hikari get to interact more.

Note: I neither love or hate Takari (Takeru x Hikari). I’m neutral with it.

Lastly, these are all just my opinions and my analysis on the Yagami siblings. I hope the writers gets to resolve this but for now, I’m not expecting anything. *HOPES FOR MORE YAGAMI SIBLING SCENES*

Okay, but consider...

A Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis Voltron AU 

[All character approximations are based on their respective character traits. Some spoilers for those who haven’t watched the series yet! 

Also if anyone could draw this I will love you forever]

  • Lance as Favaro Leone 
    • He used to look up to Shiro when they were much younger (since Lance comes from a commoner family and Shiro’s from a family of paladins), but eventually gets less hero-worshippy when they become friends. 
    • Gets into trouble a lot because of his mouth, so Shiro usually hangs around him to bail him out
      •  And mostly tell him off 
    • He becomes a bounty hunter for two reasons - 1. he likes the thrill of adventure, and 2. to help out his family since his father died. He often pretends it’s more of the former and hams it up as much as he can, but secretly he sends in a portion of his earnings back to their village.
      • P.S. he’s still a fuckin’ great sharpshooter
    • One time, in a drunken stupor, he comes across Pidge and jokingly dares her to kiss him. Unfortunately, Pidge takes the chance to bind his soul with a contract spell so he could take her to Kerberos to find her brother. 
      • It’s at this point he wonders if this is how Shiro feels most of the time.
  • Shiro as Kaisar Lidfard 
    • Once the noble son of a paladin, his family falls into ruin after his father is publicly executed for failing to do a task. 
    • But with his rigorous education in the combative arts, he finds work as a bounty hunter to keep his family alive. 
    • He dreams of being worthy enough to become a paladin someday to bring his family out of their poverty. He wants a better life for all his loved ones, and strives to work hard until that day comes.
    • He’s known Lance since childhood (but is oblivious to his hero-worship) and treats him like a brother, so he usually tries to prevent him from getting into trouble as much as he can. 
      • (Or, if that fails, tries to get him out of trouble as much as he can.)
    • Gets dragged into the whole thing looking out for Lance.
    • “LAAAANCE!!!”
    • (Also, SPOILER: when Lance cuts off Shiro’s hand, he takes the whole forearm off bc he extra and provides the prosthetic he currently uses)
  • Pidge as Amira 
    • Smol and ready to brawl demon gremlin girl on a quest  for her brother, Matt.
    • Her brother is the only person she remembers from her past. The rest is a little foggy to her, so she looks for him in the hopes of remembering everything else. 
      • Also because duh, he’s her brother
    • When she lands in the human realm, she pretends to be a guy (“Pidge”) as she’s hunted down both by gods and demons alike for stealing the green lion key. 
    • (She was told that if she brings all five lion keys to the land of Kerberos, she’ll be able to locate her brother.)
    • While looking for a way to Kerberos, she hears Lance at a tavern claiming he knows a shortcut to the place. She then binds him with a contract spell and yanks him the fuck around on their journey.
    • It’s only when she trusts them enough that she reveals her true self.
      • “You’re a girl???” - Lance
  • Keith as Rita 
    • Still a spicy emo boi.
    • His parents died during a Galra attack on their village, despite being half-Galra himself.
    • Having no one to turn to, he finds a book of dark Altean magic and uses it to reanimate his family to keep him company.
    • (His Galra blood also keeps him from aging too fast, so he keeps a youthful appearance no matter the hundreds of years that pass.)
    • (He slowly begins to resent the farce.)
    • He comes across an unconscious Shiro in the forest (en route to make sure Lance doesn’t get into any funny business, as usual) and takes him back to his village, and keeps him company until he awakes.
    • When Shiro does, the two bond until Lance and Pidge arrive to take Keith’s book as a bounty.
      • He and Lance regard each other antagonistically for a while as a result. Their relations go a little smoother after teaming up  to rescue Shiro and Pidge from the demons.
    • He eventually tags along with Shiro because he has nothing to go back to.
      • (And because Shiro’s the first person in years who’s showed him kindness)
    • Because he’s still impulsive as fuck, he sometimes ends up saving the day unknowingly when the other three get into really bad shit.
      • Also, because he’s not a zombie in this AU, he usually has to kill his enemies before making them do his bidding. So his staff doubles as a sword for this purpose.
  • Hunk as Bacchus 
    • Instead of being a drunkard, Hunk instead likes to eat himself to a coma. 
    • When he’s not overseeing the bounties and being ½ of the “make-sure-Lance-doesn’t-do-anything-stupid” gang (the other half is Shiro), he’s usually cooking with Coran.
    • Often becomes the mom friend whenever the group gets themselves into trouble, and being a god, he assists them any way he can. 
      • Reluctantly.
  • Coran as Hamsa
    • Duck with a moustache. ‘Nuff said.
    • Kidding aside, he helps Hunk with the bounties (especially when he’s eaten himself to a food coma), and is usually on the go keeping the carriage together. 
      • (Also finds ways to make money on the side, but Hunk doesn’t need to know that)
    • When the whole crew comes together (Lance, Shiro, Pidge, and Keith), Coran usually uses his expertise as a god to help them in their quest 
      • Even if his “guidance” gets them nearly killed sometimes.
  • Allura as Jeanne D'Arc
    • Still badass as fuck.
    • Very firm believer in the power of Voltron, and because of this, she is blessed by the gods with great power.
    • She gets involved once the gods inform her that the green lion key had been stolen and takes immediate pursuit of Pidge and co.
      • When she realizes what’s happening, however, she helps them during their arrest at the royal capital of Altea and fends off the demons chasing after them.
      • Because Lance and Shiro also helped fend off the demons, she makes the push to have them knighted.
        • Shiro, of course, approves
    • Unfortunately, the gods don’t fill her in 100% and shit happens, but she nonetheless assists the team in the final battle.
  • Zarkon as Beelzebub
    • One of the high-ranking demons who wishes to take over humans, gods, and demons alike.
    • He wishes to harness the power of Bahamut, the destroyer of worlds, after it was previously thwarted by Voltron in the past.
      • Voltron was the result of five brave individuals who turned themselves into lion keys in order to seal the monster.
    • Because of this, he desires the five lion keys in order to unlock the seal and awaken the beast.
  • Haggar as Martinet
    • Zarkon’s right hand and a very shady character in general.
    • She’s the one who suggested bringing back Bahamut and helps Zarkon with his plans to do so.
    • Her actual intentions, however, are unknown.

zeravlarotsen  asked:

How would you feel about a Yugioh series that doesn't focus on people playing the card game, but more on the lore about the monsters themselves, like the Duel Terminal Storyline? Personally i'd love to see an anime about the monsters, since in the actual anime (mainly in DM and somewhat GX and 5ds) we only get a bit of personality from the monsters or their world. It could alao shed some light on the whole 'Cards have Souls' theme and the monster world thats referenced lightly in the first trio

I would love it if YGO focused less on the card game and more on the plot in general. Vrains seems to be doing that so far, but we’re still in the single-digit era, so I can only hope that it’ll last.

I would want the story to continue focusing on the (presumably human) duelists, but for the plot to center around monster lore would be quite interesting. It would probably be like DM/GX in that the plot and conflict would skew more toward the supernatural than the technological, which imo would be great

And then to have the monsters themselves explored as characters?? I don’t think we had that since 5Ds, and I honestly miss the Duel Monster Spirit World. I always felt like that realm wasn’t explored enough in canon, and without good reason, because the possibilities are endless 

So instead of having one of the central conflicts be the supernatural vs. the technological, it could be humans vs. spirits. And when I say ‘vs’ I don’t mean that the two would be inherently opposed to each other, but there would be that compare and contrast. Because by what measure is a non-human? Which group would have the upper hand? Is one trying to destroy the other—and for what purpose? How does each group influence the other? And we know what it’s like to have a duel monster spirit partner from a human’s POV, but what about the monster’s? How do they ‘choose’ the human they want to aide?

Like, it really is a shame that the spirit world was totally absent in Arc V and Zexal (as far as I know). It’s possible it might come up in Vrains, but considering precedent, it’s unlikely.

Doesn’t mean i wouldn’t embrace it with open arms if it did happen. 

The first bulk of SM & Team Rocket!

We are finally here: 24 episodes has passed and the first milestone of the series concluded, along with the core cast fully introduced and established, not to mention this suprising re-appearance of Delia (and both she and Satoshi seem to be more alive than ever before!). While not my main objects of interest and hype, I need to admit that it was all very nicely paced out and came with suprisingly lots of fun. No wonder it makes me want to watch everything of it with no exceptions once again, whether it includes my favorite characters or not. Speaking of which, I’m really satisfied with Team Rocket and pretty positive for them in Sun and Moon (based on what we saw of their treatment so far, that is). They feel like actual characters again (relevant for both episodic and ongoing plots), with a decent amount of episodic screen time, variety and depth. In the span of 24 episodes, there was no single annoyment, lackluster or other serious transgression commited in regard to Team Rocket and their placement in a plot (something that was really The Scourge of the XY series and never got decently better). Even more so, the next episode of Sun and Moon numbered 25 - one that funnily enough looks like some kind of parody for the hardcore meteonite fight of the original BW23 and 24 - seems to be another full-on Rocket Gang episode and they’re having a full-on legitimate encounter with other regular characters! And it does look exactly as I hoped too - so it’s looking GREAT, to be honest.

Team Rocket’s role looks both promising and entertaining, delivers a good balance of funny and serious, provides variety and opportunities, not to mention they are respected as characters of their own story. Let us hope they can put up the better fight and more serious/focused approach if they are up against a more serious/competent/scientific opponent and we’ve got it all perfect. The only issues to be found here are the constant motto footage (unless it is yet to change at some point?) and their inclusion on the show as compared with other characters (so far they haven’t showed up like half the series, I think?). Although the latter is hardly an issue since I’m willing to accept their less frequent appearances in favor of better execution AND use of their potential in plots of many kinds. But what if they aren’t going to raise beyond their current status of “mostly episodic plots” nor embark on some ongoing endevours of their own arc, though? In that case, I believe I would be happier to see them featured more frequently (and with quality of course). Or in more mini-scenes at least. That being said, we don’t know what’s coming so I will reserve such judgments for later… For all we know, they may switch between different things from time to time. Perhaps go on other islands ahead of Satoshi. Perhaps get involved in some sort of mission for Giovanni/Matori or one of their own making and ongoing. Unlike XY, they are set within ongoing plot mechanisms and developments just like everyone else. Whether Kiteruguma with its cave, whether the secret base they’ve built - it’s pretty apparent things are different and much better now (in a way, more reminiscent of Best Wishes rather than what we’ve seen in all the previous series and XY). Also, they aren’t tied up to Pikachu no more and narrate their own previews/intros! All of it is a win already and I really hope there is MORE to come!

I don’t want to get mad about pointless things, but like people talking shit about Cars 3 when they haven’t even seen it, like there were some major problems I had with the film which I might elaborate on later, but overall it was good and I feel people just want to hate it because it’s cool to hate the Cars series since Cars 2 was so bad

Friends Like These (1)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word count: 1064

Summary: You and Bucky are more than friends and less than lovers, due to both of you not having the courage to take things further. But thanks to your friends and conveniently coincidental experiences, some things might just meant to be.

Author’s Note: Hey there! I know it’s been so long since I’ve last write, you can blame it on my procrastination and busy college life. But I finally end up writing this, and I may just do a series of drabbles for this one so let me know what you think. I hope it makes up for the long time :)

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Time 4 sad.

No really. After watching my little brother play Super Paper Mario again, I found myself looking at the goofy try-hard Mr. L again.

It hurts me knowing that even though the scene was mostly lighthearted dialogue, I’ve never thought Mario had to face his brainwashed

And regarding that, can you guys believe I found a bible verse regarding brotherhood? It’s this verse right here, actually.

Hebrews 13:1- Let brotherly love continue

How could I not draw some feels after both watching my brother playing and reading the bible afterwards? xDD

I imagined that even after Luigi were ever to find out who he was, there’d be a moment of reconciliation. Mario not only had to fight his brother but he also had to fight Super Dimentio. In some way, I feel like Mario was saving Luigi from himself?

And even after that (and a few games later), Mario never really looked at his little brother less.

Their bond is just that amazing.

That’s probably one of the reasons why I love these two dweebs since I was little. They hardly ever leave each other behind and they depend on each other.

And don’t even get me started on the Mario & Luigi series. Those bring out bro feels. lolololol

Do not repost, redraw or claim as your own.

Currently: upset about every anime character from my childhood

anonymous asked:

How would the guys play horror games? And, maybe how would they react to being jump scared? And, also, maybe, if they had to choose, what game would they play?

hey! we’ve done the boys’ reaction to jumpscares here!  ╰། ◉ ◯ ◉ །╯

How the guys play horror games:

Noctis: He acts cool on the outside, appearing to not be phased by the huge enemy that’s currently coming after his character. After the chase scene is over though, he has to put the controller down and wipe his sweaty hands on his pants.

Prompto: Prompto goes into the game not expecting it to be all that bad. After all, it’s just a game and it should be less scary than a horror movie, right? That all goes down the drain when the first chase scene happens. He’s screaming the entire time and has to pause the game.

Gladio: He takes the game really seriously, playing with all the lights off and the sound at maximum volume. Sometimes he gets so into it he doesn’t realize when someone else comes into the room. Go hard or go home.

Ignis: He really tries to take a strategic approach to the game, observing the enemies’ patrol patterns and checking for an opening where he can sneak past or attack. Ignis is also really good at keeping his composure and not freaking out when he’s in a tight spot.

What game they would play:

Noctis: He does fairly well at action games, so Dying Light is a good choice for him. The free-running aspect of the game allows a lot of freedom. Noctis also likes RPG-style horror games, like Corpse Party.

Prompto: He does considerably better with action/shooters than with flat-out survival games, so the Silent Hill series is completely out of the question. Games that have co-op options, like some of the Resident Evil games, or Left 4 Dead, make things a little less scary since he has someone helping him out. 

Gladio: Games where you can just destroy hordes of enemies is right up his alley, like Dead Rising or Dead Island. Gladio likes the challenge or choosing to fight or to run, and crafting his own weapons is a fun aspect of the games too.

Ignis: Ignis is into survival horror games, like Outlast. The strategy involved with watching carefully and avoiding enemies is really enjoyable to him. Silent Hill is also a good choice for him, due to the psychological aspect that keeps him guessing.

anonymous asked:

you make me ship nessie although I have no idea who bressie exactly is

Whoops? *not at all remorseful*

I actually had someone ask me about Bressie earlier today, so I checked my outbox and retrieved the answer for you:

Bressie’s full name is Niall Breslin.  He’s from Niall’s hometown of Mullingar and I think he used to be a professional rugby or Gaelic football player.  I’ve never quite been able to figure out which.  After he stopped playing, he was the singer in a band called the Blizzards, then eventually the band split up and he went solo with some success.  He’s also a judge on the Voice of Ireland.

Bressie was living in London when Niall moved there, so Bressie told Niall’s dad that if Niall ever needed any help, Niall should come to him.  Apparently Niall just showed up on his doorstep one night with a guitar that had a broken string and then spent the whole evening there getting Bressie to play and teach him songs.

I think Bressie introduced Niall to the rest of the LIC (London Irish Crew- Irish people living in London), including Laura Whitmore and Eoghan McDermott. When Bressie was still living in London, they used to go out as a group all the time, and Niall’s good friends with everyone else now, so even though Bressie is back in Ireland, they’re still a close group.  

Bressie is rather protective of Niall since Niall is younger and smaller. Bressie is in his 30′s I’d guess (yep, I checked it, 34) and is really built because he’s obviously a really good athlete.  He gets mistaken as Niall’s security when they’re out together and he doesn’t mind the misunderstanding one bit.  

He’s also kind of dedicated himself to making sure Niall stays grounded.  I don’t think Niall needs help with that, but it’s good that it’s something his friends value.  Bressie and the LIC are always on Niall’s side and they’ll speak up to defend him and the group if necessary, but they’d never say a bad word about him to the press or in public at all.

Bressie also suffers from anxiety, depression, and panic attacks, so he’s taken on a role as an advocate.  He’s got his own stuff basically under control, but he’s very vocal about how “manly” men should be open with their emotions and shouldn’t feel pressured by their image into thinking they can’t struggle and need help.  I imagine he’s a good influence on Niall with Niall’s own anxiety.  At least he’s someone that Niall knows he can talk to and be understood by.

There was a sort of scandal around Christmas when Niall, Bressie, and Eoghan were hanging out in a bar in Ireland.  When Bressie left for the bathroom, he left his phone on the table and Eoghan tweeted something that was thoughtless on it as a prank.  Pretending to be Bressie, he said that lately he’d been exploring his sexuality.  He didn’t mean any harm and I really don’t think Eoghan meant it to be homophobic.  If the world treated everyone nicely, then what he said wouldn’t have been a problem I think.  

The joke was the irony of tweeting something from Bressie’s phone that wasn’t true, not that Bressie being bi would have been insulting or funny.  I don’t think he took into account that the world doesn’t treat everyone nicely and so the topic is a sensitive one.  Niall also ended up caught in the crossfire, but I personally think it’s unlikely he was very involved.  The way the tweet was written had Eoghan all over it and when Bressie addressed the issue later, he only mentioned Eoghan.

Anyway, Bressie’s first response when he saw the tweet was “schoolboy error”. What he was referring to was leaving his phone unguarded, but people took it to mean that he was offended by the content of the tweet.  What I was impressed by during this was Bressie’s response afterwards.  He apologized sincerely, explained himself well, and was very mature when responding to people who were angry at him on Twitter.

So yeah, Bressie is sort of like Niall’s mentor+friend and he’s just a really amazing guy.

  • If you don’t know about Bressie and Nessie, this is essential listening.  
  • This is another time Bressie talked about Niall.  
  • Another one where Bressie is defending Niall in the press (for something Niall shouldn’t even have to defend really).
  • This is a helpful Niall LIC masterpost that gives the basics.
  • These are my pics that I’ve got saved of Niall with the LIC.
  • This is my favorite Blizzards song I’ve listened to and his solo stuff isn’t always my style, but I like this one.
  • This is Bressie mentioned on Niall’s Twitter and Niall on Bressie’s.  For good measure, Eoghan on Niall’s and Niall on Eoghan’s.  Eoghan is *cough* a bit less mature than Bressie, but he’s a very good egg overall. 
  • This is the AO3 tag for Nessie.  The really good longer series that are finished start with this first part and this first part. You can also find some stuff that’s not on AO3 here.  This is a blog that has a Nessie fic rec section.  I am in eternal agony that there’s no Niall/Eoghan fic.  How is there NO Niall/Eogan fic?
  • You can also watch The Voice of Ireland to get a sense of Bressie’s (and Eoghan’s) personalities.  I watched a few seasons since I like The Voice anyway.

So, um, when I say I only know a little bit about the boys’ friends, Bressie is kind of the one exception to that.  I still don’t know too much about him that doesn’t deal with Niall, but I’ve got their interactions pretty much covered.

Women in Naruto

I think about this sometimes in the middle of the night. So I figured I’d write it down to vent, though I’m sure other people have brought all of this up before, far more thoroughly and eloquently.

Here I will rant talk about some (negative) patterns in Naruto in regard to female characters. There are obviously exceptions to each of them – Naruto is a long series with loads and loads of characters. However, they are exceptions and rare compared to the many characters who do fall into the patterns.

Gender imbalance

This is ubiquitous in shounen, so I’m mostly mentioning this for completeness. But. Women are half the population. In Naruto, female characters are less than one third of the cast.

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anonymous asked:

Hi Charlie! I know you're a bookworm and love SJM's books... Would you be willing to offer up a few more book recs for us? :)

Oh heavens! Okay so I’m going to skip a lot of books that are high on recommended reading lists right now ie: Six of Crows, Mistborn, The Grisha Trilogy, The Winners Trilogy, The Raven Cycle series… etc etc etc! These (and more) are all on my TBR list I just haven’t gotten to them yet!

I was trying to think of books and series that I don’t see recommended as often and full disclaimer - nearly ALL of my recs will be problematic one way or another. I’m not recommending perfect books, but books that I have really enjoyed regardless. I’m also not really recommending any that are in the same vein as Sarah’s books.

Mortal Engines by Philip Reeve

I feel like this rec probably falls on the younger side of YA but that doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy it any less! This was really memorable series for me and it’s a wonderfully odd, steampunk, action packed, city eat city world with really awesome characters. I had some real laugh out loud moments reading this series and it’s both super fun and touching.

My Sword Hand is Singing by Marcus Sedgwick

I’ve read quite a few Sedgwick books, years and years ago admitedly! And though my tastes have developed since then, I do remember really enjoying them. Quite light hearted easy reads but pretty enjoyable - especially My Sword Hand is Singing. Creepy as fuck.

The Arcana Chronicles by Kresley Cole

This series is SO YA. It’s got teens! It’s got magic! It’s got Battle Royale vibes! It’s got douchebag love interests! It’s got a love triangle!

But straight up - I loved it. I’m enjoying this series so much (whilst at the same time wanting to SCREAM at the protagonist and throw my book against the wall). It is very problematic but still such a page turner. Let it be known, I want to punch Jack in the face.

The Wicked Lovely series by Melissa Marr

This is the series that single handedly got me so into faeries. It will always have a place in my YA loving heart! Romance and the most WONDERFULLY terrifying faeries. Seriously, Bananach? *kisses fingers* So creepy.

And just some other favourites that are not series!

White Oleander by Janet Fitch I seriously love a good depressing book - also one of my favourite films!

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak Is there anyone who hasn’t read this?! My favourite final line in any book.

How To Talk To a Widower by Jonathan Tropper This would be a total rom com if it were a movie. A depressed widower, a seriously distunctional family. It’s got a long list of problems but I’ve re-read this mutiple times because of how much it can make me laugh and cry.

Top of my TBR (and highly, HIGHLY recommended by S.J.Maas) is the Captive Prince. I’m sad to say I have yet to read any gay romance so I guess I need to fix that!

I’m hoping you’ll get some recs in the comments :)

I don’t know that I’ll ever play a Fa//out game, much less join its fandom, but if I were, I’d probably have a grudge against New Vegas since it’s apparently praised as perfect while the rest in the series is…all bad I guess? And I would probably instant un-follow for every “what in the god damn???” post I see. 

anonymous asked:

U keep using Sao in the tags what is this foreign language?? What does Sao mean? Is it an emotion? A place? A person?????

Hello! Thank you so much for your message. I have a tagging system to try and keep some kind of organisation to the kind of posts I make and so that I can find them easier if I need to go back to them.

SAO has nothing to do with 1D, it’s just an acronym for my blog - Sex at Oxbridge (www.sexatoxbridge.com) - so I preface what I’m tagging with it to make it unique and specific to my blog.

sao1d is for my original One Direction-related posts. So, no reblogs, just things that I’ve made.

sexatoxbridge is for my non-1D original posts…so like the “When I want to make a cup of tea but realise I’ve run out of milk” with an angry cat gif or something. I started also using sao posts for this since if you put sexatoxbridge into the search it usually comes up with a lot of 1D.

www.sexatoxbridge.com is the tag for posts on my actual website, which some people don’t realise I have. I started a blog about my sex life at uni before knowledge of Larry hit me like a bus. I still post there as well, but less One Direction and more my (currently non-existent) love life.

40daysoffriendship speaking of my website, this tag is for a series I started there called 40 Days of Friendship in which my best guy friend and I spent 40 days in constant contact and hung out all the time to prove that we could be just friends.

sao replies is for replies to asks, or if I comment on something and add my own bit to it I’ll tag this, I also used it to tag all the posts I made for people last week since it was a reply to them asking me to.

sao lol is for things I’ve reblogged that make me actually laugh out loud and that I want to be able to easily find again. Like that post about lions jumping 36 feet in the air I posted earlier. Mega lol. Only look at this page if you want to laugh very hard.

sao art i like is reblogs of cool art or music I see on here. Also tagged a post about Harry’s bum as ‘sao art i like’ because it’s art as well. It’s mainly just a lot of aesthetically pleasing things. Hence Harry’s bum.  

saobuzzfeed is for articles that I’ve written on Buzzfeed. (Mainly about Larry.)

I hope this answers your question! xx